Sonic The Hedgehog games have dominated the charts for decennia and for a multitude of reasons. Sonic is among the most recognized video game characters and a gaming star globally. He is the official mascot of the multinational giant company Sega. Most gamers have grown exploring the chronicles of this anthropomorphic blue hedgehog that can achieve lightning-fast speeds and curl into a deadly ball to wipe out his foes. While each Sonic installment has its unique mechanics and stories, most titles focus on the platform genre. Sonic must venture through levels, accumulating power-up rings and evading obstacles and enemies. The Sonic games have garnered a thriving fandom that expands to this day. Moreover, the Sonic franchise has grown into movies, fan arts, unofficial games, and much more. The Genesis Sonic games have been regarded as representative of “The culture of the 1990s” and recorded among the greatest of all time. Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s flagship franchise and is counted as among the best-selling videogame franchises to date, selling over 140 million units by 2016 and fetching over $6 billion as of 2020. On this page, you can discover all there is to know about the adventures of Sonic, news, and tidbits.