Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Voice Actors & Cast

Learn everything you need to know about all the voice actors and cast of Midnight Suns

 The characters of the game have been taken directly from Marvel Comics. It was going to be a challenge to voice-act all these popular characters. The production team chose an incredible team of Voice Actors for Midnight Suns. Each of them gave some true essence to the characters, which was truly wanted.

Key Takeaways
  • The voice-acting cast for Midnight Suns has some of the most popular actors in the gaming industry.
  • Some of the actors, like Yuri Lowenthal, have voiced their respective characters before.
  • Hunter is a customizable character in the game, which means you may choose its custom voice to be male or female.
  • Lilith is the main antagonist of the Midnight Suns, and Jennifer Hale is the voice behind her.

Here’s a summarized list of Voice Actors:

CharacterVoice ActorNotable Previous Work
BladeMichael Jai WhiteSpawn in Spawn
Hunter (Female)Elizabeth GrullonTrilla Suduri in Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi
Hunter (Male)Matt MercerCaptain Levi in Attack On Titan
Spider-ManYuri LowenthalSasuke Uchiha in Naruto
Captain AmericaBrian BloomWilliam 'B.J.' Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein
Scarlet WitchEmily O’BrienVeroandi in God of War Ragnarok
Captain MarvelErica LindbeckBlack Cat in Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Sister GrimmLyrica OkanoNico Minoru in Runaways
Ghost RiderDarin De PaulReinhardt in Overwatch
WolverineSteve BlumSub-zero in Mortal Kombat 11
MagikLaura BaileyAbby in The Last Of Us Part 2
Doctor StrangeRick PasqualoneVito Scaletta in Mafia
Iron ManJosh KeatonFlash and Aquaman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
HulkFred TatascioreSoldier 76 in Overwatch
LilithJennifer HaleBayonetta in Bayonetta 3
DeadpoolNolan NorthNathan Drake in Uncharted
Bruce BannerWilliam SalyersRigby in Regular Show

Michael Jai White As Blade 

Voice Actor Michael Jai White Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Michael Jai White As Blade – [Image credit: eXputer]
Blade, a popular character in Midnight Suns, is a heroic demon-battling superhero, considered a Damage class hero in the game with healing capabilities and the ability to eliminate enemies from any position.

Michael Jai White, an exceptional voice actor, brings Blade to life with epic quips and dialogues reminiscent of the characters from previous movies. Known for his roles in The Dark Knight and Spawn, Michael Jai White showcases his acting prowess, making him one of the standout voice actors in Midnight Suns.

Elizabeth Grullon As Hunter (Female)

Voice Actor Elizabeth Grullon Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Elizabeth Grullon As Hunter (Female) – Image Captured by eXputer

Hunter is an amazing addition to the lineup of characters used in the game, having incredible dark and light power abilities that can demolish enemies easily. She basically works as a supporting character for other superheroes. Casting Elizabeth Grullon as the Female part of Hunter was a good decision. She brought her outstanding acting abilities into the character. 

Apart from playing the role of Hunter, actor Elizabeth Grullon has done plenty of admirable work in the field of Acting. Elizabeth is well known for being cast as Trilla Suduri in Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi. She was excellent in the role and will be recognizable to some Star Wars fans.

Matt Mercer As Hunter (Male) 

Voice Actor Matt Mercer Cast As Hunter In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Matt Mercer As Hunter (Male) – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Hunter is one of the few customizable characters in the game. The hiring team made sure they cast the right voice actor to play Hunter’s male counterpart in Midnight Suns. The actor they went for was Matt Mercer, who is incredibly talented.

You may know him from Overwatch 1 and 2, as he voiced the character Cassidy. One of the more famous roles he has taken was the role of Captain Levi in Attack Of Titan.

Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man

Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now, this is a character that needs no introduction. Spider-man has been the hyped character for most of the recent years and even decades. The game has taken the character into the game and given him his special abilities.

Spider-man is voiced by none other than actor Yuri Lowenthal, who is famous among all gamers. He played the teenage version of Ben Tennyson in Ben 10. More importantly, he voiced the character Sasuke Uchiha in the Anime show Naruto. He played the Prince in Prince of Persia.

Brian Bloom As Captain America

Voice Actor Brian Bloom Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Brian Bloom As Captain America – Image by eXputer

Captain America can be seen as a tank of a character. In the game, his abilities allow you to give back up to your remaining superheroes.

The studios cast the incredible voice actor Brian Bloom in Midnight Suns. It isn’t the first time Brian has voiced Captain America, meaning he has much experience with the character. He voiced Captain America in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. He played the young version of Patsy in Once Upon A Time With America.

Emily O’Brien As Scarlet Witch 

Voice Actor Emily O’Brien Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Emily O’Brien As Scarlet Witch – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The role of Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics has been pretty unclear. She was originally introduced as a hero mutant in both the comics and movies. Later on, she developed more into the character of Scarlet Witch and gave into Chaos Magic.

She is played by Emily O’Brien, who was cast in Midnight Suns for the sole purpose of character development for Scarlet Witch. She voiced Jade in Mortal Kombat and was able to get in some quick one-liners. In the very recent and popular game God Of War Ragnarok, she played Veroandi. If you haven’t heard her in either game, then you might know her as Amelie in Death Stranding

Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel 

Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel In M.S
Midnight Suns: Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Captain Marvel is one of the space heroes in the Midnight Suns. Her character is taken straight from the current MCU and old Marvel Comics, where she has cosmic powers to save the world.

The voice actor is Erica Lindback. She is also sort of a veteran gaming voice actor. She is a wonderful actress, and the world has seen her acting in many movies. Erica is one of those celebrities you don’t know by name but have seen work throughout the years.

One of her most notable roles is Futaba Sakura in Persona 5. More recently, she has acquired the role of Hirst in God Of War Ragnarok. She is also known for her role as Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm 

Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm In M.S
Midnight Suns: Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm – Image Captured by eXputer

Sister Grimm, a powerful hero, survived her villainous parents’ attack, emerging as a deadly sorcerer with random and destructive powers, capable of defeating multiple enemies in one hit.

Lyrica Okano, the voice actor for Sister Grimm in Midnight Suns, impressively conveys the character’s depth with intimidating quips. Despite it being her first voice acting role, Okano’s talent shines. Beyond Midnight Suns, Okano, known for Runaways, demonstrates versatility in various film roles.

Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider 

Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider In M.S
Midnight Suns: Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider – Image Captured by us

We know the significance of Ghost Rider as the midnight sun. He was also part of the team in the comic book version of the story. He is still the flaming skull assassin who bends the souls of people who are unworthy of life.

Darin De Paul made sure to let everyone know that he was the perfect choice to be cast as a voice actor in Midnight Suns. He is best known for his portrayal of Reinhardt in the famous game Overwatch. He was actually the voice behind J. Jonah. Jameson in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Steve Blum As Wolverine 

Steve Blum As Wolverine In M.S
Midnight Suns: Steve Blum As Wolverine – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Wolverine, the immortal mutant with metal claws, joins Midnight Suns as a Damage class hero, impervious to harm with rapid healing.

Voiced by Steve Blum, known for his rigid and manly tone, Wolverine delivers humorous quips in-game, targeting characters like Spider-Man and Deadpool. Blum, who first voiced Wolverine in Wolverine and the X-men, secured his gaming breakthrough as Sub-zero in Mortal Kombat 11. Notably, he also voiced the cute dragon reptile Gulimon in the Digimon series.

Laura Bailey As Magik 

Laura Bailey As Magik In M.S
Midnight Suns: Laura Bailey As Magik – Image Captured by eXputer

Majik, the powerful new X-Men member, and Colossus’s younger sister, gained her teleportation abilities after escaping the dark vampire Mephisto’s kidnapping.

Voiced by Laura Bailey, a seasoned professional in the gaming world, Majik’s character was accurately portrayed. Bailey is known for award-winning roles like Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2 and Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball Z.

Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange 

Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange In M.S
Midnight Suns: Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Doctor Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme, a top-notch sorcerer guided by the Ancient One, joins the superhero team to defeat Lilith. In the game, his ability cards offer a mix of defense and attack for challenging situations.

Rick Pasqualone, as Doctor Strange in Midnight Suns, matches Benedict Cumberbatch’s MCU performance without imitation. Previously voicing Doctor Strange in Marvel vs Capcom 3, he gained recognition as Vito Scaletta in the Mafia trilogy and played Agent Daniels in Spec Ops: The Line, marking a career breakthrough.

Josh Keaton As Iron Man 

Josh Keaton As Iron Man In M.S
Midnight Suns: Josh Keaton As Iron Man – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Iron Man is probably the most famous character that came out of the Marvel comic books. It was indeed a no-brainer to add him to the lineup of heroes. Actor Josh Keaton was given the opportunity to play Ironman, and he absolutely smashed it.

You may not have heard of Josh Keaton that much, but he has been active in the voice-acting industry for a while. He has an impressive resume at hand as he played the young Hercules in the movie Hercules. Most recently, he voiced Flash and Aquaman in a popular animated movie, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Fred Tatasciore As Hulk 

Fred Tatasciore As Hulk In M.S
Midnight Suns: Fred Tatasciore As Hulk – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Marvel Comics’ Hulk, the alter ego of Bruce Banner, emerges from gamma radiation in Bruce’s Lab. A powerful and complex rogue superhero, Hulk’s strength intensifies with each hit in Midnight Suns, fueled by his anger issues.

Hulk communicates in a giant-like version of English, flawlessly voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who is a renowned voice actor, delivering Hulk’s tone with perfection, capturing both the adorability and obnoxiousness of the character. Known for voicing Overwatch’s main leader, Soldier 76, Tatasciore’s repertoire includes portraying Po’s panda father in Kung Fu Panda 2 and Megatron in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Jennifer Hale As Lilith 

Jennifer Hale As Lilith In M.S
Midnight Suns: Jennifer Hale As Lilith – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The game’s main antagonist, Lilith, a revived demon mother, plans to resurrect her creator, Chthon. Mother to Hunter, she aims to eliminate anyone crossing her path, possessing the ability to corrupt superheroes.

Jennifer Hale, cast as Lilith’s voice in Midnight Suns, effectively captures her horrific evil essence. Known for her notable career, including roles like Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3 and Ashe in Overwatch, Hale has proven her talent, making her the ideal choice for Lilith’s manipulative character in the game.

Nolan North As Deadpool 

Nolan North As Deadpool In M.S
Midnight Suns: Nolan North As Deadpool – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Deadpool, Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero, becomes immortal through a low-cost version of Wolverine’s enhancement surgery. Despite his indifference to crime, Deadpool, with abilities resembling Wolverine’s, fights in a distinctive red suit.

Nolan North, an award-winning voice actor, brings Deadpool to life in Midnight Suns with his exceptional humor. Known for voicing Nathan Drake in Uncharted, North’s illustrious career includes roles in Star Trek Into Darkness, Con Man, and Pretty Little Liars.

William Salyers As Bruce Banner 

William Salyers As Bruce Banner In M.S
Midnight Suns: William Salyers As Bruce Banner – Image by eXputer

Finally, the brilliant scientist and the man behind Hulk. Bruce Banner was turned into the Incredible Hulk after a gamma radiation accident. Although technically, Bruce and Hulk share the same body, both have very different personalities.

William Salyers is a voice actor who was at least able to understand the task at hand fully. William Salyers is an incredibly talented voice actor who has voiced many TV show favorites. He voiced the character Rigby in the Regular Show.

All in All, the whole cast did a superb job. The cast and crew made sure that the gaming experience for gamers and Marvel fans was top-notch. So, which of the voice actors is your favorite? Comment down below.

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