Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Leak Reveals HUD And Speedometer Feature

"Gotta' Go Fast!"

The official mascot of SEGA, Sonic, is rolling his way into the new upcoming title that is planned for a late 2022 release. Sonic Frontiers has been on the sonar of long-time Sonic fanciers and new gamers alike. However, every little leak results in a plethora of whirring in the community, and for a good reason.

In Sonic Frontiers, players will scour the alluring Starfall Islands to garner chaos crystals when Sonic and his buddies part ways after plunging through a wormhole. The game features traditional Sonic elements, like the widely known rings, with the modern twist of an open-world blended together to the perfect texture.

It will be the first Sonic open-world game in history, and the title will decide the company’s future directions. More and more classical figures, like Mario and Sonic, have moved into the 3D dimension of video games. The good thing is they retain the traditional formula that pushed their pizzaz to the moon.

However, fans are still wary of this ascendance to the open-ended design that developers have adopted. This innovation keeps the fans wondering how the game will turn up. Recent gameplay pictures for Sonic Frontiers have reportedly been leaked (thanks, @Mr_Rebs_), which confirm several details about the upcoming title.

The gameplay images seemingly reveal some of the HUD that the game will feature, alongside a Speedometer feature, which is no surprise at all since it’s Sonic, after all. The speedometer will most likely fire up to measure the lighting fast speeds of Sonic as he “Spin Dashes” around the vast green hills among the woods.

Breaking the sound barrier will be necessary to traverse the open world for Sonic, and the speedometer will help keep track of the numerals that Sonic achieves. The gameplay photos also reveal the Sonic Frontiers HUD, although the graininess of the leak does not help in any way.

Moreover, the bad-quality pictures also unveil how the “Sonic Frontiers” logo is featured in the gameplay this time. So far, we had not seen the logo etched into the gameplay itself. Last week, we had glimpsed Sonic Frontiers: World Premiere Gameplay, which revealed mountainous hills wooded with long trees alongside a vast ocean as it bathed in the sunlight.

Sonic speeding through the 3D open-world environment may take a while till it becomes the norm. This leak has cleared up the fog surrounding some of the features being given to players to provide us with a better idea of how the UI will appear in the game.

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