Lost Ark BEST Scrapper Build: PvP & PvE [2023]

This Lost Ark Scrapper Build will tell you all there is to know about engravings, skills and stats regarding Scrappers.

Scrappers are essentially part of the Martial Artist class in Lost Ark, and they are easily compared to their counterparts, Wardancers. In essence, Scrappers themselves are equipped with heavy gauntlets. They can deal devastating blows to their opponents with the way they hone excellent mobility and can swiftly move across the battlefield. On the subject of the martial artist, consider reading our Lost Ark Wardancer Build as it features the Martial Artist class too! 

Key Takeaways
  • Just like Wardancers, Scrappers are also an essential part of the Martial Arts Class
  • Scrappers themselves are equipped with heavy gauntlets. They can deal devastating blows to their opponents with the way they hone excellent mobility and can swiftly move across the battlefield.
  • Scrappers, in general, do not need to worry about their Mana consumption; rather, they need to maintain their Chi to deal potent hits to opponents. 
  • With Scrappers, you won’t fear either a single unit or a deadly boss.
  • There are mainly two engravings well-suited for Scrappers, Shock Training, and Ultimate Skill Taijutsu Engraving.
  • The Shock Training Engraving will improve upon the shock skills used by the player. While the Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Engraving merely focuses on mobility compared to higher damage output.
  • You can always choose among the numerous builds of Scrappers that matches your preferences.

They are a well-balanced unit that also unleashes potent damage with their attack power and base attack and punches their way through enemies until they are practically dead. Scrappers, in general, do not need to worry about their Mana consumption; rather, they need to maintain their Chi to deal potent hits to opponents. 

They are especially overpowered against larger bosses, as well as single targets and crowds of opponents too. They are a solid unit, and we will cover their skills, tripods, engravings, and overall playstyle. You will definitely like our Lost Ark Deadeye Build guide if you like this build. On the other hand, if you would rather main a class like a Sorceress, then make sure to take inspiration from our Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Stamina Skills and Tripods 

Kicking the Scrapper Build in Lost Ark, the build itself requires specifically two types of skills, shock and stamina, which play their roles in different playstyle for the class. The stamina skills that are needed for the class are as follows: 

Charging Blow

Lost Ark Scrapper Charging Blow
Charging Blow

Starting the first skill off with Charging Blow is one of the most important skills that player needs to have with them at all times, as it will not only improve the overall damage outcome but it also ensures that players can get up close and personal with enemies and decimate them if needed. 

In essence, Charging Blow allows players to make their way and charge forward towards the enemies to strike their gauntlet in a path towards the opponents whereby they first strike thrice to deal 73 damage, then deal a final hit to the enemies with their wielded weapon, which will deal 94 damage. 

This combination of triple attack plus a final combo makes for an excellent way to kill off enemies faster without getting hurt yourself. After hitting the enemy with Charging Blow, players will need to wait 5 seconds to use the skill again. 

Below listed are three main tripods that players need to have for this skill to become even more overpowered. 

Ready Attack 

Starting with the tier one tripod, Ready Attack offers excellent support to the player as they aim to win the battle against their enemies. The main focus of Ready Attack is to let the player get agitated to increase the overall attack power and increase the damage output of players. 

There are only two ranks for Ready Attack, the first rank offering a 10% attack power boost for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, rank 2 provides a solid 18.1% attack power boost for 3 seconds. 

Stone Fist 

The next tripod is Stone Fist, a tier 2 tripod that the player can use to take over their enemies and take them down. With Stone Fist in hand, players can easily experience increased AoE range for their downward hits while being able to suck enemies in the AoE range. 

There only exists a rank one for Stone Fist, which offers a significant 70% enhancement to the overall AoE range for the attack, allowing the players to deal even greater damage and kill off enemies with ease. 

Death Band 

Lastly, the tier 3 Tripod that will benefit from Charging Blow for this build is Death Band, as it is mainly aimed at people who want to attack faster and kill enemies quicker. With its main passive, the death band increases the overall attack speed of the player while also enhancing the damage being dealt with enemies that are immune to Push. 

Rank one offers a solid 40% increase in damage output to Push-immune enemies, while rank 2 provides a 47.2%. Simultaneously, improving it to rank three will offer the player a hefty 54.8%, finally ending at rank five, a 70% damage increase. 

Fierce Tiger Strike 

Lost Ark Scrapper Fierce Tiger Strike
Fierce Tiger Strike

Keeping the Scrapper Build going, the next skill in line that can heavily help players gain victory after fighting with enemies is Fierce Tiger Strike. The skill itself can render the enemies useless with the way it mingles with its designated tripods. 

The skill’s main aim is to make the player unleash deadly hits on enemies, namely two specific hits that will each deal 82 damage to the enemy, and the impacts are so hard that they can knock back enemies with ease, causing them to lose their footing and break guard, allowing the player to launch normal attacks. 

While knock-backed, players can swoop in and end the skill with a final hit that will deal 162 damage and deplete the enemy’s HP nearly instantly. The stamina required for the skill is 20, and players need to be at least level 10 to cast the skill. 

After the skill ends, it will enter an 8-second cooldown period, after which it can be cast again. You can check out the three needed tripods for the Fierce Tiger Strike skill. 

Amplified Damage 

Starting with the first tripod, a Tier 1 tripod called Amplified Damage can work together with Fierce Tiger Strike to help the player achieve victory while in combat. In essence, Amplified Damage will increase the damage dealt with foes for a certain amount of time. 

There is only one rank that can be used in both PvE and PvP combat, and it offers a 6% increase to the damage being unleashed on enemies for a total of 8 seconds, which can help players get rid of enemies quicker. 


Moving onto the next tripod, we are looking at a Tier 2 tripod, which is stronger and more useful. Pounce offers the players the ability to move forward even further while using the Fierce Tiger Strike skill to unleash even heavier damage and kill off their opponents with ease. 

With the tripod only having one rank, it can come in handy for players who are fighting enemies in PvE or PvP, as the main focus of the tripod is placed on letting the players travel forward towards enemies a further 2 meters. 

Rough Smash 

Ending the skill off with the third tripod, we will be mentioning the tier 3 tripod known as Rough Smash. Which can help the players obliterate any opponent that dares come in front of them with their attacks. Rough Smash enhances the overall attack power for a certain period. 

Players will experience a 10% attack power boost at rank one, while rank two will offer an 11.2% increase in attack power. Rank 3 provides a 12.4 % boost; rank 4 provides a 13.6% boost while getting the tripod to rank five allows for an enhancement to attack power of 14.8%. 

Dragon Advent 

Lost Ark Scrapper Dragon Advent
Dragon Advent

Moving on with the Scrapper Build, another viable skill option that players can pair up is the Dragon Advent, as it is mainly used for hard to defeat enemies that have higher HPs, and for players that want to dominate the battlefield and take down the worst of enemies in their sights. 

In essence, the main reason dragon Advent exists is to buff the player’s damage output by providing them with a Fire energy ability that allows them to jump up high into the air towards the general location of their enemies that are within a 10-meter radius of them, and kick them down, dealing a total of 838 damage and causing them to fall to the ground. 

The skill itself is classified as a stamina skill that requires 30 stamina points from the player, all the while needing players to be at least level 10 to cast the skill. After being used, the skill will enter a 16-second cooldown period. Take a look at the three tripods needed to buff the skill below.

Excellent Mobility 

Starting with Tripod one, we are looking at a tier-one tripod that can easily buff up the player even more than they need to be buffed. With its main focus being to increase the player’s distance limit, players can move further and attack more enemies with the tripod in hand. 

A rank one offers a 2-meter increase to the regular distance limit, while rank 2 provides a solid 2.5-meter growth. Taking the tripod up to level three will buff the distance by 3 meters, while ranks 4 and 5 will offer a 3.5 meter and 4-meter increase to the limit. 

Conflagration Attack

The Conflagration attack offers players the ability to cast a flame around themselves after launching their under attack while being able to deal 70 damage to opponents at rank one. In contrast, rank two will let players deal 81 damage. These tripod rankings are specifically for PvE combat. 

For PvP, players can benefit from a 54 Fire Damage being dealt with enemies at rank one, while rank two will offer increased Fire damage. 

Advent of the Black Dragon

Lastly, Advent of The Black Dragon offers the player the ability to store up as much Dark Energy as possible to unleash it on opponents, dealing Dark damage finally. Rank one through rank five will offer a significant increase from a 40% damage increase to a 70% increase at rank 5. 

Instant Hit 

Instant Hit Lost Ark Scrapper
Instant Hit

Another excellent skill that players can look into to get the most out of their Best Scrapper Build in Lost Ark is Instant Hit. This skill is tailor-made for players that want to stun enemies and hit them so hard with their weapon that the opponents are decimated on sight.

With the skill in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to go onto the battlefield, get close to enemies, and strike against their foes, which will be considered a heavy strike that will deal 484 damage, inevitably depleting the opponent’s HP and killing them off. The skill also stuns enemies for 3 seconds. 

Instant Hit requires 30 stamina, while players must be at least level 12 to cast the skill. Upon completing of skill, it will not be usable until 20 seconds of its cooldown are over. Below listed are the three main tripods that can buff the skill. 

Wide Hit 

Starting the tripods off with the first one, we have Wide Hit, which can come in incredibly handy for players that want to obliterate their foes while in combat. In essence, Wide Hit will buff the overall AoE radius of players while using the skill. 

Since the tripod is pretty self-explanatory and does not require any complications, it only has one rank that offers a 20% increase to the AoE radius, which can directly benefit the player as they can hit more enemies. 


Moving on to the next tripod, Precision is the tier 2 tripod that players need for this skill. PvE offers a 2-second increase to the stun duration, while rank 2 offers a 2.2-second buff to the time, gradually increasing it to 2.4, then 2.7, then 3 seconds at rank 5. 

PvP has a lesser impact than PvE stun duration buff, but rank one will offer a one-second increase, while rank 2 shows 1.1 seconds, and it goes up to 1.5 seconds at rank 5. 

Final Victor 

Ending Instant Hit with the final tripod, the self-explanatory Final Victor allows players to experience a 350-degree increase to their overall AoE radius, allowing for increased effectiveness against opponents. 

Earthquake Chain 

Lost Ark Scrapper Earthquake Chain
Earthquake Chain

Moving right along the stamina skills list, the next skill that we will be featuring is the Earthquake Chain, which directly affects how the player can perform when they are on the battlefield and will provide them with the effects themselves. 

Upon casting the skill, players will be able to put their foot on the ground with exerted force and stomp down, letting out a wave that will deal a total of 794 damage to opponents present in the radius of the skill, making them lose their guard and fall. After that, the player can easily jump in and repeatedly attack even more. 

The Scrapper Build requires players to be of at least level 16 to equip and cast Earthquake Chain while also requiring at least 30 stamina points, so make sure that you have enough investments made to stamina. After using the skill, players will need to wait 16 seconds to use it again. 

Undying Power 

Starting with the first tripod, which is a tier-one, Undying Power effectively offers the player a buff as such, when the players stomp their feet on the ground during the skill, they will gather Fire inside them, which will be unleashed upon casting the skill. It will cause Fire damage to enemies. 

For PvE, rank one will offer 24 damage for 5 seconds, while rank two bumps it up to 38 damage. For PvP combat, players will be able to launch 17 damage, slowly depleting their HP, and with rank 2, it will be enhanced further to 26 injuries. 

Power Strike 

The tier 2 tripod that we will be mentioning is known as Power Strike, which, as the name suggests, allows players to step forward with their left and right foot, simultaneously dealing damage to enemies. The tripod itself enhances the damage with every rank that is upgraded. 

At rank one, players will experience 60% increased damage output, while rank 2 offers a 68% damage buff, rank three provides a 76% increase, followed by a boost of 95.2% damage increase cast by the player when it reaches rank 5. 

Giant’s Advance

Ending the tripods with a tier 3 special tripod, the Giant’s Advance allows players to experience an increased AoE radius, allowing them to attack enemies in the radius with increased efficiency. Rank one start with a 100% damage increases to enemies; meanwhile, rank 5 offers a 145% damage increase. 

Continuous Push 

Lost Ark Scrapper Continuous Push
Continuous Push

Another excellent skill that we believe should be unlocked by every player that wants to dominate theScrapper Build is Continuous Push, which can offer players the ability to charge forward toward enemies when they are using their fists while being a Scrapper since scrappers are known to use their fists to punch enemies. 

Anytime a player comes in contact with an opponent and punches them, they will cause the enemy to intake 170 damage, enough to deplete a certain amount of HP and render them useless. The skill can be repeated or held down by the player to move swiftly and release ten deadly punches one by one. 

While the skill itself is being used, the player will not get Paralysed by the enemy but will be able to attack more. The skill requires at least 25 stamina while having a 24-second longer cooldown. 

Vital Point Hit 

Starting with a tier-one tripod, Vital Point Hit is there to increase the overall crit rate of players so that they can land heavier critical hits that can kill off enemies within no time. 

Upon using the tripod at rank one, players will experience an increased crit rate by 15%, meanwhile upgrading the tripods to rank two will offer a 21% crit rate boost, alongside rank 3 showing a 27% increase, rank 4 giving a 33% and ranking 5 giving an impeccable 40% increase the crit rate. 

Piercing Strike 

The next tripod on our list is Piercing Strike, a tier 2 tripod that offers players the ability to ignore the opponent’s defense and instead hit them with their punches and make them die.

Upon using piercing Strike at rank one, ignorance of the opponent’s overall resistance will be buffed by 40%. In comparison, rank 2 offers a 47% ignorance, taking it to a 70% chance to ignore the opponent’s overall defense at rank 5. 

Violent Advance

Ending it all with Violet Advance, this tier 3 tripod buffs the player’s attack speed while enhancing the damage output. From rank one to rank five is a sudden boost from an 80% damage increase to a devastating 119.6% damage buff for the players. 

Chain of Resonance 

Lost Ark Scrapper Chain of Resonance
Chain of Resonance

Keeping things going with the Scrapper Build, players can take the assistance of the skill itself to maximize the overall damage output that they need when they are going on a battlefield to take them down without facing any major difficulty. 

The skill itself offers players the ability to cast a shockwave that will start moving in the direction of the enemies. Once it gets near them, it will unleash 224 damage unto them, making them lose control over themselves and lowering their HP. after dealing the first damage to them, the skill will then cause the enemies to come near you as it sucks them in, then it will deal 286 more damage. 

Chain of Resonance itself has a 20 stamina cost, while it also requires players to be at least level 40 to cast the skill. The skill enters its cooldown period, which lasts around 15 seconds. 

Quick Prep 

Starting with the tier one tripod, Quick Prep offers ease for players as it will mainly decrease the skill cooldown, allowing for more frequent skill casting that will render the enemies useless. 

Ranks one through five will offer additional cooldown reductions, starting from rank one, which provides a 3-second reduction. In contrast, rank two will bump it up to 3.5 seconds, rank 3 offers a 4-second cooldown, rank four a 4.5-second decrease, while finally, rank 5 gives players a solid 5-second reduction. 

Rugged Chain 

Keeping things going, the tier two tripod is Rugged Chain, whereby players will experience an increase in their attack power every time they launch an attack against the enemy. The attack power will end after 3 seconds are up, and it can stack a maximum of 10 times. 

Rank one will offer a 5% power increase, while rank 2 provides a 5.6% buff, rank 3 provides a 6.2% boost, while rank five will give the player enough to obliterate any foe in sight. 

Resonance Smite 

Lastly, Resonance Smite will offer streams of resonance to appear before the player, specifically three streams that will search enemies and cause them to be pulled near you where the player can easily attack them. 

Shock Skills and Tripods For Scrapper Build  

Moving on with the Scrapper Build, now that we have fully covered the stamina skills, there are now some shock skills that players should look into in case they might want to play as one style of a Scrapper or the other.  

Roundup Sweep 

Lost Ark Scrapper Roundup Sweep
Roundup Sweep

Starting things off with Roundup Sweep, players can look into another excellent skill that will help them dominate the battlefield and provide them with buffs that will help them kill off enemies whenever they are in combat. 

Upon casting the skill, players will suddenly punch their enemies standing diagonally across them, whether to the right or the left, and will cause them to intake 540 damage. The skill itself will decimate the enemies with the high damage being dealt by the player, and the enemy will fall to the ground. 

Roundup Sweep needs the player to be at least level 10 to use it, meaning that players can unlock the skill early in the game. Besides that, it requires 20 shock and 30 stamina points, alongside needing the player to wait for 8 seconds before they can make use of the skill again. 

Swift Preparation 

Talking about the tripods, the first one that we would like to mention is Swift Preparation, a tier-one tripod that determines how well the player will be able to crit. As the ranks go up, the chance of landing a critical hit against opponents that will decimate them slightly increases.

When players are at rank one, there is a 50% chance to crit, while rank two offers a 58% increased chance, alongside rank three, which bumps the chance even higher up to 66%. Ranks four and five offer a 74% and an 83% chance to land a critical hit. 

Additional Strike 

Keeping it going with the tripods, the next one in line is a tier two tripod known as Additional Strike, which lets players use the skill again as its main aim is to let the skill stack twice. This enables the player to attack the opponent harder and murder them while standing on the battlefield. 

The tripod only has one rank since it does not buff any chances or damage output but rather provides a simple stacking ability. 

Reinforced Hit

Ending things off with a tier-three tripod, Reinforced Hit is the one next in line. The main focus of the tripod lies in enabling the player to bend down and land a punch on their foe with ultimate force. Another punch is cast alongside the player to land an even heavier punch at the enemy.

Rank one offers a 30% damage buff to the skill, while rank two will increase it to 36.5%. Rank 3 enhances the damage output to 43%, while rank 4 offers a 50.8% increase, and level five will boost it to 58.6%.

Death Rattle

Scrapper Death Rattle shock skill
Death Rattle

The next skill on our list is Death Rattle, which might seem a bit confusing with its description, but hold on tight! In essence, the first part of the skill allows players to store shock energy for a while, and when it is fully unleashed upon opponents, it will cause them to be pushed back and knocked down, all the time dealing 1354 damage. 

Next, the damage output highly depends on the amount of shock energy being conserved by players. If it is lower than 25%, the damage will be buffed by 15%. If it is below 50%, it will be buffed by 30%. If it is below 75%, it will be buffed by 45%, and lastly, if it is below 100 or at 100, then the overall damage output will be buffed by 60%. 

Death Rattle requires players to be level 14 to cast the skill, and it also uses up 20 stamina points. The overall cooldown for the skill is 24 seconds, after which it can be released again. Below listed are the three recommended tripods for the skill.

Quick Prep 

Bring back Quick Prep; it is quite a popular tripod since it gets used several times throughout the Scrapper Build. Being a tier-one tripod, when it is cast, it will offer different skill cooldown reductions based on the rank that it is at. 

Being at rank one grants the players a 5-second skill cooldown, while ranking two grants a 5.7-second cooldown. While the rank is upgraded to 3, it will give the player a 6.4-second cooldown, all the while being at rank four and rank five bumps it up to a 7.2 second and an 8-second cooldown reduction. 

Single Hit 

The next tripod on our list is Single Hit, which focuses primarily on single-target combat, and players that want to buff their single-target damage can look into equipping this tripod for Death Rattle, as the main aim of the tripod is to buff the damage caused to one opponent at a time. 

Rank one bumps the damage output to 30%, while at rank 2, players will experience a 37% increase in their single-target damage. Rank 3 gives the player a 44% increase and ends it with a potent 60% damage increase at rank 5. 

Shock Explosion 

The tier 3 tripod offers the player the ability to have bonus damage being dealt against their opponents, and the damage output solely depends on how much the player’s shock meter is filled. 

Rank one will offer a 20%, 40%, 60%, and finally a 120% damage increase; now, compare it with the rank five bonus damage, which gives the player the buff of 68, 88, 108, or 168% increase. 

Chain Destruction Fist

Chain Destruction Fist shock skill
Chain Destruction Fist

Moving on with our Scrapper Build, another excellent skill option is Chain Destruction Fist, which exists to provide the player with buffs to improve their overall damage output needed to take down the worst of enemies. 

The skill essentially lets the player slam down into the ground, which will cause the earth to shake, whereby enemies will intake damage a total of 4 times, causing damage ranging from 174, 868, 260, and 434 damage output. The radius of the damage intake by opponents also increases with each Hit, allowing more enemies to get affected by the skill. 

The final Hit will cause the opponents to get launched into the air, then slam them back down for more damage. Chain Destruction Fist requires 40 shock and 25 stamina points while also needing players at level 20. It also has a 30-second cooldown. 

Endless Rage 

The tier one tripod Endless Rage lets players hit the ground eight times, each Hit striking enemies and rendering them useless. The more the player strikes against enemies, the AoE radius slowly stops increasing, while players will recover a certain amount of shock energy with each Hit. 

Rank one offers a 30% increase to the last Strike launched against opponents, while rank 2 provides a 36.5% increase. Rank 3 will allow players to inflict 43% increased damage to enemies upon launching their last Hit, while rank five will offer a 58.6% increase to the final hit damage output. 


Keeping it going, the next tripod on our list is Tenacity, and with it being a tier 2 tripod, it offers a simple skill for the player rather than any form of damage buff. It does for the player because it will allow the player to be immune to Push anytime they cast their skill, which can help players stand their footing in combat. 

Great Explosion 

Lastly, Great Explosion lets players launch themselves into the air and bring down an even deadlier shockwave against enemies. The damage output increases from 200% to 290% from rank one to rank 5. 


Lost Ark Scrapper Supernova

The next skill on our list is Supernova which is yet another shock skill that can be equipped and used by the players when they are facing their worst enemies and can win the fight against them if the skill is used. 

When the skill is cast, it will cause any shock energy that has been stored in the player for a while to be unleashed, and when that happens, any opponents that are unfortunate to be near the shock energy will intake 104 damage. The enemies will be sucked in and dealt with another 52 injuries. After that, they will be pushed back, dealing a devastating 888 damage. 

Supernova costs about 50 shock points and 20 stamina points and then enters a long 30-second cooldown state. Take a look at the tripods that can be paired with this skill. 

Quick Prep 

Bringing back Quick Prep, it is being used yet again, with it doing the same thing as it always does, which is to decrease the overall skill cooldown for players. When the cooldown is reduced, it gives players the chance to deal damage with the skills that they can launch and defeat enemies faster. 

The skill cooldown reduction will slowly increase from rank one and end at rank 5, allowing for faster skill casting. 

Piercing Strike 

Yet another tripod for players at tier 2 is Piercing Strike, which can ignore the opponent’s defense, and instead charge forward to land hits that will render them useless—starting from rank one and going to rank five offers a 60% opponent defense ignorance. 

Spinless Hit 

Ending it with Spinless Hit, players can easily use the tier 3 tripod, which will allow for an increase in the power of the Shock energy that the player is storing. Upgrading the ranks will enable players to be more potent with the Shock damage caused to the opponents. 

Engravings and Playstyle of Scrapper Build

Wrapping up the Scrapper Build, Scrappers will take advantage of two main engravings or two different playstyles, which the players can experiment freely with to attain the highest damage output. 

Shock Training 

Engraving: Shock Training
Shock Training Engraving

Kicking things off with the Shock Training Engraving, when the players acquire it, it will improve upon the shock skills used by the player while also enhancing the overall shock energy that the player is gaining back. The engraving itself mostly places the focus on damage output rather than mobility while in combat. 

Players should invest in getting Shock Training to level three to improve their shock skills further. The shock skills mentioned above can be slotted into this playstyle to get the highest amount of buffs possible. 

As for stats, players want to invest points into Specialization and Crit, which will allow for an easier particle regeneration while also enhancing the overall critical hits landed upon opponents. 

Ultimate Skill Taijutsu Engraving 

Skill Taijutsu
Ultimate Skill Taijutsu Engraving

Comparatively, the Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Engraving merely focuses on mobility compared to higher damage output. When talking about the two side by side, we can see that Shock Training focuses on damage output, while Taijutso is more concerned with mobility being provided to the player. 

Stamina recovery is also considered while adopting this playstyle, and it is suitable for players who want to move swiftly across the battlefield. Take it up a notch to level 3 to buff the skills being used by the player. Players can equip both stamina and shock skills, but take note that the stamina skills will deal greater damage than the shock skills. 

All in all, it is a dynamic playstyle and can be left to interpretation by the player. That wraps up our Lost Ark Scrapper Build; we hope that you liked it, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below! 

Final Words

Lost Ark has been a personal favorite of players worldwide ever since released. With its unique combat and class system, combined with the fact that it is an MMORPG, players can make their builds that best cater to them to get the highest damage output and kill off enemies. Since all classes are unique and have an easy-to-hard learning curve, we curated the Lost Ark Classes tier list for players to pick a class of their liking. Players can make unique builds out of all classes, and we have covered all there is to know about the Lost Ark Scrapper Build in this guide. 

Image & Build Source: Fextralife

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