Sonic Frontiers Voice Actors: English & Japanese

Learn about the entire English & Japanese voice actors & cast of Sonic Frontiers

The Voices in any game are an essential part of the player’s gameplay experience. We all love seeing our favorite Voice Actors in action, and it seems like many are returning to Sonic Frontiers. Our guide would cover the new and recurring voice actors in Sonic Frontiers for both English and Japanese Languages.

Since Sonic Frontiers would allow multiple audio features and players can choose to play in various languages. Whatever language you choose, you are sure to see many popular voice actors at work. 

  • Roger Craig Smith has been the English voice actor for Sonic since 2010 and is known for his iconic performance in the role.
  • Juichi Kanemaru has been the Japanese voice actor for Sonic for over 20 years.
  • Dave Mitchell has been the English voice actor for Knuckles since 2019.
  • Kyle Helbert has been the English voice actor for Big the Cat since 2010.

Check out this whole list of voice actors: 

CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJapanese Voice Actor
SonicRoger Craig SmithJun'ichi Kanemaru
Dr. EggmanMike PollockKotaro Nakamura
TailsColleen O’ShaughnesseyRyo Hirohashi
AmyCindy RobinsonTaeko Kawata
KnucklesDave MitchellNobutoshi Canna
Big the CatKyle HebertTakashi Nagasako
SageRyan BartleyMegumi Hayashibara

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic Japanese and English Voice actors
Sonic (Image credits: Exputer)
  • Roger Craig Smith, known for voicing Sonic since 2010, reprises his role in the game, showcasing his iconic delivery over the past decade.
  • Japanese voice lines for Sonic are voiced by Juichi Kanemaru, who has been Sonic’s voice for over 20 years, ensuring a stellar performance.

Dr. Eggman

Eggman Voice
Dr. Eggman (Image credits: Exputer)

Mike Pollock has been given the role of Eggman in various games and shows throughout the franchise. He is one of the most popular English Voice actors that reprised his role in Sonic Frontiers. 

Kotaro Nakamura was chosen for his role as the Japanese voice actor of Dr. Eggman in Sonic Frontiers. He has been voicing Eggman’s lines since 2016. 

Tails The Fox

Tails Sonic frontiers voice actors
Tails (Image credits: Exputer)

Coleen O’Shaughnessy has been working with Tails Voice lines since 2014. She is also known for her performance in many T.V Shows and video games including Digimon, Sailor moon, and Tower of Fantasy.

The Japanese voice lines for Tails are provided by Ryo Hirohashi who is well-known for her role in the Sonic franchise

Amy The HedgehogAmy the hedgehog voice actress

Amy (Image credits: Exputer)The Voice Actor of Amy in Sonic frontiers is once again Cindy Robinson. Cindy has been voicing Amy’s lines since 2010 and has become an iconic voice in the Sonic franchise.

Taeko Kawata is a Japanese voice actor for Amy in the Sonic Franchise and is greatly recognized for the roles she played in the games.


The Red Echidna once again makes a return in Sonic frontiers, and so does his Voice Actor Dave Mitchell. Dave started voicing Knuckles in 2019, and before that, he had played notable roles in various video games, including Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Kung fu Panda 2, and Ace Attorney.

Nobutoshi Kanna is one of the most experienced voice actors in Japan.  His role has knuckles and is well-known among Sonic fans. Kanna has also voiced Nuji in Final Fantasy X-2 and Cú Chulainn in Fate games.

Big The Cat

Big the Cat had multiple appearances in the Sonic franchise, including tv shows and games. The character has once again made a reappearance in Sonic frontiers. Kyle Helbert has been voicing Big the Cat since 2010. 

Takashi Nagasako is the Japanese Voice actor for big the cat in Sonic Frontiers. He is also known for his works in many popular franchises, including Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. We also loved his role as Donkey Kong in Mario Kart 8.


The Sage is a new character in Sonic Frontiers who plays a great role in the plot. For the English Voice of Sage in Sonic Frontiers, we see Ryan Bartley taking on this role. 

Megumi Hayashibara was selected to give the Japanese voice lines for sage. While the character is new, Megumi still has vast experience being a voice actress. 


The Sonic Franchise is one of the most popular video game franchises by Sega. Sonic Frontiers is the newly released game that took on an Open World approach. The game was released on multiple platforms, including Switch, Pc, PlayStation, and Xbox devices.

Fans were certainly excited about a new experience, and Voice acting can certainly improve that a lot. The game features new exciting gameplay and features, and fans certainly expect the bar of Voice Acting to be high for the game.

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