Lost Ark Tier List: PvP & PvE Classes [June 2023]

Struggling to keep pace at Lost Ark? Read our ultimate Lost Ark tier list to find the most robust PvP & PvE classes and ace the MMO's arenas! 

While skimming through the fascinating Lost Ark displays, gamers quickly assume its endgame dungeons to be challenging. Though we don’t doubt that either, there’s another Lost Ark’s even harder sector — it is figuring out the correct subclass to play. Our PvP & PvE Lost Ark classes Tier List will make it more digestible!

Key Highlights
  • Lost Ark features five primary classes, each with its subclasses. Each class has its unique abilities. Each class is suitable for different playstyles.
  • Choosing the correct subclass can be challenging for players, so a tier list ranking the subclasses has been created to help players decide which class to play.
  • The tier list grades the subclasses based on their synergizing style with teams, combat potency, flexibility in leveling up, and engravings.
  • The tier list has three standards S, A, B, and C tiers, with S being the highest and C being the lowest.
  • The tier list is based on the game’s PvP and PvE meta.
  • In the PvP meta, the S-tier subclasses are Gunslinger, Deadeye, Paladin, Deathblade, and Bard.
  • In the PvE meta, the S-tier subclasses are Berserker, Gunlancer, Bard, Summoner, and Destroyer.
  • Players should choose a subclass that fits their playstyle. Following the tier list is not a hard and fast rule.

The isometric 2.5D fantasy game Lost Ark features five primary classes, each having its own subclasses. You will be amused to see how viable every subclass is; however, some shine exceptionally well for both meta: PvP & PvE. Nevertheless, every class is worthy enough to be played even at the highest Lost Ark levels, so pick only those that suit your style. 

To assist you in picking some best Ark classes and building a robust battling party, here’s a complete Lost Ark Tier List Guide. The post breaks down and grades all the classes, so you know where to invest your time and effort.

Lost Ark Tier List At A Glance

Lost Ark Tier List Subclasses Ranking Table

PvP Meta

GunnerDeadeye and GunslingerSharpshooter, Artillerist, and Machinist 
WarriorPaladinBerserker, Gunlancer, and Destroyer
MageBardSorceress and SummonerArcanist
Martial ArtistGlaivier Striker and WardancerScrapper and Soulfist

PvE Meta

GunnerGunslinger and ArtilleristSharpshooter, Deadeye, and Machinist 
WarriorGunlancer, Destroyer, and BerserkerPaladin
AssassinReaperDeathblade and Shadowhunter
MageBard and SummonerSorceress and Arcanist 
Martial ArtistWardancer, Glaivier, and StrikerSoulfist and Scrapper
Lost Ark Tiers
All Lost Ark Tiers Quick Overview

As said before, every class and subclass at a player’s disposal in Lost Ark is worthy. Meaning you may choose to go with any class and still end up in the endgame pretty easily. However, you need to keep in mind a few concerns at a meta-level before diving into the arena. That’s where our ranking of subclasses comes into play. 

Below is a list of the top subclasses for both the PvP and PvE meta of the game. This is just a quick reference and is further detailed in the PvP and PvE sections below. While curating the entire guide and placing each subclass at a suitable position, we have kept in mind their: 

  • synergizing style with teams
  • combatting potency
  • flexibility in leveling up
  • engravings 

Without further ado, here is a quick Lost Ark classes Tier list overview: 

Best Classes For Lost Ark PvP Meta 

S Tier: Gunslinger, Deadeye, Paladin, Deathblade, Bard

A Tier: Shadowhunter, Gunlancer, Glaivier, Destroyer, Sorceress, Berserker, Summoner

B Tier: Wardancer, Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Striker, Machinist, Arcanist, Reaper

C Tier: Soulfist, Scrapper

Best Classes For Lost Ark PvE Meta 

S Tier: Berserker, Gunlancer, Bard, Destroyer, Summoner

A Tier: Wardancer, Artillerist, Paladin, Arcanist, Glaivier, Gunslinger, Sorceress, Striker, Reaper

B Tier: Deadeye, Shadowhunter, Deathblade, Sharpshooter, Machinist

C Tier:  Scrapper, Soulfist

Lost Ark PvP Classes Tier List

Lost Ark PvP Meta Tiers
Lost Ark PvP Tier List (S-A)

The action-packed PvP arena of Lost Ark opens for players after hitting Level 50, concluding the entire initial story behind it. In the overview discussed before, you might have noticed how similar but also different the PvE and PvP rankings look. That’s because classes that are robust enough to ace the PvE setup don’t necessarily prove viable in the other.

In fact, pro-PvE classes might often become potential hindrances in the PvP meta! Having said that, included below is a definitive tier list of the best subclasses you can play in LOST ARK PvP settings. 


Subclass ClassShort Description
GunslingerGunnerWe already know Gunslinger’s famous property – she is a moving weapon arsenal capable of rendering long-ranged attacks no matter how far away her foe is. 

Also, she is extraordinarily swift in moving, enabling your team to wipe off hard-to-catch enemies in just a few seconds. 

DeadeyeGunnerYou will most often see Deadeye struggling in the PvE Arena (which is exactly why we have ranked him in Tier-B of our PvE tier list). Still, in the PvP meta, his exceptional performance as support has turned the tables around. 

He is a sufficiently potent character who performs better crowd control than any other. If you want to have a decent mid-to-long-ranged character in your PvP team, Deadeye is for you. 

PaladinWarriorThe Paladin is the most balanced subclass of the PvP setup of Lost Ark who can easily inflict substantial damage while also performing very well in the support role. 

Paladin is also a pretty tanky go-to for Lost Ark PvP if you’re interested in dealing damage while also having excellent healing capabilities onboard and the power to support allies with increased buffs.

DeathbladeAssassinThis best ARK PvP character is as expeditious as Gunslinger but with a difference of few weapons. Deathblade’s high movement actions will keep your opponent’s team nice and off-balance. 

One drawback to Deathblade’s play, though, is its low base attack damage in the PvP arena. Anyway, the subclass makes up for the gap using its unmatched ability to strike repeatedly and rapidly, so no foe remains unbeaten. 

BardMageBard makes a great pick for players looking for an extra-efficient all-rounder who could take good care of the team with its healing buffs while also featuring quality offensive skills. 

You will find him to be a must-have for 3v3 encounters as he dishes some mind-blowing damage and also coordinates well with allies.


Subclass ClassShort Description
ShadowhunterAssassinShadowhunter shapeshifts into mighty demonic forms to unleash its full powers to reciprocate the PvP monster attacks in their style. To inflict damage to anyone who comes in its way, the subclass shoots a ray of death. 

However, you need to bear Shadowhunter’s long charging spans in order to ensure more damage. 

Gunlancer WarriorThough not as powerful as the Gunlancer you may experience in the PvE, he has got colossal attack and defense stats to take his spot on the A tier for PvP. 

Gunlancer has a decent DPS strength but is a little too slow in summoning and executing shields. 

Therefore replace Bard or Gunslinger with him unless you are trying to compose more of a tankier team than a flashy one. 

Sorceress Mage Solid DPS character yet a squishy option thanks to the sprawling list of spells always at the ready. 

Though it will take a while to learn how to maneuver Sorceress (the reason it’s not placed in the S-Tier), everything will seem nice and controlled once you achieve it. 

After mastering Sorcerous, all you need is to enchant spells on your foes, and voila –they vanish!  

BerserkerWarriorAre you planning to launch a melee-focused brute force on the opposition? Berserker is a made-for-you Lost Ark Character, then! With him, you can easily face enemies in the PvP setup investing as little effort.  
GlaivierMartial Artist In PvP, Glaivier turns into an aggressive melee-oriented class for any player who longs to have high mobility, damage, and push immunity. Glaivier has got agile combos coupled with massive AoE potential and, of course, the ability to close the distance. 

Together the unique combination of strengths helps Glaivier-employing players to catch enemies off guard and gather as many knockouts as possible. One can deem this class as an alternative to Deathblade as it gives players an unassailable lead to make the initial moves in the game. 

DestroyerWarriorWhether you are in the middle of a tense fight or in front of a giant boss, this class will let you put in a lot of stagger along with massive damage. 

The Destroyer class isn’t elementary to master but know that an extra input of effort will only bring you a reward in the form of maximum damage if nothing else. 

Like in PvE, Destroyer here also revolves around generating Gravity Cores and crowd-controlling its opponents. Players must wisely decide on the correct time to send in Purple Skills. We recommend doing so while the foes are on the ground or at least CC’ed. 

SummonerMageYou can expect something similar from Summoners as you’d do from any Mage class but add a more incredible punch of fun. The mythical creatures players can summon for wreaking havoc against the enemies provide the superb opportunity of rendering damage and greater control of Lost Ark than the rest. 

You get a rich palette of Summons and Spells, each serving a distinct and impactful purpose on the battlefield. Nevertheless, the considerable range can quickly start to feel annoying in PvP. 

You must use the class’s mobility as wisely as possible and coordinate well with the rest of the team. We recommend keeping Summoners in the backline, playing keep away, and utilizing the minions to render stun effects to enemies and ultimately knock them off.


Subclass ClassShort Description
WardancerMartial ArtistAre you struggling to perform in close encounters? The DPS-focussed Wardancer may help!

He is a competitive opposition for your foes that, with its passive damage skills, will retain enemies from further advancement so they can be finally blown by some other high-damage subclass like the Paladin or Bard. 

Because Wardancer himself can not render substantial damage is why we have placed him in the B-tier of our Lost Ark PvP Tier list

ArtilleristGunnerThough many players will be excited to see Artillerists with their gigantic machine guns and probably expect massive damage too, the picture is quite different. 

Artillerist lacks agility like Wardancer (a shortcoming associated with almost all Tier-B dwellers) and render attacks that are either too slow or low damage. 

Nevertheless, you can always utilize the subclass on close combats but don’t forget to synergize it with other potent supports. 

SharpshooterGunnerSharpshooter equips a unique bow and arrow weapon to cast long-ranged attacks and easily take a couple of characters of the opposing team down; however, availing this fascinating potency isn’t as easy as you might be thinking. 

Sharpshooter demands too much time investment to master that it’s much better to employ some other short-ranged hero instead.  

StrikerMartial ArtistThe Striker is very much like the Wardancer, following the same passive nature and dependence on support to prove more viable than it is actually on its own. 

However, he has some worth witnessing aerial attacks that can prove troublesome for the opponent party. That’s pretty much all a Striker has got to manifest once an enemy gets in close.

MachinistGunnerThe Machinist (Scouter) is not a regular gunner class equipped with a submachine gun. Instead, it utilizes robust damage-dealing drones as well as the ability to employ lasers by turning into an Iron Man. 

In PvP, users get extra control over the drones to peel, zone, and catch opponents. The burst damage is, of course, also there to render unrecoverable damage from a distance. In PvP, users can also avail of added immunity to stagger while in Hypersync mode. 

Nevertheless, the drawbacks make their way from PvE to here, too (which also makes for Machinist’s low rank). Users must remain very cautious against the class’ squishiness and output skills from a safe place so that they don’t get caught by their own damage.

ArcanistMageThis class is for the players who possess a little extra tolerance than most. Arcanist looks weak and difficult to maneuver at first but will prove highly fruitful if you input effort. The deeper you go into the game with an Arcanist class, the more rewarding it’s fast-paced mechanics start to feel. 

As far as Lost Ark’s PvP meta is concerned, players get similar AoE CC abilities as in PvE. The Arcanist class will also be able to quickly catch the enemy in 1v1 fights, thanks to the quick stagger skills coupled with equally mobile damage combos. 

Nevertheless, since this is the only way players can catch foes with an Arcanist, be prepared to struggle against classes that equip a great deal of super armor. One probably must wait for a safe strike window by randomly moving around. 

Though the rendered damage is also medium compared to PvE, users can always employ a sound Tarot Card to change the tides.

ReaperAssassinReaper isn’t as deserving of your attention in PvP as in PvE hence the low rank. The class boards about average durability, just enough ranged options, lacking damage output, and lacking progress given the similar learning curve as required in PvE (there it is rewarded at least). 

Some of you might find Reaper plays very well in 1v1 PVP content; we will not disagree. That’s exactly where the class’s high mobility comes to use. However, soon enough, the table will turn as in group battles; Reaper falls quite vulnerable and is easy to peel.

While you can bet on Reaper in PvP over Soulfist and Scrapper, it’s not worth investing in front of the top-tiered Shadowhunters and Deathblades.



Subclass ClassShort Description
SoulfistMartial ArtistDespite a powerful burst attack, Soulfist languishes down on the C Tier for Lost Ark’s PvP arena due to its exceedingly slow cooldown and long charge. 

The reason behind its long charging span is the two-in-one, melee+ranged attacking nature on board. 

Meaning its versatility is more like a curse than it could be a blessing as players are restricted to avail either option until the entire subclass is fully charged. 

ScrapperMartial ArtistThe monk-type Scrapper is the slowest of all the Lost Ark sub-classes. This is due to the same drawback that almost every Martial artist suffers from the dead slow cooldown and charging. 

Nevertheless, the Scrapper equips an excellent dual glove that can dish off massive disruption on the enemy’s side; however, that too doesn’t prove as potent in the PvP setup as it does in PvE.

Lost Ark PvE Tier List 

Lost Ark PvE Meta Tiers
Lost Ark PvE Tier List (S-A)

Now that you have been through the Lost Ark classes tier list for PvP settings, here’s a similar treatment for the PvE settings: 


Subclass ClassShort Description
BerserkerWarriorBerserkers are a solid choice for beginners who want to enjoy a quick leveling up of their characters. Thanks to their two-in-one melee+DPS nature, Berserkers are also ideal for players who love dishing out solid damage while still being at a safe distance.

Using their Rage/Fury meters, Berserkers act as an unstoppable damage-dealing machine that opens continuous damage when filled up. Berserkers also excel at dishing substantial AoE damage.

GunlancerWarrior Don’t feel impressed by the Berserkers but want to take advantage of similar classic damage-outputting style? Gunlancers might amuse you! 

They are the best in tanking massive wrecking on the foe’s side while also helping allies heal. Most importantly, Gunlancers, with their high defense and HP stats, can block the same amounts of damage for their teams as they are specialized in giving off. 

What’s more? Gunlancers are pretty swift in sponging damage and retaliating back, unlike what you might have experienced with them performing in the PvP meta. 

BardMageThough Bard doesn’t carry any uniqueness to amuse you at first, its role in the team as support or specifically as a healer is worth appreciating. 

We placed Bard in the top tier for the PvP meta as well here as we think he is the best healer in Lost Ark who can deliver allies the best protection and cures in the game while also supporting them with some classic defensive skills. 

Because Bards lack robustness in active role combat, don’t rely on them if you’re looking forward to a solo in Arkesia.  

DestroyerWarriorAs the name suggests, the Destroyer class is known for a great deal of damage it can do. Destruction (weak point) and a lot of stagger are also the class’s highlights, which are particularly beneficial for Legion Raids. Furthermore, layers also get good defenses via Endure Pain.

Anyways the class poses a bit of a learning curve in order for you to reach its full potency. As a Destroyer, you’ll primarily be employing Gravity Cores generated via Blue Skills and be seeking sage windows to put in Purple Skills. 

Though most of the output will depend on which skills and playstyle you opt for while being a Destroyer, the class is excellent for everyone. Fans of rendering lots of burst damage, that too amidst intense action, can rely on the Destroyer class without a doubt. 

SummonerMageAs the name suggests, the Summoner class proficiently controls enemies with its vast range of summons. Thanks to their attacking spells, Summoners deal acceptable damage, ultimately proving themselves consistent DPS renderers during PvE raids. 

Players who opt for Summoner must wisely alternate between switching positions, instant-casting, and waiting for casting windows. With Summoner in the PvE meta, you get a wide-ranged option that packs great damage capacity synced cleverly with high mobility.

It is the perfect option to fuel your pet class fantasy in the game since you get to summon and attack alongside multiple creatures. The subclass is pretty easy to get and also controls through the content hence hailing as one of the best choices for both beginners and veterans. 

Mastering the class is very hard but rewarding.



Subclass ClassShort Description
Wardancer Very mobile and quick, Wardancer wrecks enemies hard but can also get some in return. Perhaps this is exactly why he languishes down in the second tier and not the top one. 

Wardancer’s buffs are awesome, bolstering a solid crit chance and attack speed for her allies. However, there’s very little that this subclass can actively boast in close battles that any other class can not match. In short, there’s nothing unique that Wardancer can show in the PvE meta. 

Conclusively, Wardancer is exceptional when used by an experienced player because of its high learning curve and nothing extraordinary onboard. 

ArtilleristGunnerThe Artillerist is an all-rounder for composing a PvE roster. Though not exceptionally potent in any area, the Artillerist is more of a jack-of-all-trades who can do pretty darn well as a tank and shield support. You can use it in both conditions– support and DPS as needed. 

Artillerists are a little slower than the previously talked Wardancers; however, the gap is filled by their excellent damage-absorbing skills. This subclass’s specialization is its machine gun that shapeshifts into other weapons to offer even greater versatility to an already generalist Artillerist. 

Paladin WarriorPaladins are great alternatives to the S-Tier dweller Bards, though with a slight lack of healing powers which is also why they are ranked a Tier down. 

Nevertheless, they still efficiently support their allies while ensuring a substantial damaging impact on the opponent side.

Paladins Warrior nature integrates higher defense and attack stats, proving them viable as active roles in close combat.

GunslingerGunnerIn search of a decent DPS class to accompany you through Lost Ark’s PvE setup? Gunslinger is for you. The subclass is a sturdy choice if you are playing solo, thanks to its 10% increased crit buff and swift movement speed. 

Then what lands Gunslingers out of the S-Tier? It’s the subclass’s typical glass cannons that come with a rather tricky swap mechanism that only experienced players can handle. 

Yet once you get a good grip,  cannons can prove to be very mighty in dishing off damage while maintaining a considerable distance from potentially lethal foes. 

SorceressMageSorceress dishes massive DPS attacks with decent damage buff (6%) and a superb high burst radius using its mystical charms. The subclass is very mobile and a straightforward choice for those who know how to play Western RPGs.  

But, her relatively lacking defenses and HP makes her play a little tricky to manage. Therefore select Sorcerous for your team only if you are confident enough of extracting the best performance out of her.

ArcanistMageArcanist is very difficult to master but yet highly recommended for PvE. It features a fast-paced overall style and an extensive range of skill rotation hence suiting only the quick thinkers or players who can spontaneously act and decide. 

Nevertheless, the class manifests tremendous AoE potential against bulky monsters in order to keep and crowd-control them while also rendering enough damage. 

Raid bosses and guardians are also well served, given the Arcanists’ ability to quickly shift to a melee range, followed by applying four stacks of Ruin and finally detonating with the red skill.

Here the Arcanist class will also utilize its Tarot Cards to avail something like Twisted Fate or Death card to swell the damage by Ruin even more. All in all, Arcanist is a great company to have the more you gear it up, put effort into it, and dive deeper into the game. 

StrikerMartial ArtistIf you want to witness incredible damage through aerial attacks while playing Lost Ark’s PvE meta and also remain mobile, Striker may be the best subclass for you. So swift are this sub’s moves that it can literally impact enemies from almost any angle using Elemental Gauntlets. 

Though this makes striker a little tricky to maneuver in the field, its increased crit chance and considerable damage output give the subclass some room to forgive. If you look for a more flashy Lost Ark experience, the subclass is your go-to.

GlaivierMartial Artist Glaivier is for you if you need a class that rewards the investment of mechanical efforts and also honors the player’s creativity. 

The class comes with a lot of style and flexibility in how users want to play it. In PvE Lost Ark meta, the Glaivier class tends to stay in one stable stance before shifting to the other in order to max up the meter. 

This helps particularly the players who are accurate in dishing off skills and are not ignoring any of Glaivier’s skills. You must also take the most of the buffing advantage from stance swapping.

ReaperAssassinWith a very high emphasis on teleports, stealth, and poison, Reaper is just like any Assassin class. Reaper is either built for inflicting an overall sustained damage effect or burst effect on the opponent side. Since the overall DPS output is the same, the final performance boils down to your preferred playing style. 

This also explains why most players have mixed opinions about the Reaper Assassin class. As per the majority’s opinion, the Sustained play style is slightly more worthwhile as it’s relatively faster and more fun than the other. Moonlight also feels fantastic to play.

Nevertheless, the class is a pretty squishy, less damaging option as it mainly depends on base attacks. It’s also super hard to master and needs grinding for many runes to be genuinely effective. If you handle it well, the Reaper class is easily the best Assassin of Lost Ark PvE meta.


Subclass ClassShort Description
Deadeye GunnerTo be honest, Deadeye is a carbon copy of Gunslinger but without some cool stuff. Meaning he doesn’t equip a dozen different weapons as Gunslinger does; instead, Deadeye owns just three shotguns.

All three come with a 10% crit buff for support on multiple occasions, which is also enough for the versatility a PvE player requires. But, because they are shotguns, Deadeye usually prefers to stay in a melee range. 

The biggest drawback, though, is Deadeye’s complicated learning curve making it one of the fiddlest classes to get to grips with. But once mastered can prove to be an excellent team investment like Gunslinger. 

Shadowhunter AssassinA Shadowhunter’s best feature is their 12% additional damage buff, something that’s typically found in tier-S subclasses like the Berserker and Bard. 

This subclass can also shapeshift from a regular character into a demon form to boast extra speed and HP, but the defense and attack stats will remain the same. 

There’s nothing extra astonishing about a Shadowhunter which is why we think players can be better served by some other subclass who owns any unique specialty with a similar buff rate. 

Deathblade AssassinAn incredible subclass choice for fresh Lost Ark players. It has got cool sword attack moves that are both versatile and potent enough to render a great deal of damage. 

So what has brought him down to the B-Tier? Well, his damage potency and stats will seem significant in your initial times of playing the PvE meta, but as you advance through the game, the same qualities will start to fall short. 

Deathblade’s damage output at professional Lost Ark levels is way less than players had expected, resulting in other subclasses seeming more viable. 

However, if you don’t want to go through a complicated learning curve of some other subclass and just need someone for a filler role, then there’s no harm in having Deathblade.

Sharpshooter GunnerThe Sharpshooter is an archer of Lost Ark who manifests a strong stagger ability, serious damage output and adds a 6% damage influx to the allied party. But these stats are only valid when the foe is at a distance. 

Though Sharpshooter’s long-ranged attacks give him a lot of mobility, the subclass can rarely get out alive if caught in close combat. 

How could even an archer survive in close combat, considering that the opposition team will have some mighty pieces ready to crush a character only equipped with a bow and arrow? 

MachinistGunnerAlso called Scouter in Lost Ark, the Machinist goes out of the box and employs a drone and Gunner’s class special–submachine. The unique weapon combo helps Machinist render massive damage. It can also turn into an Iron Man to wield lasers instead. 

Talking about especially PvE, users have the choice to either fight as a human or in the Hypersync form. An enough powered combination of Normal, Drone, and Fusion skills will assist you while you are in Human form. 

In Hypersync mode, however, one can take advantage of the skills that charge up identity to help transform. All in all, the class is pretty cool, but you must still be careful as it is one of the squishiest in Lost Ark. 

Enjoy a great deal of damage output but don’t skip ensuring that you are in a safe area and are not ignoring the class’s mechanics. Otherwise, the damage may prove lethal for yourself.


Subclass ClassShort Description
Scrapper Martial ArtistThe Scrapper is a worthy subclass only because of the damage it renders with its unique Chi gauge (dual glove) equipment onboard. The subclass boasts a robust defense, coupled with moderate damage rated along 6% additional buff. 

Though Scrappers performs genuinely better in this meta than they do in the PvP, they still struggle due to their rather sluggish cooldown.

Yet it’s a great class to begin your early levels of PvE where the slow charge doesn’t matter a lot. Also, Scrapper’s learning curve is pretty darn easy! 

Despite a worthy profile, Scrapper again needs to be ranked in the last tier for this meta even because its fellow subclasses are too good. 

SoulfistMartial ArtistThe poor lad Soulfist sadly retains its drawbacks to this meta too. The subclass is too overly good to be versatile that it ends up seriously lacking in either one role. 

Players who choose Soulfist due to his all-in-one quality will instantly regret it once the subclass is tested. Nevertheless, they’ll still be able to utilize his burst damage capabilities to an extent. 

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What Lost Ark Class Will Best Suit You? 

Further ahead, we will discuss each Lost Ark hero thoroughly, starting with the best of best in the top tier S and working out way down the entire list. However, before we get into the specifics, it’s worth understanding the key that ranks all of them differently. The key is none other than their individual roles! 

Looking at each of these will help you acquire a general gist of what game style and qualities will best fit you in Lost Ark. These roles (also attributed as classes) are: 

Martial Artist 

A melee-focused class that sends one of the quickest units to the combatting arena (PvP or PvE). The class features the Scrapper, Wardancer, Striker, Glaivier and Soulfist, all specialized in dishing out massive amounts of burst damage while remaining protected due to their flash movements. 

With its unique energy, the Scrapper subclass focuses on obliterating enemies with burst damage, while the Striker deals with launching highly fatal aerial combo attacks. The Soulfist subclass is very versatile for use, given his superb quality of interchangeably using ranged and melee moves. Lastly, Wardancer outnumbers foes with his decisive elemental actions.


  • Good DPS units
  • Hard and highly damaging strikes
  • Good against both solo and group enemies
  • Can switch between melee and ranged attacks
  • Attack combos
  • Great burst damage from attacks
  • High and powerful damage ability 
  • Very useful in boss fights
  • Great impairment damage.
  • Party buffs


  • Very challenging to master 
  • High cooldown rates
  • Most of the time you will have to do auto attacks that will make the combat seem boring.
  • The power identity gauge is tiered. Until you reach the third level in your gauge, the class would be fairly sluggish to use.
  • Lacks in the swiftness stat.


The Mage is a magical class of the Lost Ark consisting of specific experts using powerful, raged mystical charms to take their enemy down. However, one area where a Mage’s magic seems not to work is health. Mages have less health than the other classes, but that gap is also fillable thanks to the exceptional magical qualities onboard!  

Mage players choose between the dedicated DPS subclass Sorcerous, Arcanist, Summoner or the Bard. Sorcerous is a pro in rendering elemental damage.

On the other hand, Bard is an ideal investment for players looking for a filler role that can provide substantial healing and buffing to allies while also featuring decent damage capabilities. 


  • Stronger burst shields. The identity gauge can boost the shields of the party members.
  • High rate of burst healing. When cast, the chain heal will restore the HP of most of the party members.
  • Great for PVE boss fights.
  • Amazing damage buffs for allies and debuffs for opponents.
  • Can Stun or Freeze enemies.
  • Excellent mobility.
  • Can dodge most of the attacks easily.
  • A great DPS unit.


  • Very squishy as a build.
  • Playing this class, you will be more prone to damage than the others.
  • Fairly challenging to play.
  • Doesn’t deal a great amount of damage.
  • Support abilities only work if the party members are in close range.


Gunner is Lost Ark’s only ranged class for whom blowing foes from even hundreds of meters afar is a piece of cake. Its subclasses are Gunslinger, Artillerist, Machinist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter. The versatile Gunslinger is famous for equipping multiple guns and is often called a walking arsenal. She proficiently swaps guns as per the given situation, offering extended adaptability to the team. 

Next up is Artillerist who carries gigantic guns to fire massively devastating cannons and barrages. The third subclass, Deadeye, is very similar to Gunslingers but falls a little short in terms of versatility as he dishes off shorter ranged damage than Gunslinger does.

Last is the Sharpshooter subclass, which uses archery weapons to launch long-ranged attacks.


  • The beefiest class in Lost Ark.
  • Possesses Taunt ability. This can distract the boss while the rest of the party members bombard him with attacks.
  • Does great at parties.
  • Fun to play if you master the abilities and mechanics.
  • High range.
  • Fairly good DPS.
  • Great mobility on the battlefield.
  • A very balanced class with good melee abilities ranged attacks and great damage.
  • Sub-classes like Artillerist can inflict debuffs on enemies.


  • You will need to level up as much as you can in any of the subclasses to progress.
  • Requires ability rotation for most of the sub-classes.
  • Synergy is also required if you want to reach the endgame.
  • Subclasses like the Deadeye that rely on shotgun need to be in melee range to inflict damage.
  • Challenging to play because of the combo system.
  • Inconvenient dodge mechanic.


A melee-focused class that isn’t as speedy as Martial Artist provides more significantly impactful damage per every hit. Assassins also know how to avail bonus damages via critical hits, something absent in the rest DPS melee classes of Lost Ark. 

Players who choose this class will either get the shapeshifting rogue Shadowhunter who employs dark mystical powers to deal with its foes or the Deathblade who dices up the opposition with his three-bladed arms. They can also go with the Reaper.


  • Great ranged abilities.
  • Good AOE abilities.
  • A good melee DPS class.
  • Does amazing in PVE battles.
  • Very easy to master and learn the abilities.
  • Powerful combos.
  • Can perform back attacks.
  • One of the flashiest classes.
  • Fast-paced combat.


  • If not in demon form, Shadow Hunters( subclass of Assassin) have a fairly prolonged cooldown rate.
  • Depends a lot on gear to get through. 
  • Without the necessary equipment, the DPS rate is fairly low.
  • High item level requirement.
  • Engravings are required. Otherwise, you cannot have a decent DPS unit.


This is another melee-focused class but far slower than the ones discussed before. What makes it shine is its absolute health reserve that’s more efficient than any other. Warrior is one heck of choice for new players to pick as it dishes out massive damage to the opposition but is also easier to master. 

The class is Lost Ark’s version of a tank consisting of three subclasses: the support hybrid Paladin, the defensive DPS Gunlancer, destructive Destroyer and the sturdy Berserker


  • Fairly easy to master the abilities and combat mechanics.
  • Constant DPS output. Has one of the highest DPS rates in Lost Ark.
  • Deals constant damage.
  • Can be utilized at parties. Any party without a warrior is incomplete.
  • Performs great in raids.
  • Simple and straightforward class. Doesn’t have flashy attacks but does great in combat.


  • Does not possess a great shield system.
  • Depends heavily on engravings.
  • A bit slow and the attacks feel delayed. 
  • Close ranged attacks. 
  • Longer cooldown rates.

Best Subclasses In Lost Ark For Arena & Overall Gameplay 

If you’re looking for the best class for all game modes including arena, then the following classes in Lost Ark are the best in our tier list. 


PvP RankS-TierPvE Rank A-Tier
Core Abilities Bullet Rain, Peacekeeper, Dexterous Shot, Equilibrium, Spiral Tracker, Quick Step, Eye of Twilight, and High-Caliber HE Bullet

One of the best female shooters in our tier list belongs to the Gunslinger class and undoubtedly is the femme fatale of Lost Ark. 


PvP RankS-TierPvE Rank A-Tier
Core Abilities Heavenly Blessings, Holy Protection, Godsent Law, Holy Sword, Execution of Justice, Executor’s Sword, Alithanes’s Light, and Alithanes’s Judgment

Belonging to the Warrior class of Lost Ark, Paladin is one of the best PvE and PvP classes in Lost Ark. Moreover, Paladin is a very balanced class and can act as good support in your team. 


PvP RankA-TierPvE Rank B-Tier
Core Abilities Howl, Demonic Clone, Demolition, Thrust Impact, Cruel Cutter, Gate of Eruption, Fallen Ruin, and Decimate

It is fair to say that this class has made its mark in all the modes of Lost Ark, and is definitely the best arena class in our tier list. The demonic forms of Shadowhunter make it capable of attacking the monsters in PvE. Attacks of Shadowhunter are deadlier as compared to other classes like Deadeye in our tier list and can help you win the PvP matches of Lost Ark. 


PvP RankA-TierPvE Rank A-Tier
Core Abilities Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike, Doomsday, Inferno, Blaze, Enviska’s Might, and Apocalypse Call

Undoubtedly the best Mage class in our tier list, Sorceress is known for being one of the most powerful Supports in Lost Ark. 

Lost Ark Classes Tier List Criteria 

A class’s and its subclass’s performance weighed separately in the two Lost Ark meta– PvP and PvE is the primary criteria we considered while grading all the names in our hierarchically ordered Lost Ark Tier List. 

We were 100% unbiased while dealing with classes that could do absolutely well in dishing impactful damages and others that don’t. This is because we know that the diverse realm of Lost Ark is parted into the two giant meta sections where classes that shine in one won’t necessarily boost the same skills in the other.   

Ranking Based on Experience And Research

How did we determine what class is the best for each Lost Ark meta? Well, our team consists of a dozen gaming freaks who are extensively indulging in playing and experiencing new esports titles to churn for you the best possible and most informed pieces of content.

In Lost Ark’s case, we have tried and tested almost every class and character before curating a definitive list of tiers. Our list also holds due credits to expert Lost Ark professionals and casual-to-intense players for contributing their valuable opinions and helping us formulate an up-to-date Classes Tier list. 

Why Trust Us?

Our team has been playing Lost Ark’s both competitive meta since the year it was first released and has since been keeping a close eye on every modification ranging from the slightest health buff to a significant change in the entire game settings. All the gained experience was then utilized to discuss the tiers above, ranking each subclass based on the current play tactics. 

We understand tier list rankings are always subjective, which is why our hierarchy of the PvP and PvE classes may or may not resemble your preferences. That’s exactly why we’ll be happy to discuss your opinion in the comments down below. 

Changes Due to Patch Update 

Updated Till: The March 2023 “Art of War” Update.

The summarized list below will talk you through all the essential changes Lost Ark, especially its classes, has welcomed recently. Consider all the updates closely in order to end up with effective choices only, and acing the Lost Ark game seems even achievable. The changes go as follows: 

  • Shadowhunter and its skills’ damage have been increased in PvP by up to 5% (Spinning Weapon received a whopping 17% buff!). The rest of the skills include Cruel Cutter, Demolition, Thrust Impact, and Sharpened Cut.
  • The Surprise Attack. Spincutter and Turning Slash skills of the Deathblade class all have got their ‘Open Weakness’ skill tree effect changed. Their Frontal attacks and back attack inflictions are nerfed to 5% from 9%. The debuffing amount, however, has swelled from 3% to 4%. 
  • Sorceress’ damage potential has seen an uplift in PvP. Damage from all its skills except the Basic Attack skill is revamped by 4.8% in PvP. This makes the class better but still not fit enough to escape the lowest rank.
  • Bard has also received similar changes to damage output but for the PvP Lost Ark content instead. The class’s Damage renderence of all the skills except Basic Attack is raised by 10.2%.
  • Normal Skill and Evoke Skill Damage in PvP of the Arcanist class have been nerfed by 6.0% and 19%, respectively. 
  • Machinist’s damage rendering in Lost Ark PvE meta has been buffed. Its Normal Skill Damage has been improved by 8.0%.
  • The Gunlancer class has been buffed more than any other. Its Gunlance skill Damage has received a 5.3% increase in PvE, whereas the Normal skill Damage got a smaller, 1.5% increase in PvE.

Final Words 

That is all by our side for you to know the best Lost Ark Classes for PvP & and PvE. Though it’s entirely your choice for whom to add to your team that’s contesting in the PvP field or whom to try at PvE, we still recommend sticking with both the S and A tiers as they will do better in your interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best class for leveling up in Lost Ark?

When you’re leveling up, go for classes that feature sustainability and survivability. Hybrid classes like Paladin, Bard, and Gunlancer are good options if you want to level up fast in Lost Ark. You can also choose Shadow Hunter class as it’s perfect for your group as well as solo endeavors.

What’s the best class to use in the arena in Lost Ark?

When it comes to the difficult battles in the arena, the class you should go for in Lost Ark is Paladin. You won’t see them being used much, but they can balance their team very well in arena battles. They can also do great in 1v1 matches.

What is the best DPS class in Lost Ark?

Powerful classes like the Striker or Deathblade are the best DPS units in Lost Ark. Deathblade being an assassin class, they can do very well in the DPS role as well. The same goes for the Striker class. Their consistent hits make them the best DPS unit in Lost Ark

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