7 BEST Lost Ark Engravings For Berserker Class

In the following guide we will have an in-depth look at the best engravings for Berserker.

What Is Engraving?

In Lost Ark, engravings are a crucial component in fine-tuning your character’s build. They can really make your character stand out from the rest, and here you thought having the Lost Ark emote or the LED glasses would be enough! While you’re at it, why don’t you have a look at the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship.

Key Highlights

  • In Lost Ark, engravings are special attributes that can be added to a character to modify their abilities and playstyle.
  • There are three types of engravings. First are those that increase damage. The others are those that improve usefulness. The third are those that are exclusive to a particular class and alter the playstyle entirely.
  • The Berserker is an advanced class available to warriors in the game, focusing on high damage output and tackiness.
  • To access the best engravings for Berserker in Lost Ark, a player must reach at least level 50.
  • The Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem are two class engravings that modify the Berserker’s playstyle. Where the former eliminates the tired debuff after Burst Mode and the latter increases the Berserker’s attack power when using certain skills.
  • Regular engravings that are beneficial for Berserkers include those that increase critical damage and attack power, as well as those that reduce the cooldown of certain skills.
  • Players can unlock an engraving by 5 points at a time up to a maximum level of 3.

Every class has two class engravings that fundamentally modify how they play. But numerous other engravings can change your kit and grant you other advantages.

Broadly, engravings fall into one of three categories:

best engravings for berserker in lost arc
Lost ark best engravings for berserker
  • Those that increase damage,
  • Those that improve usefulness,
  • And those that are exclusive to a class and alter the playstyle entirely.

Class-specific engravings are exclusive to a certain class, although regular engravings are usable by all classes in the game. 

Engravings For Berserker

Warriors, while using their legendary skins, can choose the advanced class known as the berserker, which focuses on inflicting a lot of damage while maintaining a high level of tanky.

They are among the classes in the lost ark that are most user-friendly for new players, but that doesn’t mean they can’t subsequently demonstrate competence with end-game builds.

One of their main benefits is how resilient they are as melee damage dealers, despite the fact that they don’t have access to party buffs as some other classes do. You can have some insane DPS burst windows and have reasonable mobility compared to other warrior classes, but you’ll also note that you have some lengthy cooldowns to work with, which can be a little annoying.

In essence, you will have two separate playstyles with your class engravings.

  • Good stagger skills.
  • AoE

Fun fact: The AoE can actually stomp out entire groups of foes. The Berserker is the class to choose if you want to play a high-damage melee class that is more resilient.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites For The Engravings?

Well, as with any other game, if you want to use certain skills, you will have to struggle. Do not worry, though; the struggle here is very limited, but the reward is so worth it! So, what will you have to do to get the best engravings for Berserker in Lost Ark?

Firstly, and most importantly, you will have to reach at least a level 50. Anything less than that, and you will not be able to enjoy the full potential of these engravings. So, if you are not at level 50, you should try to get to it as quickly as possible. Trust us, and you do not want to miss out on the fun!

These end-game gear bonuses give your player strong boosts. There are also two class engravings for each class, which change how your class behaves. These are the Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem for Berserker.

Each of these augments actually ends up improving your burst mode in potent new ways. So, let’s now look a bit deeper into the Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem. This way, after reading our guide, you will better understand what to expect when going on different adventures like Forpe Island and the infamous Ashura Island.

The Berserker’s Technique

So, what does the Berserker Technique do? It is pretty interesting, honestly speaking! After Burst Mode is over, eliminate the tired debuff. Yes, you read that right. Your character will be less tired after using it, which sounds like a blessing. This means that you can instantly begin generating fury again with very little downtime in between.

What more can you ask for? But it does not end here. It just keeps getting better and better! What’s more is that while in Burst Mode, it will also provide an additional 20% movement speed. An extra 20% attack speed and a 30% crit rate.

Because of all the free stats you get in Burst Mode, including the aforementioned move speed, attack speed, crit chance, and bonus crit damage, the play style feels fantastic! It’s like you are on cloud nine!

While charging your fury bar and out of burst mode, you may feel a little underwhelmed as you choose skills and tripods to fill up your fury bar faster. But hey, we can’t get everything we want!

It is ideal if you wish to experience extreme power for a short amount of time, particularly since you can only use your Bloody Rush skill in burst mode.

With the Berserker’s Technique build, you should concentrate on specialization and crit secondary. By specializing, you generate more fury, may stay in burst mode longer, and your awakening talent deals more damage. All of which will help you when you are fighting the Oblivion Isle boss.

Now let’s talk a bit more about the Mayhem Burst mode and what makes it so popular among lost ark gamers!

Mayhem Burst Mode

It eliminates the fury gauge entirely, which allows you to activate and deactivate Burst Mode whenever you want. Sounds pretty good, no? It is a bit too good to be true! All you skeptics out there must be thinking, “hmm… what’s the catch?”

Well, you are not exactly wrong to think that there is a catch because there is a hefty price to pay for using Mayhem engravings. Do not worry though, it is actually not as and as you may think!

Berserkers are limited to 25% of their full life while in Mayhem Burst Mode and only receive 25% of any incoming shields from support classes. Mayhem also receives lower stat boosts, with 15% increases in movement and attack speed and no additional crit rate.

Since most players prefer to play in burst mode and hit hard, which effectively removes the burst window from your gameplay, with less overall health, this play style is obviously more severe. Still, you also have additional skills that are stronger at low health. At the end of the day, Crit and Swiftness are the main objectives of the build.

Swiftness enhances your movement speed and attack speed and decreases your cooldowns. This will, of course, make your playing experience that much fun, but there is also a major risk associated with it.

As a player, you will desire more Crit because you lose the bonus you would typically receive in Burst mode. This is the only issue that most players tend to have with the Mayhem burst mode. After all that fighting, you will need a place to relax, and what better way to do that than with farming! 

Berserker’s Technique is typically where new players should start. Despite Mayhem’s burst mode’s 100% uptime being very potent, having a health bar that is always at 25% is obviously pretty risky.

Of course, you should try Mayhem once you have a better understanding of the endgame battle. Hence you will not be overwhelmed with the game as you will be gradually stepping into it.

Naturally, Berserker also desires increased damage from common engravings. These are turned on by engraving certain jewelry pieces, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, with certain points. All of the jewelry can be used in Lost Ark’s online marketplace. 

You should certainly look into the weapon list before so you can make an informed decision; here is one you can use: Lost Ark Weapons Tier List. So now you might be thinking that while playing Lost Ark, what are the best engravings for berserker?

Types Of Engravings For Berserker

Up to a maximum level of 3, an engraving can be unlocked by 5 points at a time. Although, as a player, you have some alternatives here, these are some good engravings for Berserker.

Master Of Ambush 

Master of Ambush boosts the damage from Back Attack by up to 25%. It is a generally powerful choice because you want to be striking enemies in the back most of the time.

Cursed Doll

engraving- cursed doll
cursed doll engraving

The cursed doll increases your damage at the expense of reduced healing. Since you cannot heal very much, to begin with, it obviously has less of an effect on Mayhem Berserker.

Honestly speaking, serious thought should be given to adding the cursed doll to Berserker’s Technique too. Saying that this is one of the best-Lost Ark engravings for berserker would be pretty spot on!

Keen Blunt Weapon

 keen blunt weapon berserker engraving
keen blunt weapon engraving for berserker in lost ark

The keen blunt weapon increases your critical damage but increases your likelihood of dealing -20% damage. Of course, by now, you must be well aware that things are not that simple.

Sadly, you will generate more damage overall if you have a high crit rate, whether it comes from your equipment or via Berserker’s Technique. While you are here, why don’t you look into our lost ark heartbeat island summer festival guide!


Grudge ups your damage output by augmenting to 20% while upping receiving damage by the same percentage. The grudge will significantly enhance damage and match conceptually with Berserker’s fierce play style. Just keep in mind that using this in combo with Cursed Doll will make you a true glass cannon.

Spirit Absorption

Interestingly, spirit absorption allows the player to enhance both attack speed and movement speed. Both of these will increase by a whopping 15%!

Raid Captain 

Raid captain will allow you to increase your outgoing damage. What’s more, is that your basic movement speed will increase by 45%

Mass Increase 

So, the Mass Increase is very interesting; why? Well, if you use this, your attack speed will actually decrease by 10%. So now you might be thinking, why on earth would I self-sabotage myself?

Well, the main thing to know is that while your speed may decrease, your hits’ overall attack power improves by 18%! We hope our guide is helpful in answering your question about the best engravings for berserker in the lost Ark universe!

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