Marvel Snap November 3 Patch Introduces Titles, Buffs Wolfsbane And Dagger

The new update brings a host of bug fixes as well as buffs and changes.

Marvel Snap is the latest in the saga of games featuring Marvel characters, however, it is a little different from the others.

Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card game with quite some talent backing it. The game is developed by Second Dinner, the new studio of Ben Brode who was previously the lead designer and then game director of Hearthstone.

Few are unaware of Hearthstone and it would be surprising they aren’t considering how it took the world by storm and still is pretty popular to this day.

With effort from Ben Brode and former Blizzard Entertainment employees who left Blizzard to join Second Dinner, Marvel Snap is certainly set to take the throne from Hearthstone and stay dominant for quite some time.

Recently a new update arrived that brought quite a few fixes to the game, along with some buffs and some changes.

Major Takeaways:

  • Wolfsbane and Dagger have been buffed.
  • Titles have been added to the rewards pool for Collector’s Reserves and are now visible in the online matchmaking screen.
  • New Location sounds have been added.
  • Various bug fixes.

The new update for Marvel Snap brings about some changes to the game, adds some stuff, and has general bug fixes as are expected of a typical game update. Be sure to give a detailed look at all the changes in the new update through the patch notes.

Among the various changes in the game, the most significant are the following:

New Features

Titles have been added to the reward pool for Collector’s Reserves on the Collection Level Track. Titles are now visible in the Matchmaking screen when you load into a match – let your opponent know what’s up!

General Updates

  • Character logos have been added to Avatars within the Avatar Selection Menu to more easily understand who each avatar represents.
  • Boosters earned after a match will now favor cards with less than 20 owned Boosters.
  • [PC] Ability to resize gameplay window with default to 60FPS.

Balance Updates

  • Updated functionality of Wolfsbane and Dagger to count unrevealed cards when determining their Power gains.
  • Daredevil is now available in Card Series 3 (the highest series currently available in Collector’s Reserve Boxes).
  • Nick Fury has been added to the Random Pool (it is now possible to get Nick Fury from “random” sources like X-Mansion and Agent 13).


New Location Sounds for:

  • Attilan
  • Muir Island
  • Nidavellir
  • Sewer System 
  • The Nexus 
  • The Peak
  • Tinkerer’s Workshop

These are the most significant additions and changes to the game with this update. Other than these, the update fixed several well-known bugs and issues present in the game, the full details of which can be seen at your leisure in the patch notes provided.

Marvel Snap is still relatively new to the scene but it is certain that the game will go places reserved for only the best of the lot. After all, Marvel and its characters, whether heroes or villains have had a massive surge in popularity in recent years.

In addition to that, the collectible card game genre is actually quite popular owing to its quick pick-up and engagement value in addition to the fact that Marvel Snap is available on phones. This way, and with live service features coupled with a booming mobile games industry, Marvel Snap attracts a significant audience that is bound to grow in recent years.

With Ben Brode helming Marvel Snap with his development studio Second Dinner, we can expect big things from Marvel Snap and hope for it to deliver and keep the audience engaged for years after its release.

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