Games Voice Actors

Ever wondered who the voice behind that one character in a game is? Whether it is an RPG, Action-Adventure, First-Person-Shooter, or even a tactic game, there are always voice actors for the characters present in the game. A good voice can make or break a character by adding the proper emotions and passion needed in the voice. The industry clearly has some amazing voice actors such as Troy Baker, Nolan North, Mark Hamil, Yuri Lowenthal, and many more who have voiced iconic characters such as Joel from The Last of Us, The Joker, Spiderman, and Nathan Drake. But there are also some other voice actors that go unnoticed. But we here at eXputer ensure that, no matter what the game genre, we provide information on every single voice actor out there for the latest and greatest games. So, the next time you hear a voice that seems familiar or notice some phenomenal voice acting, come down to eXputer to learn all about that character’s voice actor/actress!