New F1 23 Patch Introduces AI Drivers To League Racing

The new update for the racing video game has begun rolling out on all platforms.

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  • Update 1.08 for F1 23 has fixed many bugs in the game including the ones affecting your hopeless race engineer, speed limits, and much more.
  • Following this update, AI drivers will also be part of league racing.

Developer Codemasters has released a brand new patch for EA Sports F1 23 and it finally introduces AI drivers to league racing while removing the hopeless optimism from your race engineer. Titled update v1.08, the dev has already started rolling out this update on all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. In addition, Codemasters has also released patch notes to give fans an in-depth look at this fresh update.

First up, the issue allowing players to set unrealistic lap times in Time Trial after triggering an Instant Replay has been rectified via this new patch. As a result of this change, all of the Time Trial Leaderboards have been reset and you won’t be able to access this glitch in F1 23 from now on. Update 1.08 has also added the F1 Replay Event Type in the F1 World section of the game, giving you more options.

F1 23 Patch Notes
F1 23 Patch Notes

In addition, the patch has fixed a major bug that gave the wrong tire allocation to Two Player Career drivers at weekends with a sprint race. Qualifying Practice Programmes have also received a major overhaul and will be much harder than other programs in the career mode. Moreover, the new F1 23 update has set the pit lane speed limit in Jeddah right meaning it won’t be incorrect anymore.

Next up, besides the speed limit, the session start times in Jeddah and Bahrain have also been rectified via patch v1.08. Another bug that players won’t have to worry about is the one affecting the “Rival Telemetry Mode” in Time Trial. Per the patch notes, this mode will work perfectly following the latest F1 23 patch. Moving on, an inaccurate feature causing F2 cars to have DRS lights has now been removed from the game.

In addition, a bug causing DRS to activate when you are behind another driver in Austria’s pitlane has also been fixed by Codemasters. From now on, players will get to see the correct display times when spectating qualifying sessions as the new patch has overhauled this mechanic. Moreover, if you have a lot of friends in F1 23, your “invite friends” list won’t be blank and you’ll be able to play the racing simulator with them.

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Players will also not have to see Max Verstappen incorrectly getting awarded the Driver of the Day instead of the actual recipient, as this audio issue has been fixed. Furthermore, a bug making your race engineer “hopelessly optimistic” won’t bother players moving forward as per the patch notes. The game’s official Twitter account explained this change saying it applies to race engineers saying you can win the championship when you are far off.

Last but not least, the AI speed has also been improved when you are above 100 difficulty besides other minor fixes and stability improvements. You can download this patch and play F1 23 right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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