Lost Ark Song of Resonance: Pirate Coins & Locations

Our Song of Resonance guide entails everything you need to know about how to get Song of Resonance, pirate coins & more.

What is Song of Resonance

Lost Ark Song of Resonance
Song of Resonance

The Song of Resonance is found in the Music sheet, and it gives access to some places with hidden collectibles that you would not be able to find otherwise. If you play the song near a statue or some island, you can find hidden seeds and tokens.

Therefore, if you are a player who loves exploring, you must get the Music Sheet to avail the hidden secrets it is offering you.

Song of Resonance guide
Guide to get Song of Resonance

The importance of Resonance will be discussed in detail later in the guide; let us have a look at the guide on how to get the song of resonance. Besides that, our Lost Ark Weapons Tier List will be helpful for your game progress.

Key Highlights

  • Songs are a Traditional Element in Lost Ark, offering unique benefits for overcoming obstacles and exploration.
  • The Song of Resonance, found on a music sheet, unlocks secret areas with hidden collectibles.
  • Obtain the Song of Resonance by visiting the Peyto Cruise Ship’s treasurer shop and buying it from NPC Treasurer Hunter Igran.
  • It costs 16,500 pirate coins, which you can earn by completing quests on islands like Freedom Isle and Blackfang Den.
  • Use the Song of Resonance to clear quests like the Lullaby Island Quest, aiding in finding hidden areas and passages.

Song of Resonance Location

To find the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark, you’ll need to visit the Peyto Cruise Ship and interact with an NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran in the Treasure Shoppe. To access this ship, you must be at least player level 35 or 36. Once on board, go upstairs and use your Pirate coins to purchase the song. If you’re short on Pirate coins, you can earn them by completing quests on minor islands like DrumBeat Island.

Pirate Coins Required For Song of Resonance

The number of Pirate Coins needed for Song of Resonance is 16,500. You need to collect as many Pirate Coins as needed. One way to collect Pirate Coins is by completing quests. You can farm many Pirate coins by completing the small tasks on the Islands. 

Two specific Islands that can help you earn 15,000 Pirate Coins are Freedom Isle and Blackfang Den. You can earn Pirate Coins for the Song of Resonance within 30 minutes by completing the objectives. 

How to Get the Song of Resonance 

getting Song of Resonance
Finding Song of Resonance

The Song of Resonance is important for exploration, the steps to get the Song of Resonance is not that difficult.

  1. Prepare 16,500 Pirate Coins: Ensure you have enough Pirate Coins in your possession before proceeding. You will need 16,500 Pirate Coins to acquire the Song of Resonance.
  2. Reach the Required Player Level: You must reach at least player level 35 to 37 and have unlocked sailing to proceed with obtaining the Song of Resonance.
  3. Sail to Peyto: Head to the Peyto Cruise Ship, which is located in the Gienah Sea. To get there, you can sail from the continent Anikka.
  4. Visit the Treasure Shoppe: Once aboard the Peyto Cruise Ship, visit the Treasure Shoppe.
  5. Interact with Treasure Hunter Igran: Inside the Treasure Shoppe, you will find an NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran. Interact with him to access the Song of Resonance.
  6. Purchase the Song: Use your Pirate Coins to purchase the Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran. It should cost you the specified amount of coins.
  7. Look for Treasure Hunter Igran: You will look for Treasure Hunter Igran, as he will give you the Song of Resonance. Before getting Song of Resonance from him, register it in your Music Sheet from your inventory. Additionally, for a better hunting experience, you need to know the Best Hunting Spots in Lost Ark.

Where To Use The Song of Resonance 

You can use the Song of Resonance for the following purposes:

  1. Completing the Lullaby Island Quest: The Song of Resonance is required on Lullaby Island to clear paths and access secret hidden areas. While only one player needs to use the Song to clear the path, other players should also have it, as there may be additional tasks in the secret area that require the Song. Completing the island’s questline is crucial in Lost Ark.
  2. Opening Hidden Passageways: Throughout the game, there are hidden entrances located beneath statues. When you play the Song of Resonance near these statues, it reveals the entrances, allowing you to access hidden areas. These hidden places often contain valuable items, including Monoko seeds and other collectibles that are essential for your progression in the game. Using the Song of Resonance near these statues is necessary to uncover these secret passageways and collect the hidden items.

How To Get Pirate Coins

Getting Pirate Coins
Easy ways to get Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins are a unique currency in Lost Ark. To earn Pirate Coins, you can follow these methods:

  1. Welcome Challenges: Completing welcome challenges, such as “A Panda Named Puppa” and “A Girl on White Wave Island,” can reward you with Pirate Coins. Some of these challenges offer significant amounts of coins as rewards.
  2. Trade with Merchant Ships: Visit major docks where Merchant Ships are located. Completing missions for these ships can earn you various types of coins that can be exchanged for Pirate Coins.
  3. Complete Island Quests: Certain Island Quests like “Freedom Isle,” “Turtle Island,” and “Runaways Island” offer Pirate Coins as rewards upon completion. Be sure to finish these quests to earn coins quickly.
  4. Co-op Sailing Events: Participate in co-op sailing events that occur on different days of the week. These events may involve cooperating or competing with other ships, and they often reward you with Pirate Coins or other types of coins.
  5. Stronghold Dispatch Missions: Dispatch your ships through your strongholds to undertake various missions. These missions can lead to earning Pirate Coins as well as other rewards.

Song of Resonance is an easy way to initiate more exploration in the game. The steps to get it have been discussed in the guide. Therefore, you should get it without any further delay to make your game progress.

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