Lost Ark Tier List: PvP & PvE Classes [With Comparison]

Struggling to keep pace at Lost Ark? Read our tier list to find the most robust PvP & PvE classes and ace the MMO's arenas! 

While skimming through the fascinating Lost Ark displays, gamers quickly assume its endgame dungeons to be challenging. Though we don’t doubt that either, there’s another Lost Ark’s even harder sector — it is figuring out the correct subclass to play. Our PvP & PvE Lost Ark classes Tier List will make it more digestible!

Key Highlights
  • Lost Ark has five primary classes, each with its subclasses and unique abilities.
  • Choosing the right subclass can be challenging, so a tier list ranks them based on team synergy, combat potency, levelling flexibility, and engravings.
  • The tier list has four standards: S, A, B, and C tiers, with S being the highest and C being the lowest.
  • It considers the game’s PvP and PvE meta.
  • In PvP, S-tier subclasses include Gunslinger, Deadeye, Paladin, Deathblade, and Bard.
  • In PvE, S-tier subclasses include Berserker, Gunlancer, Bard, Summoner, and Destroyer.
  • The tier list is a guide, and players should choose a subclass that suits their playstyle.

Lost Ark Tier List At A Glance

Lost Ark Tier List Subclasses Ranking Table

PvP Meta

Class S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Gunner Deadeye and Gunslinger Sharpshooter, Artillerist, and Machinist 
Warrior Paladin Berserker, Gunlancer, and Destroyer
Assassin Deathblade Shadowhunter Reaper
Mage Bard Sorceress and Summoner Arcanist
Martial Artist Glaivier  Striker and Wardancer Scrapper and Soulfist
Specialist  Artist/Painter Aeromancer

PvE Meta

Class S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Gunner Gunslinger and Artillerist Sharpshooter, Deadeye, and Machinist 
Warrior Gunlancer, Destroyer, and Berserker Paladin
Assassin Reaper Deathblade and Shadowhunter
Mage Bard and Summoner Sorceress and Arcanist 
Martial Artist Wardancer, Glaivier, and Striker Soulfist and Scrapper
Specialist  Artist/Painter Aeromancer
Lost Ark Tiers
All Lost Ark Tiers Quick Overview

As said before, every class and subclass at a player’s disposal in Lost Ark is worthy. Meaning you may choose to go with any class and still end up in the endgame pretty easily. However, you need to keep in mind a few concerns at a meta-level before diving into the arena. That’s where our ranking of subclasses comes into play. 

Below is a list of the top subclasses for both the PvP and PvE meta of the game. This is just a quick reference and is further detailed in the PvP and PvE sections below. While curating the entire guide and placing each subclass at a suitable position, we have kept in mind their: 

  • Synergizing style with teams.
  • Combatting potency.
  • Flexibility in leveling up.
  • Engravings.

Without further ado, here is a quick classes Tier list overview: 

Best Classes For Lost Ark PvP Meta 

  • S Tier: Gunslinger, Deadeye, Paladin, Deathblade, Bard, Artist/Painter
  • A Tier: Shadowhunter, Gunlancer, Glaivier, Destroyer, Sorceress, Berserker, Summoner, Aeromancer
  • B Tier: Wardancer, Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Striker, Machinist, Arcanist, Reaper
  • C Tier: Soulfist, Scrapper

Best Classes For Lost Ark PvE Meta 

  • S Tier: Berserker, Gunlancer, Bard, Destroyer, Summoner, Artist/Painter
  • A Tier: Wardancer, Artillerist, Paladin, Arcanist, Glaivier, Gunslinger, Sorceress, Striker, Reaper
  • B Tier: Deadeye, Shadowhunter, Deathblade, Sharpshooter, Machinist, Aeromancer
  • C Tier:  Scrapper, Soulfist

Stats for all the classes mentioned in this tier list: 

PvE Meta ClassTierBase ClassWeaponsAwakning SkillsSkills
GunlancerSWarriorGunlancesGuardian's Protection, Lance of JudgmentDefensive Stance, Battlefield Shield, Bash, Shield Bash, Leap Attack
DestroyerSWarriorBattle HammerBig Bang, Terra BreakDreadnaught, Gravity Impact, Heavy Crush, Power Strike, Jumping Smash
BerserkerSWarriorGreatswordBerserker Fury, Chain of VengeanceAssault Blade, Crime Hazard, Doubl Slash, Finish Strike, Shoulder Charge
BardSMageDual BladesFlash Blink, Blade AssaultSurprise Attack, Wind Cut, Upper Slash, Blade Dance, Spincutter, Polestar
SummonerSMageHarpsSymphonia, OratorioSerenade of Courage, Serenade of Salvation, Sound Shock, Sound Wave
Artist/ PainterSSpecialistBrushMasterwork: Spectacle and Masterwork: EfflorescenceInk Shower, Hopper, Inkrise, Drawing Orchids, Butterfly Dream, Sunsketch, Upward Stroke, Sun Well, Crane Wing, Door of Illusion, and InkWell.
AeromancerASpecialistUmbrellaStorm's Approach and Narr's BladeStrong Wind, Rainstorm, Whirlpool, Piercing Wind, Face to Face, Fly, Wiping Wind, and Spring Breeze
GunslingerAGunnerGunsEye of Twilight, High Caliber HE BulletAT02 Grenade, Meteor Stream, Hour of Judgement, Shotgun Rapid Fire
ArtilleristAGunnerLaunchersMissile Barrage, Heavy TurretFirepower Meter, Barrage Meter, Enhanced Shell, Buckshot, Howitzer
PaladinAWarriorOne Handed WeaponAlithane's Judgement, Alithane's LightSacred Executioner, Holy Aura, Light Shock, Sword of Justice
ReaperAAssassinDaggerLunar Eclipse: CadenzaNightmare, Shadow Vortex, Spirit Catch, Piercing Blade, Phantom Dancer
Sorceress AMageStavesEnviska's Might, Apocalypse CallArcane Rupture, Energy Discharge, Squall, Revers Gravity, Blaze, Inferno
ArcanistAMageMagick DeckDeathbound, Prismatic MirrorCorrosion, Joy, Mayhem, Twisted Fate, Cull, Clown, Star, Call of Destiny
WardancerAMartial ArtistLight GauntletsUltimate Skill: Fist of DominanceFlash Heat Fang, Lightning Kick, Triple Fist, Phoenix Advent, Sweeping Kick
GlaivierAMartial ArtistGlaive and SpearYeon-Style Spear Tchnique: Spear MeteorChain Slash, Double Strike, Soul Cutter, Thorn Jab, Half Moon Slash
StrikerAMartial ArtistLight GauntletsUltimate Skill: Explosive Heat AwakeningLightning Kick, Triple Fist, Moon Flash kick, Esotric Skill: Call of the Wind God
SharpshooterBGunnerBowsFnrir's Messenger, Golden EyeRapid Shot, Atomic Arrow, Arrow Wave, Arrow Shower, Blade Storm, Salvo
DeadeyeBGunnerGunsClay Bombardment, Bursting FlareAT02 Grenade, Enforce Execution, Sign of Apocalypse, Hour of Judgement
MachinistBGunnerSubmachine GunAir Strike, Command: Final ExplosionBullet Hail, Mobile Shot, Overcharged Battery, Strategic Fire, Backflip Strike
DeathbladeBAssassinDual BladesFlash Blink, Blade AssaultSurprise Attack, Wind Cut, Upper Slash, Blade Dance, Spincutter, Polestar
ShadowhunterBAssassinShadowbladesGate of Eruption, Fallen RuinDemonic Slash, Nimble Cut, Slasher, Spinning Dive, Cruel Cutter, Howl
SoulfistCMartial ArtistFociWorld Decimation, Annihilating RayVenomous Fist, Energy Bullet, Magnetic Palm, Energy Blast, Energy Release
ScrapperCMartial ArtistHeavy GauntletsMystrious Art: Blast of RuinationJudgement, Death Rattle, Critical Blow, Shredding Strike, Charging Blow

Lost Ark PvP Classes Tier List

Lost Ark PvP Meta Tiers
Lost Ark PvP Tier List (S-A)

The action-packed PvP arena of Lost Ark opens for players after hitting Level 50, concluding the entire initial story behind it. In the overview discussed before, you might have noticed how similar but also different the PvE and PvP rankings look. That’s because classes that are robust enough to ace the PvE setup don’t necessarily prove viable in the other.

In fact, pro-PvE classes might often become potential hindrances in the PvP meta! Having said that, included below is a definitive tier list of the best subclasses you can play in LOST ARK PvP settings. 


Gunslinger Gunner We already know Gunslinger’s famous property – she is a moving weapon arsenal capable of rendering long-ranged attacks no matter how far away her foe is. 

Also, she is extraordinarily swift in moving, enabling your team to wipe off hard-to-catch enemies in just a few seconds. 

Deadeye Gunner You will most often see Deadeye struggling in the PvE Arena (which is exactly why we have ranked him in Tier-B of our PvE tier list). Still, in the PvP meta, his exceptional performance as support has turned the tables around. 

He is a sufficiently potent character who performs better crowd control than any other. If you want to have a decent mid-to-long-ranged character in your PvP team, Deadeye is for you. 

Paladin Warrior The Paladin is the most balanced subclass of the PvP setup of Lost Ark who can easily inflict substantial damage while also performing very well in the support role. 

Paladin is also a pretty tanky go-to for Lost Ark PvP if you’re interested in dealing damage while also having excellent healing capabilities onboard and the power to support allies with increased buffs.

Deathblade Assassin This best ARK PvP character is as expeditious as Gunslinger but with a difference of few weapons. Deathblade’s high movement actions will keep your opponent’s team nice and off-balance. 

One drawback to Deathblade’s play, though, is its low base attack damage in the PvP arena. Anyway, the subclass makes up for the gap using its unmatched ability to strike repeatedly and rapidly, so no foe remains unbeaten. 

Bard Mage Bard makes a great pick for players looking for an extra-efficient all-rounder who could take good care of the team with its healing buffs while also featuring quality offensive skills. 

You will find him to be a must-have for 3v3 encounters as he dishes some mind-blowing damage and also coordinates well with allies.

Artist/Painter Specialist Employing a brush, the Artist, a.k.a Painter subclass, charges on enemies themselves as well as via the beasts it summons via painting. The damage isn’t too severe, but an Artist’s support potential is commendable. 


Shadowhunter Assassin Shadowhunter shapeshifts into mighty demonic forms to unleash its full powers to reciprocate the PvP monster attacks in their style. To inflict damage to anyone who comes in its way, the subclass shoots a ray of death. 

However, you need to bear Shadowhunter’s long charging spans in order to ensure more damage. 

Gunlancer  Warrior Though not as powerful as the Gunlancer you may experience in the PvE, he has got colossal attack and defense stats to take his spot on the A tier for PvP. 

Gunlancer has a decent DPS strength but is a little too slow in summoning and executing shields. 

Sorceress  Mage  Solid DPS character yet a squishy option thanks to the sprawling list of spells always at the ready. 

Though it will take a while to learn how to maneuver Sorceress (the reason it’s not placed in the S-Tier), everything will seem nice and controlled once you achieve it. 

Berserker Warrior Are you planning to launch a melee-focused brute force on the opposition? Berserker is a made-for-you Lost Ark Character, then! With him, you can easily face enemies in the PvP setup investing as little effort.  
Glaivier Martial Artist  In PvP, Glaivier turns into an aggressive melee-oriented class for any player who longs to have high mobility, damage, and push immunity. Glaivier has got agile combos coupled with massive AoE potential and, of course, the ability to close the distance. 
Destroyer Warrior The Destroyer class isn’t elementary to master but know that an extra input of effort will only bring you a reward in the form of maximum damage if nothing else. 
Summoner Mage You can expect something similar from Summoners as you’d do from any Mage class but add a more incredible punch of fun. The mythical creatures players can summon for wreaking havoc against the enemies provide the superb opportunity of rendering damage and greater control of Lost Ark than the rest. 
Aeromancer Specialist Continuing the tradition of being a specialist, Aeromancer also makes use of the ancient Yoz race powers and elemental abilities to put up a great show of melee damage. The class cancels the fastest and provides the longest AFK alongside. 


Wardancer Martial Artist He is a competitive opposition for your foes that, with its passive damage skills, will retain enemies from further advancement so they can be finally blown by some other high-damage subclass like the Paladin or Bard. 
Artillerist Gunner Though many players will be excited to see Artillerists with their gigantic machine guns and probably expect massive damage too, the picture is quite different. 

Artillerist lacks agility like Wardancer (a shortcoming associated with almost all Tier-B dwellers) and render attacks that are either too slow or low damage. 

Sharpshooter Gunner Sharpshooter equips a unique bow and arrow weapon to cast long-ranged attacks and easily take a couple of characters of the opposing team down; however, availing this fascinating potency isn’t as easy as you might think. 

Sharpshooter demands too much time investment to master that it’s much better to employ some other short-ranged hero instead.  

Striker Martial Artist The Striker is very much like the Wardancer, following the same passive nature and dependence on support to prove more viable than it is actually on its own. 

However, he has some worth witnessing aerial attacks that can prove troublesome for the opponent party. That’s pretty much all a Striker has got to manifest once an enemy gets in close.

Machinist Gunner The Machinist (Scouter) is not a regular gunner class equipped with a submachine gun. Instead, it utilizes robust damage-dealing drones as well as the ability to employ lasers by turning into an Iron Man. 
Arcanist Mage This class is for the players who possess a little extra tolerance than most. Arcanist looks weak and difficult to maneuver at first but will prove highly fruitful if you input effort. The deeper you go into the game with an Arcanist class, the more rewarding it’s fast-paced mechanics start to feel. 
Reaper Assassin Reaper isn’t as deserving of your attention in PvP as in PvE hence the low rank. The class boards about average durability, just enough ranged options, lacking damage output, and lacking progress given the similar learning curve as required in PvE (there it is rewarded at least). 


Soulfist Martial Artist Despite a powerful burst attack, Soulfist languishes down on the C Tier for Lost Ark’s PvP arena due to its exceedingly slow cooldown and long charge. 

Meaning its versatility is more like a curse than it could be a blessing as players are restricted to avail either option until the entire subclass is fully charged. 

Scrapper Martial Artist The monk-type Scrapper is the slowest of all the Lost Ark sub-classes. This is due to the same drawback that almost every Martial artist suffers from the dead slow cooldown and charging. 

Lost Ark PvE Tier List 

Lost Ark PvE Meta Tiers
Lost Ark PvE Tier List (S-A)

Now that you have been through the Lost Ark classes tier list for PvP settings, here’s a similar treatment for the PvE settings: 


Berserker Warrior Berserkers are a solid choice for beginners who want to enjoy a quick leveling up of their characters. Thanks to their two-in-one melee+DPS nature, Berserkers are also ideal for players who love dishing out solid damage while still being at a safe distance.
Gunlancer Warrior  They are the best in tanking massive wrecking on the foe’s side while also helping allies heal. Most importantly, Gunlancers, with their high defense and HP stats, can block the same amounts of damage for their teams as they are specialized in giving off. 
Bard Mage We placed Bard in the top tier for the PvP meta as well here as we think he is the best healer in Lost Ark who can deliver allies the best protection and cures in the game while also supporting them with some classic defensive skills. 

Because Bards lack robustness in active role combat, don’t rely on them if you’re looking forward to a solo in Arkesia.  

Destroyer Warrior As the name suggests, the Destroyer class is known for a great deal of damage it can do. Destruction (weak point) and a lot of stagger are also the class’s highlights, which are particularly beneficial for Legion Raids. Furthermore, layers also get good defenses via Endure Pain.
Summoner Mage As the name suggests, the Summoner class proficiently controls enemies with its vast range of summons. Thanks to their attacking spells, Summoners deal acceptable damage, ultimately proving themselves consistent DPS renderers during PvE raids. 
Artist/Painter Specialist Like PvP, Artist employers will also love the speedy progress benefit of the class. Similarly, the onboard single-target healing effect and how Artists help the entire team damage enemies as if they are some mighty DPS is worth appreciating. 


Wardancer   Wardancer’s buffs are awesome, bolstering a solid crit chance and attack speed for her allies. However, there’s very little that this subclass can actively boast in close battles that any other class can not match. In short, there’s nothing unique that Wardancer can show in the PvE meta. 
Artillerist Gunner The Artillerist is an all-rounder for composing a PvE roster. Though not exceptionally potent in any area, the Artillerist is more of a jack-of-all-trades who can do pretty darn well as a tank and shield support. You can use it in both conditions– support and DPS as needed. 
Paladin  Warrior Paladins are great alternatives to the S-Tier dweller Bards, though with a slight lack of healing powers which is also why they are ranked a Tier down. 

Paladin warrior nature integrates higher defense and attack stats, proving them viable as active roles in close combat.

Gunslinger Gunner In search of a decent DPS class to accompany you through Lost Ark’s PvE setup? Gunslinger is for you. The subclass is a sturdy choice if you are playing solo, thanks to its 10% increased crit buff and swift movement speed. 
Sorceress Mage Sorceress dishes massive DPS attacks with decent damage buff (6%) and a superb high burst radius using its mystical charms. The subclass is very mobile and a straightforward choice for those who know how to play Western RPGs.  
Arcanist Mage Arcanist is very difficult to master but yet highly recommended for PvE. It features a fast-paced overall style and an extensive range of skill rotation hence suiting only the quick thinkers or players who can spontaneously act and decide. 
Striker Martial Artist If you want to witness incredible damage through aerial attacks while playing Lost Ark’s PvE meta and also remain mobile, Striker may be the best subclass for you. So swift are this sub’s moves that it can literally impact enemies from almost any angle using Elemental Gauntlets. 
Glaivier Martial Artist  Glaivier is for you if you need a class that rewards the investment of mechanical efforts and also honors the player’s creativity. 

The class comes with a lot of style and flexibility in how users want to play it. In PvE Lost Ark meta, the Glaivier class tends to stay in one stable stance before shifting to the other in order to max up the meter. 

Reaper Assassin With a very high emphasis on teleports, stealth, and poison, Reaper is just like any Assassin class. Reaper is either built for inflicting an overall sustained damage effect or burst effect on the opponent side. Since the overall DPS output is the same, the final performance boils down to your preferred playing style. 


Deadeye  Gunner To be honest, Deadeye is a carbon copy of Gunslinger but without some cool stuff. Meaning he doesn’t equip a dozen different weapons as Gunslinger does; instead, Deadeye owns just three shotguns.

The biggest drawback, though, is Deadeye’s complicated learning curve making it one of the fiddlest classes to get to grips with. But once mastered can prove to be an excellent team investment like Gunslinger. 

Shadowhunter  Assassin A Shadowhunter’s best feature is their 12% additional damage buff, something that’s typically found in tier-S subclasses like the Berserker and Bard. 

This subclass can also shapeshift from a regular character into a demon form to boast extra speed and HP, but the defense and attack stats will remain the same. 

Deathblade  Assassin An incredible subclass choice for fresh Lost Ark players. It has cool sword attack moves that are both versatile and potent enough to render a great deal of damage. 
Sharpshooter  Gunner The Sharpshooter is an archer of Lost Ark who manifests a strong stagger ability serious damage output, and adds a 6% damage influx to the allied party. But these stats are only valid when the foe is at a distance. 
Machinist Gunner Also called Scouter in Lost Ark, the Machinist goes out of the box and employs a drone and Gunner’s class special–submachine. The unique weapon combo helps Machinist render massive damage. It can also turn into an Iron Man to wield lasers instead. 
Aeromancer Specialist The specialist class Aeromancer uses its Umbrella to generate mystical illusion powers and summon the weather. The devastating effects of Wind, Storms, and Hail then do the job of defeating all targets, manifesting a spectacular fight show.


Scrapper  Martial Artist The Scrapper is a worthy subclass only because of the damage it renders with its unique Chi gauge (dual glove) equipment onboard. The subclass boasts a robust defense, coupled with moderate damage rated along 6% additional buff. 
Soulfist Martial Artist The poor lad Soulfist sadly retains its drawbacks to this meta too. The subclass is too overly good to be versatile that it ends up seriously lacking in either one role. 

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