Lost Ark Rohendel Adventure Tome Complete Guide

Looking to complete your Lost Ark Rohendel Adventure Tome? Then check this guide for all the quests, rewards, recipes, and more information.

Lost Ark is similar to Diablo or Vindictus in terms of gameplay. With its rising fame, people are continuously partying up, grinding, and taking on difficult quests together. Rohendel is one such continent out of many that people must play through and fill its adventure tome. In this guide, we will be talking about how to complete your Lost Ark Rohendel Adventure Tome.

Key Highlights

  • Rohendel is one of the continents in Lost Ark and to enter the continent you must have item level 460.
  • There are x5 main quests in this continent.
  • You will get rewards based on the completion percentage. The more progress you make, the more rewards you get.
  • In the Rohendel continent, there is a total of x9 vistas.
  • Along with the main quests in Rohendel continent, there are two chain side quests as well; Music Echoes in Elzowin, and Return Trip.
  • Hidden quests are also part of this continent. You will have x7 hidden quests and completing them will grant you charisma points.
  • Dungeons are also there but if you want to skip them, you can! There are 2 dungeons, however. But if you want to complete dungeons, you will have to complete them twice; once in normal difficulty and once in hard difficulty.
  • There is a handful of unique monsters as well. They are different from the usual mobs and are deadlier too. They drop items similar to lucky monsters. One can think of them as mini-bosses. They are found in specific locations of the continent. 
  • You will encounter one main boss named “Magamadon” a level 50 boss found in Ruin of Xeleena.

What is Rohendel Adventure Tome?

lost ark rohendal adventure tome guide
lost ark rohendel adventure tome guide

In Lost Ark, you have access to adventure tomes. This is similar to a journal, which holds records of your progress of the main quest across all continents in Lost Ark. But these adventure tomes also include recipes, rewards, and more stuff that will help you guide throughout the game.

There is a separate Adventure Tome for every continent. Rohendel is one of the continents in the games that players can enter. And you must have item level 460 to reach the Rohendel continent. Also, why not go through our Lost Ark Skins guide.

Main Quest and Reward

On the right side of the Lost Ark Adventure Tome, you can see that there is a quest ongoing and how much percent it is completed. It also shows the rewards you will receive when you reach a certain percentage of completion. You can keep track of rewards that you can receive while completing the main quest that is active. There are five main quests that you have to complete in order to progress further in the game. They are listed below:

  1. An Audience with the Queen
  2. Wailing Wind
  3. Gherdia’s tracks
  4. Overflowing FLames
  5. Ratik

These quests come with rewards as well but as you progress through the continents you get rewards on the percentage of completion.

Rohendel main quest rewards are given as below:

  • 10%: Phoenix Plume x20
  • 20%: Wisdom Potion
  • 30%: Sylvain Queens’ Blessing
  • 40%: Masterpiece # 30
  • 50%: Secret Map
  • 60%: Song of Eternity
  • 70%: Skill Point Potion
  • 80%: Silver Wave Merchant Guild’s Invitation
  • 90%: Structure: Totoiki Sculpture
  • 100%: Ignea Token: Rohendel


Using Adventure Tome in Lost Ark can also help you keep track of the vista you find and are looking for. You can even get hints from the picture and names you can see in the Adventure Tome. there are a total of 9 vistas located in the continent of Rohendel.

The location of the vistas that are in the continent of Rohendel are given below:

  1. Rothun
  2. Lake Shiverwave
  3. Lake Shiverwave
  4. Glass Lotus Lake
  5. Glass Lotus Lake
  6. Breezesome Brae
  7. Xeneela Ruins
  8. Elzowin’s Shade
  9. Elzowin’s Shade

Side Quests

On the top right section of the Adventure Tome tab, it shows ongoing side quests that a player can finish alongside the main quest which is shown on the left side. When you hover your mouse over it, it shows the details of the quest, giving you a general idea of its location.

It also shows what reward or stat points you will be given as rewards after completing the quests. There are two side quest chains that can be completed on the continent of Rohendel. and they are listed below:

  1. Music Echoes in Elzowin
  2. Return Trip

Hidden Quests Available in Lost Ark Rohendel Aventure Tome

On the right middle side of the Adventure Tome, there is a portion for the hidden quests. This gives you the name of the hidden quests that are scattered throughout entire continents. You have to go find them by yourself though, this will activate these hidden quests.

When you complete a hidden quest it checkmarks it in the Adventure Tome. It will also add some points of “charisma” to your player’s stats. There are more ways to increase charisma in Lost Ark as well, so consider reading our guide.

There are a total of seven hidden quests in the continent of Rohendel. The name of these quests as well as their location are given below:

  1. A Song f the Phantom 2/2, this quest is located in Xeneela Ruins
  2. The Story of My Grandfather 1/1, this quest is located in Glass Lotus Lake
  3. A Man Called the Sylvain Hunter 3/3, this quest is located in Elzowin’s Shade
  4. Unsaid Words 5/5, this quest is located in Breezesome Brae
  5. Oath of Blue Eyes 3/3, this quest is located in Rothun
  6. The Past Lost 4/4, this quest is located in Rothun
  7. The Secret Recipe 4/4, this quest is located in Lake Shiverwave


On the Adventure Tome, you can see the dungeons that are available on the continent that you have selected. Not all dungeons are necessary for the main quest to be completed. So even if you want to complete the game you can ignore them. But for the sake of getting full credit in your Adventure Tome, you have to complete all the dungeons.

Dungeons are to be completed twice with one being in normal mode and the other in hard mode. This is shown in the color of the helmet on the picture of the dungeon in the Adventure Tome. Blue represents the normal mode and red represents the hard mode. The rewards for completing a dungeon also depend on which difficulty you complete it.

There are two dungeons that are present on the Rohendel Adventure Tome. The name of these dungeons is “Realm of Elementals” and “Phantom Palace”.


On the top middle part of the Adventure Tome, there is a list of collectible items. These collectible items can be found in the selected continent of your choice. You can obtain the collectibles items by hunting monsters and looting the items they drop. You can also look for the lucky monsters that always drop some loot for higher possibilities and to save time.

The other way to obtain collectibles is to purchase them through the market. On the below right section of the screen, in the community option, you can open the marketplace. This is where you can browse items to buy and sell the ones you possess.

The items on the market can only be purchased through gold. Due to that, this method is not recommended for players because it is difficult to get your hands on gold. So unless the item that you wanna purchase is really necessary or you want that stat boost, you should go and hunt for the collectibles.

As this marketplace is used by other players, they set the price of the collectibles. To save gold, wait for a player to sell the item you are looking for at a reasonable price.

There are seven collectibles mentioned in the Rohendel Adventure Tome and they are listed below:

  1. Ether Essence (Epic)
  2. Pit-A-Pat Macaron (Epic)
  3. Jelly Chew (Epic)
  4. Sweet Honey Butter Beer (Epic)
  5. Tooki Tooki Soup (Legendary)
  6. Zechbas (Legendary)
  7. Snail Roll Cake (Legendary)

Unique Monsters in Rohendel Adventure Tome

Besides the collectible items, there is a section of unique monsters that you can hunt. These are rare, named monsters that are stronger than the rest of the mobs. Also, these monsters always drop items similar to those of lucky monsters. They can also be considered mini-bosses of this game.

You can distinguish the unique monsters by the icon hovering over its head. And if you hover your mouse over the monster you can also tell the name along with the health bar that pops up. These monsters can only be found in specific locations throughout the whole continent.  

There are a total of 15 unique monsters in the continent of Rohendel and they are listed below:

  1. Sakuul Alpha
  2. Enhanced Elemental Dust Moth
  3. Dewdrop Elemental Boss
  4. Fierce Toadling
  5. Enraged Treant
  6. Wing Elemental Boss
  7. Furious Fire Elemental
  8. Lead Mutated Xeleelan Beast
  9. Enraged Xeneelan Consttruct
  10. Resurrected Xeleelan Sylvain
  11. Old Xeleelan Relic
  12. Mossrock Construct Boss
  13. Dryad Boss
  14. Corrupted Phantom Demon Dog
  15. Wand Gargoyle Boss

Boss Monster

Right below the unique monsters in the Adventure Tome, there is a boss monster section. This shows the boss monsters of the continent that is selected. They spawn in one and only one specific location on the continent. These boss monsters are meant to be fought with a group due to their difficulty.

They are tough opponents to defeat and are much stronger than all the other mobs. They drop multiple items and give you a great experience bonus to level up once you defeat them.

Boss Monsters can spawn every once in a while but only in one channel at a time. You can switch channels from above the map on your screen. There can be various channels available to the player. And you can also ask in chat, where the boss spawned and switch to that channel and fight alongside other players. 

The name of the boss monster in the continent of Rohendel is “Magamadon“. he is a level 50 world boss and can be found in the Ruin of Xeleena.


If you are a fan of MMO games then we are sure you must have heard of Lost Ark. It is one of the most famous action-oriented MMORPGs to date. This is because it used to have one of the highest player bases of any online game at the time of its release. Currently, Lost Ark still has around half a million active players who play the game on a daily basis. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Song of Resonance guide. 

There are various types of classes in Lost Ark a player can choose for their character. But they all fall into six categories, which are: warrior, mage, fight, gunner, assassin, and specialist. Also, our Lost Ark Classes Tier List will also help you get the one you really want to play.

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