Midnight Suns: BEST Blade Cards To Bleed Enemies

For the Best Blade cards, you will need to focus on combos along with the best-supporting characters in Midnight Suns.

If you are to apply a bleed status effect on enemies quickly, then Blade is one of the best characters in Midnight Suns for that job. His abilities in Midnight Suns will give you an upper hand right from the start while fighting against enemies. There are a total of six best cards that you can choose for Blade before getting into a battle. Since Blade is a damage character, our cards will try to get as much critical damage as possible. 

Key Takeaways
  • Blade is a damage-based character that you can unlock early on in the game.
  • You will need to pick up the best cards and use them in combos or in such a sequence that bleed continues, and the damage keeps on stacking by Blade.
  • Ideally, you should go for Make ’em Bleed, Daywalker, and then The Hunger in order to annihilate the enemies.
  • For Blade’s support, you should go for Doctor Strange, Niko, or Captain America to let him use more of his cards while adding more damage in attacks.
  • Strike, Quick Striker, Reaper, Stake, Relentless, and Make ‘em Bleed are the best cards in Midnight Suns for Blade you should start using.

Before we begin, here’s a summary of all the cards we picked for the Blade Build:

Quick StrikeCommonAttack
Make ‘em BleedCommonSkill

Best Blade Cards To Use

Similar to Iron Man’s build that applies a vulnerable status effect, Blade is the master of applying a bleed status effect that can further drain enemies’ health at a faster rate than most characters in Midnight Suns. We believe Bleed is still a little underwhelming status effect in the current meta of the game, and it should be buffed up a notch. Still, if you are a fan of using Blade, then you must utilize the following cards. 


Strike [screenshot by eXputer]
Rarity Type Duplicates Required Essence Cost
Common Attack 2 30

Although Strike looks way cool ability when Blade executes them, it does not deal massive damage as one would expect. When you trigger the ability, you will get to pick at least three targets inside the circle. After that, Blade dashes towards each of them and deals a quick strike using his blade, and the overall damage to each enemy is underwhelming.

Even though on paper the Strike ability looks like it does not offer much, however, if you use it against a couple of minions who are close to dying, then you will get the best value out of it. That is why we always prefer finishing off at least 2 or more two enemies using this ability during the heat of the battle. 

Quick Strike

Quick Strike [screenshot by eXputer]
Rarity Type Duplicates Required Essence Cost
Common Attack 2 30

Most of the heroes in Midnight Sun have a version of dealing quick strikes; hence this card is also named the same for the sake of dealing moderate damage at a faster pace. The best part of Blade’s version of the Quick Strike card ability is that if an enemy has a Bleed status effect, Blade gets to deal increased damage than other heroes having a similar version of Quick Strike cards. 

Also, if you end up killing an enemy by using the Quick Strike card ability, you will be refunded back and will get to use it the next time as well. This is best used against minions, as most of them have smaller health pools and can easily be eliminated using the Quick Strike ability. 


Rarity Type
Rare Attack

Consider Relentless as a combo attack, and you will get the best value of this ability if you strike an enemy after it has been damaged by Blade before. That is because the Relentless card ability offers base damage and a massive percentage of damage impact only if your target was attacked before. Otherwise, you will be utilizing the 50% efficiency of a Relentless card, which is not recommended at all. 

This also makes Relentless ability usage very situational. So if you have never hit an enemy before in combat and you choose to activate the Relentless card as an initial attack, it’d basically be a waste.

Make ‘em Bleed

Make ‘em Bleed [screenshot by Us]
Rarity Type Duplicates Required Essence Cost
Common Skill 2 30

The Make ’em Bleed card ability basically guarantees that Blade will apply a Bleed status effect onto its targets. This does not happen when you trigger this ability. However, the next 3 damage cards will actually give you a 100% chance to apply Bleed. 

As mentioned earlier that Bleed is not the strong status effect element in Midnight Suns right now. Still, if you master how to stack this status effect on enemies and channel it into the raw damage, you can still do wonders in combat and turn the tide of a heated battle in your favor. 


Stake [Image Captured by Us]
Rarity Type Duplicates Required Essence Cost
Common Heroic 2 40

Triggering the ability allows Blade to jump in the air using a Stake and land on an enemy dealing damage and draining a portion of its life. The ability is not exclusively used for regaining the lost health of Blade, but you can also use it against weak enemies that have a low health bar and are close to death. You get to steal life and kill the enemy; I’d say it is by far the best usage of Blade’s card ability in Midnight Sun. 


Reaper [Image by eXputer]
Rarity Type
Epic Attack

Triggering this ability card on a target allows Blade to consume all negative status effect on a target and channel it into raw physical damage. You can practically deal massive damage if your target has stacks of Bleed status effect. Using this ability removes the bleed status effect on your target, but that is hardly a negative aspect of this ability, as the enemy hardly survives the massive hit damage that this ability offers.

Of course, Reaper ability is once again a very situational kit in Blade’s arsenal of abilities, but it has the potential to take out tanky enemies or at least bring them to near-death health.  

How To Unlock More Blade Cards In Midnight Suns

Even if you are not playing with Blade, you can send him on Hero Ops, and there is a great chance then when he returns, a new character ability will become available to use.

Another excellent method to unlock more Blade’s card abilities is to level up the Research Lab by playing Doctor Strange. Once you do that, you will basically unlock more Blueprints, and you can craft more cards. 

Other than that, you can play directly with Blade and do missions that will eventually give you Gamma Coils. The next step would be to upgrade the Forge, which you can use to open these coils and get more ability cards for Blade in Midnight Suns. 


That is all we had to discuss Blade’s best card abilities to make enemies bleed in Midnight Suns. Now that you know which are the top-tier cards for this character, are you ready to make the perfect Blade build in the game? What other cards are your go-to ones? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments box below. 


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