FIFA 23 Outsells Modern Warfare 2 In UK Following Black Friday Sales

The UK's physical video game sales appear to have seen a 15% decline this Black Friday.

FIFA 23, like previous entries, is a highly realistic football simulator contended to be the best in the soccer genre. Play as your favorite star, with a roster of 19000 players, 700+ teams, and over 100 visually appealing stadiums. A plethora of modes are available to provide hours of satisfying soccer experience.

The game is quite remarkable, but it carried over the reprovals from the previous renditions. FIFA 23 has not innovated enough for its price to be justified for most players. That is where the Black Friday deal chimes in, letting you experience games at significantly discounted prices.

FIFA 23 has reportedly surpassed prominent games like Modern Warfare 2 and the God of War Ragnarok during the UK’s Black Friday event, as reported by GamesIndustry. The weekly physical sales during the Black Friday deals have been astounding, showing some enticing results for titles like Sonic Frontiers.

Major Takeaway

  • FIFA 23 has reportedly sold more physical copies than Modern Warfare 2 in this week’s UK Black Friday sales.
  • The discounted deals have played a significant role in the sales of EA’s last FIFA entry, boosting sales up to 95%.
  • Moreover, the World Cup also influenced a lot of attraction to the game, causing fans to finally dive into the 30th FIFA installment.
  • However, physical sales have steadily declined during Black Friday Sales in recent years, this time reclining down to 15%.

FIFA’s latest entry has sold like hotcakes following the massively discounted prices. FIFA 23 has seen a staggering sales increase of up to 95%. Many factors have boosted FIFA’s sales to the moon, possibly including the current World Cup. One of the primary aspects appears to be the fact that it was shipped with the hardware bundles.

It currently overshadows all the other entries on the list. Moreover, the title’s price was significantly lowered in the Black Friday deal for specific platforms, selling for only 31 pounds. Modern Warfare 2, on the other hand, has adopted the second spot, despite having no eye-catching discounts at this Black Friday event in the UK.

Pokemon Scarlet took the third podium, selling in high numerals, likely due to the Black Friday offers. God of War Ragnarok is also in the top ten, although relatively lower down the charts in the 5th spot.

Sonic Frontiers was another game that received great sales for the boxed version only weeks after release. For instance, Frontiers was selling only for £29 following Black Friday sales, and a slew of new players dashed into the latest Sonic entry.

This year saw several striking deals during the Black Friday sales, but there is a worrisome decline compared to last year. According to the source, physical video game sales in the UK declined by 15% during the Black Friday week in contrast to the prior year. The last year also saw a 10% decline over the year before.

The current world events could be the culprit here, as people are more diverted towards real-life issues during the game discounts.

After its release, FIFA 23 has been in murky waters, as EA, once again, seemed to have made false promises. It garnered average reviews for not innovating enough and felt more like an update than a new game. However, the polished gameplay and the new Hypermotion 2.0 are fantastic additions.

Fans of the realistic football simulator had high expectations with the 30th and the last series’ entry, as EA branded FIFA 23 “The Biggest FIFA Ever.” However, it ended up as an unsatisfying conclusion to the abrupt ending of the franchise. 

What are your thoughts about FIFA 23 outselling one of the most in-demand games this year in Black Friday sales? Do you think the current World Cup has played an essential role in amplifying sales? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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