Lost Ark: BEST Wardancer Build [PVP & PVE]

This Wardancer Build will tell players how they can defeat enemies with the help of a DPS build for battles!

In essence, Wardancers are an extension of the Martial Arts class offered in Lost Ark, which is one of the five classes offered to players when they first start in Lost Ark. At the same time, the Wardancers require players that are relatively experienced in the combat and playstyle of the class itself, it is still an excellent build to go after. 

Key Takeaways
  • Wardancers extend the Martial Arts class and require experience with its combat and playstyle.
  • They excel with swift movement, agility, and powerful attacks that nullify opponents’ melee efforts.
  • Wardancers primarily wield light Gauntlets as their main weapon.
  • Key engravings for Wardancers include the Esoteric Skill Engraving and First Intention Engraving.
  • Various Wardancer builds are available, so assess your playstyle to find a compatible build that suits your preferences.

Best Light Gauntlets For Wardancer Build

For the Wardancer Build, Light Gauntlets play a crucial role in maximizing damage output and providing additional benefits. Here are some of the best Light Gauntlets options for Wardancers:

1. Sunset Gauntlets:

  • Tier 3 Light Gauntlets.
  • Enhance weapon power by 16,294.
  • Bonus effect: Increases damage output by 5% to 15%.
  • Excellent for maximizing damage and overall combat effectiveness.

2. Warm Evening Gauntlets:

  • Tier 3 Light Gauntlets.
  • Enhance weapon power by 16,294.
  • Two-piece set bonus: Reduces the cooldown of “Movement Skill,” allowing for faster movement.
  • Five-piece set bonus: Extends the duration of “Festival” by 12 seconds with each skill cast. At six stacks, it increases damage against enemies by 10%.
  • Offers personal protection and valuable buffs when used as part of the armor set.

3. Dazzling Twilight Gauntlets:

  • Tier 3 Light Gauntlets.
  • Similar basic and bonus attacks to Sunset Gauntlets.
  • Two-piece set bonus: Enhances overall attack speed by 3% for 8 seconds, allowing for faster melee attacks.
  • Five-piece set bonus: Provides a 20% movement speed enhancement for 20 seconds, significantly improving mobility.
  • Offers increased attack speed and mobility, enhancing the Wardancer’s combat capabilities.

Each of these Light Gauntlets offers unique advantages and can be effective in different situations. The choice among them depends on your preferred playstyle and whether you want to prioritize damage output, mobility, or a combination of both. Consider your overall build and strategy when selecting the most suitable Light Gauntlets for your Wardancer character.

Normal Skills and Tripods For Wardancer Build

Keeping the Best Wardancer Build going, players will need to look into some skills that they can cast to gain an advantage over their opponents. The max amount of skills that players can stock at a time is 8, so make sure to make the most of this list. 

Lightning Kick 

Lost Ark Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike
  • Skill Description: Perform three lightning-infused kicks followed by an airborne kick. Deals 316 damage per kick.
  • Tripods:
    • Sharp Movement (Tier 1): Increases movement distance by up to 4 meters (Rank 5).
    • Thunder Kick (Tier 2): Increases damage to airborne enemies by up to 60% (Rank 5).
    • Heaven’s Lightning (Tier 3): Adds an extra rapid strike to the final spinning attack, increasing total damage by up to 94.8% (Rank 5).
Lost Ark Lightning Strike Tripod
Lightning Strike Tripod

Flash Heat Fang 

Lost Ark Flash Heat Fang
Flash Heat Fang
  • Skill Description: Deliver 9 punches followed by a final punch, dealing 457 damage to enemies.
  • Tripods:
    • Fist of Darkness (Tier 1): Increases critical rate by up to 40% (Rank 5).
    • Weak Point Detection (Tier 2): Increases damage to enemies immune to Push by up to 96% (Rank 5).
    • Enlightenment (Tier 2): Grants immunity to Push and ignores opponent’s Defense.
Lost Ark Flash Heat Fang Tripod
Flash Heat Fang Tripod

Moon Flash Kick 

Lost Ark Moon Flash Kick
Moon Flash Kick
  • Skill Description: Deliver 4 rapid kicks and finish with a spinning attack, dealing a total of 255 damage.
  • Tripods:
    • Intense Shock (Tier 1): Deals Electric Shock damage (PvE) or Electric Damage (PvP) for 4 seconds.
    • Light Footed (Tier 2): Increases AoE radius by 30% and rapid kick damage by 100%.
    • Full Moon Kick (Tier 3): Increases damage from 250% to 341% (Rank 5).
Lost Ark Moon Flash Kick Tripod
Moon Flash Kick Tripod

Wind’s Whisper 

Lost Ark Wind's Whisper
Wind’s Whisper
  • Skill Description: Increases movement speed by 11% and attack speed by 5.5% for 6 seconds.
  • Tripods:
    • Oath of The Wind (Tier 1): Increases critical rate by up to 16.6% (Rank 5).
    • Quick Prep (Tier 2): Reduces skill cooldown by up to 9 seconds (Rank 5).
    • Ready Attack (Tier 2): Increases attack power by up to 27.6% (Rank 5).
Lost Ark Wind's Whisper Tripod
Wind’s Whisper Tripod

Swift Wind Kick 

Lost Ark Swift Wind Kick
Swift Wind Kick

Moving along with the build, another valuable skill is Swift Wind Kick, which offers a crucial buff for taking down opponents. With Swift Wind Kick, the player performs a high aerial jump, executing a spinning kick 22 times, dealing 986 damage in total. Each kick inflicts separate damage.

Players can alter their direction in the air, reaching heights of up to 14 meters to annihilate opponents. The skill has a 20-second cooldown. Here are the three essential tripods for this skill.

Lost Ark Swift Wind Kick Tripod
Swift Wind Kick Tripod

Swift Wind Kick Tripod:

  1. Fire Round Kick (Tier 1): This tripod adds fire damage to Swift Wind Kick. It deals greater damage in PvE than PvP. At Rank 1, it deals 50 damage in PvE and 42 damage in PvP. At Rank 2, it increases the damage output.
  2. Quick Prep (Tier 2): This tripod reduces the overall skill cooldown for Swift Wind Kick. It reduces the cooldown by 6 seconds at Rank 1 and further reduces it to an 8-second cooldown at Rank 5. This reduction applies to both PvP and PvE.
  3. Extreme Training: This tripod increases the duration of the kick duration while in the air. At Rank 1, it enhances the airborne damage to 100%. As you rank it up to Rank 5, the overall damage increases by 143%.

Roar of Courage 

Lost Ark Roar of Courage
Roar of Courage
  • Skill Description: A battle cry that damages and knocks back enemies.
  • Tripods:
    • Wide Hit (Tier 1): Increases AoE radius.
    • Impaired Mobility (Tier 2): Slows down enemy movement.
    • Fatal Wave (Tier 3): Reduces opponent’s crit resistance.
Lost Ark Roar of Courage Tripod
Roar of Courage Tripod

Sweeping Kick 

Lost Ark Sweeping Kick
Sweeping Kick
  • Skill Description: Perform a sweeping motion, pushing and damaging enemies. Can be repeated twice, followed by a final spinning attack.
  • Tripods:
    • Weak Point Detector (Tier 1): Increases damage to enemies immune to Push by up to 60% (Rank 5).
    • Shadowcleave (Tier 2): Increases critical rate by up to 30% (Rank 2).
    • Pure Excellence (Tier 3): Increases final kick damage by up to 205% (Rank 5).
Tripod: Sweeping Kick
Sweeping Kick Tripod

Energy Combustion 

Lost Ark Energy Combustion
Energy Combustion
  • Skill Description: Unleash stored energy, dealing damage and creating a damaging mist around the player.
  • Tripods:
    • Combustible Armor (Tier 1): Reduces damage taken by up to 19.2% (Rank 5).
    • Skill Reduction (Tier 2): Reduces skill cooldown by up to 16 seconds (Rank 5).
    • Last Whisper (Tier 3): Increases damage from 100% to 166% (Rank 5).
Tripod: Energy Combustion
Energy Combustion Tripod

 Sky Shattering Blow 

Lost Ark Sky Shattering Blow
Sky Shattering Blow
  • Skill Description: Perform a roundhouse kick followed by an airborne kick. Knocks enemies into the air and deals damage.
  • Tripods:
    • Ascension Kick (Tier 1): Increases duration and distance of the skill.
    • Ready Attack (Tier 2): Increases attack power by up to 27.6% (Rank 5).
    • Abundant Resources: Increases Esoteric Meter gain by up to 300%.
Tripod: Sky Shattering Blow
Sky Shattering Blow Tripod

These tripods enhance the respective skills in the Wardancer Build, allowing for more damage, reduced cooldowns, critical rate boosts, and other beneficial effects to dominate opponents in both PvE and PvP combat.

Esoteric Skills and Tripods 

Now that I’m done with the normal skills and tripods, there are two main Esoteric skills and tripods that players will need to look into for the Wardancer Build, as they will offer excellent support to the player during the battle. 

Lightning Strike 

Lost Ark Lightning Kick
Lightning Kick

Summons three thundering bolts over a few seconds, dealing 655 damage each and stunning foes. Against frozen opponents, the damage increases by 20%. It has a 14-second cooldown.

Tripod: Lightning Kick
Lightning Kick Tripod

Lightning Kick Tripod:

  1. Vital Point Hit (Tier 1): This tripod increases the player’s crit rate. At Rank 1, it provides a 15% increased crit rate, and at Rank 5, it offers a substantial 40% crit rate increase.
  2. Steady Will (Tier 2): Steady Will focuses on increasing the player’s damage output. It starts with an 80% damage increase at Rank 1 and goes up to a solid 120% damage increase at Rank 5.
  3. Electrocution (Tier 3): Electrocution allows players to cast electric waves that continuously damage opponents. The damage increases from 18% at Rank 1 to 75% at Rank 5.

Call of The Wind God 

Skill: Call of The Wind God
Call of The Wind God

Ending all skills off with the last one being the Call of The Wind God, it can be an excellent skill to have in your inventory, as it can help while you are in combat. 

In essence, the skill itself summons a giant tornado that sucks up opponents into itself and continues to deal 146 damage to them for 13 times in 3 seconds. The total damage is enough to deplete the enemy’s HP and murder them. After this, it will start the 16-second cooldown. 

Tripods: Call of The Wind God
Call of The Wind God Tripods

Call of The Wind God Tripods:

  1. Frost Storm: This tripod slows down the movement speed of enemies and can freeze them. The duration of the freeze increases as you rank it up, from 2 seconds at Rank 1 to 4 seconds at Rank 5.
  2. Growth Attack (Tier 2): Growth Attack enhances the damage output of the tornado. Starting with a 7% damage increase at Rank 1, it reaches a 12% increase at Rank 5.
  3. Raging Storm: Raging Storm causes the winds from the tornado to blast against opponents, increasing the damage output. As you rank it up, the damage gets stronger.

Engravings and Playstyle

To get the most out of the Wardancer Build, a Wardancer will typically focus on two engravings, and I will cover their corresponding stats too. Engravings will typically offer basic upgrades and effects that will buff up the player even more during a battle.  

Esoteric Skill Engraving 

Engraving: Esoteric Skill
Esoteric Skill Engraving

Starting with the Esoteric Skill Engraving, the main reason it exists is to increase the number of orbs gathered by a player from 3 to 4. Players are advised to upgrade the Esoteric Skill Engraving to level 3 to get the highest damage output. Players should also lock in the two esoteric skills mentioned above to buff up the playstyle even more. 

The main stats that players will want to focus on for the Esoteric engraving are specialization and Crit. the main reason is that it will increase the overall damage dealt with enemies by players while also being able to gather Esoteric energy a lot quicker, allowing for easier skill casting. 

First Intention Engraving 

Engraving: First Intention
First Intention Engraving

Compared to the Esoteric Playstyle, players are typically more drawn towards the First Intention playstyle since it is highly popular, mainly because it buffs up the damage done to enemies. It also allows players to place the main focus on their normal skills and buff them up with the tripods to unleash potent damage and decimate foes. 

The main downside of choosing the First Intention playstyle is that players will not be able to access the Esoteric skills and will have to rely only on the Normal skills that I mentioned before. Again, the engraving should be upgraded to level 3 to get the highest damage buff. 

This wraps up my Wardancer Build; I hope that you liked it! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! 

Build Courtesy: Fextralife

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