Lost Ark: How To Increase Charisma [10 Ways]

Charisma is one of the four Virtues that players need to increase, and our Lost Ark Charisma guide entails how to achieve that. 

Lost Ark features four Virtues; Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness. While each one of these serves a particular interest of a player, the Charisma is an interesting one as it allows you to get trusted by the NPCs in Arkesia.

Key Takeaways
  • Charisma enhances trust with NPCs, leading to more quests being offered for progression.
  • Building trust is crucial to not miss out on important quests and missions.
  • Earn Charisma points by defeating bosses, completing missions, overcoming challenges, and gear bonuses.
  • Boost Charisma by +2 points in under 30 minutes.
  • Completing side quests is the most effective method for increasing Charisma, with main story quests also contributing.
  • The Songs Tasks offer a convenient option for +2 Charisma points if missions or boss battles are not preferred

Advantages of Increasing Charisma

skins to increase virtue points
virtue points from skins

Building Rapport in Lost Ark is also connected with the Charisma you have in the game, and the higher your overall Charisma score is, the more NPCs would want to interact with you, trust you, and will give your quests resulting in unique rewards in Arkesia.

Disadvantages of Not Investing In Charisma  

However, if you do not go above and beyond for Charisma points, you will not get enough to interact with quite a lot of NPCs and will essentially miss out on building relationships with them. On the subject of skins, consider reading our Lost Ark Skins guide.

How To Increase Charisma In Lost Ark

lost ark charisma
best methods to increase Charimsa Lost Ark

We have listed all the tried and tested methods of improving the Charisma level in the game here in our guide. Some of these methods will give you Charisma points as high as +20 or above, while a few will require grinding of 20-30 minutes for just +2 Charisma points. 

Completing Sidequests For Charisma In Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, while completing main quests and challenging bosses can earn you Charisma points, engaging in side quests is a valuable long-term strategy. Here’s why side quests are a great way to boost your Charisma:

  • Main quests provide substantial rewards, but their number is limited compared to side quests.
  • Side quests offer a continuous source of Charisma points, enhancing your Charisma level.
  • Methods mentioned earlier in your question may grant Charisma points but may not be as significant as those from quests.
  • Focusing on side quests can accumulate up to 20-30 Charisma points.
  • Gear and rewards, including skins and equipment, may provide additional Charisma points.
  • Virtues are randomly assigned to items, and there’s no guarantee for a specific item to carry a particular Virtue or all four

Completing Short Missions in Adventurer’s Tome

Short Missions in Adventurer’s Tome
Adventurer’s Tome

Besides completing these two to get the most charisma virtue in the game, you should also not sleep on completing the missions in Adventurer’s Tome. This is basically a progression tracker of how far you have performed certain tasks listed under Adventurer’s Tome. 

Increasing Rapport Rank

As mentioned above that improving your Rapport Rank with NPCs will also impact your charisma. So, how do these two work? Well, when you build your character’s relationship with NPCs, you get missions and rewards and sometimes huge boosts to all four of your character’s Virtues. This, in turn, allows you to improve not only your Rapport with NPCs but also gives you enough missions to increase the overall Charisma in Lost Ark.

Consuming Charisma Potions

lost ark charisma
consuming Charisma potions

In Lost Ark, you can acquire Charisma Potions while participating in various in-game activities. These potions are essential for permanently increasing your Charisma points. To keep track of how many Charisma Potions you have and their sources, follow these steps:

  1. While in the game, press ALT+D to open the Codex.
  2. In the Codex, you will be able to see the total number of Charisma Potions you currently have and how you obtained them.

Doing Una’s Tasks

While the daily missions frequently refresh as compared to the weekly ones, you will get enough chances to increase your Charisma by doing Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark.

Also, the rewards that you will get will also give you a significant boost to the other three Virtues as well and not just Charisma. 

Playing Hidden Stories From Adventure Book

Hidden Stories From Adventure Book
Adventure Book Lost Ark

Besides visiting the Adventurer’s Tome, you should also look into Adventure Book as you will find plenty of opportunities in there to gain charisma points in Lost Ark. The overall gains will usually be +1 and +2 types of Virtues, and you will be required to do these short missions in 20 or 30 minutes. So, it is not a bad idea to complete these Hidden Stories that you will find in the Adventure Book section of the game. 

Completing Substories

Besides the Hidden Stories that you will find in the Adventure Book, you will also notice another section called substories. Completing these missions will require you to invest a little more time as compared to the Hidden Stories in the game.

However, the virtue rewards you get will most likely increase all four of your virtues or, at best selective single Virtue such as increasing Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness in Lost Ark. 

Unlocking Achievements & Earning Titles

lost ark charisma
Title and Achievements Lost Ark

The next best tip that we can give you if you want to work on leveling up your Charisma in the game is to complete and unlock the Achievements and titles. For that, click on the Legacy at the bottom of the screen, then go-to titles. Once you are there, you will see a list of Prefix and Suffixes for your character. These are basically titles that grant you Virtue points.

Charisma From Gear & Skins

Gears and skins to increase virtue points
Gears and skins Lost Ark

Similar to helmets in Elden Ring that basically give you an extra +1 to +6 of free character stat, the Gear and Skins you equip on your characters in Lost Ark will also contain Virtue Points. You will need to look at the Nature tab of your gear, which is usually below the stats, to see which Virtue boosts the piece of skin or Gear is rewarding you for equipping it.

Also, this is by far the best source to increase Charisma in Lost Ark. Why? It is because each gear piece and skin item has the potential to grant you Charisma ranging from +5 to +20, and considering that you will be equipping at least four of these items, the Charisma points boost will be huge.

lost ark charisma
more charisma from gear

So, if leveling this personality trait or Virtue in Lost Ark is your primary concern so that you can build relationships with NPCs. Then, you must not sleep on obtaining gears and skins that offer the highest Charisma to your character. 

Charisma From Playing The Songs 

Virtue points from Songs
songs to get free charisma Lost Ark

Lastly, if you scroll below the Achievements, you will come across the Normal tab under Adventure. Here you will find a progression tracker regarding how many times you have played a certain song. So, if you manage to play, say, Song of Resonance 150 times, you will get a completion reward and a possible +2 or above Charisma level boost in Lost Ark.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about increasing Lost Ark Charisma in the game. Are you stuck in the game due to lower Charisma points? Did you find our tips or methods to gain Charisma faster useful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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