Lost Ark Artillerist Build Class: PvP & PvE

Our Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide entails skills, engravings, stats, & awakening skills to make the best Artillerist build in the game.

Artillerist Build In Lost Ark 

Lost Ark has given the players ultimate freedom when it comes to class selection and combat mechanics. Just like that, the Artillerist is a class that is considered a niche class, as not many players will gravitate towards it. However, those who do should be rest assured that they will dominate the battlefield with the deadly damage output. 

Key Highlights

  • The Artillerist is a class in Lost Ark that is known for its heavy-machine weapon wielding and heavy armor. They have a focus on being slow but destructive in combat and have high AoE damage output.
  • The Artillerist can be both a close-combat and ranged-combat class, as well as being a tank due to their heavy armor.
  • They have skills such as Multiple Rocket Launcher, which allows them to fire 5 missiles toward enemies, and Quick Bombardment, which increases the speed at which the player can launch attacks from rockets.
  • The Artillerist also has the ability to fill up their rage meter and unleash huge amounts of AoE damage.
  • Players can use various tripods, such as Flame Tripod and Quick Bombardment, to enhance their skills and increase their damage output.
  • The Energy Field skill in Lost Ark is a defensive skill that allows the player to protect themselves from incoming enemy attacks. It creates a protective shield around the player that absorbs a certain amount of damage and attacks for a duration of 4 seconds.
  • There are six main engravings that players typically invest in for this build, each of which provides certain buffs. Players should also invest in crit and attack power stats to further increase their damage output.
  • Overall, the Artillerist is a powerful class that excels in dealing large amounts of damage and can be effective in both close and ranged combat.

In essence, the Artillerists are mainly focused on being heavy-machine weapon wielders, alongside bearing heavy armor and everything heavy. While it does decrease their mobility, it also means that they can place their main focus on being slow but destructive in combat with their potent weaponry. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Deathblade Build guide.

With their AoE-centric damage output, the Artillerisrs can also take over their deadliest foes by filling up their rage meter and eventually unleashing huge amounts of AoE damage that can most likely one-shot enemies.

The Artillerists are also able to focus mainly on being a close-combat as well as a ranged-combat class while also being able to be the tank of the group since they wear heavy armor that can allow them to take enemy hits like a champ and not lose any amount of HP.

What they lack in their mobility, they make up for in damage, and when it comes to Lost Ark Artillerist Build, we have got it all! We will uncover the skills, engravings, stats, cards, and awakening skills that players should use to defeat enemies with this deadly class. If you decide to play as a Gunlancer, then make sure to check out our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build

With that, let’s get started! 

Artillerist Skills Or Tripods To Use 

Moving right along, for the Lost Ark Artillerist Build to be more useful, players will typically take help from a few skills and their corresponding tripods that will further buff up the skills, and these skills are as follow: 

Multiple Rocket Launcher 

Lost Ark Multiple Rocket Launcher
Multiple Rocket Launcher Skill

One of the first skills in the 8 skill list is Multiple Rocket Launcher, as it is one of the most overpowered skills. It is recommended for players to have it with them at all times simply because it will buff them up and help them take over their deadliest opponents when they are in combat. 

In essence, what the Multiple Rocket Launcher does is that it will allow the player to take their wielded weapon in their hand and continue to fire out 5 missiles towards the general direction of their enemies. It will deal deadly damage that will render the enemies useless. The total damage output of the five missiles will be 678, which is pretty respectable. While mentioning weapons, why not go through our Lost Ark Weapons Tier List.

The skill has a mid to high stagger rating, meaning that it can stager the enemies, allowing the players to charge forward with their other attacks too, and it requires 101 MP and requires players to be at level 12 at least. After the skill has been used fully, it will enter a 24-second cooldown, after which it can be cast again. Below listed are the 3 tripods that players should equip with this skill: 

Flame Rocket 

Starting with the first tier-one tripod, Flame Tripod takes place. The main aim of the tripod itself is to let the player charge toward their enemies and continue to attack, and when the opponent has been hit, it will continue to burn them for a few seconds, and the effects can be stacked for a total of 3 times. 

At rank one, the base level, it will deal 13.7 damage, while kicking it up to rank two will allow it to deal 18.1 damage. In contrast, rank 3 offers a 22.5 damage output, rank 4 provides a 27.0 damage output, and rank 5 will allow players to unleash 31.6 damage on enemies, rendering them useless. 

Quick Bombardment 

Moving right along with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, the next tripod up on the list that players are highly recommended to rank up is Quick Bombardment. Its main focus lies in enhancing the player’s speed at which the players can launch attacks from rockets which then hit the enemies. 

The total damage output is buffed by 40% at rank one while kicking it up to rank 2 will hone it further to 47%. If players choose to increase it by 54%, they should upgrade the tripod to rank 3, while ranks 4 and 5 will offer a considerable 62.4% and 70.8%, respectively, which is pretty deadly. While we are on the topic of Lost Ark, make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Paladin Build

Access Denied

Wrapping up the Multiple Rocket Launcher skill with the tier 3 tripod, players need to invest in Access Denied, as it will allow the player to take their weapon in hand and double up on the number of rockets that they can launch at their opponents, as they will launch out two rockets at a time with this tripod. 

Rank one offers a 60% increase to the overall damage output, while bumping the tripod up to rank 2 will grant the players added to their damage by 68%, rank 3 offers a 76% increase, and rank 4 and rank 5 will offer a considerable 85.6% and 95.2% enhancement to the total damage output. 

Summon Turret 

Lost Ark Summon Turret
Summon Turret Skill

Keeping the Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide going, the next skill that we believe that all players should have in their arsenal is Summon Turret, especially if they are aiming to main as an Artillerist, as it can severely aid the player when they are in the middle of the battlefield taking down their enemies. 

Essentially, the Summon Turret operates because when the skill itself is cast, it will cause a turret to be called from the heavens, which will also be wielding a gun that can continue to deal damage to enemies for a total of 10 seconds. It has a select radius where the enemies will continue to intake increased damage. 

The total damage output that the turret will be able to inflict is 123 for every attack. Players need to be at least level 24 to take full advantage of the skill, and they also need to keep in mind the 20 second charge time of Summon Turret, which can make the total damage output even deadlier, and it also requires 91 MP. take a look at the tripods needed down below! 

Armor Destruction 

The main tripod that players need to focus on for the Summon Turret skill is only Armor Destruction, which greatly aims to help the player when they are fighting their enemies and seeking to take them down. After casting the tripod, it will allow the players to go into the arena and attack their enemies. 

After the enemy has taken in a certain amount of damage, the opponent’s defense will be decreased by 12% for a total of 6 seconds, which gives the player a chance to go all in and continue to hit them with their close or ranged shots and take them down with ultimate ease. 

Enhanced Turret 

While this tier 2 tripod is not recommended, players can still add it to their rotation if they wish to experiment differently with the Lost Ark Artillerist Build. After Enhanced Turret is cast, it will continue to buff up the damage output of the turret for five different ranks. 

Rank one will offer a 25% damage increase, while rank 2 will offer a 31% enhancement to the turret’s damage. Moving it up to rank 3 will benefit the player even more since it will increase by 37%, while rank 4 and rank 5 will further buff it to a solid 43% and 50% increase. 

Big Pack 

Please keep in mind that Enhanced Turret and Big Pack are tripods that players can choose to add or remove themselves. With that, this tier 3 tripod will decrease the skill’s stack time, allowing players to stack the turrets, even more, doing the total damage taken in by the enemies even deadlier. 

Rank one will offer a 5-second decrease while ranking it up to 2 will allow the player to experience a 5.5-second reduction in the stack time. Just like that, rank 3, rank 4, and rank 5 will offer a 6-second, 6.5, and 7-second decrease in the overall stack time, making the skill-casting that much more efficient. Just like an Artillerist is a popular class, players can also choose to follow our Lost Ark Berserker Build if they decide to main as a Berserker! 

Air Raid 

Lost Ark Air Raid
Air Raid Skill

With our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, another impeccable skill that players need to have in their arsenal is Air Raid, which aims to make the player deadly while in combat, facing easier enemies or tougher bosses. 

The main focus of Air Raid is to allow the player to launch bullets that are humongous into the sky. When they reach a certain height in the sky, the bullets make a u-turn, then evidently aim to drop down onto the foes, which causes them to obliterate the opponents on sight. 

The bullets themselves will cause 681.6 damage, and Air Raid can cause a substantial amount of stagger to enemies, as the bullets are pretty deadly. The players also need to be at least level 18 to have this skill with them, and it also requires 91 MP. after being cast, a 20-second cooldown will begin. 


Kicking things off with the first tripod, players can take advantage of QuickFire both in PvE and PvP combat, making it even more useful. When the tripod is the first cast, the main aim will be to provide the player with increased fire attack speed, allowing the players to launch out their bullets at an insane speed. 

At rank one, players will be able to experience a 30% increase in their attack speed, while rank 2 will offer a 33%, rank 3 will show a 35% increase. Eventually, if players decide o to level it up to rank 4 or rank 5, they will experience a 39% and a 42% increase in their overall attack speed. 

Lightning Bombardment 

Moving right along to our second tripod, Lightning Bombardment is next up on the list, and it belongs to the tier 2 list of tripods. When players have the tripod in their inventory, they will be able to switch their element to lightning, and when they plan to attack the enemies, they will gain an increased crit rate. 

Rank one will offer the players a 30% enhancement to their crit rate, while rank 2 will buff it up to 37%, rank 3 shows a sweet 44% increase to crit rate, and rank 4 and rank 5 will increase it to a further 52 and 60 percent respectively. These effects will be the same whether the players aim to fight in PvE or PvP combat. 

The Big One 

Keeping it going, the third and final tripod that players can use for the Air Raid skill is The Big One which belongs to tier 3. The main aim of the tripod itself is to be cast and then bring down a singular shell that is massive in size and is deadly. When the opponents damage it, they will start to deplete their HP faster than they can recover it. 

Rank one offers a 140% increase, while rank 2 to rank 5 will increase it in the following orders: 152% at rank 2, 164% at rank 3, 178.4% at rank 4, and finally, a deadly 192.8% increase at rank 5. 


Lost Ark Flamethrower
Flamethrower Skill

Keeping things going with the Lost Ark Artillerist Build, another worthwhile skill that players need to consider is Flamethrower which will make the player an absolute menace to the opponents, as they will get obliterated as soon as they enter into the player’s general vicinity. 

Essentially, Flamethrower grants the player the ability to cover their weapon into a flamethrower as the name suggests and continue to choose one direction they want to fire it at, and then just go insane firing at their opponents. The blasts will last for 4 seconds; all the while, enemies will be getting obliterated due to the fire damage output. 

Flamethrowers can stagger the enemies insanely well due to the high stagger rating. It can also let the player dominate their opponents by having a low cooldown of 20 seconds, after which it can be cast again. The required level is 14, below which players can not use the skill, and it also requires 91 MP. Let’s check out the tripods necessary for this skill.

Quick Prep 

Starting with the first tripod, players can take advantage of this tier one tripod known as Quick Prep, which will be focused on reducing the skill cooldown for the player when they cast Flamethrower. This allows for faster skill casting, which can be helpful when the player is trying to obliterate enemies quickly. 

Since there are five main ranks for PvE and PvP combat, players will experience a 4% skill cooldown at rank one, while taking it up to rank 2 will offer the players a 4.7% decrease. With that, rank 3 will offer a 5.4% decrease, rank 4 will offer a 6.2% decrease, and finally, taking it to rank five will grant the player a significant 7% decrease. 


Moving onto Shield, which is a tier two tripod, it aims to surround the player with a shield that will intake 10% of the player’s damage based on their max HP at rank one. In comparison, rank two will intake 12%, rank 3 will protect the player by absorbing 14% of total HP as damage, and rank 4 and 5 will absorb 16% and 19% damage for PvE for combat. 

Now, for PvP, things are a little different as from rank one all the way to rank five will absorb the damage in the following orders: 5% at rank one, 5% at rank two, 7% at rank 3, 8% at rank 4, then finally ending with a damage absorption of 9.5% at rank five, which can greatly aid the player by protecting them. 

Blue Flame 

Wrapping it up with the third and final tripod for Flamethrower, Blue Flame converts the player’s damage output to water damage, and the main aim of the tripod is to increase the water damage. 

Players will experience a 60% water damage increase at rank one, while rank 2 will offer a 68% damage output enhancement. This can greatly assist them during battle. With that, rank 3 will increase the overall damage output by 76%, and rank 4 and rank 5 will bump it up to an 85.6% and 95.2% increase. Players can look into taking inspiration from our Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build

Energy Field 

Lost Ark Energy Field
Energy Field Skill

Keeping things going with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, an excellent skill that we feel is worth it to try out is Energy Field. The way that it can support the player is that, basically, it will protect the player from incoming enemy attacks. While the player is guarded, the player can continue to attack the opponent consistently. 

When Energy Field is the first cast, it will surround the player with a protective shield that will continue to absorb a certain amount of damage and attacks that are launched by the opponents toward the player for a total of 15% of the overall HP, which can seriously protect the player’s overall HP. 

The Shield lasts for a total of 4 seconds, after which it will then enter into its 40-second cooldown, which admittedly is on the longer side; however, it is still worth it to invest in this skill. Players need to be at level 50 and require 91 MP at least to own and cast this skill. Check out the three tripods needed for this skill. 

Mind Concentration 

Starting with the tier 1 tripod, players might find it useful to invest in Mind Concentration since its main is to negate the total MP that the skill would originally require to cast. For example, the Energy field requires 91 MP, but with Mind Concentration in effect, it will not need any MP to use in the arena. 

Energy Increase 

Keeping it going with the second tripod in hand, players will be able to experience a shield duration increase since the main aim of Energy Field itself is to protect the player from any attacks launched from the enemy’s end.

With ranks one to five being available to level up, players will start with a 4-second shield duration increase, which will bring their overall shield duration to 8 seconds which is pretty useful since some of the fights can get pretty brutal, and it will continue to increase until eventually rank 5 offers a 6-second increase. 

Solid Shield 

Another tripod that can be pretty helpful for players is Solid Shield which will grant the player immunity from being pushed around by their opponents while also being able to charge in and continue to shoot at the enemies. 

Napalm Shot 

Lost Ark Napalm Shot
Napalm Shot Skill

We hope you enjoy our Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide so far! Moving onto the next skill, which will make this our sixth skill. Yet another skill that players are advised to invest in is Napalm Shot if they want to go into the main arena, dominate the battlefield, and obliterate enemies with their overall damage output. 

The main aim of Napalm Shot lies in supporting the player by allowing them to launch out a napalm shell that will cause the enemies to suddenly go airborne and eventually intake 279 damage, which will seriously continue to deplete HP throughout the battle. After the napalm shell explodes, it will continue to set the ground on fire, making enemies intake 36 damage for 5 seconds. 

Napalm Shot gets a mid to high rating when it comes to a staggering rating, making it highly useful for crowd combat and works excellently with single-target battles. Despite having a long 18-second cooldown, it is still highly worth it, and players need to be level 10 and have 85 MP to cast it. Check out the tripods needed for Napalm Shot. 

Target Focus 

The first tripod that players need to look into is Target Focus, which essentially focuses on providing players with a certain buff when they are busy in combat. How it operates is that when the napalm shell gets detonated, it will enhance the overall stagger caused to enemies, and the widespread stagger damage will be enhanced by 20%. 

The damage effect lasts for 4 seconds, and since there are no ranks for Target Focus, players will be able to focus on instantly casting the tripod and then moving onto either the next tripod or simply making use of the next skill in their arsenal. Remember that the stagger damage effect is the same for PvE and PvP combat. 

Fierce Heat 

Yet another tripod that players should check out is Fierce Heat, and while it is not perfectly appropriate for this build, if any players want to experiment a bit with their build, they should invest in it the tripod. It will essentially enhance the overall damage output of the fire caused by the napalm shell. 

At rank one, players will be able to experience a 100% increase in the fire damage output. In comparison, rank 2 will offer a considerable 118%, rank 3 offer a 137%, and finally, upgrading the tripod to rank 4 and rank 5 will make the player experience a 156% and 175% damage output enhancement, respectively. 

Dancing Flame 

Last but not least, this tripod which turns out to be a tier-three tripod, is also worth mentioning, as it mainly aims to increase the overall radius in which the ground has been set on fire, evidently also making any opponents present in the radius also intake enhanced damage due to the radius increase. 

Forward Barrage 

Lost Ark Forward Barrage
Forward Barrage Skill

Moving things forward with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, yet another skill that players need to look into if they want to dominate their enemies and take them out swiftly but gracefully is Forward Barrage, as players will be able to unleash insane damage output that will render any enemies useless in the battlefield. 

When players have Forward Barrage in their arsenal, they will be able to go towards their enemies and wield a cannon that will unleash attacks on their opponents and make them intake 179 damage, which is true enough to take them out with ultimate ease. The enemies will be taken by surprise due to the quick unleash of damage. 

Although the damage output is on the higher side, Forward Barrage cannot stagger enemies that well; therefore, players need to be more careful about how they use this skill. It also requires 53 MP, and players need to be at least level 36 to use it. Players can use one main tripod and two other recommended tripods with this skill. 

Firepower Control 

Kicking things off with the first tripod, players can look into investing in Firepower Control, as its main aim is to allow the players to unleash their Bombardment, and the moment the attack hits foes, the Firepower meter will start its recovery phase, and start to get filled up again slowly but surely. 

The recovery rate will be enhanced by 100% at rank one, while rank 2 will offer a 112% recovery meter increase. Taking it up a notch to rank 3, players will experience a 124% recovery rate increase, while rank four and rank five will take it even further to 137% and 150% rate increase. 

Quick Prep 

Now, moving things forward, this second tripod is not mentioned in the build itself, but it is still worth it to invest in. the main aim of Quick Prep, if players use it, is that when they plan to unleash the Forward Skill, their cooldown will be reduced as they start to upgrade the tripod to higher ranks. 

However, starting with rank one, players will experience a 2-second cooldown decrease, while rank 2 will be able to grant the player a 2.2-second reduction. At rank three, the cooldown will be further decreased by 2.4 seconds, making the skill casting a lot faster. Rank 4 and rank 5 will reduce by 2.7 seconds and 3.0 seconds, respectively. 

Dancing Explosion 

Keeping things going with the tier 3 tripod that players can look into, we are talking about the Dancing Explosion tripod, as it can allow the players to unleash their main skill as usual. Still, there will be two smaller explosions alongside the main blast with the main explosion, causing enemies to die off instantly. 

Rank one will boost up the total damage output to 100%, while rank 2 will bump it up to 111%, while ranks 3, 4, and 5 will increase it in this order: 122% at rank 3, 133% at rank 4, and 145% at rank 5. 

Homing Barrage 

Lost Ark Homing Barrage
Homing Barrage Skill

Wrapping up our skills with the final one, Homing Barrage is one that players should never miss out on, simply because it can help the players achieve victory and take out their enemies with ease. 

In essence, the easiest way to explain the purpose of Homing Barrage is that when players cast it, they will be able to mark out a few or a single opponent and place down a “homing device” about 8 meters away from the opponent. After 4 seconds, a missile will be launched at the enemies and cause them to go airborne. 

The missile will deal an insane 921 damage and render them useless in an instant. The stagger rating for Homing Barrage is very high, as enemies are airborne while this skill is active. It also has an MP and level requirement of 91 and 40, respectively. Look at the three recommended tripods for this skill down below!

Guilding Enhancement 

Kicking things off with the tier one tripod, players can equip the Guilding Enhancement, which can help the player obliterate their enemies faster when they are in the middle of a tough battle with enemies. In essence, with this tripod active, players will be able to launch the missile faster when they place the guiding device on the ground. 

There are no ranks stated for this tripod as it is a simple one and decreases the delay by 1 second, making enemies intake damage faster and meaning that players will be close to victory a bit earlier than usual. 

Weak Point Detection 

Keeping things going with a tier two tripod known as Weak Point Detection, the main way it operates is that it will slowly but surely increase the amount of damage inflicted on enemies that are immune to the Push status. 

At rank one, players will be able to experience a 40% enhancement, while rank 2 will offer a 47.2% increase to the overall damage output. With that, rank 3 will bump it up even further to 54.8%, while ranks 4 and 5 will increase it to 62.4% and 70%. 

Power Bomb 

Ending it all with the final tripod, players should have a Power Bomb in their inventory, as when it is cast, players will be able to drop down a deadly bomb that will continue to deal increased damage as the ranks go up. It will also create a small radius that will continue to contaminate enemies for over 6 seconds. 

Rank one will grant the player a 60% buff to their overall damage output, while rank two will buff it up to 69%, rank 3 offers a solid 78% increase, and finally, if players decide to bump their ranks up to rank 4, then they will experience an 87% increase to the damage, while rank 5 will buff it to 90% 

Awakening Skills To Look Into 

Moving right along with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, now that we are fully done with our traditional skills, payers will also want to invest in some basic awakening skills that are far more powerful as compared to normal skills, and they are compared to being the “Ultimate” ability. 

For the following levels, 10 and to 50, these are the skills that players should invest in based on their player level. Make sure to check out our Lost Ark Striker Build when you have the time! 

Level 11 

If a player is at level 11, honestly, at this point, there is no need for a specific awakening skill; however, if players want to invest in one, then Enhanced Shell is the way to go, as it can provide the player with the ability to launch out a humongous bullet at the general direction of the enemies that will deal 178 damage to them and render them useless on the battlefield. 

Level 15 

Moving a few levels up, if a player is at level 15, then they should look into investing in Gatling Gun as their awakening skill since it unlocks at level 10, and apart from that, players will be able to move towards their opponent and wield their gun, and continue to shoot at them for a total of 24 times, all the while dealing a total of 433.2 damage to them. 

Level 19 

Kicking things up a notch, if a player is at level 19, they are in a good position to unlock Flamethrower and make it their awakening skill, as it allows the players to charge forward towards their foe and use their Flamethrower and continue to launch blasts at enemies while being able to retain mobility and dealing 886.5 damage. 

Level 25

For players that are at level 25, there are certainly a few options for awakening skills, such as Air Raid, which will be able to grant the player the ability to continue to launch bullets at the sky, which will then take a u-turn and aim itself and attack the opponent, and knock them to the ground and deal 681.6 damage. For players that use a gun for their battles, the Lost Ark Gunslinger Builds might be worth it! 

Level 30 

Now, for players that are reaching level 30, they are at a solid position in the game, and they should be investing in Air Raid since it is that good of a skill. 

Level 34 

Taking things up a notch, when players are at level 34, they should look into equipping the Multiple Rocket Launcher, as it can work excellently as both a normal and awakening skill. With this skill in hand, players will be able to charge forward toward their enemies and unleash 5 missiles that will deal 678.6 damage. 

Level 41 

Moving forward with being level 41, players should look into investing in Gravity Explosion, as they will be able to summon a radius that will be heavy in its gravitational pull and will continue to suck in enemies and continue to deal 122.1 damage, then launch them back and inflict them with a further 595 damage. 

Level 45

Players above level 45 can look into investing in any kind of Awakening skills, as by this point, players will have a solid grasp of the game itself. 

Engravings and Stats 

When it comes to the Lost Ark Artillerist Build, there are 6 main engravings that players will typically invest into, as all of them provide certain buffs, and then we will also cover some main stats to look at into. Just like any other classes, the Lost Ark Scrapper Build is also worth looking into! On the subject of classes, why not read our Lost Ark classes Tier List.

Firepower Enhancement 

Lost Ark Firepower Enhancement
Firepower Enhancement Engraving

Starting with the first Engraving, we have the Firepower Enhancement Engraving on our hands, which will protect the players from any kind of incoming damage by allowing them to have their damage negation increased by 30%. Alongside that, players will also experience a crit rate increase by 25%, 30, or 35% based on the level of Firepower Enhancement that they are using. 

For the full effect, players should look into leveling up Firepower Enhancement to level 3, as it will enhance the crit rate by 35%, which is crucial in battles when players aim to land critical hits at their opponents. 


Lost Ark Adrenaline
Adrenaline Engraving

Keeping things going, the next engraving that we recommend for the Lost Ark Artillerist Build is the Adrenaline Engraving which aims to help the player dominate their opponents by increasing the overall attack power by 1% for six seconds anytime the player has finished using their basic skills. 

This engraving can be stacked 6 times, and if the player can successfully stack it 6 times, their crit rate will be further enhanced by 15%, which allows them to unleash critical hits with increased efficiency. This engraving also affects the cooldown reduction of the skills and should be leveled to level 3 at least. 

Keen Blunt Weapon 

Lost Ark Keen Blunt Weapon
Keen Blunt Weapon Engraving

The next engraving that players should always have in their arsenal is the Keen Blunt Weapon Engraving, which will grant the player a crit damage increase by 50%, which makes them all the more powerful. At the same time, they are busy obliterating their foes in the battlefield. 

However, the small side effect of this engraving is that even though the crit damage is increased, there is a slight chance that the player might inflict 20% decreased damage. Nonetheless, it is still worth it to level it to level 3. Players who aim to experiment with more builds, check out the Lost Ark Wardancer Build

Hit Master 

Lost Ark Hit Master
Hit Master Engraving

We hope that you are enjoying reading our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, and if you are, then here is the next engraving that you should invest in if you choose to main as an Artillerist. Hit Master aims to enhance the player’s attack power for attacks that are not back attack hits or frontal hits dealt with enemies. 

The total damage increase that players will experience will be 16%, which can greatly help them dominate the enemies when they are in the arena and busy launching attacks at them. 

Cursed Doll 

Lost Ark Cursed Doll
Cursed Doll Engraving

Yet another impeccable engraving that players should not miss out on is the Cursed Doll which strengthens the player’s attack power by 16%, same as the stats from Hit Master, except the attacks when they are combined, the player’s overall damage becomes extremely potent. 

Other than that, when Cursed Doll is active, players will also get 25% increased Health, allowing them to stay alive on the battlefield for a longer period and take out enemies with ease without needing to protect themselves too much. 


Lost Ark Grudge
Grudge Engraving

Wrapping the engravings up, another excellent engravings that players should look into if they aim to always be powerful, is Grudge, which will allow players to deal enhanced damage to any enemies that are considered or listed as “Bosses” or “Elite Enemies.” This causes the enemies to be even more fearful of the player. 

As for main stats, players should invest in Crit as it will buff up the overall damage output, and players will be to unleash attacks that are way more potent and will be able to efficiently land enhanced critical hits. 

Alongside that, Swiftness is another stat that players should never skip since being an Artillerist demands the players to be already slower on the battlefield than other classes, so any amount of Swiftness is crucial. We are all done with the Lost Ark Artillerist Build; let us know what you think down below! Don’t miss out on our Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Build Inspiration Credits: Kaidgames2 

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