Lost Ark BEST Paladin Build: PvE & PvP

Aid your allies in battle and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies with our Lost Ark Paladin Build. The secret of glory lies within!

The Paladin is a tank of a class. It is generally considered a support class with its power of holy magic and a giant sword. Despite being a supporting class, you can actually build the Paladin to be a high DPS build as well. But in general, that is not advised, so I would prefer going for a more balanced build that will not only help you take on attacks but also dish out a great deal of damage.

Key Takeaways
  • Paladin is also a tank class and is considered a support class. Apart from it being a supporting class, you can always build in a way that offers high DPS.
  • The Paladin for PvP is actually considered an S-tier class. 
  • There are two Engravings for the Paladin class; Judgement and Blessed Aura
  • Judgment is more focused on DPS and boosts the damage of punished skills. 
  • As for Blessed Aura, it is the more common class Engraving that is used.
  • Engravings in the Paladin class tend to be opposite of one another, so you will most likely be using only one class engraving.

PVP Paladin Build Skills

Lost Ark Paladin build PvP skill showcase
Paladin PvP Skills gameplay

Paladin has stunning visuals and great mechanics that make it fun to play with. And even with a support-based build, you can inflict damage as serious as some of the strongest classes of Lost Ark. It is worth noting that some names of the skills may differ according to which version of the game you have. For example, the skill “Charge” is also known as “Rufeon’s Word.” With that out of the way, here are the skills:

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Dagger Lunge/Charge Outstanding Mobility Amulet
Rufeon’s Word Protective Barrier Affected Area Blessing
Wide Attack Wide Attack Protective Barrier Liberation of Power
Sword of Justice/Holy Sword Outstanding Mobility Path of Light Concentrated Energy
Foresight/Dash Slash Frisky Legs Long Distance
Guardian Ange/Heavenly Blessing Magic Control Just Cause Heavenly Requiem
Hand of Heaven High Voltage Powerful Lightning Heavenly Requirement
Shield of Faith Fast Move Enhanced Protection Electric Discharge

Dagger Lunge/Charge

The Dagger Lunge allows your Holy Knight (Paladin) to dash forward up to 6m and make a sharp blow. It is great for mobility and getting around the arena. You can combine it with Outstanding Mobility to get an increased range of 2m. Additionally, you can add Amulet to create a protective barrier around you for 3 seconds as you dash around.

Rufeon’s Word

Rufeon’s Word allows you to create a magical circle that lasts up to 2 seconds and shields you from any oncoming damage. You can use this circle on yourself or any of your allies. You can add Protective Barrier to give the Paladin a protective barrier as well upon using the magic circle. With the Affected Area Tripod, you can increase the circle size by 30%. Finally, you can get Blessing to decrease damage by 70%.

Wide Attack

Next up, I have Wide Attack which essentially makes your Paladin spin rapidly and deal quite the damage. As the movement ends, the Paladin makes a slashing blow with the Sword. Due to its versatility, the Wide Attack is a must-have for the Paladin Build.

You can add Protective Barrier to absorb any incoming damage for 4 seconds. Then you can get Liberation of Power to increase the skill damage by 30%. Lastly, you can use the Unstable Energy, which will allow you to finish the move with an energy explosion. The third tripod makes the Wide Attack quite deadly and really good if you’re surrounded.

Sword of Justice/Holy Sword

Sword of Justice is a great mid-range skill that is a must-have for every Paladin Build player in the game. It infuses the blade with light energy that you can shoot outwards with a sharp lunge. What’s great is that the light energy appears to make the blade bigger so you can target more enemies.

Foresight/Dash Slash

The next skill that you can use with the Paladin Build is Foresight. Foresight is basically a rush attack with the Sword, allowing you to swing at enemies with extra damage and throw them into the air. If you get Frisky Legs, you can increase the movement speed by 15% during the dash. With Long Distance, you can increase the duration of the dash by 1 second. In general, it is a good skill to have for mobility.

Guardian Angel/Heavenly Blessing

Guardian Angel, as suggested by the name, summons an Angel-like entity above the Paladin, which sends out a knockback forcefield type attack. It has a great range and is good for defense. It even gives you and your allies a 20% reduction in damage for 8 seconds. You can add Magic Control to decrease the mana cost by 50%. Then you can add Just Cause, that in addition to the reduced damage, increases attack power by 15%. Lastly, you can get Heavenly Requiem for an increased range.

Hand of Heaven

Then I Hand of Heaven, which is similar to Guardian Angel as you summon an entity above to give aid. This time, you raise your Sword above your head, which summons a bolt of lightning. With High Voltage, you can increase your radius of damage. With Powerful Lightning, you can add electroshock. Lastly, with Heavenly Requirement, you summon the Guardian of Light to aid in dealing more damage and knocking them backward.

Shield of Faith

As suggested by the name, Shield of Faith is a shield skill for the Paladin Build. In fact, you can give it to your allies who are close by as well. You can add Fast Move to increase movement speed when the shield is equipped. Then you can get Enhanced Protection to increase duration. Lastly, you can get the Electric Discharge to deal damage within 6m when the shield disappears.

Awakening Skill

For your awakening, Luteran Court works nicely in PvP as you can give yourself and your allies a shield and rush in to aid them. With it, you leap into the air and emit blinding light. Then you that up by landing and inflicting damage. You also get an 80% health shield afterward. So overall, great for defense and offense. 

Paladin PvE Build Skills

Lost Ark Paladin PvE Skills
Paladin PvE Skills gameplay

For the Paladin, there is not a huge difference between the used skills. The slight difference that you might feel is that you will be relying more on the Sacred Executioner, one of the Paladin’s identity abilities, while trying to level up.

The other ability is Holy Aura, but unlike the Sorceress, you cannot use both at the same time. Regardless, by the time you’ve reached level 60, you will have about 20 skills for the Paladin. But in reality, you only need to use 8. With the limited resources in PvE mode, it is best that you prioritize the following skills for a better Paladin Build in the game. You can mix and match them as you like.

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Charge Excellent Mobility Shining Protection Law of the Jungle
Executor’s Sword Stigmata Challenger’s Will Executioner’s Strike
Execution of Justice Rune Prison Strength Release Light Explosion
Holy Sword Stigmata Weak Point Deduction Condensed Energy
Punishment Concussion Piercing Sword Leap Attack
Dash Slash Quick Prep Powerful Blow Finishing Strike
Sword of Justice Insight Holy Sword Dazzling Light Sword
Godsent Laq Shield Wide-Angle Attack Light’s Guardian


Allows you to dash forward up to 6m to stab enemies. You can get Excellent Mobility to move an extra 2 meters. Additionally, use Shining Protection to create a shield around you as you use the skill. Finish off with the third Tripod, Law of the Jungle, to do a horizontal spinning slash with +80% damage.

Executor’s Sword

Allows you to hold the Sword in both hands and rapidly swing upwards to launch foes into the air. Get Stigmata to make the ground explode after the last attack and deal damage to enemies in the air. Then you can get Challenger’s Will to damage Challenger or higher enemies by +60%. And lastly, you can get Executioner’s Strike to deliver a strong downward attack on the ground.

Execution of Justice

It is a spinning attack used to damage in all directions. You can get Rune Prison to pull your enemies closer. Strength Release can be used to increase damage. And lastly, Light Explosion to create an explosion after the last attack, knocking enemies into the air.

Holy Sword

Holy Sword allows you to perform a thrust attack with your Sword with a stream of light coming out of the blade to inflict additional damage. You can get Stigmata to leave behind a trace of light for additional damage. You can then get Weak Point Deduction to add Holy element and damage Push-Immune enemies as well. And lastly, Condensed Energy to increase the AoE radius of the thrust and shoot out further.


Punishment releases a cross-shaped sword slash, finishing with a two-handed slash. You can add Concussion to increase the stagger level. Piercing Sword can be used to increase damage by 50% against Challenge or higher enemies. Lastly, you can use Leap Attack to do a jump and slam-down attack, inflicting +80% damage.

Dash Slash

Allows you to dash around the arena and then end with a powerful slash. It is a skill great for mobility, and you can use Quick Prep to reduce the cooldown by 4s. You can add Powerful Blow to increase the Max Damage by +60%. Finish it off by adding Finishing Strike to slam the Sword with both hands at the end.

Sword of Justice

Drop a sword made of light at the target, making it great for a sort of ranged attack. You can use Insight to increase the skill cast range by 2 meters and reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds.

Then you can add Summon Holy Sword to make the skill element Holy and leave Light’s Vestige after the Sword falls on enemies. It also increases the damage of the party embers by 100%. Lastly, you can get the Dazzling Light Sword to get small swords of light to fall for 3 seconds.

Godsent Law

Godsent Law summons a magic circle of light, and texts made of infinite light swirl in a magic circle and inflict damage to those inside. You can add the Shield tripod to create a shield for all party members when the skill is used. Wide-Angle Attack can increase your AoE radius. Lastly, Light’s Guardian allows a Light’s Guardian to come in and deal damage. However, that only happens if the attack remains undisturbed till the very end.

Lost Ark Paladin Build Engravings and Stats

Lost Ark Paladin Build Class Engravings
Paladin Class Engravings

The two Engravings that the Paladin has are Judgement and Blessed Aura. Unlike the Deadeye build, class Engraving tends to be opposite of one another, so you will most likely be using only one class engraving.

Judgment is more focused on DPS and boosts the damage of punished skills. It also improves the duration of Sacred Executioner as long as you’re getting enough Piety Energy.

The most important stats that you should be using with Judgement are:

Crit 0
Specialization 800
Domination 0
Swiftness 1600
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

The stats labeled as 0 are simply those that are not quite relevant (you will need them to a certain extent, of course); you can invest in them according to your own preference. But Swiftness and Specialization are a must if you are using Judgement. It will make sure to increase your attack and movement speed while also reducing the cooldown for the skills. It also increases your piety energy received per enemy strikes.

As for Blessed Aura, it is the more common class Engraving that is used. It is because the Blessed Aura allows your Paladin Build to be geared more towards helping your party while helping them reduce damage taken and increase HP restoration. For the Blessed Aura, your stat prioritization should look something like this:

Crit 0
Specialization 1800
Domination 0
Swiftness 600
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

These stats will allow you to get the same advantage as mentioned with the Judgement stats. But on top of that, it will make your buffs stronger, making it better for you and your allies. Without a doubt, Blessed Aura is the engraving to go for in PvP.

With that, I have the Lost Ark Paladin Build. As discussed many times, it is a great skill for support and also dealing good damage. You can go for a pure DPS build with it, but it is ill-advised. If you are looking for builds related to some other class, consider reading our Lost Ark Wardancer Build guide.

If you fancy a ranged combat playstyle, then consider reading our Gunlancer Build, Gunslinger Build, and Sharpshooter Builds in Lost Ark guides. Or if you like to have the martial artist playstyle, then you should go for the Scrapper Build in Lost Ark.

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