Lost Ark Asura Island: Quests, Mokoko Seeds & Tokens

Lost Ark features a large number of islands to explore, and Asura Island is one of them. Every island can clock you in hours of gameplay. Lost Ark is a seamless online experience that everyone should try at least once. Players can roam some of the amazing islands such as Cradle of The Sea Fermata, Lagoon, Turtle, and Lush Reed Island in Lost Ark.

You can check out our guide about Lost Ark Islands, which goes into depth about such levels in-game. Every Island contains a lot of treasure chests that you can loot for rewards. PVP is the very essence of this game, and you can check out our guides on Shadowhunter Build and Destroyer Build in Lost Ark for PVP. Our Lost Ark Classes guide entails various classes and their benefits in-game.

If you’re one of those solo players, then you should give our Best Solo Classes guide in Lost Ark a read. Gold is your main currency in the game, and our Lost Ark Gold Farming methods guide entails some of the best methods you should learn. Now let’s talk about the Asura Island in Lost Ark.

Asura Island Location in Lost Ark

Asura island lost ark
Asura Island Location in Lost Ark

The Island is an adventure category of the island which is not available to reach whenever you the player wants. Instead, you can only traverse your way to this island at a particular time during the day. Island spawn is tied to a specific time, and players can see if it has spawned or not by using Procyon’s Compass.

Asura Island is located at the center of the Tempest Sea. The location is east of Feiton. You should only use your ship to travel at the location when the island spawns. Otherwise, you’ll cause unnecessary durability damage, and making new ships isn’t a very task.

Islands such as Asura feature a huge amount of content, including quests, collectibles, island tokens, and mokoko seeds that we’ll talk about.

Asura Island Token Location

Asura Island token is locked behind a chain of quests that is a part of the final questline. There are some items that you’ll need in order even to start the quest. You need to buy Challenge of Blood for one-hundred blood shards to activate the quest.

Earning blood shards is fairly easy since they can be earned by completing challenges in both PVE and PVP. PVE challenges can be started when you enter Asura Island for the first time. These challenges only require you to obliterate monsters as fast as possible. Killing them will affect your ranking on the PVE leaderboard. This ranking is what earns you blood shards.

  • First place gives a reward of 15 blood shards.
  • The second place gives a reward of 14 blood shards.
  • The third-place gives a reward of 13 blood shards.
  • The fourth-place gives a reward of 10 blood shards.
  • Simply participating in PVE challenges will give you a reward of 5 blood shards.

If you want to earn these blood shards through PVP, then you’ll have to face online players in a death match. The winner gets a reward of blood shards depending upon his position on the leaderboard.

  • First place gives a reward of 100 blood shards.
  • Second place gives a reward of 80 blood shards.
  • Third place gives a reward of 70 blood shards.
  • Fourth place gives a reward of 50 blood shards.
  • Simply participating in PVE challenges will give you a reward of 20 blood shards.

As you can see, PVP is optimal for grinding blood shards and is much more swift. Once you get 100 blood shards, you can start the quest for Island Token by buying Challenge of Blood. We will explain in detail all of the quests on Asura Island later in this guide.

All Asura Island Quests in Lost Ark

Asura Island offers a combination of general quests, quest chains, and Island Token quests. We will go into detail about each type of quest offered on this island. Objectives and rewards are also mentioned below.

A Mysterious Creature

A Mysterious Creature is a level 1 quest in Lost Ark, which is also part of a “quest chain”. The Mysterious Creature mission requires you to locate and slay the Mysterious being. The monster has been causing a lot of trouble for people on the island. In order to start the quest, you will need to buy Challenge of Blood for 100 blood shards. Following are the rewards for completing this quest;

  • 1 Courage
  • 265 Roster XP
  • 2500 Silver
  • 50 Gold

Gangwoon’s Rematch

Gnagwoon’s Rematch is part of another “quest chain” in Lost Ark. It is a level 1 quest that requires you to defeat Gangwoon for the second time on Asura Island. Beat him in his rematch to complete the challenge. Island Spirit NPC starts the quest, and you’ll need to buy Challenge of BLood for 100 blood shards to initiate the quest chain. Following are the rewards of this quest;

  • 1 Courage
  • 265 Roster XP
  • 2500 Silver
  • 50 Gold
  • 1 Asura Island Soul/Token

The Story of Fresh Blood

The Story of Fresh Blood is a long and tedious quest. It is part of a “chain quest” and requires you to investigate Asura Island whilst talking to different NPCs. Following are the major steps to complete the quest;

  • Investigate Illusion Isle on Asura Island.
  • Talk to Island Spirit NPC about Illusion Isle.
  • Look for the mysterious creature on the island.
  • Ask the Island Spirit NPC about the mysterious creature.
  • Search for a Resentful Island Spirit and talk to it.
  • Listen to Resentful Spirit’s explanation about the mysterious creature.
  • Ask the Well Informed Villager NPC about the mysterious creature.
  • Talk to Jinmo, Howan, and Pahan about Gangwoon.

This quest basically unveils the lore of Asura Island. Following are the rewards for completing the quest;

  • 265 Roster XP
  • 4 Tournament Entrance Certificate
  • 2500 Silver
  • 50 Gold

If you are looking for more NPC interactions in Lost Ark, you should read our Lost Ark Rapport guide.

Showing Strength

Showing Strength is a PVP mission on Asura Island in Lost Ark. 600 kills in a free-to-play death match is your objective in the mission. It will require some grinding before you accomplish completion here.

Soothing The Spirits

Soothing the spirits is a “general quest” that players will encounter on Asura Island. It is a very basic quest. There are many resentful and wailing angry spirits on this island. The game requires you to defeat 200 of such spirits to complete the challenge.

Mokoko Seeds on Asura Island

Mokoko seeds are not only a collectible in Lost Ark, but they also act as a currency in-game. These seeds are spread out in large amounts throughout the world of Lost Ark, making them the most tedious collectible. 

1200 Mokoko seeds are available to collect in 91 islands of Lost Ark. They can be traded for goods, including potions, cards, and blueprints of varying rarity. Mokoko seeds are dark green in color, but they can also give a bright-yellow glow when you discover them.

There are 2 Mokoko seeds on Asura Island in Lost Ark as it is a very small island. They are a part of 49 Mokoko Seeds located in the North Porycon Sea. The two Mokoko seeds have no challenges required to unlock them. They can be accessed at any point on your voyage to Asura Island. Their locations are given on the map below.

Lost ark asura island
Map Location of Mokoko Seeds in Asura Island

Asura island in lost ark
Mokoko Seed 1 location on Asura Island in Lost Ark


Asura Island in lost ark
Mokoko Seed 2 Location on Asura Island in Lost Ark

Merchants on Asura Island

Merchants are special NPCs in Lost Ark that buy, sell, and trade items with the player. Some of the collectibles are even locked behind merchants that you need to purchase. Merchants will also trade your hard-gained blood shards which you farmed by completing challenges. Check out our guide on Best Trading Skills in Lost Ark with merchants.

Following exchange merchants, NPCs are available on Asura Island in Lost Ark.

Ghostwhisper Spirit [Blood Shard Exchange Merchant]

Item SoldLimitItem Cost

Challenge of Blood

300 lvl +

100x Blood Shard 


Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

Weekly Limit 5/5

7x Blood Shard 


Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

Weekly Limit 2/2

20x Blood Shard


Bloodstone of Light


3x Blood Shard 


Bloodstone of Darkness


3x Blood Shard 


Sail Glyph: Bravery


1000x Blood Shard 


Lost Ark is an action role-playing game developed by Smilegate and published by Amazon Studios. It has massive online multiplayer features and was fully released on December 4, 2019. To top it all off, Lost Ark is free to play on steam. 

This concludes our guide on Asura Island in Lost Ark. It was a complete walkthrough of that island, and hopefully, you were able to complete all quests while also collecting every collectible. Let us know what you think about this massive multiplayer game in the comment section below.

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