DC Will Publish Games Connected To Movies, Confirms James Gunn

The new head of DC Universe at Warner Bros. plans to make a connected DC Universe.

DC is one of the biggest intellectual properties in the world and has made its mark in every form of media. But now, the DC Universe has gone through a reshuffle and is bringing a huge change to its games. According to new head James Gunn, new games based on DC properties will now connect to the movies and TV shows. 

So, the DC Universe will go beyond just movies and TV shows connectivity like Marvel. Bringing in 10+ hour games into a cinematic universe is something no one has ever done before. However, DC and Warner Bros. have made some amazing games based on the characters so who knows?

Major Takeaways:

  • DC Universe head James Gunn has said that games will now connect to movies and TV shows in the universe.
  • Hence, games will now be canon in the DC-shared cinematic universe.
  • Some fans think this will be a huge mess.

James Gunn broke this news while answering a fan’s question on Twitter. In the original Tweet, the Guardians of the Galaxy director confirmed that the DC Universe will connect TV, movies, and animation. Then in a reply to this, he said “yes” to a fan’s inquest about gaming being in this shared universe. 

DC is a big gun like Marvel in the entertainment industry and has made some brilliant games. The Batman Arkham trilogy is one of the greatest in gaming and DC is a big name in gaming. Even with recent misfires like Gotham Knights, you expect a DC game to be quality. 

The studio wants the connectivity Marvel has in the MCU but is including gaming the right step? Average moviegoers and people who watch shows are not always into games. Many people don’t have 20 hours to spend on video games so this step is a bit risky.

Fans also think the same as the replies to this news under the PlayStation 5 subreddit tell us. One user says “That’s just gonna be a mess lol” while another user said “Terrible idea. Needlessly messy.” Marvel is already having a tough time connecting TV series and movies, so these reservations about gaming are just. 

One might bring up the Star Wars franchise as an example of this working. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Battlefront 2, and Squadrons all have campaigns that are canon in the main universe. But, unlike the DC Universe, Star Wars takes place over hundreds of years.

It’s easier to set events in such a period and make them canon one way or another. DC Universe, however, progresses linearly year by year like the MCU, and shoving games, movies and TV shows in that span is tough. When you add animation into this, it’s gonna be impossible for fans to keep up.

DC is the first name that comes up when we talk about big franchises and it is a behemoth. However, that doesn’t mean the fans can keep up with so many hours of the canon. Not everything needs to be connected and hopefully whatever they do is easy to consume.

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