Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Voice Actors & Cast

Learn everything you need to know about all the voice actors and cast of Midnight Suns

 The characters of the game have been taken directly from Marvel Comics. It was going to be a challenge to voice-act all these popular characters. The production team chose an incredible team of Voice Actors for Midnight Suns. Each of them gave some true essence to the characters, which was truly wanted.

Things To Know

  • The voice-acting cast for Midnight Suns has some of the most popular actors in the gaming industry.
  • Some of the actors, like Yuri Lowenthal, have voiced their respective characters before.
  • Hunter is a customizable character in the game which means you may choose it to be male or female.
  • Lilith is the main antagonist of the Midnight Suns, and Jennifer Hale is the voice behind her. 
  • Although most gamers might recognize most of the cast, some are fairly new and underrated.

Michael Jai White As Blade 

Voice Actor Michael Jai White Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Michael Jai White As Blade – [Image credit: eXputer]
The almost Vampire or half-vampire as you may call him; Blade is one of the popular characters introduced in Midnight Suns. Just like in the comics, he is the heroic demon-battling superhero. He is as cool and iconic as ever and is actually one of the first heroes you interact with in the game. Blade is considered a Damage class hero in the game, as he can basically kill enemies from any position. He also has healing capabilities. 

The Voice behind Blade is Michael Jai White, an amazing voice actor who has expressed his capabilities in the game. He has made the character come to life and actually makes you think of the Blade from previous movies. His epic quips and dialogues are what give life to the character, and it can be seen. Normally Michael Jai White has been seen acting in various movies and shows. He is one of the best voice actors seen in Midnight Suns.

You may have seen Michael Jai White also perform in movies such as The Dark Knight, where he played Gambol. He was famously known for his role as Al Simmons in Spawn, which was kind of his breakthrough in Hollywood. In the Black Dynamite T.V. series, he was cast as Black Dynamite, in which he showed his acting capability. Another one of the characters he played was Lewis Strutt in Exit Wounds

Elizabeth Grullon As Hunter (Female)

Voice Actor Elizabeth Grullon Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Elizabeth Grullon As Hunter (Female) – Image Captured by eXputer

Hunter is an amazing addition to the lineup of characters used in the game. Hunter’s mother is Lilith who is the main villain of the whole arc of the game. Hunter has incredible dark and light power abilities that can demolish enemies easily. She basically works as mainly a support character for other superheroes. Hunter alone can handle close combat situations as long as you have good cards lined up. 

Hunter is a very customizable character since you can basically choose Hunter to be either female or male. The female version of Hunter is voice acted by Elizabeth Grullon, who was absolutely amazing in the role. The choice between a man or a woman character is a rather unique approach the developers made. Casting Elizabeth Grullon as the Female part of Hunter was a good decision. She brought in her outstanding acting abilities into the character. 

Apart from playing the role of Hunter, actor Elizabeth Grullon has done plenty of admirable work in the field of Acting. Elizabeth is well known for being cast as Trilla Suduri in Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi. She was excellent in the role and will be recognizable to some Star Wars fans.

She also plays a brief part in Lucifer. Another popular role that she had was Trish in Killing Lazarus. Other than being cast as a voice actor in Midnight Suns, she has pretty much a successful career. 

Matt Mercer As Hunter (Male) 

Voice Actor Matt Mercer Cast As Hunter In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Matt Mercer As Hunter (Male) – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

We have previously mentioned above that Hunter can be played as a male or a female. That would mean that the production team cast another voice actor to act as Hunter. Hunter is one of the few customizable characters in the game. The hiring team made sure they cast the right voice actor to play the male counterpart of Hunter in Midnight Suns. The actor they went for was Matt Mercer, who is incredibly talented, as you all saw in the game.

Hunter basically goes through a series of battles in the game, and his or her only purpose is to defeat Lilith. Such an intense character was only brought to life by Matt Mercer. He not only handled the serious part of Hunter but actually gave some funny one-liners. The story of Hunter is continued in the game. Matt Mercer’s incredible storytelling and conversation with heroes are what truly make the player grasp Hunter’s character.

Matt Mercer is one of the most experienced actors in Voice Acting in the whole cast of Midnight Suns. He has done plenty of roles in games and movies. You may know him from Overwatch 1 and 2, as he voiced the character Cassidy. One of the more famous roles he has taken was the role of Captain Levi in Attack Of Titan. It is an Anime series, and most anime fans will definitely recognize his voice as he is simply iconic.

Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man

Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns Yuri Lowenthal As Spider-Man – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now, this is a character that needs no introduction. Spider-man has been the hyped character for most of the recent years and even decades. The game has taken the character into the game and given him his special abilities. In the web-slinging friendly neighborhood, Spider-man plays an important role in the game. His powers are basically damage-based. Support players work great with Spider-man.

Spider-man is voiced by none other than actor Yuri Lowenthal who is famous among all gamers. He is a well-achieved actor who has worked in all sorts of fields of acting. In Midnight Suns, he handled the big responsibility of voicing Spider-man. Now you may all know that with great acting comes great responsibility! So Yuri Lowenthal made sure he captured the core of Spider-man into the character. 

While he is known for many of his works in the industry, some of them might ring a bell to you. He played the teenage version of Ben Tennyson in Ben 10, which, of course, is just an iconic role. More importantly, he voiced the character Sasuke Uchiha in the Anime show Naruto. When you’re talking about video games, he has much experience. He played the Prince in Prince of Persia. He was Spider-man in the series of game Marvel’s Spiderman and in all three parts. 

Brian Bloom As Captain America

Voice Actor Brian Bloom Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Brian Bloom As Captain America – Image by eXputer

Another one of the heroes in the game Midnight Suns, you will see the great national hero Captain America. With his fierce combat capabilities and immense patriotism, Captain America can be seen as a tank of a character. In the game, his abilities allow you to give back up to your remaining superheroes. The extra help from Captain America makes incredible combo moves that are unique just to the pairs.

It was going to be a rough decision to pick a voice actor to portray the role of caps. The studios cast the incredible voice actor Brian Bloom in Midnight Suns. It isn’t the first time Brian voiced Captain America, meaning he has much experience with the character. He definitely brought his experience and helped maintain character, integrity, and strength. You may say that he brought justice to the character of Captain America.

As we said before, Brian Bloom has voiced Captain America once before. He voiced Captain America in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.  Apart from that, he was a part of many significant projects. He played the young version of Patsy in Once Upon A Time With America.  He was also the one to play Pike in The A-Team. In the gaming industry, he is well known because of his role as William ‘B.J.’ Blazkowicz in the game series Wolfenstein.

Emily O’Brien As Scarlet Witch 

Voice Actor Emily O’Brien Cast In Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns: Emily O’Brien As Scarlet Witch – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The role of Scarlet Witch has been pretty unclear in Marvel Comics. She was originally introduced as a hero mutant in both the comics and movies. Later on, she developed more into the character of Scarlet Witch and gave into Chaos Magic. She can now be called what is called the “Anti-Hero.”  She is at Lilith’s side in the game, meaning she can be dangerous to you. Her blasts and witch crafty can turn the tides in battles when she gets the turn. 

She is played by the voice actor known as Emily O’Brien, who was cast in Midnight Suns for the sole purpose of character development for Scarlet Witch. She had to voice Scarlet Witch and make people feel how Scarlet changes her roles throughout the game. You can tell me the unique transitions she makes from a hero to a villain in just the span of half the game. Her incredible talent as an actor was truly seen in this portrayal. 

Well, Emily O’Brien isn’t really totally new to the gaming voice-acting gig. She voiced the quips of the character Jade in Mortal Kombat and was able to get in some quick one-liners. In the very recent and popular game God Of War Ragnarok, she played Veroandi. If you haven’t heard her in both games, then you might know her as Amelie in Death Stranding

Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel 

Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel In M.S
Midnight Suns: Erica Lindback As Captain Marvel – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The space hero from beyond the Skies, Captain Marvel, is one of the space heroes in the Midnight Suns. Her character is taken straightly from the current MCU and old Marvel Comics, where she has cosmic powers to save the world. She still has her blasting abilities in the game, where she can pretty much engage with multiple enemies. She has the ability to go binary which pretty much doubles the amount of power she already has.

Captain Marvel is a damage-class ranged kind of superhero, and her attacks can be made from farther positions. The voice actor in the studio cast to play Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns is Erica Lindback. She is also sort of a veteran gaming voice actor. She is a wonderful actress, and the world has seen her acting in many movies. Erica is one of those celebrities you don’t know by name but has seen work throughout the years.

There are many games that have had intense female characters, and most of them were played by Erica Lindback. She played the role of Gamora in a game known as Guardians Of The Galaxy: TellTale Story. More recently, she has acquired the role of Hirst in God Of War Ragnarok. She is more famously known for her role as Black cat in a Spider-man game, and she was also a part of the Overwatch 2 crew. 

Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm 

Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm In M.S
Midnight Suns: Lyrica Okano As Sister Grimm – Image Captured by eXputer

A powerful magic user and incredibly damaging character Sister Grimm is also included as one of the heroes. In her origin story, she was almost killed by her own parents. They both had villainous intent. She survived their attack and became a really powerful sorcerer. Her powers are destructive and random, which is a deadly combination. You cannot choose which target her attack hits. She has the power to defeat multiple enemies in a single hit.

Sister Grimm is also a complex character with an incredible background story. Lyrica Okano was the voice actor cast to voice her, and you could see why she was cast. Her scary yet gothic quips make Sister Grimm an intimidating character. Whenever she has a conversation in some cut scene, you can see the depth of the character. That is made possible by the talent and incredible voice acting of Lyrica Okano.

Apart from being cast as a voice actor for Midnight Suns, Lyrica Okano can be seen doing multiple jobs in the film industry. It was her first time doing a voice acting job which means that she had no experience prior to that. She first caught the public eye through the role of Nico Minoru in a T.V. series called Runaways. Other smaller roles that she did were as Kim in Pimp and as Chrissy in the movie The Affair

Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider 

Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider In M.S
Midnight Suns: Darin De Paul As Ghost Rider – Image Captured by us

We know the significance of Ghost Rider as the midnight sun. He was also part of the team in the comic book version of the story. He is still the flaming skull assassin who bends the souls of people who are unworthy of life. The pain and agony caused by the character to the enemies can be seen via his ability cards. Most of them focus on damaging the opponent, making him an attack-type of character. 

Ghost rider has always had a grim reaper type of voice. You might have heard in the movie adaptations that Ghost Rider has a very distinct heavy voice.  Darin De Paul came up and took the job and easily tackled the task at hand. It wasn’t his first rodeo in voice acting, so he knew how to manipulate his voice. He made sure to let everyone know that he was the perfect choice to be cast as a voice actor in Midnight Suns. 

Darin De Paul has done multiple movies and signed many contracts in the field of voice acting. He was best known for his portrayal of Reinhardt in the famous game Overwatch. His heavy soul-shaking voice was used for many iconic roles in games. He was actually the voice behind J. Jonah. Jameson in Marvel’s Spider-man Miles Morales. Most of his work has been in the field of voice acting in games which started with him being in World Of Warcraft

Steve Blum As Wolverine 

Steve Blum As Wolverine In M.S
Midnight Suns: Steve Blum As Wolverine – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Ah yes, the metal-clawed beast is also included in the huge lineup of heroes in Midnight Suns. Most of you already know and are a fan of Wolverine. He is a mutant, and an immortal one at that. No blade, bullet, or spell can help do enough damage to kill him. His healing capabilities were also added in the game and no enemy can dish out enough damage that can’t be healed. Due to his aggressiveness, he was made a Damage class hero. 

If you have grown up watching the Wolverine cartoons and many T.V. show appearances he made, you may recognize his voice. His voice actor is none other than Steve Blum, who has taken every opportunity to play the character. His rigid and manly voice helped make the Wolverine character more lively. He was able to make funny Wolverine-humored quips in the game, which were mainly to diss either Spider-man or Deadpool. 

Steve Blum took the mantle of Wolverine in Wolverine and the X-men. It was the start of his taking the role of  Wolverine voice actor. From there, the studios made sure that he was the voice actor that was going to be cast in Midnight Suns. More iconically, he was cast as Sub-zero in the Mortal Kombat 11 game. That was his first big break in the gaming industry. He was the cute dragon reptile Gulimon in the series Digimon. It was a knock-off Pokemon series.  

Laura Bailey As Magik 

Laura Bailey As Magik In M.S
Midnight Suns: Laura Bailey As Magik – Image Captured by eXputer

Majik is the new addition to the X-men family. Colossus, the big metal hunk, is the big brother of Majik. She is considered more powerful than her big strong brother. Her origin story starts with being kidnapped by the dark vampire Mephisto. She was able to hone her skills and learn teleportation. When she escaped from Mephisto’s grasp, she emerged as a strong superhero. In battle, she has the ability to teleport enemies to random places in order to kill them.

Now for the role of her voice actor Laura Bailey was cast because the studios needed a little more professional help for the character. She is the most experienced one in terms of voice acting than the rest of the panel. She has been in several amazing roles in various games, which even won awards. It made sense to cast someone as professional and experienced as Laura Bailey. Her portrayal of Majik was remarkably accurate. 

Laura Bailey has been the voice behind several loved beloved characters in the gaming community. She played the role of Abby in the infamous Last Of Us Part 2. The game won several awards, and Laura even won two awards. She was a part of the nostalgic anime show known as Dragon Ball Z. In DBZ; she got the role of Younger Trunks. She is also a part of the currently running show Critical Role, where she plays Vex.

Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange 

Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange In M.S
Midnight Suns: Rick Pasqualone As Doctor Strange – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The Sorcerer Supreme was added to the entourage of superheroes, and he is there to guide the team and help beat Lilith. He is arguably the best sorcerer among sorcerers and knows about every trick in the book there is. Due to the guidance of Ancient One, Doctor Strange was able to become the Sorcerer Supreme himself. His ability cards in the game are a combination of defensive and attacking strategies. He can be really handy in tough situations.

Doctor Strange was introduced into the MCU, and Benedict Cumberbatch stole the show with his acting skills. Nobody thought that anybody else could provide equal justice to the character. That is where Rick Pasqualone came in and proved that he could be an equally good Doctor Strange. His natural voice fits perfectly with that of Doctor Strange, and he didn’t need to mimic the work of Benedict. He brought his own element to the character. 

Other than being cast as Doctor Strange’s Voice Actor in Midnight Suns, he has also played Doctor Strange before. He was the voice behind Doctor Strange in Marvel vs Capcom 3. He was caught by the public eye when he played Vito Scaletta in Mafia. Rick played the character throughout the trilogy. A major role of Agent Daniels was also given to Rick Pasqualone to voice act for in Spec Ops: The Line. It was a major breakthrough for him. 

Josh Keaton As Iron Man 

Josh Keaton As Iron Man In M.S
Midnight Suns: Josh Keaton As Iron Man – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Iron Man is probably the most famous character that came out of the Marvel comic books. It was indeed a no-brainer to add him to the lineup of heroes. He is the genius, billionaire, and playboy who became a big heroic figure in the eyes of the world. His acute intelligence, particularly in modern fields of Science, helped him make an almost impenetrable suit that can fly. His technological advancements majorly help him to face his foes.

Choosing someone to play Iron man is a big task at hand. That is simply because most actors cannot match up with follow the great RDJ. He has dawned the character since 2008 so everybody nobody will ever dare touch the role. The studio needed to cast an exceptional voice actor that could be truly called Iron Man. Actor Josh Keaton was given the opportunity to play Ironman, and he absolutely smashed it.

His funny, sarcastic quips made people assure he was the right actor that is cut out for the role of Iron Man.  You may not have heard of Josh Keaton that much, but he has been active in the Voice Acting industry for a while. He has an impressive resume at hand as he played the young Hercules in the movie Hercules. Most recently, he has voiced Flash and Aquaman in a popular animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. It was a DC movie rival to Marvel.

Fred Tatasciore As Hulk 

Fred Tatasciore As Hulk In M.S
Midnight Suns: Fred Tatasciore As Hulk – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The Incredible Hulk is a well-known brute of a character in Marvel Comics. He is the alter ego of Bruce Banner, formed by the gamma radiation in Bruce’s Lab. He is simply an extremely strong superhero and can pretty much destroy any evil being there. Hulk is an extremely complex character and has been categorized as a rogue superhero. In Midnight Suns, the more Hulk is hit, the more powerful his attacks are. This is also due to his anger issues. 

Hulk’s language is pretty much a smudged giant-like version of English. It is not that human-like too. Without any filters and voice alteration, Fred Tatasciore was able to voice Hulk perfectly. You could listen to the gentle tone in Hulk’s angry voice. You can find the voice of Hulk pretty adorable, although it is obnoxious. That is the magic and experience of Fred Tatasciore, who was able to do such a remarkable job with The Hulk.

Fred Tatasciore is a pretty well-known voice actor compared to the other casted voice actors in Midnight Suns. He is the voice of the main leader of Overwatch, who is known as Soldier 76. In the video game Overwatch. He also voiced Po’s panda father in Kung Fu Panda 2. More famously, he played Megatron in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Another famous character he voiced is Loz in the video game Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. 

Jennifer Hale As Lilith 

Jennifer Hale As Lilith In M.S
Midnight Suns: Jennifer Hale As Lilith – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The main antagonist of the whole game, Lilith, is the mother of all demons which kind of gives away her personality. She died long before as she became evil, but she got revived by the agencies of H.Y.D.R.A. Lilith is super evil and plans to resurrect Chthon, her master and creator, in the early days. She is the mother to Hunter and plans on killing anyone who dares to cross her path. Her ability consists of corrupting other superheroes. 

Lilith is the main antagonist of the entire game, which makes it a hard and tough decision to choose the right actor. They went for Jennifer Hale to be cast as Lilith’s voice actor in Midnight Suns. She definitely proved she was the right choice as she was able to bring that horrific evil essence to Lilith. It was made clear from the start that Lilith was going to be a manipulative mother. Jennifer made sure she portrayed that side of her well.

There have been plenty of roles given to Jennifer Hale over the years. You can see she had a splendid career, especially when she was offered the main characters of games. Her most recognizable portrayal was Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3. That was a way for her to enter the voice acting industry. She went on to portray in-game characters such as Ashe in Overwatch. You may also be familiar with her work in the Mass Effect series. 

Nolan North As Deadpool 

Nolan North As Deadpool In M.S
Midnight Suns: Nolan North As Deadpool – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Well, everybody knows the fourth-wall-breaking douche known as Deadpool. He is indeed a low-cost version of Wolverine, Deadpool, turned immortal after horrific enhancement surgery. After that, he was forever scarred and left in a tight red suit to fight crime. Well, he is an anti-hero, so he doesn’t really care much about crime. His abilities basically function in the game just like Wolverine but with a twist. 

Deadpool is really one of the coolest and funniest characters produced by Marvel. They just had to pick someone with the same energy as Deadpool. Nolan North was picked for the role, and rightly so. His amazing voice-acting abilities have forever been known by gamers. He is an award-winning artist who pours out every funny quip he has in this character. He is definitely one of the best voice actors cast in Midnight Suns. 

Nolan North has done plenty of voice-acting gigs before. One, in particular, made him really famous and won him an award too. We are talking about none other than Nathan Drake, the main protagonist of the Uncharted games. He formerly played the Vengeance Bridge Officer in Star Trek Into Darkness. He has done plenty of acting jobs as well, like playing Jerry Lansing in Con Man and Peter Hastings in Pretty Little Liars.

William Salyers As Bruce Banner 

William Salyers As Bruce Banner In M.S
Midnight Suns: William Salyers As Bruce Banner – Image by eXputer

Finally, the brilliant scientist and the man behind Hulk. Bruce Banner was turned into the Incredible Hulk after a gamma radiation accident. Although technically, Bruce and Hulk share the same body, both have very different personalities. Bruce is a literal genius who is an expert in Gamma radiation and other forms of matter. He and Stark kind of have a bromance going on Midnight Suns. His abilities only come when he turns into the Hulk.

Bruce banner is a smart guy, which means whenever he talks about any technicality in science, he has to say it with confidence. William Salyers is a voice actor who was at least able to fully understand the task at hand. William Salyers is an incredibly talented voice actor who has voiced many TV show favorites. He voiced the character Rigby in the Regular Show. Recently he has taken on the role of Otto Octavious in the Spider-man game. 

Final Words 

The newly released game Midnight Suns are gaining immense popularity among players. So these are all the famous cast and crew for Midnight Suns. Although most gamers might recognize most of the cast, some are fairly underrated. All in All, the whole cast did a superb job. The cast and crew made sure that the gaming experience for gamers and Marvel fans was top-notch. So, which of the voice actors is your favorite? Comment down below.

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