Lost Ark BEST Wardancer Build: PVP & PVE

This Lost Ark Wardancer Build will tell players how they can defeat enemies with the help of a DPS build for battles!

In essence, Wardancers are an extension of the Martial Arts class offered in Lost Ark, which is one of the five classes offered to players when they first start in Lost Ark. At the same time, the Wardancers require players that are relatively experienced in the combat and playstyle of the class itself, it is still an excellent build to go after. 

Key Takeaways
  • Wardancers extend the Martial Arts class and require experience with its combat and playstyle.
  • They excel with swift movement, agility, and powerful attacks that nullify opponents’ melee efforts.
  • Wardancers primarily wield light Gauntlets as their main weapon.
  • Key engravings for Wardancers include the Esoteric Skill Engraving and First Intention Engraving.
  • Various Wardancer builds are available, so assess your playstyle to find a compatible build that suits your preferences.

Best Light Gauntlets For Wardancer Build

As for the main weaponry for the Wardancer Build, Wardancers are accustomed to using the light Gauntlets as their main mode of weaponry, which brings into question the different types. While Wardancers can typically use any Tier 3 Light Gauntlets, I still wanted to cover a few solid options for you to choose from. 

Sunset Gauntlets 

The Sunset Gauntlets, a Tier 3 Light Gauntlet for Wardancers, excel in maximizing damage output and granting personal buffs. They enhance weapon power by 16,294 and offer a bonus effect that increases damage output by 5% to 15%. From my experience, this bonus significantly boosts overall combat damage.

Warm Evening Gauntlets

The Warm Evening Gauntlets are an ideal choice for the Wardancer, providing both personal protection and valuable buffs when paired with the two-piece or five-piece armor set. They enhance weapon power by 16,294 and grant a 5% damage boost.

The two-piece set reduces the cooldown of “Movement Skill,” enabling faster movement. The five-piece set extends the duration of “Festival” by 12 seconds with each skill cast, and at six stacks, it increases damage against enemies by 10%.

Dazzling Twilight Gauntlets

Another excellent option for a light gauntlet is the Dazzling Twilight Gauntlets, which can again benefit the player when using the Wardancer Build, as the basic and bonus attacks remain the same. However, the two-piece and five-piece bonuses look enticing, in my opinion. 

The 2-set bonus offers an enhancement to the player’s overall attack speed by 3%, allowing the Wardancer to cast their melee attacks even faster for a total of 8 seconds, while the 5-set bonus will offer players a 20% movement speed enhancement for a total of 20 seconds which will seriously buff up the mobility. 

Normal Skills and Tripods For Wardancer Build

Keeping the Best Wardancer Build going, players will need to look into some skills that they can cast to gain an advantage over their opponents. The max amount of skills that players can stock at a time is 8, so make sure to make the most of this list. 

Lightning Kick 

Lost Ark Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike

The Lightning Kick skill is unlocked as the Wardancer class advances, boosting damage output. It delivers three lightning-infused kicks, rapidly defeating enemies. Each kick inflicts 316 damage but grounded enemies don’t take extra damage. Airborne foes crash to the ground, suffering an additional 79 damage.

The skill has a 9-second cooldown after use. To maximize damage, I’d recommend players invest in three specific tripods that enhance Lightning Kick.

Lost Ark Lightning Strike Tripod
Lightning Strike Tripod
Sharp Movement 

Starting with Sharp Movement, players who invest in this tripod for the Lightning Kick skill will experience an enhanced change of direction, which will allow them to make faster paces around the battlefield to take down enemies. 

Upon rank one, players can move two more meters, then go to 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and finally four extra meters if players invest all the way to rank 5. 

Thunder Kick 

This is a level 2 Tripod, which can only be equipped once the Lightning Kick has invested in level 7. With Thunder Kick, players will be able to thrust down enemies in the air with ultimate force to deal enhanced damage and take them out effortlessly. 

At Rank 1, the bonus damage will be 30%; at Rank 2, it will be 37%; and at Rank 3, 44% to Rank 5, where players can inflict 60% increased damage to airborne opponents. 

Heaven’s Lightning 

This is a level 3 Tripod, which can only be acquired once Wardancers have invested ten skill points into Lightning Kick. The main aim of Heaven’s Lightning is to offer players the support of an extra rapid strike anytime they finish off their final spinning attacks. 

At Rank 1, the total damage output will be enhanced by 60%; at Rank two, it will be 68.4%; at Rank 3, 76.8%, all the way to Rank 5, where the total damage output will be increased by 94.8%. 

Flash Heat Fang 

Lost Ark Flash Heat Fang
Flash Heat Fang

The Flash Heat Bang skill allows players to close the gap with their enemies and deliver a flurry of punches, totaling 9 blows to the opponent’s face, inflicting 457 damage—a significant hit to the enemy’s HP.

A final punch deals 304 damage, effectively incapacitating the foe. The Flash Heat Fang can stagger the enemy at a medium level, ensuring substantial damage. The skill has a 14-second cooldown before it can be used again, making it a valuable asset in battle.

Lost Ark Flash Heat Fang Tripod
Flash Heat Fang Tripod
Fist of Darkness

The first tripod is Fist of Darkness; this particular tripod can help players who want to dominate the battlefield. The main reason for using the tripod is to launch out Darkness damage onto opponents and tear them apart piece by piece. 

At rank one, players will experience that their crit rate is increased by 15%; at rank 2, it will be enhanced by 21%, seemingly leading to rank five, which will increase the crit rate to 40%. 

Weak Point Detection 

This tier 2 skill can only be used once the Flash Heat Fang has been leveled to level 7. The Weak Point Detection is an excellent tripod for players because it will enhance the overall damage being dealt with enemies who are immune to Push. 

At Rank one, the damage dealt will be increased by 60%; at Rank 2, it will be increased by 69%; at rank 3, it will be enhanced by 78%, leading to rank five, which will deal a striking 96% increase to damage intake for opponents. 


The tier 2 tripod can be used once the player has maxed the skill itself, and using Enlightenment will allow players to be immune to Push by opponents anytime a skill is cast or abused while in combat. On another note, the opponent’s Defense will also be ignored once this tripod is acquired. 

Rank one allowed for Defense ignored by 40%, increasing until the player reaches rank 5, where the player can ignore the Defense of enemies by 70%. 

Moon Flash Kick 

Lost Ark Moon Flash Kick
Moon Flash Kick

In the Wardancer Build, the next highly anticipated skill I’d recommend is Moon Flash Kick, which significantly boosts damage output and provides valuable assistance in combat.

This skill enables the player to close the distance to their foes while delivering kicks swiftly, inflicting 132 damage per kick. The kicks can be repeated four times by pressing the skill button three times, all while maintaining mobility. The total damage dealt by the kicks amounts to 255.

Finish the sequence with a spinning attack that knocks back enemies and deals 122 damage, concluding the skill. It then enters a cooldown period of 22 seconds. Moon Flash Kick can stagger opponents and prove highly effective in decimating them.

Lost Ark Moon Flash Kick Tripod
Moon Flash Kick Tripod
Intense Shock 

The first tripod is Intense Shock, with different effects in PvP and PvE. It allows players to change their direction while striking opponents with lightning damage, but the damage values vary. In PvE, at Rank 1, players deal 38.4 Electric Shock damage, and at Rank 2, it’s 54.1 Electric Damage.

In PvP, players inflict 30 Electric Damage, and when eliminating foes, it’s 42.3 Electric Damage. The Intense Shock damage lasts for 4 seconds.

Light Footed 

Keeping it going, Light-footed itself is a tier 2 tripod, which can only be accessed after leveling Moon Flash Kick to level 7. With only one rank, its main focus is on enhancing the overall AoE radius by 30%, which will inevitably increase damage output. Rapid kick damage is also improved by 100%, enough to murder enemies in their sight. 

Full Moon Kick 

While Full Moon Kick is a tripod, it is a level 3 tripod and can be used after maxing the main skill. While casting the tripod, players can make a swift move toward their opponents and spin on an axis to land an attack that will render them useless. 

Upon unlocking rank one, the damage dealt will be 250%; at rank 2, it will be 271%; and finally, at rank 5, it will be increased to 341%. 

Wind’s Whisper 

Lost Ark Wind's Whisper
Wind’s Whisper

To maximize the Wardancer Build’s effectiveness, I’d recommend that players consistently use Wind’s Whisper. This skill is exceptionally powerful and greatly improves the chances of victory. Upon activation, it boosts movement speed by 11% and increases attack speed by 5.5%. These enhancements enable players to swiftly defeat even formidable opponents by launching faster attacks.

The buffs last for 6 seconds, followed by a 30-second cooldown period. From my experience, players should invest in three key tripods for Wind’s Whisper to maximize the Wind’s Whisper’s potential.

Lost Ark Wind's Whisper Tripod
Wind’s Whisper Tripod
Oath of The Wind

Starting with the Oath of The Wind, players will be able to experience an increased crit rate anytime they cast any skill, whether it is a normal skill. This can allow them to land more critical hits on enemies, killing them off and gaining dominance over the battlefield. 

On rank one, the crit rate will be enhanced by 10%, then 11.6% at rank 2, 13.2% at rank 3, 14.9% at rank 4, and finally, 16.6% when it is maxed to rank 5, which can greatly benefit the player in combat. 

Quick Prep

The tier 2 tripod that players are advised to look into is Quick Prep. It has a pretty self-explanatory description, as it offers players a skill cooldown. Starting from rank one, the cooldown is decreased by 6 seconds, and at rank 5, it will be reduced by 9 seconds, slowly increasing from rank one to rank 5. 

Ready Attack 

They are ending this skill with the third tripod, a tier 3 tripod that the player can only use once they have invested all skill points into Wind’s Whisper. The main aim is to increase the overall attack power of the player so they can launch heavier melee attacks at enemies. 

At rank one, the attack power will be increased by 35%, while rank two will buff the overall attack power by 38.5% for a total of 6 seconds. 

Swift Wind Kick 

Lost Ark Swift Wind Kick
Swift Wind Kick

Moving along with the build, another valuable skill is Swift Wind Kick, which offers a crucial buff for taking down opponents. With Swift Wind Kick, the player performs a high aerial jump, executing a spinning kick 22 times, dealing 986 damage in total. Each kick inflicts separate damage.

Players can alter their direction in the air, reaching heights of up to 14 meters to annihilate opponents. The skill has a 20-second cooldown. Here are the three essential tripods for this skill.

Lost Ark Swift Wind Kick Tripod
Swift Wind Kick Tripod
Fire Round Kick

The tier one tripod, Fire Round Kick, offers greater damage for PvE combat than PvP combat, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. 

With PvE, players will be able to deal 50 damage at Rank 1, while at Rank 2, the damage output will be increased to 68. For PvP, the rank one damage output is 42, while the Rank two damage being dealt is 58, lower than PvE but still enough to deplete the enemy’s HP. 

Quick Prep 

Yet another time that Quick Prep will be used, it seems like it is a popular tripod used for several different skills. In essence, Quick Prep reduces the overall skill cooldown for the player, allowing them to unleash the skills more often. 

Ranging from rank one, the cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds, going all the way to an overall 8-second skill cooldown, which gives the player the ability to cast their skills on the nearby foes and decimate them. The cooldown rate is the same for both PvP and PvE combat. 

Extreme Training 

With Extreme Training in hand, players will experience that their overall kick duration is increased by one second, allowing them to unleash even longer and deadlier kicks while being airborne. 

With rank one, players will be able to increase the airborne damage to 100%, while taking the tripod to rank five will grant a buff of 143% increased overall damage. 

Roar of Courage 

Lost Ark Roar of Courage
Roar of Courage

Moving swiftly along the list, another viable skill option that players should invest in is the Roar of Courage, which offers a consistent amount of aid for the player that mainly aims to get up close and personal with their foes and take them down. 

With the Roar of Courage in hand, players can easily take over opponents by casting the skill, as it launches a “battle cry” that will cause enemies to intake 434 damage while knocking back enemies in the active radius of the skill itself. After finishing the skill, it will enter the cooldown state for 25 seconds, typically longer. 

Lost Ark Roar of Courage Tripod
Roar of Courage Tripod
Wide Hit 

Starting with the first tripod, I have the tier one Wide Hit; it allows players to experience an overall enhancement to their AoE radius, which will increase the damage output, letting players kill off enemies a lot faster. 

The wide hit only has one rank, and it offers a 20% increase to the AoE radius, and the tripod has the same effects for both PvE and PvP combat. 

Impaired Mobility 

Moving on with the Wardancer Build, the Impaired Mobility is a tier 2 tripod that can aid the player by providing them an easier chance to attack foes as the enemies will experience decreased movement speed anytime the player is attacking them. 

At rank one, the movement speed of enemies is decreased by 60% for a total of 4 seconds, while taking it up to rank two allows players to attack faster as the enemy movement speed will be decreased by 64.8% for a total of 4.2 seconds. 

Fatal Wave 

Lastly, the tier 3 tripod Fatal Wave will grant players the ability to land more critical hits on opponents, as enemies will have a 10% reduced crit resistance. 

Sweeping Kick 

Lost Ark Sweeping Kick
Sweeping Kick

Continuing with the Wardancer build, I have Sweeping Kick, a skill that grants battlefield dominance from my experience. Upon activation, players perform a sweeping motion with their feet, pushing and damaging enemies. This motion can be repeated twice to double the damage.

The skill concludes with a final airborne move, where the player kicks while spinning, annihilating nearby foes. It has a 25-second cooldown. Here are the three tripods needed for this skill.

Tripod: Sweeping Kick
Sweeping Kick Tripod
Weak Point Detector 

Starting with a Tier one tripod, I would recommend the Weak Point Detection. It allows the player to cast melee damage on foes immune to Push, enabling them to be pushed and defeated. At Rank 1, it offers a 30% damage increase, while Rank 2 provides a 37.5% boost. Progressing to Rank 5 grants a significant 60% damage buff.


Keeping things going, the next tripod that I will mention is Shadowcleave, as it mainly aims at emitting as much darkness on enemies as possible so that they can be defeated with ease. 

While the tripod is quite useful, it only has two main rank upgrades. Rank one offers a 30% crit rate increase, allowing the player to hit deadly critical hits toward enemies, while rank two bumps the crit rate up even higher, defeating them even faster. 

Pure Excellence

Lastly, the tripod Pure Excellence is a bit of an unusual one, as its main aim is to let the player stand in the middle of the battlefield, all the while slowly gathering energy, which, when unleashed, will launch the player up into the air and cause them to perform one swift kick, rendering enemies useless. 

With every rank that is increased, the damage intake by enemies is increased, starting from 150% at rank one and slowly making its way up to rank 5, which will offer a devastating 205% damage buff to the kick hit. 

Energy Combustion 

Lost Ark Energy Combustion
Energy Combustion

Keeping the Wardancer Build going, another essential skill that wardancers should look into is Energy Combustion, which mixes and matches perfectly with the other skills and can be potent. 

While the skill is in the player’s arsenal, the skill offers the player the ability to unleash any energy stored in them to stagger and knock back enemies, all the while dealing 44 damage to them. End it all with a powerful mist that will cover your body and consistently deal 20 damage to enemies within your radius every 0.5 seconds. 

Ending the skill will cause it to enter its 36 second cooldown period. 

Tripod: Energy Combustion
Energy Combustion Tripod
Combustible Armor 

The first tier-one tripod that players should consider investing in is Combustible Armor. In essence, the tripod will decrease the overall damage intake by players when Energy Combustion is active. 

Rank one offers a 10% damage negation, while rank two offers 12.3%, and so on until rank five offers a consistent 19.2% personal damage negation, which means that the player can stay alive for longer. 

Skill Reduction 

Skill Reduction can reduce the overall skill cooldown, allowing for increased skill casting that will decimate opponents even faster, helping the player achieve victory more quickly. 

Rank one offers a 15-second skill reduction, while rank 2 decreases the cooldown by 0.2 seconds, level three offers 15.4 seconds reduction, and rank five offers a 16-second reduction. 

Last Whisper 

The tier 3 tripod that players can use for Energy Combustion is Last Whisper, as it will call upon a devastating explosion, causing ultimate damage to enemies. The ranks go up to offer an increase in total damage output, starting from a 100% basic increase and ending at a 166% damage increase when the tripod is at rank 5. 

Sky Shattering Blow 

Lost Ark Sky Shattering Blow
Sky Shattering Blow

Ending the normal skills with the Sky Shattering Blow, this one is an excellent option for players that want to take over their worst foes and deplete their HP as quickly as possible. 

Upon casting the skill, players can jump up and knock enemies with a roundhouse kick, kicking them back, and deal devastating damage that will render them useless. The skill can be repeated once more to launch a kick in the air, pushing away enemies into the air and causing 166 damage to them. 

The skill is pretty easy to implement, and players can use it again after the 8-second cooldown. 

Tripod: Sky Shattering Blow
Sky Shattering Blow Tripod
Ascension Kick 

The respective tripods needed for this skill start with the tier one Ascension Kick, allowing players to do exactly what the title says. It will let players launch their foes into the air and send them away, eventually letting them fall and die instantly. 

The tripod itself only has one rank, and it will increase the overall duration of the skill so that the overall damage output can be enhanced, and the distance that opponents are pushed away is also increased. 

Ready Attack 

Moving on, the second tripod that players should invest in is Ready Attack, which will increase the player’s attack power whenever they cast the skill and use the second strike to send opponents into the air. 

Rank one offers a 15-second increase, while the second rank will offer an 18.2 increase in the overall attack power, eventually pumping it up to 27.6% when it reaches rank 5. 

Abundant Resources 

Lastly, Abundant Resources will simply pump up the Esoteric Meter, and as you move up the rank, it will start with a simple 200% increase to the Esoteric Meter, then increase it to 225% at rank 2, and going to rank five will enhance it by 300%. 

Esoteric Skills and Tripods 

Now that I’m done with the normal skills and tripods, there are two main Esoteric skills and tripods that players will need to look into for the Wardancer Build, as they will offer excellent support to the player during the battle. 

Lightning Strike 

Lost Ark Lightning Kick
Lightning Kick

Starting with Lightning Strike, a key Esoteric Skill for this build. It provides a significant advantage against enemies. Upon casting, it summons three thundering bolts over a few seconds, dealing 655 damage each and stunning foes. Against frozen opponents, the damage increases by 20%. After use, it enters a 14-second cooldown period.

Tripod: Lightning Kick
Lightning Kick Tripod
Vital Point Hit 

The first essential tripod is Vital Point Hit, as its main focus is on increasing the player’s crit rate, allowing them to launch heavier critical hits at enemies. 

At rank one, players will experience a 15% increased crit rate, while ranking two increases it even higher to a 20% overall increase while increasing it to rank five will give an enhanced 40% crit rate. 

Steady Will 

The tier 2 tripod next in line is Steady Will, which mainly focuses on the player gaining strength to unleash potent damage onto their enemies that will deal damage. The tripod slowly increases the damage. 

It increases it by 80% at rank one, while the final rank 5 offers a solid 120% damage increase. 


Lastly, the tier 3 tripod that payers should look into is Electrocution, allowing players to cast electric waves that will continue to run through opponents and continuously deal damage. Increasing the ranks enhances the overall damage from 18% at rank one to 75% at rank five. 

Call of The Wind God 

Skill: Call of The Wind God
Call of The Wind God

Ending all skills off with the last one being the Call of The Wind God, it can be an excellent skill to have in your inventory, as it can help while you are in combat. 

In essence, the skill itself summons a giant tornado that sucks up opponents into itself and continues to deal 146 damage to them for 13 times in 3 seconds. The total damage is enough to deplete the enemy’s HP and murder them. After this, it will start the 16-second cooldown. 

Tripods: Call of The Wind God
Call of The Wind God Tripods
Frost Storm 

The tripod Frost Storm offers a plethora of benefits, starting with slowing down the overall movement speed of enemies and being able to freeze enemies with the skill. The duration of enemies being frozen will consistently increase throughout the ranks, starting from 2 seconds at rank one and ending at 4 seconds at rank 5. 

Growth Attack 

The tier two tripod Growth Attack calls upon a tornado that will continue to increase the total damage output on enemies, starting with a 7% damage increase at rank one, and ending at a 12% increase at rank 5. 

Raging Storm 

Lastly, Raging Storm ends my final tripod for the esoteric skills, and it allows the winds caused by the tornado to blast against the opponents, and as the ranks increase, so does the damage output gets enhanced too. 

Engravings and Playstyle

To get the most out of the Wardancer Build, a Wardancer will typically focus on two engravings, and I will cover their corresponding stats too. Engravings will typically offer basic upgrades and effects that will buff up the player even more during a battle.  

Esoteric Skill Engraving 

Engraving: Esoteric Skill
Esoteric Skill Engraving

Starting with the Esoteric Skill Engraving, the main reason it exists is to increase the number of orbs gathered by a player from 3 to 4. Players are advised to upgrade the Esoteric Skill Engraving to level 3 to get the highest damage output. Players should also lock in the two esoteric skills mentioned above to buff up the playstyle even more. 

The main stats that players will want to focus on for the Esoteric engraving are specialization and Crit. the main reason is that it will increase the overall damage dealt with enemies by players while also being able to gather Esoteric energy a lot quicker, allowing for easier skill casting. 

First Intention Engraving 

Engraving: First Intention
First Intention Engraving

Compared to the Esoteric Playstyle, players are typically more drawn towards the First Intention playstyle since it is highly popular, mainly because it buffs up the damage done to enemies. It also allows players to place the main focus on their normal skills and buff them up with the tripods to unleash potent damage and decimate foes. 

The main downside of choosing the First Intention playstyle is that players will not be able to access the Esoteric skills and will have to rely only on the Normal skills that I mentioned before. Again, the engraving should be upgraded to level 3 to get the highest damage buff. 

This wraps up my Wardancer Build; I hope that you liked it! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! 

Build Courtesy: Fextralife

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