Lost Ark Lagoon Island: Location, Boss & Rewards

Lost Ark is an online role-playing action game filled with plenty of mysterious places with hefty loot and exciting rewards. In this guide, we will talk in detail about the Lagoon Island in Lost Ark, where to find this Island, its bosses, and potential loot that lies within these lands. So, stay tuned with us. While you’re at it, consider reading Lost Ark Destroyer Build guide.

What Is Lagoon Island In Lost Ark?

The lands of Lost Ark possess tons of areas to explore, and Lagoon Island is one of them. It is an adventurous place with plenty of rewards that is only accessible when active. The game declares Lagoon Island as” a fantastical island that conjures up images of a world under the sea.”

This place is filled with rare loot that can be obtained once you complete the questline but be aware of the sturdy bosses that lie within the land. If you are curious about where to find this piece of land in Lost Ark, then we got you covered. Before you continue reading further, why not go through our Lost Ark Island Guide.

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Where is Lagoon Island Located

Once you complete all the quests of the First Continent in Lost Ark, you get access to sail the sea and explore distant lands. Once you have the liberty to sail, you can look for this mysterious place. Lagoon Island can be generally found on the West side of Ister and Tooki Island once you cross the southwest Bern continent in Artesia.

This is the most probable location of Lagoon Island, but one thing you should keep in mind is that it is a mysterious Island that spawns at a specific time, so its spawning location may vary. You can use an Alarm Clock or Procyon’s Compass to look for the exact location of this Island.

Another thing that must not be ignored is that you must be prepared to face the challenges that this land holds. In order to get that promising loot, you must face the potential danger and bosses that lies within this place. So, it is recommended to be at least at Level 50-60 of combat with 250+ level of equipped items before stepping onto this Island.

Lagoon Island Location
Lagoon Island

Lagoon Island Spawn Times

As explained before, Lagoon Island is classified as an adventure land in Lost Ark, so it is not active all the time. It is only accessible at certain times during the week. It is not guaranteed that Lagoon Island will be active to explore every single day.

So, the player needs to watch out and ensure if this area is spawned in the map with the help of Procyon’s Compass. If you can spot this land, you can sail towards it to complete its quest lines. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Treasure Maps guide.

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Questlines

Once you land your steps on Lagoon Island, it is now time to face the adventures that lie within the mysterious land. Lagoon Island has six main Questlines, which must be completed in order to get rare loot and precious rewards.

Following are the main quests of Lagoon Island.

First Questline: That’s Deep

The first Questline of Lagoon Island is “That’s Deep.” This Quest will be given by the Boatman, who will offer you to explore the depth of the seas and travel deep to analyze the bizarre phenomenon of a floating fish. This Quest is relatively simple as all you have to do is travel deep down the blue sea and interact with Angler to finish the first quest line and get the rewards.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards.

  • 150 Roster XP
  • 4600 Silver

Second Questline: Fishy Fish

The second Questline is offered by Angler. Your task will be to accompany the people visiting this land and acknowledge them for its exciting features. To finish this questline, visit the Biologist and interact.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards.

  • 1 Wisdom
  • 4600 Silver
  • 150 Roster XP
  • 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

Third Questline: Trouble in Paradise?

The third Questline of Lagoon Island is assigned by the where you are given the task to catch the flying fishes. In order to complete this Quest, you have to head out and capture the three fishes flying around. Once you catch them, head over to the Biologist, and interact with him to get the rewards.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards.

  • 150 Roster XP
  • 4600 Silver
  • 2 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

Fourth Questline: Afraid of the Dark

The fourth Questline is also assigned by the Biologist. This time you are asked to look for the reason for strange sounds emerging from the deep cave of the Lagoon Islands. To complete this Quest, travel to the cave and interact with Merefolk Porsica to get the rewards.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards.

  • 1 Courage
  • 4600 Silver
  • 150 Roster XP
  • 3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

Fifth Questline: Mending the Merfolk

Once you explore the deep caves, you find out that Corsica is a Merfolk and not a sea monster. In this Questline, your task is the heal the wounded Corsica. In order to complete this Quest, you have to gather three edible corals and a Bandage that can be asked from the Biologist. Once you get these items, go back and interact with Porsica o get the rewards.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards

  • 1 Kindness
  • 150 Roster XP
  • 5600 Silver
  • 2000 Pirate Coin
  • 1 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest

Sixth Questline: Culture Shock

Once Corsica is healed, she will give you the next Questline, where your task is to obtain 4 coal corals and install them into Porsica’s workbench. Once you get the job done, the Quest is completed.

Completing this Quest will grant you the following rewards.

  • 1 Wisdom
  • 150 Roster XP
  • 4600 Silver
  • 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch


Lagoon Island Boss

The main boss of the Lagoon Islands is Iar Kaya, who is declared “the self-proclaimed mistress of the deep sea. But she is, in fact, a powerful witch who had her heartbroken by the captain of a sailing frigate.”

According to game history, Iar Kaya was promised by a sailor that he would love her and be with her, but instead, he used her to his advantage and captured her wand in a net with the help of his sailors. Luckily, she escaped the situation, but now she has trust issues and serious hatred for the visiting dwellers and vowed to throw them off the Island.

Fighting this triggered boss is not an easy task, so you must be prepared before facing her. This mission has a preparation time of about 3 minutes and will take about half an hour to get the job done as she is pretty sturdy. So, let’s talk about the proper strategies to beat her down.

How to Defeat Iar Kaya at Lagoon Island

As mentioned earlier, you must be at least at level 50 of combat and level 250 of equipped items before facing Iar Kara, as it will assist you in facing and fighting her effectively. The boss has enormous health, but with constant attacks and gradual damage, you can bring her health down slowly and steadily.

It is recommended to be close to her when she’s about to trigger her blue lazar attack as it spreads all over the nearby places and deals enormous damage. Also, make sure to dodge her red circular lazar attacks by maintaining a safe distance while she is initiating them. She will also spawn slugs from under the sea, which also deal damage if you come in contact with them.

The best strategy to beat Iar Kaya is to run around her in circles to dodge her serious attacks and counter-attacking while she is vulnerable. Maintain your patience, and don’t try to be over-aggressive. Keep damaging her and slowly bring her down.

When Iar Kara is finally defeated, there are pretty much chances that she will drop an island token, but it is not guaranteed. However, there are some rare rewards that a player will get after defeating this main boss of Lagoon Island.

Lagoon Island Loot And Rewards

Once you successfully complete all the questlines of Lagoon Island and defeat the final boss, you are guaranteed to get some special items as rewards. These include valuable items that increase your equipped items level and enhance your in-game abilities. 

Players are most likely to get Wealth Runes after defeating Iar Kaya. Wealth Runes are one of the unique rune types in Lost Ark, as they give a special perk of enhancing the player’s Identity Gauge upon every successful hit.

The identity gauge is different for each class and depends on the rarity. Below are the different rune tiers that increase the player’s identity gauge depending upon their classes.

  • Legendary: 40%
  • Epic: 30%
  • Rare: 20%
  • Uncommon: 10%

Redeem Rewards of Lagoon Islands

After receiving plenty of rewards from the Lagon Island quests, players can use the obtained items by trading them with the clams offered by the Island Merchants. The clams can provide ability stones, depending on the rarity. Other than claiming items and clams on the Lagoon Island, you can also look for Mokoko seeds on this land.

Lagoon Island Mokoko Seeds Location

Once you are done with the quests and boss fights, you can try your luck by looking for the Mokoko seed. This IslandIsland holds one seed that you can find sailing towards the eastern side of the IslandIsland and reach the tombstone located there.

Mokoko Seed
Mokoko Location

Once you interact with the tombstone, a new location will emerge on the map that will indicate a cave. Go down the cave to get the rare Moko Seed.

That concludes our detailed guide on Lagoon Island. Now you can easily search for the spawning location of Lagoon island, sail towards it, complete the questline, fight the sturdy boss and get all the deserving rewards. If you love playing this game, then make sure to check out our Lost Ark Charisma guide.

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