Lost Ark: Best Artillerist Build Class [PvP & PvE]

Our Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide entails skills, engravings, stats, & awakening skills to make the best Artillerist build in the game.

Lost Ark has given the players ultimate freedom when it comes to class selection and combat mechanics. Just like that, the Artillerist is a class that is considered a niche class, as not many players will gravitate toward it. However, those who do should be rest assured that they will dominate the battlefield with the deadly damage output. 

Key Takeaways

The Artillerist in Lost Ark focuses on heavy weapons and armor for slow, powerful area-of-effect damage.

  • It’s versatile, handling close combat, ranged combat, and tanking roles.
  • Notable skills include Multiple Rocket Launcher (fires 5 missiles) and Quick Bombardment (boosts rocket attack speed).
  • Overall, the Artillerist excels at dealing substantial damage in both close and ranged combat.

Artillerists excel as heavy-machine weapon wielders with robust armor, sacrificing mobility for devastating combat capabilities. Their focus on AoE damage allows them to dominate foes by building up rage and unleashing powerful attacks.

Despite limited mobility, Artillerists function as versatile close and ranged combatants, doubling as effective tanks due to their resilient heavy armor. In our comprehensive Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide, we explore skills, engravings, stats, cards, and awakening skills essential for mastering this formidable class.

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Artillerist Skills Or Tripods To Use 

Players will typically take help from a few skills and their corresponding tripods that will further buff up the skills, and these skills are as follow: 

Multiple Rocket Launcher 

Lost Ark Multiple Rocket Launcher
Multiple Rocket Launcher Skill

The Multiple Rocket Launcher skill is one of the first skills in the list, and it’s considered overpowered. It’s recommended to keep it equipped for combat situations. This skill lets you fire 5 missiles from your equipped weapon, dealing a total damage output of 678. It has a mid to high stagger rating, requiring 101 MP and a minimum level of 12. After use, it has a 24-second cooldown.

Tripods for the Multiple Rocket Launcher skill:

  1. Flame Rocket:
    • Rank 1: 13.7 damage
    • Rank 2: 18.1 damage
    • Rank 3: 22.5 damage
    • Rank 4: 27.0 damage
    • Rank 5: 31.6 damage
  2. Quick Bombardment:
    • Rank 1: 40% damage boost
    • Rank 2: 47% damage boost
    • Rank 3: 54% damage boost
    • Rank 4: 62.4% damage boost
    • Rank 5: 70.8% damage boost
  3. Access Denied:
    • Rank 1: 60% damage increase
    • Rank 2: 68% damage increase
    • Rank 3: 76% damage increase
    • Rank 4: 85.6% damage increase
    • Rank 5: 95.2% damage increase

The Summon Turret skill calls a turret from the heavens, which deals damage for 10 seconds with a radius of increased damage. It inflicts 123 damage per attack and requires a level of at least 24, 20 seconds charge time, and 91 MP.

Lost Ark Summon Turret
Summon Turret Skill

Tripods for the Summon Turret skill:

  1. Armor Destruction:
    • Decreases enemy defense by 12% for 6 seconds after dealing a certain amount of damage.
  2. Enhanced Turret (optional):
    • Rank 1: 25% damage increase
    • Rank 2: 31% damage increase
    • Rank 3: 37% damage increase
    • Rank 4: 43% damage increase
    • Rank 5: 50% damage increase
  3. Big Pack (optional):
    • Reduces skill stack time for more turret stacking.
    • Rank 1: 5-second decrease
    • Rank 2: 5.5-second decrease
    • Rank 3: 6-second decrease
    • Rank 4: 6.5-second decrease
    • Rank 5: 7-second decrease

These skills and tripods can enhance your effectiveness as an Artillerist in combat.

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Air Raid 

Lost Ark Air Raid
Air Raid Skill

Another impeccable skill that players need to have in their arsenal is Air Raid, which aims to make the player deadly while in combat, facing easier enemies or tougher bosses. 

The main focus of Air Raid is to allow the player to launch bullets that are humongous into the sky. When they reach a certain height in the sky, the bullets make a u-turn, then evidently aim to drop down onto the foes, which causes them to obliterate the opponents on sight. 

The bullets themselves will cause 681.6 damage, and Air Raid can cause a substantial amount of stagger to enemies, as the bullets are pretty deadly. The players also need to be at least level 18 to have this skill with them, and it also requires 91 MP. After being cast, a 20-second cooldown will begin. 

Tripods for the Air Raid skill:

  1. QuickFire:
    • Rank 1: 30% increase in attack speed
    • Rank 2: 33% increase
    • Rank 3: 35% increase
    • Rank 4: 39% increase
    • Rank 5: 42% increase
    • Enhances fire attack speed, useful in both PvE and PvP combat.
  2. Lightning Bombardment (Tier 2):
    • Rank 1: 30% increased crit rate
    • Rank 2: 37% increased crit rate
    • Rank 3: 44% increased crit rate
    • Rank 4: 52% increased crit rate
    • Rank 5: 60% increased crit rate
    • Allows you to switch to lightning element and gain increased crit rate. Effective in both PvE and PvP.
  3. The Big One (Tier 3):
    • Rank 1: 140% damage increase
    • Rank 2: 152% damage increase
    • Rank 3: 164% damage increase
    • Rank 4: 178.4% damage increase
    • Rank 5: 192.8% damage increase
    • Casts a massive shell that deals substantial damage and reduces opponents’ HP recovery when damaged.


Lost Ark Flamethrower
Flamethrower Skill

Another worthwhile skill that players need to consider is Flamethrower which will make the player an absolute menace to the opponents, as they will get obliterated as soon as they enter into the player’s general vicinity. 

Essentially, Flamethrower grants the player the ability to cover their weapon into a flamethrower as the name suggests and continue to choose one direction they want to fire it at, and then just go insane firing at their opponents. The blasts will last for 4 seconds; all the while, enemies will be getting obliterated due to the fire damage output. 

Flamethrowers can stagger the enemies insanely well due to the high stagger rating. It can also let the player dominate their opponents by having a low cooldown of 20 seconds, after which it can be cast again. The required level is 14, below which players can not use the skill, and it also requires 91 MP. Let’s check out the tripods necessary for this skill.

Here are the tripods that enhance the Flamethrower skill:

  1. Quick Prep (Tier 1):
    • Rank 1: 4% skill cooldown reduction
    • Rank 2: 4.7% cooldown reduction
    • Rank 3: 5.4% cooldown reduction
    • Rank 4: 6.2% cooldown reduction
    • Rank 5: 7% cooldown reduction
    • Reduces the skill’s cooldown, allowing for faster casting.
  2. Shield (Tier 2):
    • PvE:
      • Rank 1: Absorbs 10% of max HP as damage
      • Rank 2: Absorbs 12% of max HP as damage
      • Rank 3: Absorbs 14% of max HP as damage
      • Rank 4: Absorbs 16% of max HP as damage
      • Rank 5: Absorbs 19% of max HP as damage
    • PvP:
      • Rank 1 to Rank 5: Absorbs 5% to 9.5% of damage based on max HP
    • Surrounds the player with a protective shield that absorbs a portion of incoming damage.
  3. Blue Flame (Tier 3):
    • Rank 1: 60% water damage increase
    • Rank 2: 68% water damage increase
    • Rank 3: 76% water damage increase
    • Rank 4: 85.6% water damage increase
    • Rank 5: 95.2% water damage increase
    • Converts damage output to water damage and significantly enhances it.

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Energy Field 

Lost Ark Energy Field
Energy Field Skill

The Energy Field skill in the Lost Ark Artillerist Build offers valuable protection and support against enemy attacks. Here’s how it works:

Energy Field surrounds the player with a protective shield when cast, absorbing a portion of incoming enemy damage and attacks, equivalent to 15% of the player’s total HP. This shield lasts for 4 seconds and has a 40-second cooldown. To unlock and use this skill, players need to be at level 50 and have a minimum of 91 MP.

  1. Mind Concentration (Tier 1):
    • Negates the MP cost required to cast Energy Field.
    • Allows you to use Energy Field without consuming MP.
  2. Energy Increase:
    • Increases the shield duration of Energy Field.
    • Rank 1: 4-second shield duration increase (8 seconds total)
    • Rank 2: 5-second shield duration increase (9 seconds total)
    • Rank 3: 5-second shield duration increase (10 seconds total)
    • Rank 4: 6-second shield duration increase (11 seconds total)
    • Rank 5: 6-second shield duration increase (12 seconds total)
  3. Solid Shield:
    • Grants immunity from being pushed by opponents.
    • Allows you to maintain control while under enemy attack.

These tripods enhance the Energy Field skill, providing increased shield duration, reduced MP consumption, and the ability to maintain your position in the heat of battle. It’s a valuable skill for protecting yourself and maintaining consistent offense.

Napalm Shot 

Lost Ark Napalm Shot
Napalm Shot Skill

Moving onto the next skill, which will make this our sixth skill. Yet another skill that players are advised to invest in is Napalm Shot if they want to go into the main arena, dominate the battlefield, and obliterate enemies with their overall damage output. 

Napalm Shot enables you to launch a napalm shell that propels enemies into the air, dealing 279 damage upon explosion. Additionally, it sets the ground on fire, causing enemies in the area to take 36 damage for 5 seconds. This skill has a mid to high stagger rating and is effective in both single-target and crowd combat situations. It has an 18-second cooldown, requires a minimum level of 10, and consumes 85 MP.

Here are the tripods that enhance the Napalm Shot skill:

  1. Target Focus:
    • Enhances stagger damage to enemies affected by the napalm shell explosion.
    • Increases widespread stagger damage by 20% for 4 seconds.
    • The stagger damage effect is consistent for both PvE and PvP combat.
  2. Fierce Heat:
    • Increases the damage output of the fire caused by the napalm shell.
    • Rank 1: 100% fire damage increase
    • Rank 2: 118% fire damage increase
    • Rank 3: 137% fire damage increase
    • Rank 4: 156% fire damage increase
    • Rank 5: 175% fire damage increase
    • Enhances the fire damage inflicted by the skill.
  3. Dancing Flame (Tier 3):
    • Increases the radius in which the ground is set on fire.
    • Expands the area of effect, causing enemies within the radius to take increased damage.
    • Enhances crowd control capabilities by affecting a larger area.

Forward Barrage 

Lost Ark Forward Barrage
Forward Barrage Skill

Yet another skill that players need to look into if they want to dominate their enemies and take them out swiftly but gracefully is Forward Barrage, as players will be able to unleash insane damage output that will render any enemies useless on the battlefield. 

Forward Barrage equips players with a cannon to unleash rapid attacks on their opponents, dealing 179 damage per attack. While the damage output is high, it’s important to note that Forward Barrage doesn’t stagger enemies well, so careful usage is essential. It consumes 53 MP and requires a minimum level of 36.

  1. Firepower Control:
    • Enhances the recovery rate of the Firepower meter when using Bombardment.
    • Rank 1: 100% recovery rate increase
    • Rank 2: 112% recovery rate increase
    • Rank 3: 124% recovery rate increase
    • Rank 4: 137% recovery rate increase
    • Rank 5: 150% recovery rate increase
    • Speeds up the recovery of the Firepower meter, allowing for more frequent use of Bombardment.
  2. Quick Prep:
    • Reduces the cooldown of the Forward Barrage skill.
    • Rank 1: 2-second cooldown reduction
    • Rank 2: 2.2-second cooldown reduction
    • Rank 3: 2.4-second cooldown reduction
    • Rank 4: 2.7-second cooldown reduction
    • Rank 5: 3.0-second cooldown reduction
    • Speeds up the skill’s casting by reducing its cooldown.
  3. Dancing Explosion (Tier 3):
    • Adds two smaller explosions alongside the main blast of Forward Barrage.
    • Rank 1: 100% total damage increase
    • Rank 2: 111% total damage increase
    • Rank 3: 122% total damage increase
    • Rank 4: 133% total damage increase
    • Rank 5: 145% total damage increase
    • Enhances the damage output by adding additional explosions, ensuring enemies are dealt with swiftly.

Homing Barrage 

Lost Ark Homing Barrage
Homing Barrage Skill

Wrapping up our skills with the final one, Homing Barrage is one that players should never miss out on, simply because it can help the players achieve victory and take out their enemies with ease. 

Homing Barrage allows you to mark one or multiple opponents and place a “homing device” about 8 meters away from them. After a 4-second delay, a missile is launched at the marked targets, causing them to go airborne and dealing an incredible 921 damage. This skill has a very high stagger rating, rendering enemies helpless while it’s active. It requires 91 MP and a minimum level of 40.

Here are the three recommended tripods for the Homing Barrage skill:

  1. Guiding Enhancement (Tier 1):
    • Reduces the delay before launching the missile.
    • Decreases the delay by 1 second, allowing for faster damage delivery.
  2. Weak Point Detection (Tier 2):
    • Increases damage to enemies immune to the Push status.
    • Rank 1: 40% damage increase
    • Rank 2: 47.2% damage increase
    • Rank 3: 54.8% damage increase
    • Rank 4: 62.4% damage increase
    • Rank 5: 70% damage increase
    • Enhances damage output against enemies immune to Push status.
  3. Power Bomb:
    • Drops a powerful bomb that deals damage and contaminates enemies within a small radius.
    • Rank 1: 60% damage increase
    • Rank 2: 69% damage increase
    • Rank 3: 78% damage increase
    • Rank 4: 87% damage increase
    • Rank 5: 90% damage increase
    • Creates an area of effect that continues to damage enemies for over 6 seconds.

Awakening Skills To Look Into 

Moving right along with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build, now that we are fully done with our traditional skills, payers will also want to invest in some basic awakening skills that are far more powerful as compared to normal skills, and they are compared to being the “Ultimate” ability. 

For the following levels, 10 and to 50, these are the skills that players should invest in based on their player level. Make sure to check out our Lost Ark Striker Build when you have the time! 

  1. Level 11: Enhanced Shell
    • Launch a massive bullet at enemies, dealing 178 damage.
  2. Level 15: Gatling Gun
    • Wield your gun and fire at the opponent 24 times, dealing a total of 433.2 damage.
  3. Level 19: Flamethrower
    • Charge forward toward your foes and use your Flamethrower to launch continuous blasts at enemies while maintaining mobility, dealing 886.5 damage.
  4. Level 25: Air Raid
    • Launch bullets into the sky, causing them to make a U-turn and target opponents, knocking them to the ground and dealing 681.6 damage.
  5. Level 30: Air Raid (Recommended)
    • Continue to use Air Raid as your awakening skill due to its effectiveness.
  6. Level 34: Multiple Rocket Launcher (Recommended)
    • Charge forward and unleash 5 missiles, each dealing 678.6 damage.
  7. Level 41: Gravity Explosion
    • Summon a radius with a strong gravitational pull, sucking in enemies and dealing 122.1 damage, then launching them back and inflicting an additional 595 damage.
  8. Level 45: Freedom to Choose (Any Awakening Skill)
    • At this level, you can choose an awakening skill based on your preferences and playstyle.

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Engravings and Stats 

When it comes to the Lost Ark Artillerist Build, there are 6 main engravings that players will typically invest into, as all of them provide certain buffs, and then we will also cover some main stats to look at into. Just like any other classes, the Lost Ark Scrapper Build is also worth looking into! On the subject of classes, why not read our Lost Ark classes Tier List.

  1. Firepower Enhancement Engraving: Level this engraving to at least level 3 to benefit from a 35% increase in crit rate along with damage negation.
    Lost Ark Firepower Enhancement
    Firepower Enhancement Engraving
  2. Adrenaline Engraving: Stack Adrenaline six times to increase attack power by 6%, and achieve a 15% crit rate boost. Also, consider leveling it to level 3 for optimal results.
    Lost Ark Adrenaline
    Adrenaline Engraving
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon Engraving: This engraving provides a significant 50% crit damage increase, making it essential for maximizing your damage output.
    Lost Ark Keen Blunt Weapon
    Keen Blunt Weapon Engraving
  4. Hit Master Engraving: Boosts your attack power by 16% for non-back attack hits or frontal hits. This engraving complements your damage-dealing abilities.
    Lost Ark Hit Master
    Hit Master Engraving
  5. Cursed Doll Engraving: Increase your attack power by another 16% and gain a 25% health bonus. This combination enhances both offense and survivability.
    Lost Ark Cursed Doll
    Cursed Doll Engraving
  6. Grudge Engraving: Focuses on dealing enhanced damage to bosses and elite enemies, making it a valuable choice for PvE encounters.
    Lost Ark Grudge
    Grudge Engraving


  1. Crit: Prioritize crit rate and crit damage to boost your damage output. Critical hits are essential for dealing massive damage.
  2. Swiftness: Since Artillerists are generally slower, investing in Swiftness helps improve your mobility and positioning on the battlefield.

We are all done with the Lost Ark Artillerist Build; let us know what you think down below! Don’t miss out on our Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Build Inspiration Credits: Kaidgames2 

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