Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Build [8 Best Cards]

Ghost Rider is one the best Damage heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and a build with the best ability cards will make him Unstoppable!

Having the best Ghost Rider build in Midnight Suns will allow you to clear waves of enemies faster using the Rider’s versatile Heroic and Skill-based attack abilities. Hell’s Ride, Drain Soul, and Penance Stare are some of the best hero card abilities of Ghost Rider you should equip. 

Key Takeaways
  • Ghost Rider has some of the best high-damaging cards, which can help the player to defeat enemies.
  • Some of the Best Cards to keep an eye on include: 
    • Lash is the best Ghost Rider build card which has the ability to hit a target with combo attacks.
    • Hell’s Ride card is the heroic ability that can eliminate multiple enemies at the same time.
    • Hell’s Fury can help save the base damage of the Ghost Riders and help eliminate the enemies.
    • Retribution is the best knockback ability card which can be combined with Hell’s mouth and Drain soul card for more damage to the enemies.
    • Penance Stare buffs the hero by consuming 50% of his own health and dealing with overall damage.
    • The Straight to Hell card can be used to vanish from combat when your health is low, and eventually, your health will be increased.
    • Hellmouth can send the enemies to hell via a portal that stays for 2 turns.
    • Drain Soul targets multiple enemies and drains their complete health.
  • You can also obtain extra codes in Ghost Rider by collecting Gamma Coins while completing the main or side missions with certain characters.

Best Ghost Rider Cards To Use

Best Ghost Rider Cards [Screenshot Captured by Us]
Since you can equip 8 cards per character for combat, we have recommended eight unique cards for Ghost Rider’s build in Midnight Suns. The hero ability cards that we have entailed here contain a mix of Attack, Skill, and Heroic ability cards.

Of course, you can ever take four of these eight ability cards and pair them instead of bringing all four. However, Ghost Rider’s every single ability has a lot of utility, and few of them are very situational. That is why you must first learn how Ghost Rider’s abilities play out in combat.   


Lash [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
This is by far the best utility hero ability of Ghost Rider, as not only he gets to push by knocking an opponent, but you get to hit a target in multiple ways. You can throw a target toward an ally for a combo hit or into another enemy to damage both units. Of course, the (+) version of Lash hero ability will do more damage than the base one. 

If you apply mods in Midnight Suns to Lash hero ability in Midnight Suns, you can get the most out of this card further. Draw on Card usage, and Vulnerability are two of the best hero ability card mods that we prefer on the attack version of the cards in the game.   

Hell’s Ride

Hell’s Ride [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
If you ask us which is by far the best heroic ability that could wipe out at least 5-7 enemies or more in a single usage in Midnight Suns, we would vote for Hell’s Ride. This is the top-tier heroic ability that not only does very high damage to its targets, but if they are all aligned in a single row, from any angle, you can just position Ghost Rider accordingly and hit them hard using Hell’s Ride heroic attack

The major downside of having Hell’s Ride in your deck is that this hero’s ability is extremely situational. You do not have control over wherever the enemies stand in combat in turns. They can all align in a single row or be positioned at corners. However, if you see most of the enemies, especially the brute or shield ones standing in a row, just mow them down by running over the Hell’s Ride. 

Hell’s Ride heroic ability is a waste if you need to take down enemies quickly, but they are not positioned in a row. You can still use Hell’s Ride to kill 1-2 enemies, but the overall efficiency of the hero’s ability is reduced too much. 

Hell’s Fury

Hell’s Fury [Image Captured by eXputer]
Using the Hell’s Fury card basically buffs Ghost Rider’s base damage, and he can lash out and hit enemies harder after you have used this hero ability card. The overall cost of this heroic attack card is just one heroism, indicating that this is not much of a high-damaging Ghost Rider hero ability. 

However, the lower heroism cost is what makes this ability all the more important in combat, as you get to buff Ghost Rider every now and then whenever the effects have worn out. Most heroic attacks in Midnight Suns cost 2, 4, or higher heroism cost, and it makes their use frequently in combat a challenge. However, using Ghost Rider’s Hell’ Fury ability card is not that much of a challenge anymore if you have this card in your deck. 


Retribution [Image Captured by eXputer]
If you want to have the maximum value out of the Retribution hero ability card of Ghost Rider, you need to equip Hell’s Mouth and Drain Soul cards as well. It is because using this hero card allows Ghost Rider to do a knockback on a single target. So basically, this is a knockback ability card that most heroes in Midnight Suns have. 

The best part of using Retribution is that it generates 2 souls, and having 3 souls will allow Ghost Rider to drain more targets using the Drain Soul hero ability. Additionally, the if you have already opened up Hell’s portal using the Hell’s Mouth Skill ability, then you can basically make a knockback attack on a single target and instantly KO them. 

This works well against Nest Mothers, Guardians, or other Hydra brutes that can be taken down after dealing with a lot of damage. Also, even if you do not use Retribution to throw enemies into Hell’s Mouth, you can still throw them off into environmental attacks to deal massive damage. 

Penance Stare

Penance [Screenshot Captured by Us]
Penance Stare is another classic move that you must recognize if you have read enough Ghost Rider comics or watched Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider movie. This hero ability buffs the hero for one ability usage by consuming 50% of his own health and dealing at least damage against each health point to a single target. 

This is an extremely useful Heroic ability of Ghost Rider that you can use against shield Guardians or Nest Mothers in Midnight Suns to one-shot them or bring them to near-death HP.

Ghost Rider Penance Stare Hero ability

Of course, Penance Stare also consumes at least 4 heroism points like most high-damaging Heroic attacks. So, you must at least have support units in the team to generate Heroism for you or have an excellent Nico build character who can remove the heroic card requirement by using one of her abilities. 

Straight To Hell

Straight To Hell [Image Captured by Us]
Straight To Hell is a hero ability that players can use offensively and defensively. For starters, if you are low on health and you have this card in hand, just use it to vanish from combat. When Ghost Rider returns, he will have increased health. 

However, if you want to play offensively, you can vanish for the entire turn and allow two other teammates to assault the crowd. Since Ghost Rider will not be in the field for the entire turn, any draws or redraws you get in your hand will be for the other two heroes but Ghost Rider. This is a very situational usage of Straight To Hell, and it requires a lot of game expertise to pull if in any of the two manners intended. 


Hellmouth [Image Captured by Us]
Hellmouth is a classic Ghost Rider style of sending enemies to hell through a hell portal. Triggering this hero ability allows Ghost Rider just to create a small hell opening that you can use to throw enemies into it. Any knockback using hero abilities or moves you execute that result in the throwing of the enemy into the pit will instantly result in KO

The best part of Hellmouth is that the hell drop stays for 2 turns, and you will have plenty of time to throw enemies into the pit. The usage is very situational, and you can get a maximum number of kills if you have a Ghost Rider’s Lash ability card equipped twice. It also depends on your teammates’ abilities; the more knockback abilities you have on board, the maximum chance of throwing all sorts of enemies into hell’s mouth.  

Drain Soul

Drain Soul is another classic Ghost Rider ability where he targets multiple enemies in a single usage and then drains their health to KO them. In return, Ghost Rider gets lost health in combat. However, if Ghost Rider is already at full health and you use the Drain Soul ability on enemies, then his overall health bar will increase beyond your total health for the hero in combat.  

Players can use Drain Soul in multiple ways, and you can prioritize using this hero ability card not just for the sake of assault but also to recover the lost health and keep the combat rolling. Drain Soul works similarly to most characters’ self-healing, but this one heals Ghost Rider and attacks foes in one single usage, unlike most hero cards such as Berserk of Wolverine.  

How To Get More Ghost Rider Cards 

The fastest and go-to method we can know for getting more cards is playing with a certain character in main or side missions and getting Gamma Coils. Once you have got enough coils, or at least one, just visit Tony Stark in the Forge and open the Gamma Coils. This will let you have at least one card for the hero you went into combat with and earned the Coil as a reward. 

Other than Gamma Coils, you can always get one random card of a hero, in this case, Ghost Rider, if you send him on a Hero Ops mission. Whenever Ghost Rider returns from a Hero Ops mission, he will be rewarded with one Hero Card randomly. 

You will need to get a hero ability card at least once before you can craft a higher version of it. You do that by using the Ability Crafting option in The Forge. However, you must remember that you cannot craft ability cards if you do not have them unlocked first. 

There are a few other methods as well to unlock more Ghost Rider cards, such as engaging in friendship activities, giving gifts, and reaching a higher level. 


That is pretty much everything we had to discuss Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Build. The stats, as discussed above, are not fixed, and they increase as you play more with a character, complete its requests, help them, and increase friendship activities. Stats can not be changed at will, and you can only do that with hero ability cards of characters. Ghost Rider also has some of the fancy and legendary costumes in Midnight Suns.  


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