All Lost Ark Classes: Stats, Benefits & PlayStyle 

This Lost Ark Classes guide will showcase all 15 classes and provide an ultimate guide for beginners to follow!

To kick things off, let’s start by explaining what classes are. In essence, they are the primary building blocks of how the player will experience Lost Ark. with five main classes to choose from, it determines the entire playstyle and gameplay, with some classes offering magical spells, some being pure supports, to some being straight-up insane DPSes and being one of the best Lost Ark NA Classes after global release. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are five main classes to choose from: Martial Artist, Gunner, Assassin, Mage, and Warrior.
  • Each Lost Ark class offers a unique set of abilities and playstyle.
  • Players can also choose from 15 different subclasses, which are extensions of the main classes and offer additional gameplay options.
  • They also provide an immersive gameplay experience, allow players to customize their characters and builds, and contribute to the overall success of the game.
  • Some classes are gender-locked, meaning players cannot select a different gender for their character.
  • Each class has its own set of basic stats and skills, and players can further customize their characters by assigning points to these stats and unlocking new skills as they progress through the game.

Let’s quickly compare them:

NameBase ClassWeaponsSkillsAwakening Skills
Berserker ClassWarriorGreatswordsAssault Blade, Crime Hazard, Double Slash, Finish Strike, Shoulder
Charge, Whirlwind
Berserker Fury
Chain of Vengeance,
Gunlancer Class WarriorGunlancesDefensive Stance, Battlefield Shield, Bash, Shield Bash, Leap Attack,
Hook Chain
Guardian's Protection
Lance of Judgement
Paladin Class WarriorOne Handed
Light of Judgement, Light Shock, Sword of Justice, Godsent Law, Wrath
of God, Holy Area, Holy Protection, Holy Explosion
Alithgane's Judgement
Althanes's Light
Sorceress Class MageStavesEnergy Discharge, Squall, Reserve Gravity, Esoteric Reaction, Blaze,
Inferno, Explosion, Doomsday
Enviska's Might
Apocalypse Call
Bard ClassMageHarpsSound Shock, Dissonance, Sound Wave, Stigma, Sonatina, Rhapsody
of Light, Wind of Music
Shadowhunter Class MageShadowbladesDemonic Slash, Nimble Cut, Slasher, Spinning Dive, Cruel Cutter, Thrust
Impact, Brutal Cross, Grind Chain
Gate of Eruption
Fallen Ruin
Deathblade Class MageDual BladesSurprise Attack, Wind Cut, Blade Dance, Spincuttet, Polestar, Dark Axel,
Soul Absorber, Death Sentence
Flash Blink, Blade Assault
Striker Class Martial ArtistLight GauntletSky Shattering Blow, Lightning Kick, Triple Fist, Moon Fladh Kick, Vicious
Tiger Dance, Storm Dragon Kick
Ultimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening
Ultimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening
Wardancer ClassMartial ArtistLight GauntletFlash Heat Fang, Swift Wind, Sky Shattering Blow, Lightning Kick, Triple
Fist, Moon Flash Kick, Seismic Strike, Sweeping Hidden Dragon
Ultimate Skill: Flash Rage Blow
Ultimate Skill: Fist of Dominance
Scrapper Class Martial ArtistHeavy GauntletsJudgement, Roundup Sweep, Death Rattle, Critical Blow, Chain
Destruction Fist, Potent Rising Fist
Undefeated Dragon King
Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination
Soulfist Class Martial ArtistFociVenomous Fist, Energy Bullet, Magnetic Palm, Pulverizing Palm, Bolting
Crush, Deadly Finger, Lightning Palm
World Decimation, Annihilating Ray
Gunslinger Class GunnerGunsAT02 Grenade, Meteor Stream, Plasma Bullet, Quick Step, Somersault
Shot, Spiral Tracker, Equilibrium, Death Fire
Eye of Twilight
High- Caliber HE Bullet
Artillerist Class GunnerLauncherEnhanced Shell, Pressurized Heatbomb, Buckshot, Howitzer, Gatling Gun
Napalm Shot, Multiple Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower
Missile Barrage
Heavy Turret
Deadeye Class GunnerGunsAT02 Grenade, Enforce Execution, Meteor Stream, Plasma Bullet,
Somersault Shot, Spiral Tracker, Equilibrium
Clay Bombardment
Bursting Flare
Sharpshooter GunnerBowsRapid Shot, Atomic Arrow, Arrow Wave, Arrow Shower, Moving Slash, Blade
Storm, Clymore Mine, Charged Shot
Fenrir's Messenger
Golden Eye

Total Number Of Classes 

Going on with Lost Ark’s Classes guide, there are five main classes that players can choose from, through which the main classes being the Martial Artist class, Gunner, Assassin, Mage, and Warrior mains, and players can pick and choose from them. 

Alongside the main classes, there are also a few extensions, or “Sub-classes.”

Below listed are the subs: 

  • Warrior: Gunlancer, Paladin, and Berserker
  • Mage: Bard and Sorceress classes
  • Assassin: Deathblade and Shadowhunter 
  • Martial Artists: Soulfist, Wardancer, Striker, and Scrapper classes. 
  • Gunners: Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Gunslinger classes. 

These classes all offer a bunch of variety, and players can progress at their own pace and min-max their build in order to absolutely dominate some of the most difficult dungeons or raids while also being able to show off their team to other players in PVP battles. 

Gender-Locked Classes 

Lost Ark Gender Locked Issue
Gender Locked Classes

One of the biggest concerns of newer and veteran players has always been about Lost Ark Gender Locked Classes, in which, apart from the Martial Artist class, the player has the freedom to choose a male or a female. All other main classes are, unfortunately, gender locked. So far, there is no way to select and choose your female or male main classes. 

Warrior Class 

Starting with the first class in my Lost Ark Classes guide, players will typically be introduced to the Warrior Class, essentially a High DPS output, potent damage, and instant K.O. of enemies. Warriors will typically unleash devastating damage while, unfortunately, having low mobility. 

Berserker Class

Lost Ark Berserker
Berserker Class

The first class is known as Lost Ark’s most popular class, with Berserker wielding a greatsword that can unleash an attack on enemies at deadly outputs and render the enemies useless. They can also enter “Fury Mode,” which grants them the ability to launch even higher damage output that scales off of strength, and in exchange for low Defense, their attack power increases even more. 

Berserk Fury 

When I mention skills, this awakening skill, known as Berserk Fury, basically grants the Berserker the ability to wield their greatsword and infuse it with such immense power that it will go furious against opponents and deal a deadly strike. Charge it up to increase the overall damage output and render enemies useless. 

Chain Of Vengeance 

Another excellent awakening skill that players should have in their arsenal is Chain of Vengenace, which allows players to unleash chains full of energy to deal 111 damage output, after which they will get sucked to deal another 111 damage. 

Paladin Class 

Lost Ark Paladin
Paladin Class

Moving right along with the Lost Ark Classes guide, one of the Lost Ark’s most played classes is Paladin, which is essentially the main DPS while also fulfilling the role of Support by being able to absorb high amounts of damage. They are an excellent tank, and they can also give heals and buffs to their main damage dealers. Players who want a Paladin in their team might benefit from our Lost Ark Paladin Build

Alithanes’s Light 

With the first awakening skill in hand, players can include Holy energy in their wielded weapon, a sword, and deal a deadly amount of damage. Anytime any enemy is hit by the player, they will intake a total of 111 damage while also taking in a further 111 damage when the Holy Energy explodes on them. 

Alithanes’s Judgment 

Another excellent awakening skill that works splendidly for the Paladin class is Alithanes’s Judgment, which allows players to go airborne and launch out a holy light that has such a potent brightness that it will deal 111 damage while also being able to create a temporary shield that will absorb a total of 80% damage. 

Gunlancer Class 

Lost Ark Gunlancer
Gunlancer Class

Ending the Warrior class with another excellent class, I have the Gunlacner class, the “Defendor” amongst Warriors. They can tank any amount of damage while being able to protect the other main damage dealers. However, this Defense will cause them to slow down, making them extremely slow in battle. 

Guardian’s Protection 

The Guardian’s Protection will give back the player their Shield Meter and cast down a radius of 10 meters, which will continue to protect the players for 10 seconds. Players will intake 40% reduced damage while in the radius. 

Lance Of Judgement 

Another excellent awakening skill is the Lance of Judgement, which will cast down a spear of light and cause enemies to go airborne. During this skill, the player’s crit rate will be enhanced by 10% for 10 seconds. 

Mage Classes 

Moving right through my Lost Ark Classes guide, the next class in line is the Mage Class, which is the equivalent of a mage who wields a magical weapon and can make excellent ranged attacks while being in PvP or PvE combat while also being able to prove to be an excellent support for their party. 

They can also provide the main damage dealer with ample buffs and heals to allow the damage dealer to sustain themselves. At the same time, the Mage stays on the sidelines and offers guardianship and protection until the battle ends. 

Sorceress Class 

Lost Ark Sorceress
Sorceress Class

Starting with the first mage class, I have the Sorceress in my hands. With this class in the player’s arsenal, they can wield staves, and using the brutal power of the elements, they can summon the elements from the sky while being able to decimate their enemies and render them useless on the battlefield. 

The Sorceress has a damage output that will primarily scale off of Intelligence and mostly focuses on being supported and having spells that are magic-infused. The Lost Ark Sorceress Build might interest you!

Enviska’s Might 

With this awakening skill in the player’s hand, they can use the power of Daro and cast a dome surrounding the player, which will first unleash a bit of damage. After that, it will start charging, after which it will unleash, start pulling in enemies and start dealing even more damage. 

Apocalypse Call 

The next awakening skill that I will talk about is Apocalypse Call, which will essentially unleash a few meteor fragments for 8 seconds in a radius of 18 meters. These fragments will have a total radius of 6 meters while unleashing 4729 potent fire damage against enemies. 

Bard Class

Lost Ark Bard
Bard Class

Ending this class with a Bard, players who aim to main as a Bard will be able to provide an excellent amount of ranged Support while casting devastating spells that will support the main damage dealer while healing and buffing them up. However, one thing to note about the bards is that they are not built to be a DPS. 


Starting with the first awakening skill, Oratorio will be able to aid the player by letting them play an enormous harp while being able to unleash a total of 666.1 damage output. While exploding, it will cause a further 111 holy damage output, and the enemy’s overall resistance will be decreased by 12% for 6 seconds. 


Ending it all with the Symphonia awakening skill, players will be able to launch themselves into the air and provide a strong shield for their party members who are within 12-meter range and will continue to absorb damage for 10 seconds. 

Assassin Classes 

Keeping things going with the Lost Ark Classes, yet another important class that players should invest in is the Lost Ark Assassin classes, which are essentially fighters who can get in the faces of their opponents and take help from their demonic powers. Their overall damage scales off of Dexterity. 

Shadowhunter Class 

Lost Ark Shadowhunter
Shadowhunter Class

One of the first classes that players can main in the main Assassin class is the Shadowhunter, which has been proven to be a class whereby players can switch and become demons. With the help of chaos power, they can take down the strongest enemies present on the battlefield. 

They can also benefit from their excellent health and mobility, all the while having their damage scaling off of Dexterity. Read up on our Lost Ark Shadowhunter Build!

Fallen Ruin 

Upon casting, players can launch out their demonic powers and spread around energy filled with hell, which will cause enemies to take in 64 damage and then label them with the Fear status; after that, dark energy will spread, which will further inflict another 495 damage. 

Explosive Heat Awakening 

Launch yourself into the air and unleash a ray of energy directly towards your opponents to cause them to intake 495 damage. An explosion will cause knockback and deal an additional 1390 damage. 

Deathblade Class 

Lost Ark Deathblade
Deathblade Class

The next class that players should look into is Deathblade, one of the most popular Lost Ark’s Classes. The Deathblade will wield three different swords that will continue to unleash Chaos melee attacks. With high mobility, they can become highly versatile on the battlefield. 

Their damage output strictly scales off Dexterity, and players can consistently pierce and slash through their enemies to decimate them. Make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Deathblade Build!

Flash Blink 

Upon casting, players can launch themselves forward for a total of 12 meters while being able to unleash piercing damage output against enemies. Anyone in the way of the player will intake 1900 damage while being launched into the air and receiving an additional 6452.6 damage. 

Blade Assault 

Focus all of your energy on your sword and unleash a total of 945 damage against them and pull them in, after which players can slash against enemies to deal another 3800.7 damage. Do a perfect parry to deal an additional 1901.3 damage, which will call upon a few spiritual blades that will unleash a devastating 2852.0 damage output and cause knockback in enemies. 

Martial Artist Classes 

Moving right along with my Lost Ark Classes, the fourth class is the Lost Ark Martial Artist Classes, which are essentially players that can attain high mobility and speed through the battlefield to unleash attacks. They rely on their fast speed to continuously go at their enemies. 

Striker Class 

Lost Ark Striker
Striker Class

Starting things off with the Striker, they again rely on the strong wind to swiftly move around while being able to unleash aerial combos to decimate enemies and use the elemental skills that they cast, and any enemy in front of them will be obliterated. 

They rely on their elemental gauntlets to unleash potent attacks on enemies, and they are able to hold out their own due to their agility.

Explosive Heat Awakening 

The first skill that I will talk about is Explosive Heat Awakening, which basically allows the player to move forward a total of 4 meters, and attacks their opponents a total of 4 times on the battlefield while being able to unleash damage that will deplete their H.P. however, the side effect is that if the player fails to unleash their first attack, this skill will be fully canceled. 

True Heavenly Awakening 

Upon casting these awakening skills, players will be able to concentrate on gathering energy in their legs and then unleash it to kick their enemies, knock them back, and finally cause them to go airborne. 

Wardancer Class

The next class in question is the Wardancer. They are able to take help from their agility and concentrate on conjuring up their elemental energy to unleash it against opponents and render them useless. Their attack patterns are settled in being potent. Want to know how to build a Wardancer? Well, here is our Lost Ark Wardancer Build!

Fist of Dominance 

Focus on gathering the power of elements, and summon forth an energy field that will suck in enemies. Use your insane speed to zoom past foes a total of 6 times, all the while being able to absorb six different elemental energies and inflicting damage. Finally, gather up the remaining energy field and thrust it down in the middle, causing severe knockback to enemies. 

Flash Rage Blow 

Crouch down upon casting, and keep dashing forward a total of 6 meters while continuously dealing potent strikes that will deal a total of 1332.1 damage, and continuously release a shockwave which will cause bonus knockback for bonus damage and finish it all off with a short shortwave which will damage them further. 

Scrapper Class 

Lost Ark Scrapper
Scrapper Classes

Going along with the Scrapper, players will be able to wield a heavy gauntlet that can consistently allow the player to use two different attack energies to buff each other up, unleash deadly attacks, and kill them off with ease. The Lost Ark Scrapper Build might have a bit of inspiration for players looking to play as a Scrapper!

Undefeated Dragon King 

Upon casting, players can unleash an attack at the opponent’s location and then concentrate on gathering up energy in their bodies to unleash potent damage in the general direction of their enemies. After this, players will also be able to unleash two dragons that will continuously kill off foes. 

Blast Of Ruination 

Upon summoning this awakening skill, players will be able to make their gauntlets even stronger and continue to deal a deadly strike against their foes, after which players can gather up energy that is present around them and feed it into their gauntlets to launch forward, which will cause extra knockback and deal damage to enemies. 

Soulfist Class 

Soulfist caster
Soulfist Class

Ending the Martial Artist classes with the Soulfist Class, and players who want to main as a Soulfist will be able to use the power of both melees as well as ranged attacks to decimate their enemies. 

World Decimation 

Upon summoning this skill, players can move to their target’s general area and unleash an attack, after which they will be able to concentrate their energy for a total of 3 seconds, after which they can unleash it and deal additional damage. 

Annihilating Ray 

Last but not least, Annihilating Ray basically entails gathering up energy and unleashing a potent energy ray which will continue to hit enemies for a total of 5 times, after which it will deal damage every 1.5 seconds. 

Gunner Classes 

Ending the Lost Ark’s Classes guide with the Gunner class, they are known to be one of the best classes, as they offer the ability of experienced ranged combat to the players with bows and guns that are able to unleash bullets against enemies and absolutely render them useless. 

Gunslinger Class 

Gunslinger ranged playstyle
Gunslinger Class

Starting off with the Gunslinger, players can main as the class and take their wielded gun in their hand and launch out bullets while being able to swiftly get around the battlefield and continuously take your enemies by surprise in order to render them useless. The gunslingers can not be caught all the time due to their high mobility and agility. If you aim to main as a Gunslinger, then the Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide might benefit you! 

Twilight Eye 

Upon casting, the players will be able to get close to the nearest enemy and apply the Eye of Twilight debuff, which will reduce the opponent’s movement by 80% and also apply a debuff off 40% attack speed decrease for a total of 3.5 seconds. Bonus damage of 4260 will be dealt with foes. 

High-caliber HE Bullet 

While being in front of the enemies, the Gunslinger can aim at them, then swiftly go behind them and unleash a deadly bullet that hits them and further unleashes a Rear Blast which will cause a total of 11672 damage in order to obliterate foes. 

Artillerist Class 

Artillerist playstyle
Artillerist Class

Now, unlike the Gunslinger, who is extremely quick on their feet, the Artillerist is not very fast on the battlefield. However, what they lack in movement speed and mobility, they are able to fulfill in terms of damage output, as they are able to attack nearby foes and bosses and absolutely obliterate them with their mechanical launchers while also being able to protect themselves with their heavy armor.

Missile Barrage 

Starting off with the first awakening skill in Lost Ark’s Classes, Missile Barrage is able to launch 20 rockets into the air while will continue to fly to the nearest opponent’s location, and upon landing, they will explode in impact, dealing a total of 2220.2 damage to unaware opponents. 

Heavy Turret 

Another amazing awakening skill that players should not miss out on is Heavy Turret which basically calls forth a turret that is so heavy that it will deal 444 damage twice to opponents and kill them off with a few hits. The heavy turret skill lasts for a total of 20 seconds. 

Deadeye Class 

Deadeye build
Deadeye Class

Another one of Lost Ark’s Gunner classes is the Deadeye, which essentially allows the players to wield three different weapons, including a shotgun, rifle, and handgun, amongst which the players can use in order to reload and continuously attack the opponents in a way that will consistently deplete their H.P.s and murder them. 

Bursting Flare 

The first awakening skill that players should have with them at all times is Bursting Flare, which will essentially summon forth a large rifle that will continuously shoot at enemies for a total of 3 times, which will continuously unleash potent damage and knock them back. 

Clay Bombardment 

Upon casting forth the Clay Bombardment, players get the ability to summon forth countless explosives and launch them in their opponent’s direction and use their handgun in order to consistently unleash fire damage at enemies, which will kill them off and make them die right in the middle of the battlefield. 


Sharpshooter playstyle
Sharpshooter Class

Ending the classes with the Sharpshooter, global players, such as in Korea, are able to main as a Sharpshooter as well as it is included in Lost Ark’s classes Korea, and this class is basically a ranged attacker that can use bows in order attack enemies all the while having an incredibly high survivability rate, therefore, staying alive in and after the battle. This Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build might interest you!

Fenrir’s Messenger 

Starting off with the first awakening skill, players can charge up it in order to call forth a Fenrir’s Messenger, which will cause damage over the course of time, and after releasing the skill quickly, players can deal additional damage. 


Ending the awakening skills with the final one, players can use Golden Eye in order to call forth four gold hawks that will fly around the opponents and cause a tornado to summon forth, which will consistently attack the opponent and deal 1221.1 damage and then cause them to go airborne, finally killing them in the arena. 

Best Solo Lost Ark’s Classes

With so many classes to choose from in-game, the players will get confused about what might be the best advanced or solo class for them. Therefore, I have mentioned below some of the best Lost Ark’s Classes for players who like to play solo and are looking for some of the best-advanced classes in the game. 


You must always use a class that can be played efficiently in solo mode. Berserker is undoubtedly the best option when it comes to playing solo, as you won’t need a team with your Berserker just to take down some of the raid bosses in the game. Berserkers are known for defeating raid bosses without any help and are great for both PvE and PvP. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Arena mode, they act more like an assassin than a brawler. But make sure that you time your attacks strategically, as the high cooldowns and Mana can cause some issues. 


Everyone knows that gunslinger is the best solo class when it comes to the PvE and PvP modes of lost  Ark. With gunslinger, you can swap between three guns, so you will have a diverse range of tools that can help you in any combat situation. Furthermore, the pistols Gunslinger uses can give them high mobility. 

With shotguns, you can deal amazing damage, and you can use snipers to poke the enemies. Also, if you manage to get to the end game, you can easily defeat the end game bosses. 


The beginner-friendly class is also known for the deadly damage it can give to its opponents. You will see them playing the role of the tank and they have the best playstyle in Lost Ark. Furthermore, with Gunlancer as your main class you will also get the Taunt ability. You can easily block the incoming damage using the strong Shields and face the boss head-on. The class also has some of the best engravings and will require little to no movement when it comes to arena battles. 


If used in a strategic way, Deathblade is by far one of the strongest solo classes in the game. Make sure you have all your buffs when using the class and a good amount of combo knowledge. With amazing debuffs and high mobility, you can deal some deadly melee combos on your enemies. The class also specializes in back attacks so you can deal some damage without compromising your own HP. 

With that, I wrap up my Lost Ark’s Classes guide; let us know what you think, and also consider reading our Lost Ark’s Engravings, Best Crews, and Best Trading Skills guides.

Lost Ark Classes FAQs

Can you switch Lost Ark’s Classes?

So far, there is no way to switch classes once they have been selected.

What classes offer in Lost Ark?

A way to uniformly maintain a combat system and allow for an immersive gameplay experience.

Why are classes gender-locked in Lost Ark?

It’s just the way the game is coded for now, future updates might bring other gender options for main classes.

How many classes does Lost Ark have?

Lost Ark has 5 main classes and 15 sub-classes.

Can you change advanced Lost Ark’s Classes ?

No, unfortunately, once the player has selected a class, they are bound to it.

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