Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo: Location, Strategy & Rewards

Lost Ark is the kind of game that lets you engage in different PvE activities, and one of them is fighting world bosses. It is common for a game like Lost Ark to let players fight a variety of bosses that are scattered all across the map. Chaotic Chuo happens to be one of these bosses, and it isn’t the kind of boss you can take down easily. Today, in our guide, we are going to talk about the Chaotic Chuo location in Lost Ark, along with how to defeat it.

Field Bosses in Lost Ark aren’t something you should mess with. Compared to other enemies that you’ll fight in the game, Field Bosses are extremely powerful and are always waiting to send their opponent to their grave. There are multiple Field Bosses that you can find in Lost Ark, such as the Salt Giant and Caspiel.

However, since these bosses are tough, the rewards you get from defeating them are also amazing. Before going further, make sure to give our Lost Ark Island guide a read as well as it will help you explore the game better. 

Who is Chaotic Chuo Boss

As for Chaotic Chuo, this one is somewhat similar to a Chinese Lion and is extremely powerful. Don’t confuse it with Achates, as it also looks similar to a lion. Just by looking at it, you’ll be able to tell that it isn’t the kind of monster someone should mess with. Furthermore, if you’re thinking about fighting the boss solo, you might want to think again, as it will tear you into pieces before you can even take your weapon out. 

An important thing to remember is that the Chaotic Chuo is different from Chuo, another boss that can be found in Lost Ark. Chuo isn’t as big of a threat as Chaotic Chuo, but you will still need to defeat it in order to fight its Chaotic version. It is because if you don’t, you won’t be able to kill Chaotic Chuo, as it will keep on blocking your attacks without you making a single dent on it.

While the appearance of both of them is similar, they are different in combat. If you defeat Chuo and think that you can defeat Chaotic Chuo while following the same strategies, you’re extremely wrong as the Chaotic one is on another level in combat. 

Chaotic Chuo Location in Lost Ark 

Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark can be found at Melody Forest in the Spring of Echoes. An important thing to remember is that the boss spawns multiple times throughout the day. Furthermore, you’ll be able to fight it every day, except for Thursday, as the boss decides to take a break from all the fighting on this day. 

The exact location of Chaotic Chuo can be seen in the image below, and you’ll find the boss every two hours here. The nearest teleportation point to the spawn location is Cloud Valley. We suggest you reach the location around three to five minutes before to prepare for the fight.

You’ll also find other players gathering at the same location, something that will confirm that the boss will indeed spawn there. While you’re at it, make sure to check out how to get the blueprints for the best ship in Lost Ark

Chaotic Chuo Location
Chaotic Chuo Location

Some players often complain that they are unable to find the Chaotic Chuo boss at the mentioned location a few minutes after it spawns. It is mainly because each Channel has its own boss, and others might have already fought it before you arrived.

In such a case, your best option is to switch to a different Channel and see whether someone has already fought Chaotic Chuo on that Channel or not. But to save yourself from the trouble, arrive at the location a few minutes earlier than the spawn time.

Now, a lot of players don’t know this, but you need 380+ item level to fight the Chaotic Chuo boss in Lost Ark. The boss is meant for players with a high item level, and if you try to fight it with an item level lower than the required one, you won’t be able to pick up the rewards dropped by it.

Therefore, first, ensure you meet the required item level before you fight it, as you’ll otherwise waste your time. It is a little weird, considering the area where the boss spawns is for players with item level between 200 to 250. 

How To Defeat Chaotic Chuo Boss

A big mistake many players make is that they don’t prepare themselves properly before fighting a Field Boss. They just fight a couple of regular enemies and think they can use the same items or weapons to take down a boss. These mistakes waste a lot of their time, as the boss ends up ripping them apart before they can even think of a strategy.

Before going to Chaotic Chuo’s location in Lost Ark, ensure you are well equipped. You need to have the right weapons in your arsenal. For this purpose, you can check out our Lost Ark weapons tier list to see which weapons are more powerful than others.

Having the wrong weapons is only going to put you at a great disadvantage against the Chaotic Chuo. If you currently don’t have enough Gold to purchase some strong methods, make sure to check out our Lost Ark Gold Farming guide, as it can help you quickly get rich in the game. 

Normally, Field Bosses in Lost Ark are pretty complex. They have different tricks up their sleeves that they can use in combat, but Chaotic Chuo is a little different from them. Compared to other Field Bosses in the game, this one isn’t that complex, and its moveset is also simple. Here, we don’t mean that Chaotic Chuo is an easy boss. It’s just that defeating it is easier compared to others.

Don’t Let It Reset 

During the fight, your main goal is to keep the Chaotic Chuo near where it spawns. Many players don’t know that if a boss roams too far, it can reset and come back to its spawn point with full health. I mean, what’s worse than depleting a lot of the boss’ health, only to find it again with full health because it wandered off too far? To avoid it, make sure you keep it close to its spawn point, as you’ll go through a lot of trouble otherwise.

Different Abilities Used by Chaotic Chuo 

All the abilities Chaotic Chuo uses in combat are similar to the ones the regular Chuo has in its arsenal, but these ones are more powerful and can drain a lot of your health quickly. During the fight, Chaotic Chuo will jump into the air and land on the ground with great force, pushing away all nearby enemies while dealing damage to them.

Therefore, as soon as you see the Chaotic Chuo in the air, waste no time in retreating to a safe distance, and then launch an attack as soon as the coast is clear. 

Chaotic Chuo can also create purple portals, and they explore after a while. To avoid getting damaged by them, make sure to stay outside the AoE markers that will appear on the ground. The boss can also send powerful Energy Balls towards your location.

As dogging these balls isn’t an easy task, we will suggest you stagger the boss as soon as he starts charging them up. This will prevent it from launching the balls in the first place, and you can then proceed with attacking it.

Chaotic Chuo Location
The Chaotic Chuo

One of the most powerful attacks used by the Chaotic Chuo is Energy Blast. By using Energy Blast, it can send 3 Energy Rings at you, and if you get caught in any one of them, you’ll get pushed to the second one and then to the third one.

In other words, you’ll get damaged by all three rings, which might end up draining all of your health. In other words, all your efforts to reach Chaotic Chuo’s location will go to waste. Therefore, when you see the boss charging up the rings, either run to a safe distance until you’re out of the attack’s radius or launch an attack to stagger it. Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in a powerful attack.

Chaotic Chuo can also make Spikes come out of the ground, which can kill anyone who gets hit by them. When this happens, you need to move away from the boss until you’re out of the attack’s radius, as there is no other way to counter it. Before the boss makes spikes appear on the ground, it will first jump away, which will serve as an indication for you to get back.

And finally, the boss can dash forward in a straight line and deal damage to all enemies that get hit during the process. Before it happens, a straight line will appear in front of the Chaotic Chuo. The only thing you need to do is avoid standing inside the line. 

In short, your main strategy against Chaotic Chuo is to dodge the Energy Balls and Energy Blast attacks or stagger the boss to cancel them. When he jumps in the air, get back to a safe distance. And when he jumps away, it’s time to run as fast as you can to avoid getting killed by the spikes.

Rewards That You’ll Get

Defeating Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark is going to help you acquire tons of amazing rewards, which can be seen below:

  • Forbidden Elemental Earrings
  • Forbidden Elemental Ring 
  • Forbidden Magick Necklace
  • Forbidden Magick Ring
  • Forbidden Magick Earrings
  • Bleed 
  • Star’s Breath
  • Guardian Stone Fragment 
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Common)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)
  • Epic Ability Stone

As expected from a tough fight, the rewards you get are extremely amazing, and some of these items are rare as well. Also, you might want to check out the best ways to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark


This was everything you needed to know about Chaotic Chuo’s location in Lost Ark, along with how to defeat it. As you can see for yourself, finding the boss isn’t difficult, but defeating him can be a little challenging. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to acquire amazing rewards by defeating the Chaotic Chuo boss, and it will also help you make progress in Anikka’s Adventure Tome. Before you leave, make sure to give our Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide a read as well. 

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