Sonic Frontiers Selling For £29 Only Following Black Friday Sales

Sonic Frontiers' price sees a price drop of up to 50% on Amazon.

The official mascot of SEGA, Sonic, leaped his way into the latest rendition released a couple of weeks ago. Like Mario, Sonic has also ascended a dimension to go fully 3D; Sonic Frontiers is the first truly open-world title in Sonic the hedgehog’s history. It is set in the Starfall Islands and blends modern and old features together.

Sonic Frontiers is a definite improvement after some bland installments in the franchise, garnering good sales in Japan and worldwide. The gameplay and storyline are well executed in a rich open world to explore freely. Despite the enhancements, the large price tag appeared to be unjustified to a significant part of gamers. 

Regardless, the recent Black Friday sales have rained gracefully on the gaming community, reducing prices for consoles and games alike. Sonic Frontiers is included in the massive deal, seeing a hefty price reduction. Many gamers who lacked the courage to spend on the game can give it a show now.

Major Takeaway

  • Sonic Frontiers is selling for 29 pounds following the Black Friday sale on Amazon. 
  • In other words, SEGA has put the slashed 50% off the original price for Sonic Frontiers only a few weeks after its release.
  • The game can also be purchased on Best Buy for 40 dollars, in case Amazon stocks dissipate.
  • Xbox Series S also sees a huge deal due to the Black Friday sale, selling for only 190 pounds.

Sonic Frontiers, for instance, is selling for as low as 29 pounds following the Black Friday sales on Amazon and other outlets. The game is as low as 50% off on all the platforms it came out on.

Anyone can take advantage of the Black Friday sale regardless of whether you own a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch; you can save some cash, nevertheless. Best Buy outlet is also an option if Amazon stocks run dry before you catch on to the massive sale.

However, the game is selling for a higher price tag on there at 40 dollars. On the other hand, Xbox Series S is seeing a massive reduction in its price because of the Black Friday sale as well. It can be bought for only 190 pounds on Amazon. The steep decline in price has led many players to purchase the title already.

Sonic Frontiers features a massive open world consisting of open hub areas that can be scoured and explored. Each open hub area contains a challenging boss, often leading to memorable battles. Sonic can dash and roll his way through foes, crack puzzles, and explore the nostalgic Cyber Space levels in Sonic Frontiers. 

The title drastically shakes up the established edifice of the franchise by innovating many changes while retaining its beloved aspects. Moreover, every character’s personality, including Sonic, is greatly enhanced in Sonic Frontiers, a complaint that plagued many prior installments.

However, there are still many enhancements to be made to the formula. Sonic Frontiers is a diamond in the rough that was not polished enough before release. Glimpses of excellence can be seen in the game despite many lacking parts. 

The combat in the game feels repetitive and the progression through the levels can start to be a drag. As far as the structure is concerned, the game is essentially a glorified collection, with most core actions in the game being gated by a certain collectible item or currency,” writes Huzaifah Durrani from eXputer’s Sonic Frontiers review.

The game was rated decently by reviewers and critics alike, but the user score on Metacritic score was tampered with. The recent review-bombing has harmed the game’s user rating.

The Black Friday sale is the best opportunity to indulge in the world Sonic Frontiers has crafted, with a great mixture of nostalgic features, an alluring soundtrack, eye-catching visuals, and memorable boss fights. The supplies may soon fizzle out; better purchase the game before any regrets remain. 

What are your thoughts on Sonic Frontiers selling for such a low price after only weeks of release? Are you willing to finally purchase the title after such a drastic drop due to the Black Friday sale? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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