Midnight Suns: Credit Farming [4 Best Methods]

Credits are required almost every time in Midnight Suns. Find out How To Farm Credits in Midnight Suns!

There are several ways you can start farming credits in Midnight Suns, including Missions, Exploring, and Exchanging Other Items for it. Credits are used to Buy Upgrades, Spar With Other Heroes, and Modding Abilities. Credits are the resources that you will use daily. Hence, it is important to farm them. 

Key Takeaways
  • Credits are used for Upgrades, Sparring, and Modding.
  • Players can earn Credit by completing certain missions.
  • Shield Exchange allows players to exchange resources for Credits.
  • Arcane Chest rewards players with Credits too.
  • Credit Orbs give players Credits, which are scattered all over the Abbey


Farming Credits by Mission
Farming Credits by Mission in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
This is the most common way to farm credits in Midnight Suns. Head towards the Mirror Table, and select the mission that provides credits. By doing missions, you can earn credits as well as other resources. However, the main reward with Credits is usually the Gamma Coil.

Shield Exchange

Midnight Suns Exchanging for Credits
Exchanging Essence for Credits in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
This is where you can buy and sell resources. Head to the War Room, where you can interact with the Central Workstation. In that Central Workstation, you can find the Shield Exchange option. From there, you can now sell and buy resources. However, you can only sell one thing per day. You can spend those credits on daily sparring, which will save your credits from going down due to daily sparring. You can exchange credits daily from Shield Exchange to farm it.

Note that this is unlocked via Researching.

Arcane Chests

Midnight Suns Arcane Chests
Arcane Chests in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
You can open these chests and claim your credits in Midnight Suns. The game will automatically mark the chest in your map; you only need to open your map and go to the available chest. However, to open those chests, you will need an Arcane Key. Once you have unlocked a good amount of chest, make a little trip of Abbey and open the chest.

The contents of the chest are random. Here you can apply a little trick and get the thing you want. Just manually save the game before opening a chest. If it’s not the one you want, you can load the save and reopen the chest, and the rewards will be different.

Moreover, you can upgrade your Arcane Level by collecting Arcane Knowledge. The higher you get, the better rewards you get from Abbey Grounds and Arcane Chests. To earn Arcane Knowledge, players will have to do activities such as Faded Journal Pages, Exploring, and even by Petting Charlie.

Furthermore, at Arcane Level 4, you will no longer need Arcane Key for Common Chests. And at Arcane Level 5, Rare Chests will no longer require an Arcane Key.

Credit Orbs

Midnight Suns Credits Orbs
Credits Orbs In Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
These Orbs are found in the Abbey. These can be your daily source of Essence, Gloss, and Credits in Midnight Suns. These orbs respawn twice a day. Collecting these orbs is easier, as they are only scattered in the Abbey. Here are the locations of the Orbs we have pinned:

Abbey Orbs Location
Orbs Location in Abbey – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Moreover, you can convert that Essence to Credits through Shield Exchange.

Wrap Up

That’s all on how you can start Farming Credits in Midnight Suns. Credits are required in almost every step of the game, like Modding Cards, Building the best Characters, or even Sparring.


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