Sonic Superstars Gameplay Leaked; Fans Unhappy With The Quality

These include clips of boss fights and important story bits.

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  • YouTuber Elpana YT has uploaded several major gameplay leaks of Sonic Superstars, featuring boss fights and major story parts.
  • Fans’ reaction to these clips is a mix of surprise and disappointment as they believe the gameplay looks very rough.
  • Even more similar leaks are expected to emerge before the game’s release as, according to the uploader, they took these clips from the Twitch stream of a person possessing a PS5 copy.

YouTuber Elpana YT has uploaded several major gameplay clips of Sonic Superstars, featuring boss fights of several stages, including important story points. The clips showcase boss fights from Press Factory Act 1 & 2, Frozen Base Act 1 & 2, Retro Zone, and more. Expectedly, these boss fights come with major spoilers, including Fang the Hunter‘s boss fight, which also reveals Trip the Sungazer‘s face.

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Since these clips reveal significant parts of the gameplay and storyline, many fans are disappointed after seeing the quality of Sonic Superstars. These were shared in a Reddit post, where one user commented, “Yeah, I love Sonic, but I ain’t paying full price for this. It’ll be on sale by Black Friday.” Another person seems to have just abandoned the fanbase, saying, “Dog I hate being a Sonic fan.

Some fans even point out the assortment of different gimmicks happening across levels. For example, Act 2 of the Frozen Base features a space shooter playstyle, whereas Retro Zone contains a rocket ship auto scroller. There is even a zone with random Breakout parts thrown in. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is undoubtedly a daring step by the developers of Sonic Superstars.

Man, I feel bad for Sonic fans.. it looks like the dev team was barely able to finish this before the release date. It’s yet another Sonic game coming out in the beta stage. This should be delayed for a year so they can deliver something amazing, but Sega is always eager to prove they learned nothing from Sonic 2006,” says a concerned Redditor. 

These clips have been taken from a Twitch stream, where the streamer claims to possess the PS5 copy of Sonic Superstars. It is mostly likely true, as you can see from the Twitch chat on the side, and replicating gameplay like this would be an impossible task for an average person. Still, this means that more similar leaks are expected to emerge, as there is no telling how many of these copies are out in the wild.

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Sonic Superstars is an upcoming platform game developed by Sonic Team and Arzest and published by Sega. The game will be released on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 17, 2023.

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