Lost Ark Legendary Skins: All Korean Server Skins 

This Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide will showcase 20 skins that are available on the Korean Server to choose from!

Lost Ark has several skins, which can essentially offer the different classes an overall different outlook, and each class is also accompanied by armor included in the skin. Apart from free skins, there are also Lost Ark Legendary Skins, which will cost money but can provide a few increased buffs to the players.

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark has 20 skins that can change the appearance of different classes in the game.
  • There are both free skins and paid Legendary Skins available in the game.
  • The Legendary Reaper skin offers an elegant black outfit with red armor.
  • The Sharpshooter Hawkeye skin has a white or army green suit with black embellishments.
  • The Deadeye Devil Hunter skin features a cowboy outfit in white or black with red details.

Reaper Skin

Lost Ark Reaper Skin
Reaper Skin

The first featured skin is a legendary Reaper skin, presenting a sleek all-black ensemble. The outfit comprises thigh-high leggings, sleeves, sharp shoulder protection, and leather covering the stomach and chest—all in black.

  • Accompanying the Reaper skin is a striking red armor skin with a visually appealing red chest piece, greaves, gauntlets, and a red mask.
  • This Legendary Lost Ark skin exudes elegance, transforming the character into a truly badass figure.

Sharpshooter- Hawkeye Skin

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Hawkeye Skin
Sharpshooter Hawkeye Skin

The next skin will be a Sharpshooter skin in Lost Ark, which features a white overall armor skin, with the character covered head to toe in a silver suit with black embellishments on certain areas of the skin. The black embellishments will be featured on the thigh, calves, shoulder blades, and calf. 

  • The other version of the skin features the same outfit; however, the color is army green, with the skin looking even more gorgeous.
  • It is adorned and compliments the weapon of the Sharpshooter well.
  • The shoulder blades are insanely protected, with the entire body also being wrapped in the armor.

Deadeye- Devil Hunter Skin 

Lost Ark Deadeye Devil Hunter Skin
Deadeye Devil Hunter Skin

Next up, a Deadeye-based skin will complement the character by adorning them with an overall white suit, complete with a white cowboy hat, white suit, white pants, and white gloves. The character will wield a gun and be able to look dashing in the skin and obliterate enemies simultaneously. 

  • However, the same skin can easily become part of the extraordinary Legendary Skins list in Lost Ark when it is switched to black color.
  • The black skin will be the same style as the white option.
  • However, it will have glowing red embellishments over the sleeves and shoulders.

Artillerist- Blaster Skin

Lost Ark Artillerist Blaster Skin
Artillerist Blaster Skin

The upcoming Lost Ark Legendary Skin for the Artillerist presents a distinctive robotic appearance when equipped on the character. The futuristic design includes a hood, chest armor, gauntlets, and greaves, leaving a lasting impression.

  • This skin also offers a variant with a dark blue and black color scheme.
  • In this version, the white robotic armor is replaced by black, and blue gradients adorn the chest, blaster, and behind the knees.
  • The overall look is classy and complements the Artillerist class perfectly.

Scouter Skin 

Lost Ark Scouter Skin
Scouter Skin

Another important skin that will be featured will be the Scouter Legendary skin. It includes a gold helmet, brown-black coat, black greaves, and black gloves with gold placed in several areas. The button-up area of the coat also has gold elements embedded into it, making it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Another version of the skin will feature a white coat instead of the usual black one, and the headpiece will be grey instead of black. The weapon fits well with both the black and grey skin colors, and it allows the player to just decimate enemies with ease as well. 

Gunslinger Skin 

Lost Ark Gunslinger Skin
Gunslinger Skin

Another cool skin that the Gunslinger in Lost Ark will wear is the character, adorned all over in a black leather suit. This includes a full black heat, the black weapon, which will also be accompanied with red accents, and the body-tight outfit with the top and bottoms, which will be leather with red accents. There will also be a red cape hanging from the back of the character. 

Another rendition of the Gunslinger legendary skin will include the same outfit, but the color will be white and gold, and the shoes will be gold heels. 

Berserker Skin 

Lost Ark Berserker Skin
Berserker Skin

While I’m on skins that look insanely cool, the Berserker skin is no exception. When the skin is purchased, it will have the character wearing a full armor kit, with the graves being a brown color, and the chest piece will be brown as well. With that, the shoulder and gauntlets will be full metal. 

However, the legendary version of the same skin will offer a massive design change since it now includes golden and blood-red armor wear. The headpiece and the boots are the most outstanding of them all!. Don’t skip out on our Lost Ark Berserker Leveling guide to know how exactly to level up this class!

Destroyer Skin 

Lost Ark Destroyer Skin
Destroyer Skin

The Destroyer skin in Lost Ark will be categorized as the coolest of the Legendary Skins. The armor features a full-on gold headpiece with horns, a cool mask covering the entire face, gold chest piece, gold gauntlets, and greaves complete with boots, it wins points for uniqueness. 

This skin version will also have a black and blue armor set. The overall build of the armor itself will be the same as the gold one. However, the only changes will be the color. Instead of the red and gold colors, the blue will complement the shoulder area.

Gunlancer- Warlord Skin 

Lost Ark Gunlancer Warlord Skin
Gunlancer Warlord Skin

Following through with the Gunlancer Skin, it will feature a white and grey overall armor piece, with the defining feature of the armor being the pointed shoulder piece. The shoulder blades will be protected from incoming enemy attacks as they will be sharp from all ends. The legs will also be ultimately safe from any kind of hits. 

If you want a different look, you can go for the black and purple version of the Gunlancer Legendary Skin in Lost Ark, which will have the same armor but in black with even darker embellishments on the waist as well as purple shades on the shoulders and wrists. 

Paladin- Holy Knight Skin 

Lost Ark Paladin Holy Knight Skin
Paladin Holy Knight Skin

Next is a rather classy outlook on Legendary Skins, including Paladin’s Holy Knight Skin. Whenever players decide to wear this skin, they will be met with a feathery white suit, with the suit being a lot more feathered up and out on the shoulder blades than on the head. 

If you want a black version of the Paladin skin, then one is available like that. It will essentially have the same feathered options. However, there will also be gold shining from behind the wrists. Our Lost Ark Paladin build guide might be a worthwhile read!

Arcana Skin 

Lost Ark Arcana Skin
Arcana Skin

The next skin I would like to feature includes the Arcana Skin, which will entail black skin all around, with the stomach, shoulder, and chest being protected. The cape flows lightly behind the character, making it look elegant, and the skin is paired with high heels. 

  • The Arcana Skin in Lost Ark will also have a white and gold rendition of the skin, with the gold adorned on the shoulder, stomach, and as a tiara on top of the character’s head.
  • There is also a sharp gold ornament settled on the arms of the character.

Summoner Skin 

Lost Ark Summoner Skin
Summoner Skin

Another skin introduced to the Lost Ark Korean Server was the gorgeous Summoner Skin, which is essentially a red, gold, and white dress that flares with a huge red and white cape in the back with the weapon behind the cape. The dress itself is quite beautiful and compliments the class well. 

There is also a blue version of the Summoner Skin, with the color now being switched to a beautiful pastel and sky blue and being complimented with white colors all around the cape. For the headpiece, the Summoner will wear a flower tiara that matches well with the dress. The summoner class in itself is pretty interesting, so, why not check our Lost Ark Summoner Build!

Bard Skin 

Lost Ark Bard Skin
Bard Skin

If you are wandering around for eye-catching Legendary Skin in Lost Ark, then the Bard Skin will do the class justice quite well. The crown is breathtaking with gold accents, sharp ends, and a handle on the top. The dress resembles the summoner’s skin in shape and size; however, the colors are switched out for gold and brown accents. 

Behind the dress is a blue and gold sharp ornament that is adorned and carried elegantly by the class character, and the entire outfit is tied together with pink and gold shoes that look very pretty. Wanna know how to build a bard? Check out our Lost Ark Bard Build!

Wardancer- Battle Master Skin 

Lost Ark Wardancer Battle Master Skin
Wardancer Battle Master Skin

Skins in Lost Ark are known to be pretty creative, and while some may be expensive, they are worth buying. Take an example of this Wardancer Battle Master Skin, which will have the character dressed up in a black and gold skin-clad dress with a high cut. The gold design runs from the shoulder to the feet. 

There is also a white-colored version of the Wardancer skin. However, the only difference is that now the gold embellishments are adorned around the wrists and wrap up the arms and to the hat. 

Scrapper Infighter Skin

Lost Ark Scrapper Infighter Skin
Scrapper Infighter Skin

As for the Scrapper Infighter Skin, it is a bodysuit that is yet again white and gold. The gold embellishments will wrap around the waist and on the pants. The defining point of the skin itself is the ponytail that it provides ad the fully-covered right arm with gold feathers all around, and then a sleeveless left arm. 

Want a more badass look? The black rendition of the Scrapper Lost Ark Skin will make you want the skin, as it has the same design as the bodysuit; however, the black leather looks pretty cool. The ponytail and shoes are kept the same, making it easier for players to select. 

Martial Artist- Soul Master Skin 

Lost Ark Martial Artist Soul Master
Martial Artist Soul Master

Another solid skin players can go for is the Martial Artist skin, which just screams expensive and elegant. The entire skin will be covered with red and pastel pink fur, almost representing Japanese culture. The skin will also include a tail at the back and red and pink high heels. 

The fur wraps from the front of the stomach, through on top of the shoulder, around the neck, and then back down the arms, tying it all together with the hairpins. 

Lancemaster Skin 

Lost Ark Lancemaster Skin
Lancemaster Skin

If you are looking for more Lost Ark Legendary Skins, then the Lancemaster Skin might suit you! The overall black suit with the leather pants and the big hat covers the character’s hair and face entirely. The top is more of a halter top, and the wrist is protected by a wrap-around made of leather. 

If you want a softer version of the skin, then you can go for the White and gold version of the Lancemaster skin in Lost Ark, which still has the same halter-top neck design and the pants, but the color is different. 

Striker Skin 

Lost Ark Striker Skin
Striker Skin

There are also skins available for the Striker class, which will be a white and red overall armor set that will come included with a white mask that will fully cover the face of the Striker character. Lost Ark players can also find that small gold detailings will be done to the buttons and the arm piece of the skin. 

Strikers are a class that is pretty fun to play as well; therefore, read up on our Lost Ark Striker Build guide!

Deathblade Skin 

Lost Ark Deathblade Skin
Deathblade Skin

For a more godly look, you might like the Deathblade Skin, which will dress up the character in white and black overalls. The head and arm pieces will be black, while the rest of the outfit will be black. There will be a heavenly circular headpiece, which can only be described as a celestial weapon. 

The skin has a more modern look as the pants will be a shimmery blue, and so will the top be a shimmery silver color. However, the celestial headpiece is the same, and it can’t be switched out. If you are looking to experiment with the Deathblade class, then our Lost Ark Deathblade guide will surely be helpful!

Shadowhunter- Demonic Skin

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Demonic Skin
Shadowhunter Demonic Skin

Let’s finish things off with the Shadowhunter Skin, simply a skin that words can not describe. It is a black body suit, with hot-pink shades embedded into the suit itself.

With that, I will wrap up my Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide; I hope you enjoyed it! While I’m at the topic of Shadowhunters, check out our Lost Ark Shadowhunter Guide!

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