FIXED: Lost Ark – An Error Has Occurred Exiting The Game

Here's everything you need to know about this connectivity error on Lost Ark

The Lost Ark an error has occurred exiting the game prompt is nothing but irksome, barring several from getting into the game at all. The error is currently making rounds on the internet with multiple player reports pouring in. If you’re one of the affectees in this unfortunate situation, keep on reading to discover the problem’s best fixes.

Key Takeaways

Lost Ark players encountering the “An error has occurred exiting the game” error can try these solutions:

  1. Check Server Status: Confirm if the developers have taken servers offline for maintenance. Server downtime can trigger this error.
  2. Internet Connection: Ensure your device’s internet connection is stable and not causing the issue.
  3. Clean Boot: Perform a clean boot on your PC to eliminate potential software conflicts.
  4. Disable Antivirus: Temporarily disable your antivirus and add the game to the Windows Firewall exceptions list to prevent it from being blocked.
  5. Reinstall or Validate Files: If Steam files are missing or corrupted, consider reinstalling the game or validating the game files to fix the issue.

What Is Lost Ark An Error Has Occurred Exiting The Game? 

An Error Has Occurred Exiting the Game Lost Ark
An Error Has Occurred Exiting the Game Lost Ark

ost Ark is generally a stable title, but being a live-service game, it can still encounter common issues seen in the genre. The “an error occurred exiting the game Lost Ark” problem is quite unpredictable.

One moment, you’re enjoying the game smoothly, and the next, you encounter this issue without warning. Based on extensive player reports, it appears that this problem often arises after a major game update that renders the servers unusable for a period.

Furthermore, some players have experienced this error when switching characters, suggesting it could be a developer-side issue. Let’s delve deeper into the matter and explore the root causes in more detail.

How To Fix An Error Has Occurred Exiting The Game In Lost Ark

Confirm That The Game’s Servers Are Online

Prior to fixing the game yourself, it’s imminent for you to delve into the server availability of Lost Ark. More often than not, it’s the actual server status of the game that will determine whether you can play the title or not. If Lost Ark is currently experiencing downtime, you won’t be able to get going with the action RPG at all.

A quick and easy way of sorting this out is the Lost Ark Service Status page which has been curated by the developers themselves. It’s there to let curious players know whether the servers are working fine or have been taken down for scheduled maintenance. A bug in the mainframe is another possible reason for server downtime.

Lost Ark Server Status
Lost Ark Server Status

Some other quality sources include the Lost Ark subreddit where players usually start posting in case things aren’t normal on their end. Another way you can acknowledge problems with the title is by heading over to the Lost Ark Twitter page where official updates pour in on a consistent basis. 

Use A Clean Boot

A clean boot is a highly specialized manner of restarting your PC. It serves the purpose of refreshing the system as a whole and more or less guarantees higher performance than what the device was previously capable of. However, there are certain prerequisites to a clean boot being actually effective.

Since a bevy of other users have somehow resolved the Lost Ark an error has occurred exiting the game bother just by clean booting the PC, we don’t see any reason you shouldn’t be getting into the matter just as well. The following steps are going to take it from here. 

  1. Get started by firing up the “Run” system utility and typing in “msconfig.” Press the “Enter” key afterward to get to the next step.
    Opening System Configuration Through the Run Program
    Opening System Configuration Through the Run Program
  2. As you get to the System Configuration section of your Windows PC, make way to the “General” tab and focus your attention on the “Selective startup” area. Click on the box beside “Load startup items” to unselect it and move toward the next step.
    lost ark an error has occurred. exiting the game
    Unchecking “Load Startup Items”
  3. Right after that, click on the “Services” tab right beside “Boot” and click on the “Hide Microsoft Services” prompt. Following that action, simply tap on the “Disable all” feature to get going with the process. Basically, we’re trying to remove all non-Microsoft services from running on our Windows PC.
    Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services
    Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services
  4. You’re close to the final step now. All you have to do is open the Task Manager using the “Ctrl,’ “Shift,” and “Esc” keys. Once done, click on the “Startup” tab near the top section and continue toward disabling all the enlisted services. You’ll do this step-by-step by first clicking on the service and then selecting “Disable.” Repeat the process until you’re finished with every entry.
    lost ark an error has occured exiting the game
    Disabling All Enabled Processes
  5. The final step is nothing but straightforward. Restart your PC to apply the changes. Doing so should be a cakewalk for both beginner and expert users alike.

That’s about it for clean booting a Windows PC. Try launching Lost Ark afterward to determine whether doing so has proved to be valuable or not. Keep on reading to try other solutions if you’re still struggling with playing the game. 

Try Disabling Your Antivirus Software

From the way we see it, turning off your antivirus software momentarily is a well-grounded fix to the Lost Ark an error has occurred exiting the game scenario. You might as well give it a shot on your end and double-check whether any like-minded tool is blocking Lost Ark from running as it should.

There are a number of different programs out there, including Webroot Antivirus Software that can inadvertently hinder certain applications from gaining flight. It’s either that or Windows Firewall that’s impeding Lost Ark in one way or the other, thereby giving rise to the issue at hand. 

Therefore, in the case that you have any third-party antivirus software installed on your PC, try disabling it for the time being. As for Firewall, venture into your PC’s “Settings,” select the “Update and Security” option, and tick off the following options to finalize the process.

Disabling All of the Virus and Threat Protection Settings
Disabling All of the Virus and Threat Protection Settings

Run the game afterward to confirm whether the issue resided within your anti-virus software or not. In the case that the title still gives you issues, you need to try out the following options that we have curated for you ahead. 

Make Lost Ark An Exception on Firewall

Another reason you’re just not able to get it right with Lost Ark pertains to your Windows Firewall security program. The latter is your operating system’s defense mechanism that scours your device day and night to dig out possible threats. There is an off chance that it has done the same for Lost Ark. 

We’ll just be quickly getting into a fairly straightforward procedure where we will allow the Lost Ark executable file app through Windows Firewall. Doing so will help us confirm whether it’s the PC’s security measure that’s preventing the MMORPG from connecting to its servers. Let’s dive right into the steps with no further ado.

  1. Get the ball rolling by firing up the “Firewall and network protection” section of your Windows PC’s settings. Look for this utility using the search bar in the bottom-left corner of the Windows 10 interface.
    Opening Firewall and network protection
    Opening “Firewall and network protection” 
  2. The next step is to click on the “Allow an app through firewall” button located in the latter part of the window that you should now be seeing on your screen.
    Clicking on "Allow an app through firewall"
    Clicking on “Allow an app through firewall” 
  3. Right after that, you’ll be taken to a new window on the screen. Here, the first step to getting things in motion is to click on the “Change settings” button. Doing so will allow you to click on the “Allow another app” button. It’s only after finishing off the latter that you’ll be able to continue to the next step.
    an error has occurred. exiting the game lost ark
    Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall
  4. The rest of the procedure is nothing but straightforward. All you have to do is look for the Lost Ark executable application on your end to add to the list of allowed Firewall applications. Click on the “Browse” option that you’ll visualize in the subsequently appearing window after completing the previous step to get started.
  5. Look for the Lost Ark app on your end to get it done. Ideally, you’ll be able to dig it up through the “steamapps” folder in your File Explorer system utility. Head over to that folder, click on “common” next and finalize by clicking on “Lost Ark.” 
  6. Confirm your selection and add the executable file to the list of allowed Firewall apps. You will need to click on the “Add” button as well, similar to how we’ve depicted in the screenshot below.
    an error has occurred. exiting the game lost ark
    Adding Lost Ark to Windows Firewall


  7. Before you can sign off for the day, make sure to check the “Public” and “Private” boxes for the allowed Lost Ark executable application to render things perfect in this sense. In case Windows Firewall was hindering your playability before, you won’t have to run into that issue all anymore. 

Authenticate Lost Ark’s Game Files Through Steam

Steam, being one of the world’s best PC gaming launchers, doesn’t come without an extensive range of features. One of the functionalities that the program proudly boasts is called “Verify integrity of game files.” Upon executing this feature, you will be able to identify missing or corrupt files for a particular Steam game. 

  1. The first step is to fire up the Steam launcher, hover over to the “Library” section, and right-click on “Lost Ark” in the side panel. You should be able to click on “Properties” subsequently.
    Accessing Game Properties
    Accessing Game Properties on Steam
  2. A window will pop up on the screen as soon as you’re done with the first step. Here, select “Local Files” on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on “Verify integrity of game files.” Doing so work like a charm, prompting a progress tracker to appear on the screen to walk you through the process.
    Verifying the Integrity of Game Files
    Verifying the Integrity of Game Files

That’s about it for verifying Lost Ark’s files on Steam. If it was a missing or corrupted file that was preventing you from getting into the title, you will be able to fly past the error prompt and log right into the servers. However, if not even this nifty feature of the Steam launcher helps resolve the issue, keep on reading for the final fix. 

Carry On With A Reinstall

If you’ve exhausted all other options and still face issues, reinstalling Lost Ark may be the best way forward. Many players have successfully resolved problems, including the Lost Ark Disk Write Error, through a fresh installation. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to your Steam library and uninstall Lost Ark from there. Alternatively, you can use the “Add or remove programs” section in your device’s “Settings” to uninstall the game.
  2. Once uninstalled, reinstall Lost Ark from the Steam launcher.
  3. Try launching Lost Ark again from the Steam launcher to see if the error persists.

With a clean reinstallation, you should hopefully be able to enjoy the MMORPG without any issues. The “Lost Ark an error has occurred exiting the game” problem can be related to various factors, including server issues or Windows PC-related problems. The provided guide offers several effective solutions for tackling these issues.

If any of the solutions mentioned above work for you, please let us know in the comments section. eXputer wishes you the best of luck with your gaming experience

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