Lost Ark Weapons Tier List [Ranked & Compared]

Our Lost Ark weapons tier list ranks all the best weapons for all classes in the game and guides players in picking the right weapon.

Picking the right class is a core step towards Lost Ark triumph, which is exactly why we curated a complete Lost Ark classes tier list for you. Similarly, a Lost Ark weapons tier list isn’t insignificant either, especially when you know that weapons go hand in hand with the classes. There are 13 distinct Lost Ark weapon categories, each category can be accessed in multiple ways: by Crafting, found as bonuses from special quests, as drops of Lost Ark enemies, or randomly in Dungeons and raids. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 13 different weapon categories, each specialized for a specific character class.
  • These weapons can be obtained through crafting; special quest drops from enemies, or random dungeons and raids.
  • The rarity and grade of a weapon also play a role in its strength.
  • The Lost Ark weapons tier list ranks the weapons based on their potential and effectiveness in various situations, with the S tier being the highest and the B tier being the lowest.
  • The tier list includes weapons such as Greatswords, Harps, Gunlances, One-hand Swords, Dual Blades, Light Gauntlets, bows, and more.
  • Each weapon type has its unique characteristics and abilities, and the right choice can greatly benefit a player in different situations.

Weapons Tier List Ranking & Stats Comparison

Here are all the Lost Ark Weapons, along with their stats and Tier rankings:

TierWeaponsRarityBasic EffectBonus Effect
SEnraged NatureLegendaryWeapon Power +622Additional Damage [+6.00% - +10.00%]
LegendaryWeapon Power +622Additional Damage [+6.00% - +10.00%]
SSeraphic OathEpicWeapon Power +622Additional Damage [+3.00% - +6.00%]
EpicWeapon Power +16294Additional Damage [+5.00% - +15.00%]
SUnyielding WillLegendaryWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+10.00% - +15.00%]
SMute GuardianLegendaryWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+10.00% - +15.00%]
EpicWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+5.00% - +15.00%]
EpicWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+5.00% - +10.00%]
EpicWeapon Power +16294Additional Damage [+5.00% - +15.00%]
AWarm Evening
EpicWeapon Power +16294Additional Damage [+5.00% - +15.00%]
BFidelityRareWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+0.00% - +5.00%]
BDimensionalRareWeapon Power +16294Additional Damage [+1.00% - +5.00%]
BFaith Long
RareWeapon Power +6024Additional Damage [+5.00% - +10.00%]
BCrossing PathsRareWeapon Power +622Additional Damage [+0.00% - +3.00%]
BProvidenceRareWeapon Power +622Additional Damage [+0.00% - +3.00%]
BHero's TatteredLegendary--
BHero's WornEpic--

Lost Ark’s Weapons Tier List Explained

Lost Ark (S to b) Tiers
Lost Ark Weapons’ Tier List Explained

Though we have given you a sneak peek of how the tier list goes on, you need to understand a bit more. There are a couple of dozen weapons of unique stats in Lost Ark. Each of them comes in thirteen different forms to serve all the diverse classes of the game. 

Meaning a weapon that you’d be finding in the form of a Gunlance will usually also exist as a Greatsword or any other from the 13 different weapon types. With that said, the 13 Lost Ark weapon categories and their respective classes are: 

Greatsword for Berserker Class

Greatswords are gigantic sharp blades employed to destroy foes in a melee encounter. Though the huge size gives users some space to duel at a safer distance, it also results in the Greatsword being a little slower than usual melee weapons. Nevertheless, it is one heck of a destructive weapon, especially when wielded by a skilled Berserker class player. 

Harp for the Bard Class 

As to facilitate the Bard class’s specialty, their weapon Harp, performs magical melodies that not only heal allies but can also destroy Lost Ark’s monster bosses in seconds. Nevertheless, the player needs to be a proficient Bard to pull up the real destructive properties of the Harp weapon.  

Gunlance for the Gunlancer Class

The Gunlance puts forth a splendid combination of firearm and melee weapon. It not just pierces enemies but completely eradicates them with follow-up shelling. Gunlance options are often coupled with a robust tower shield, strengthening the player’s defenses. This weapon best serves a Gunlancer

One-hand Swords for the Paladin Class

Yet another melee-grade weapon that will offer incredible speed without sacrificing the damage rendering potency. Paladins will especially love how the weapon can swiftly cut past the monster bosses of Lost Ark. 

Dual Blades for the Deathblade Class

The Deathblade Assassin class can avail of Dual Blades. The weapon is basically a pair of small swords dedicatedly crafted to aid a severely speedy attack moveset. This pair is also coupled with a potent longsword, enabling players to relish an excellent triple sword-wielding attack style. The longsword and dual blade together can help render lethal damage, and stun or finish off enemies. 

Light Gauntlets for the Wardancer and Striker Class

Light Gauntlets make a great add-on to a Wardancer and Striker’s hitting power, allowing them to give off crushing blows and lightning-fast strikes. These melee weapons can be worn on fists by martial artists. 

Guns for the Deadeye and Gunslinger Class

Guns are one of the most versatile weapons in Lost Ark, and they offer users a dynamic playstyle. It enables switching between three distinct weaponry stances: Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns. This consequently allows the Deadeye and Gunslinger Classes to pour considerable damage to foes at immediate, medium, and distant ranges. 

Launchers for the Artillerist Class 

Launchers in Lost Ark serve multiple destructive purposes. The high-tech mechanical item can launch massive ordnance from a safe distance and make explosive attacks at close range via the flamethrower.  

Shadowblades for the Shadowhunter Class 

Used as a tonfa, Shadowblades are sharp, scythe-like blade pairs that help the agile Shadowhunters manifest their frenzied technique of slashing their foes. 

Staves for the Sorceress Class 

Wielded to channel in as much elemental power as possible, the Staff is a Sorceress’s right hand. The magical weapon calls forth destructive powers and is used to summon magical allies to induce an even better attack and defensive stance. 

Bows for Sharpshooters 

Being a necessary part of a Sharpshooter’s arsenal, Bows deliver instantaneous death from a range. Using bows, wielders can send attacks imbued with elemental damage, rendering effects or effects that create a smokescreen causing solid hindrance to the enemy’s advancement.

Foci for the Soulfist Class 

Soulfists can wield this weapon to direct their Adamance energy and induce more destruction to their in-built potential. With that said, a Focus will help reinforce the user’s attacks and also give off decent energy beams and projectiles. 

Heavy Gauntlets for the Scrapper Class

Unlike their lighter version, the Heavy Gauntlets are far massive in size, allowing especially the Scrappers to conduct large, brutal damage attacks. If in the right hands, this weapon can cause absolute havoc in the opposition’s ranks, followed by mass destruction. 

Our Tier List Criteria 

Though weapons in Lost Ark have many features that define their overall usability and boost their stats over time, the most critical of them are Rarity and Grade. We tried our best to incorporate them to bring up the most up-to-date tier list. In this attempt, our team searched for plenty of useful information on the internet as well as consulted with experienced Lost Ark players at eXputer. 

Nevertheless, you still need to work smart at your end and only pick choices according to your character Class. The best way to make the most of our tier list is to first decide the weapon you’d prefer to equip from those ranked in tiers. 

Next up, determine the weapon type that will serve your preferred character class the most and begin the quest towards acquiring your chosen combination. Let’s say you are impressed with the Epic Rarity Marvelous Earth weapon, and you play as a Paladin. In that case, the Marvelous Earth One-Handed Sword is your go-to! 

This was everything we needed to bring forward about the Lost Ark weapons’ tier list. We hope you get to your aspired one ASAP!

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