Lost Ark: Sorceress BEST Build [PVE & PVP]

Our Lost Ark Sorceress Build guide covers how to make the best Sorceress build in the game and entails the best leveling, gems & engravings.

The Lost Ark Sorceress is an advanced Mage class, introduced in North America in place of the Summoner. She wields a magic staff and specializes in elemental spells, primarily fire, frost, and lightning. Sorceresses excel at ranged attacks and AOE damage, making them a great choice for newcomers and disrupting enemy formations while dealing significant damage.

However, they have low HP, so it’s crucial to attack from a safe distance. To become an effective damage dealer, choosing the right Sorceress Build is essential.

Once you reach level 50 and complete Beatrice’s quest line, you gain access to your Awakening Skill, Enviska’s Might, and the final major skill, Doomsday. At this point, you can select a specific path for your Sorceress Build, with two primary options: Igniter and Reflux. These choices will impact your progression in the game, especially during Guardian and Abyssal Raids.

Key Takeaways
  • The Sorceress class in Lost Ark belongs to the Mage family.
  • She uses a magic staff for casting fire, frost, and lightning spells, with good range but lower HP.
  • Skill point distribution is crucial, focusing on low-cooldown spells when starting.
  • Major abilities, Awakening Skill and Doomsday, are obtained at level 50 and after completing Beatrice’s questline.
  • Choose between Igniter and Reflux builds, each with its own pros and cons.
  • Experiment with different spell combos in PvP for maximum damage.
  • Sorceress class offers various skins like the element of destruction, creative element set, sand dream avatar set, cloud dream avatar set, and more.

The Igniter Build

The Igniter Build

The Igniter Build for the Sorceress in Lost Ark is a powerful burst damage build that focuses on maximizing the Arcane Rupture ultimate ability. Here’s a summary of the key points for the Igniter Build:


  • It gives you a very high-damage burst.
  • It is perfect for killing swarms of enemies from a significant range.
  • Easier build to set up and execute as compared to the others
  • It is highly rewarding and can make short work of difficult bosses.


  • It has a significant cooldown period, so you need to be very careful while using it.
  • Your character is easily targetable when you are casting these spells.
  • It is a glass cannon build, as it makes your sorceress extremely weak.
  • Spells require a lot of precision, as even a slight misclick can be fatal.

Igniter Build Leveling

  • Prioritize Crit and Max Damage stats.
  • Recommended spells for the Igniter Build include Blaze, Rime Arrow, Esoteric Reaction, Punishing Strike, Squall, Explosion, Frost’s Call, Doomsday, and Enviska’s Might (Awakening).
  • Max out Explosion, Doomsday, and Punishing Strike initially.
  • Blaze should be at least level 4, and Frost’s Call, Esoteric Reaction, and Rime Arrow should be at level 7 for synergy.

Sorceress Igniter Build Playstyle

  • The goal is to fill up the Identity Gauge to maximize damage with Arcane Rupture.
  • Use spells like Rime Arrow, Esoteric Reaction, and Frost’s Call with short cooldowns to fill the gauge quickly.
  • Avoid using spells with long cooldowns when the gauge is nearing 100%.

Igniter Sorceress Engravings

  • Best engravings for the Igniter Build include Igniter and All-Out Attack.
  • Consider Hit Master, Cursed Doll, Grudge, and Adrenaline engravings at level 3 for additional buffs.

Pairing Up Gems & Runes For Sorceress Build

  • Use Attack Gems to boost damage for spells like Doomsday, Punishing Strike, Explosion, Rime Arrow, and Frost’s Call.
    rune 2
    The Quick Recharge Rune
  • Cooldown Gems can reduce the cooldown of Rime Arrow, Blaze, Frost’s Call, and Esoteric Reaction.
  • Runes like Bleed Rune and Quick Recharge Rune enhance the Blaze spell.
    rune 1
    The Bleed Rune
  • The Galewind Rune reduces cast time for Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike.
    rune 3
    The Galewind Rune
  • The Wealth Rune helps fill the Identity Gauge faster for increased damage.
    rune 4
    The Wealth Rune

The Reflux Build

The Reflux Build

The Reflux Build for Sorceress in Lost Ark differs from the Igniter Build. It locks the Arcane Rupture ability but grants a damage buff and damage reduction over time in return. Unlike the precision required in the Igniter Build, the Reflux Build is less demanding.

You primarily focus on using spells without concern for an ultimate ability. Instead of utilizing the identity gauge for Arcane Rupture, it’s used for blinking, offering scaling damage and a reduced refresh rate over time.

Sorceress Leveling Guide for Reflux

  • Focus on distributing skill points between Crit and Swiftness, with an 80/20 priority.
  • Recommended spells for the Reflux Build include Blaze, Inferno, Rime Arrow, Esoteric
    spell 1

    Reaction, Punishing Strike, Reverse Gravity, Seraphic Hail, Frost’s Call, and Enviska’s Might (Awakening).

    spell 2
  • Max out Punishing Strike, Frost’s Call, Seraphic Hail, Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction due to their low cooldowns.
    spell 3
    Rime Arrow
  • Upgrade Blaze to level 4 for bonus damage and synergy.


  • Improved mobility and scalability.
  • Consistent damage output over time.
  • Player-friendly and easy to use.
  • No need for specific positioning during spell casting.


  • Lacks burst damage, which can be a drawback in some situations.
  • Low HP makes the character vulnerable.
  • Spells may take time to scale in damage.

Sorceress Build Reflux Gameplay

  • Continuously cast spells as they come off cooldown.
  • Use Blaze consistently between other spells to maximize damage synergy.
  • Follow a specific spell order when encountering a boss: Blaze > Doomsday > Explosion > Punishing Strike > Rime Arrow > Esoteric Reaction > Frost’s Call > Blaze (Repeat).

Reflux Sorceress Engravings

  • Suitable engravings for the Reflux Build include Reflux and Keen Blunt Weapon.
  • Consider Grudge at level 3 for additional utility.

Pairing Up Gems and Runes with the Reflux Build

  • Attack Gems are effective for spells like Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction, Reverse Gravity, Rime Arrow, and Frost’s Call.
  • Cooldown Gems can be paired with Rime Arrow, Seraphic Hail, Esoteric Reaction, Reverse Gravity, and Frost’s Call due to their low refresh rate.
  • For Runes, use the Bleed and Quick Recharge Runes for the Blaze spell.
    rune 1
    The Bleed Rune
  • The Galewind Rune enhances the cast speed of Punishing Strike and Esoteric Reaction.
  • Consider the Rage Rune for Reverse Gravity to reduce cooldown and increase Attack/Movement Speed.
rune 2
The Quick Rechage Rune
rune 3
The Galewind Rune
rune 4
The Rage Rune

By following this guide, players can effectively utilize the Reflux Build for the Sorceress in Lost Ark, focusing on consistent damage output and mobility while sacrificing the Arcane Rupture ability.

Sorceress PvP

PvP is the player versus player mode in Lost Ark. This mode commonly pits you against other players in different situations. The different PvP in Lost Ark consists of a 3v3 Team Deathmatch and a 1v1 Duel. In both these game modes, you are required to change your playstyle and abilities constantly based on your opponent.

Stat Spread in Sorceress PvP

  1. Recommended Stat Spread: Allocate stats as follows – 1 point in Crit, 249 in Domination, and 750 in Swiftness. Max out Swiftness for enhanced Attack Speed, movement speed, and Cooldown Reduction in PvP.
  2. Domination Importance: Invest 250 points in Domination for increased damage, especially against crowd-controlled targets.
  3. Critical Strikes: Consider Critical Strikes for delivering sudden bursts of damage, valuable in 1v1 situations.
  4. Spell Selection: Optimal PvP spells include Lightning Vortex, Inferno, Esoteric Reaction, Punishing Strike, Reverse Gravity, Squall, Seraphic Hail, Frost’s Call, and Enviska’s Might.
    Lightning Vortex
  5. PvP Gameplay: In team deathmatches, focus on long-ranged DPS while maintaining positioning to avoid becoming a target. In 1v1 situations, use defensive spells and Blink to escape and create distance. Lightning Vortex and Frost’s Call can create effective burst combos.
  6. Combos:
    • Basic Combo: Start with Frost’s Call, then use Lightning Vortex, Esoteric Reaction, and Punishing Strike for damage.
    • Stunning Combo: Begin with Squall to stun, then follow with Esoteric Reaction and Inferno.
      spell 2
    • Explosive Combo: Initiate with Lightning Vortex or Frost’s Call, then use Seraphic Hail, Inferno, Reverse Gravity, Esoteric Reaction, and Punishing Strike.
      spell 3
      Esoteric Reaction
    • Quick Burst Combo: Start with Reverse Gravity, follow with Punishing Strike for quick damage and distancing.
      spell 4
      Punishing Strike

Sorceress Leveling Spells

When you are starting as a Sorceress, it is important that you properly distribute your skill points across spells with the lowest cooldowns. These low cooldown spells are perfect for clearing out large mobs of enemies in a short period. A lot of spells can be leveled up to take care of these swarms of enemies, the best options being;

  1. Seraphic Hail: Level this spell to 7 and unlock the first two tripods for reduced MP cost and improved cast radius. It deals AOE damage with a low cooldown.hail
  2. Punishing Strike: Max it to level 10 for dealing with early-level bosses, inflicting 1653 lightning damage in an area.strike
  3. Frost’s Call: This AOE damage spell deals 1199 damage up to 9 times in a 4-second interval. Useful for clearing mobs.Call
  4. Explosion: Unlock this early-game spell for firing flaming projectiles, causing 1594 damage, and knocking enemies into the air. Leveling it up improves damage and burn duration.explosion spell

These spells are vital for efficiently leveling up your Sorceress, especially for dealing with mobs and bosses.

Mid-Game Spell Leveling

Once you have significantly leveled up the abovementioned spells, you can put upgrade spells in other points depending on your preferences. However, there are two more spells you can invoke and level up that will prove to be extremely useful in this portion of the game.



This spell causes burn damage over time in a rectangular area, initially dealing 279 fire damage and paralyzing enemies. At level 4, you unlock the first Tripod for additional burning damage over time.

Elegian’s Touch

his spell speeds up your leveling experience by creating a Magick Protection shield around your body. It consumes 330% MP based on HP consumed during its activation. MP recovery is reduced by 30% while active, returning to normal 3 seconds after deactivation. Leveling it up to level 4 unlocks bonus MP recovery.

Following the Sorceress Leveling Guide for early and mid-game will ensure you can get through the initial easily. Leveling these spells will also help you gain experience and levels quickly and reach the next stage of the game.

Contrary to these complete sets, you can also match elements from different sets to create an entirely different look. The possibilities are endless.

This concludes our guide on the best Sorceress Builds. If you enjoyed this comprehensive guide, you could also view one about the Lost Ark Tier List. Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below.

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