Lost Ark Striker BEST Build: PvE & PvP [2023]

Striker is one of the most fun melee classes in Lost Ark. Strengthen your Lost Ark Striker Build by going through our guide!

Striker Builds 

The Striker class is the male variant of the Wardancer. If you are looking to work on your Wardancer build, then consider reading our Lost Ark Wardancer Build guide.

Key Highlights:

  • Striker is a male counterpart of Wardancer with greater mobility and attacking power.
  • A PVP build for a striker will prove to be very powerful with very good skills.
  • For PVE build, players must be selective in the engravings and skills they choose.
  • Choosing all the skills for the PVE build of the striker is not time effective.
  • For striker build, you need to focus on  Crit and Specialization rather than focusing on other skills.
  • Players will have to choose between Deathblow or the Esoteric Flurry engravings for the striker build. You cannot use both the special engravings.
  • For greater back hit damage, you can use Backstabbing Master engraving.

Though the major difference between Striker and Wardancer is that it has lower DPI. With Wardancer, you’re able to flow together with your attacks, but with Striker, you should expect to do bursts of damage rather than long chains.

PVP Striker Build Skills

Lost Ark Striker Build Gameplay
Striker Gameplay With Devastating Skills

Starting off with the PvP build, the Striker can be quite powerful. Although some people do not consider it as their first choice for PvP, you can still get a long way ahead with the Striker. If you are interested in knowing which classes are best for PvP or PvE, consider checking out our Lost Ark Classes Tier list.

In case you are new to the PvP build system, we’re able to get any skills that we want without having to invest any resources in it. These builds differ from the PvE builds and have a totally different tab for them. With PvP builds, our primary focus is on getting good skills. Engravings and stats don’t tend to have much impact on the builds. Therefore, here are the skills along with their tripods that you should get.

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Sleeping Ascent CelebrationSpiral KickQuick PrepLeaf Sweep
Lightning KickSharp MovementThunder KickFlash Lightning
Moon Flash KickIntense ShockExcellent MobilityFull Moon Kick
Strom Dragon AwakeningExcellent MobilityEnhanced StrikeFallen Flower Gak
Lightning Tiger StrikeSingle HitTenacityConsecutive Kick
BreserkWide HitUprightGlacial Explosion
Phoenix AdventWide HitFreeze EffectNimble Movement
Sweeping KickEsoteric ExtortionLight of JusticePure Excellence
Lightning’s WhisperLightning’s Blessing

Sleeping Ascent Celebration

A great skill for mobility and moving through zones. You should get the Spiral Kick with it to increase your spinning speed and your dash attack AoE radius and speed. And then, you can get the Quick Prep for a reduced cooldown. And for your third Tripod, get the Leaf Sweep to allow you to shift your combo attack to Windmill. The Windmill is an attack that starts off with a sweeping attack into a move that spans a wide 360 area, knocking down any enemies nearby.

Lightning Kick

Despite its great damage, it is a skill best used in terms of mobility and damage infliction. To increase its effect, add Sharp Movement to change your direction while using the skill and move +2 meters with it. Combine that with Thunder Kick to slam down on foes when airborne, and you can get good mobility and damage-based skill. Lastly, choose Flash Lightning for a more powerful slam-down attack. The jumping attack is great for reaching enemies that might be a little ahead of you. With the slam-down, you can open up many of your fights with the Lightning Kick.

Moon Flash Kick

You can upgrade the Moon Flash Kick by taking Intense Shock as your first Tripod. This will change your Moon Flash Kick to an electric/lighting element damage. It also allows you to change the direction of the attack. And then you should get Excellent Mobility to increase the distance that can be moved by +3 meters and reduce the cooldown by 3 seconds. And for your third Tripod, you should get the Full Moon Kick for an amazing backflip finisher. This basically makes the Moon Flash Kick into an attack where you can first sweep forwards and then do a backflip kick while being able to change the direction of where your backflip lands.

Storm Dragon Awakening

Storm Dragon Awakening is a powerful combo with a roundhouse kick that knocks the enemy into the air. Then you can use it again to jump up and knock them back down. Combine this with Excellent Mobility to increase the distance moved with the first Kick by 2 meters. You can get Enhanced Strike for more damage. Finally, Fallen Flower Gak for enhancing the final blow with 2x the damage. All these make it a must-have for any Lost Ark Striker Build.

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike

As the name suggests, you get to send out a tiger spirit that knocks up enemies and deals damage. Combine this with Single Hit to increase damage inflicted when a single enemy is hit with the skill. Alternatively, you could get Quick Prep to reduce cooldown. Then get Tenacity to get granted Push Immunity. For the third Tripod, you can get the Consecutive Kick that allows you to use the skill again. But the damage does get split between the two uses. The advantage of using this Tripod is that you can change your directions. Alternatively, you can get Charged Kick. It will let you charge your attack and deal +80% more damage and move a +3 meters distance.


This is essentially a stun skill for your Lost Ark Striker Build. It deals damage in a circular region as you emit frost with a stomp. You can add Wide Hit for an increased AoE radius. Then you can get Upright to make the move faster and Glacial Explosion to change the element to water, followed by an ice explosion. Though it will increase the cooldown by 6 seconds, so keep that in mind.

Phoenix Advent

Phoenix Advent is another stun ability. Again, you can use Wide Hit to increase the AoE radius by +20%. Then you can get Freeze Effect to change the element to water, freezing enemies on hit. Lastly, you can get Nimble Movement to increase attack speed by +20% and distance by +70%.

Sweeping Kick

Sweeping Kick is essentially your combo skill. Sweeping Kick tends to knock enemies off their feet and then to land a spinning kick in the air. You can get Esoteric Extortion for MP cost – 25% and increasing your esoteric meter by +25% on hit. Then you can get Light of Justice to make the element Holy and increase the AoE radius and attack speed by +20%. For the third Tripod, you can get Pure Excellence. It changes the attack into more of a Hadouken-type kick where you charge up your Kick and throw out a single kick with +150% damage. The Kick has an outward radius that can reach enemies at a distance.

Lightning’s Whisper

Lightning’s Whisper is yet another combo skill for the Best Striker Build in Lost Ark. The skill is meant to summon lightning and roll you forward. You can add Lightning’s Blessing to increase your attack speed.

Awakening Abilities

For the awakening abilities, you can use the True Heavenly Awakening, which sends out two kicks with huge bursts of vertical wave-like damage. The first strike staggers the enemy, whereas the second one knocks them out.

With Nova Blast, the second awakening, you start with a dash attack followed by a 3 hit combo. It also staggers the enemy with the first hit and knocks them out with the combo.

PvE Striker Build Skills

Lost Ark Striker Build Skills
Striker PvE Build Skills

For the Lost Ark PvE build, you need to realize that you cannot leverage literally every skill that the Striker has to offer. The main reason for this is one, it’s not time effective. And secondly, you can create a strong enough build with a select few skills. Additionally, we will need to choose our engravings and stats more carefully with the Lost Ark Striker PvE build. Starting off with the skills, these are the ones that can get you quite far into the game.

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Storm Dragon AwakeningExcellent Mobility
Moon Flash KickWhite Flame KickLight-FootedFull Moon Kick
Swift Wind KickFire Round KickWide HitExtreme Training
Phoenix AdventFierce Heat
Lightning WhisperWide HitTransferable LightningLaw of the Jungle
Call the Wind GodLightning StormGrowth AttackRaging Storms
Lightning Tiger StrikQuick PrepTenacityCharged Kick

Storm Dragon Awakening

Storm Dragon Awakening is the skill that delivers a roundhouse kick. Using it again and again will lead to a combo where you launch the enemies into the air and then smack them back down. For your Lost Ark, PvE build, you want to use Excellent Mobility alongside to increase your moveable distance with the first Kick by +2 meters. Although you might not use the entire combo a lot in PvE, you can still use it for mobility.

Moon Flash Kick

Moon Flash Kick allows you to charge forwards while landing kicks. You can upgrade it by getting the White Flame Kick which reduces MP cost and increases your Esoteric Meter by 25% and 50%, respectively. Then you can get Light-Footed to increase your AoE radius by +30% and the number of rapid attacks by +100%. Lastly, you can max out the skill by getting Full Moon Kick which changes the rapid attacks into one massive finishing blow that does +250% damage. You can combine this with the Wealth Rune to increase your identity.

Swift Wind Kick

Swift Wing Kick, as suggested by the name, is a spinning kick in the air. The description states that you can land up to 22 kicks on your enemies with Swift Wind Kick, making it a deadly and must-have skill. You want to maximize your use of the Swift Wind Kick. That is why you should max it out. For your first Tripod, get the Fire Round Kick to add fire element damage to the Kick. Then add Wide Hit to increase the AoE radius by +20%. Finish it off by adding Extreme Training, which increases the kick duration by +1s, adding more kicks into the mix. You can also change the direction of the kicks a lot easier. All of this results in a +100% in the output damage.

Phoenix Advent

Phoenix Advent is an elemental fire attack that allows you to soar into the air and land at the target location within 7 meters. It works nicely as a stun. You should ideally get one upgrade for the Phoenix Advent, and that is the Fierce Heat. On a hit, it causes 343 damage every second for 5 seconds. It is basically a burn effect.

Lightning Whisper

Next, we have a strong lightning-focused skill. You essentially summon a lightning bolt strike at your location. You can increase the radius by +20% using the Wide Hit Tripod. And then you can get Transferable Lightning to damage enemies within a 4-meter radius of enemies already struck by lightning. You can max out the skill by getting Law of the Jungle which increases the damage to Challenge or Lower enemies by +80%. It is great for Chaos dungeons. You can combine the Rage Rune with this to get a chance of increased attack power and movement speed.

Esoteric Skill: Call the Wind God

This skill basically creates a tornado that lasts for 3 seconds. You can move up to 12 meters with the Call the Wing God. You should max out the skill by getting Lightning Storm which adds lightning elemental damage. It also increases the chance of adding 80% additional damage. Then you can get Growth Attack to increase the damage by +7-63% per hit. And then you can max out by getting the Raging Storms. It allows the storm to end off with a powerful blast, dealing damage in all directions. You can combine the Overwhelm Rune with this skill to increase stagger damage.

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike

This is a dash-like skill capable of dealing a lot of damage. You basically dash forward with a lightning energy strike. You can max it out by getting Quick Prep to decrease cooldown, Tenacity to grant Push Immunity, and lastly, Charged Kick to charge the attack into +80% damage and +3 meters range move distance. You can add the Galewind Rune with this to increase your skill cast speed.

Striker Build Stats

Lost Ark Striker Build Stats
Striker Build Stats

For the Lost Ark Striker Build, you want to focus on Crit and Specialization the most for your skills. Specialization will empower your Esoteric Skills damage and awakening skill damage. Crit will, of course, deal with the Crit Rate. You don’t really need to focus much on the Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, and other skills.

Here is a general overview of what could be considered as good stats for the Striker Build in Lost Ark, especially if you are using the Deathblow engraving for the late game:


If you happen to be using Esoteric Flurry for your late-game engraving, then there is a slight change in how you should distribute your stats. You should aim for 50% stats into swiftness with an even 25% split between specialization and crit.

Striker Build Engravings

Often in Lost Ark Classes, the class-specific engravings tend to be polar opposites. What that means is that essentially you have to choose a playstyle that best fits one of the engravings, and you cannot rock both. There are a few cases like the Deadeye build that can utilize both. But for the Striker, you will have to choose between the Deathblow or the Esoteric Flurry.

Deathblow is slower to build up to and harder to play but deals a lot of damage when used right. As for the Esoteric Flurry, it is faster and feels more fluid but takes a lot longer to use all the abilities needed to maximize your build. Usually, players tend to use Esoteric Flurry in the earlier stages of the game, where they’re experimenting with the multiple abilities of Striker. But later in the game, they tend to stick towards the Deathblow side to dish out more damage. At the end of the day, you need to decide which suits your playstyle the most.

In terms of the technical differences between the class engravings, Esoteric Skills consume all the Esoteric Orbs with Deathblow. With each orb, you get +35% damage with each built-up orb at level 3 of the engraving. Whereas with Esoteric Flurry, you use only 1 Esoteric Orb when an Esoteric Skill is used. The damage is a fixed +18% with Esoteric Skill Damage at level 3.

As for the general Engravings, you should get Backstabbing Master as it will increase your back hit damage a lot.

Then you should go for Spirit Absorption to increase your attack speed and combos. You can pair that nicely with Adrenaline, as it will increase your attack power and crit. Adrenaline is especially useful considering one of the skills, Storm Dragon Awakening, can trigger adrenaline stacks.

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