Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build: Level 10-40

This Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build will showcase the best skills needed for each level of combat in Lost Ark!

Berserkers are typically known to be one of the deadliest classes in Lost Ark, as they essentially carry the entire team through some of the toughest battles that the MMORPG has to offer. Wielding a melee weapon in their hands, they can slash and pierce through the deadliest opponents and render them useless. So it is important that players learn the Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build before using the class.

Key Takeaways
  • Berserkers are a deadly class in Lost Ark, known for their melee weapon skills.
  • Finish Strike is a recommended skill for early-game players, causing the ground to shake and dealing damage to enemies.
  • Bleed Effect causes attacks to deal damage to opponents for 5 seconds, with rank 1. Finishing Blow is a tier 2 tripod that increases damage to enemies. Killing is a tier 3 tripod that enhances the damage output of the player’s second attack.
  • Rampage is a tier 4 tripod that increases the player’s critical hit rate and critical damage, Power Attack is a tier 5 tripod that increases the player’s attack power and attack speed.
  • The Windblade skill allows players to swing their weapon and deal high damage to enemies. The Acceleration tripod increases the player’s movement speed when they attack enemies. The KeyPoint Attack tripod increases the player’s critical hit rate when using the Windblade skill.
  • The Windswift tripod allows the player to launch themselves into the air and attack enemies while gliding back down, increasing their damage output. The Strike Wave skill allows players to transfer energy to their weapon and charge forward with it, dealing high damage to enemies.
  • Players should choose skills and tripods based on their playstyle to maximize the effectiveness of the Lost Ark Berserker leveling build.

Before we begin, here’s a summary of the Berserker Leveling Build:

LevelSkillTier 1 TripodTier 2 TripodTier 3 Tripod
10Finish StrikeBleed EffectFinishing blowKilling
14Tempest SlashQuick PreparationStrengthening BlowStorm Rush
20HellbladeBig JumpMeltingReturn To The Ground
24Wind BladeAccelerationKey Point AttackWind Swift
32Strike WaveQuick PreparationCerberusBlaze Wave
40Sword StormKey Point AttackWeaknessFlame Storm

Berserker Leveling Build In Lost Ark

As players slowly work their way through the game and understand the combat mechanics, there will be certain skills that players will typically want to max out to get the most out of the Berserker Leveling Build.

We will cover skills needed until mid-game to early end-game. Take inspiration from our fellow Lost Ark Berserker Build so that you can incorporate these skills into the build! 

Level 10 

Lost Ark Finish Strike
Finish Strike Skill

Kicking things off with the first recommended skill for early game players, for players typically at level 10, will be just getting to know the hang of things and barely will know that there are certain skills that players need to invest in beforehand. Therefore gaining as much information as possible is crucial for progress in Lost Ark. 

The first skill in question is Finish Strike, which can be cast by players when they are in PvE or PvP combat. Upon casting the skill, players will be able to wield their melee weapon in their hand and stand firm in a pose against their opponent, and while being in that pose, they can thrust down their weapon. 

Thrusting it down will cause the ground to shake, and enemies will intake 1178 damage, which is quite high for early game players. Upon taking that damage, enemies will get a good chunk of their HP bar depleted with zero effort from the player’s side, and the player can enjoy their victory. 

Finish Strike itself has a cooldown on the longer side of 18 seconds, and players need to be at least level 10 to equip and cast the skill. Lastly, the MP requirement for the skill is 85. Here are the main tripods that are recommended for Finish Strike. Make sure to check out the Lost Ark Deathblade Build

Bleed Effect 

Starting with the first tripod, players will experience different tripod effects based on their PvE or PvP battles. For players playing n PvE mode, rank one will offer the players the ability to launch attacks toward opponents for 5 seconds and deal 47 damage every second. Rank 2 will increase the damage output to 69, and there is no rank 3, 4, or 5. 

For PvP players, the damage output will be slightly lower but still crucial to obliterate enemies. Every time the player attacks the opponents, the enemies will intake 35 damage every second for a total of 5 seconds at rank one, while rank 2 will buff up the total damage output to 50, which can slowly but surely deplete their HPs

Finishing blow 

Keeping things going, the second tripod that we would recommend for early game players that are just starting is Finishing Blow which is considered a tier 2 tripod. Upon casting it, players will be able to unleash increased damage to foes with less than 50% HP, making it even easier to take them down. 

Rank one will offer a damage output of a bonus of 50%, while taking things up a notch to rank 2 will grant the players an enhanced damage output of 57.5%, and rank 3 offers a buffed 65% damage output.

Similarly, ranks 4 and 5 will buff the damage output in the following order: 72.5% at rank 4 and 80.0% at rank 5. 


Last but not least, there is a final tier 3 tripod that players should look into, which is known as Killing. When players activate the tripod, they will be able to unleash normal attacks, and the player’s second attack will be able to get enhanced damage output based on the ranks that the players choose to upgrade to. 

Rank one will offer a 150% total damage output, while rank 2 will enhance it to 163.5%, and rank 3 will increase it to a further 177.0%, which allows the players to charge forwards towards their foes and continue to hurl attacks unto them until they are practically dead.

Ranks 4 and 5 will offer a 190.5% and 205.5% damage output. Just like Berserker, the Paladin is an excellent class to main as well; therefore, make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Paladin Build

Level 14

Lost Ark Berserker Levelling Build
Tempest Slash Skill

Keeping things going with the Berserker Leveling Build guide, once players start to slowly progress through the game and reach level 14, at this point, they would have started to understand the basic combat mechanics that are required from them to achieve victory as soon as possible. 

Tempest Slash is the best skill that players can take advantage of, like a level 14 player. When it is cast for the first time, players will be able to get ready to charge forward for a total of 4 meters towards the general direction of their opponents and continue to deal normal attacks, which will deal 326 damage. 

After the enemies intake damage, the player will also be able to push them up and cause them to go airborne. While they are in the air, the player will gain the ability to jump up from their normal position and start to spin, delivering a combo attack that will continue to deal 228 damage, after which enemies will be slammed down onto the ground, and then finally intake a total of 522 damage. 

The attack type of Tempest Slash is a Back Attack, and with the medium stagger rating, players will be able to take down enemies faster. A total of 101 MP is needed to cast and use the skill, and players can not be below level 14. Last but not least, Tempest Slash has a 24-second cooldown.

Check out the recommended tripods down below. The Lost Ark Gunlancer Build is a sure read for players that want to decimate enemies in Lost Ark! 

Quick Preparation 

Kicking things off with our first recommended tripod, players should use Quick Preparation, which is part of the tier one tripod. When the players cast it, its main aim will be to support players by decreasing the skill cooldown of Tempest Slash, allowing for increased skill casting. 

At rank one, players will be able to experience a 5-second cooldown, while rank 2 will grant the player a further 5.7-second cooldown. If players decide to go to rank 3, then a 6.4-second cooldown can be expected, while ranks 4 and 5 will grant the player an enhanced 7.2 and 8.0-second skill cooldown. 

Strengthening Blow

The next tripod that players shouldn’t miss out on belongs to the tier two tripod list and is known as Strengthening Blow. When activated by the players, they will be able to charge forward and face the enemies head-on and continue to deal a ton of damage that will deplete their overall HP. 

At rank one, players will be able to deal a bonus of 25% damage to enemies, which is enough to render them useless already; however, upgrading Strengthening Blow to rank 2 will buff up the total damage output by a bonus of 31%, enough to obliterate foes quicker. The effects are the same for both PvE and PvP combat. 

Storm Rush 

Last but not least, let’s end the tier 3 tripod with our final recommended tripod, which is Storm Rush. When players have it in their arsenal and use it for the first time, they will experience that their AoE radius has been enhanced by 20%, which grants the player the ability to take out more enemies at once. 

Rank one will enhance the damage output by 80% while taking it up to rank 2 will increase it further. Upgrading Storm Rush to rank 3 will increase it to 98.0%, while ranks 4 and 5 will enhance it by 108.8 and 119.6%. 

Level 20 

Lost Ark Hellblade
Hellblade Skill

Players can look into another impeccable skill for Berserker Leveling Build that they can equip with them once they cross level 20, which will allow players to dominate the battlefield when they are playing as a Berserker, despite being already overpowered as a class alone in the battlefield. 

The skill in question is Hellblade which can be cast by the players when they are wielding their melee weapons. The way it operates is that the players will need to take the weapon in their hand, position their weapon, and thrust it down into the Earth, which will first cause it to deal a total of 117 damage to enemies, instantly depleting a chunk of their Health Points. 

Also, if the players continue to hold the thrusting position for 1.5 seconds, the greatsword will be able to attack the opponents 6 times, dealing a total of 348 damage. When the perfect parry is achieved, a total of 1872 bonus damage can be dealt with, enough to decimate enemies in combat. 

The stagger rating is high for Hellblade, which the players can take advantage of, and the skill itself requires players to be at least level 20 to cast it, so make sure to level up in time. The MP requirement for casting the skill is 127, which is a bit on the higher side, and it also has a cooldown of 36 seconds.

If you are someone who wants to experiment with other classes, such as being a Sharpshooter, then make sure to check out our Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build

Big Jump 

Kicking things off with our first recommended tier-one tripod, the players can equip Big Jump, which can be used to jump a large distance over to the enemies. After landing close to them, the players will be able to continue to attack them, dealing swift blows that are enough to render the toughest enemies useless. 

Rank one will offer a distance buff of 8 meters, while with rank 2, players will be able to leap across 8.5 meters before launching their final normal attack. If players decide to take the tripod further to rank three, they will be able to leap 9 meters, while ranks 4 and 5 will offer a distance buff of 9.5 and 10 meters, respectively. 


The next tripod that players should not sleep on while having Berserker Leveling Build is Melting, which is considered to be a tier two tripod, therefore being more overpowered for Berserker mains, as its main aim is to increase the total damage that is inflicted on enemies by Hell Blade skill. 

Rank one buffs up the damage by 10%, while rank 2 offers the player a buff of their damage output by 12%. With that, players will be able to unleash 14% enhanced damage and render enemies useless at rank 3, while ranks 4 and 5 will take it even further by buffing it by 16% and 18%, respectively. 

Return To The Ground

Ending thing with the final tripod that players can look into, it is the Return To The Ground tripod, which converts the element of the player to Earth, and essentially after the player unleashes their final attack, they can thrust their wilded weapon even deeper, causing enemies to intake increased basic damage. 

Rank one will offer the players a considerate buff of 80% damage output, while rank 2 brings the basic skill damage up to 89.6%, and rank 3 will offer 99.2% bonus damage output. If players decide to max out the tripod, they will experience that their damage will be buffed by 109.6% and 120.0%, respectively, at ranks 4 and 5.

The Striker is also another impeccable class, which the player can master after they are done reading our Lost Ark Striker Build!

Level 24 

Lost Ark Berserker Levelling Build
Windblade Skill

Moving right along with the Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build guide, another impeccable skill that players really should not miss out on, especially when they are aiming to play as a Berserker, is Wind Blade, which makes the player all the more powerful when they are in combat with their foes. 

Essentially, the simplest way to describe how Wind Blade works is that players will be able to ready their weapon in a way where they are holding it firmly in their hands and directing it toward their opponents. 

When that has been done, the wielded weapon can be swung across the opponent’s, thrusting and slashing through their bodies. The damage output will be high enough whereby the enemies will probably get obliterated without the need for an excessive effort from the player’s end. Follow through with a final attack that will deal 1032 damage. 

The stagger rating for Windblade is Medium, but it is still pretty useful nonetheless and definitely shouldn’t be looked over. Instead, players are recommended to level 10 this skill to max their damage output.

The MP requirement for the skill is 91, while players need to be at least level 24. There is a cooldown of 20 seconds on Windblade. If being a melee weapon wielder is not to your liking, then you might want to take inspiration from the Lost Ark Gunslinger Build for future classes! 


Starting with our tier-one tripod, players should consider investing in Acceleration, as it is considered one of the most overpowered tripods for the Windblade Skill. In essence, the way it operates is that anytime the player unleashes an attack on the enemy, they will gain movement speed. 

Ranks one through five will slowly increase the player’s movement speed: a 15% increase at rank one, while rank 2 offers the player a considerate 17.4% movement speed buff. Rank 3 boosts it up to a further 19.8% increase, while rank 4 offers the player a 22.2% increase, and finally, ending it at rank 5, it will be buffed by 24.6%. 

Key Point Attack 

Take a look at the tier two tripod that players should invest in, which is KeyPoint Attack, which essentially increases the player’s overall crit rate when they are casting WIndblade and land more critical hits. 

Rank one will offer the players a considerable 30% crit rate increase, while rank 2 will buff it up to 37.0%, and rank 3 will increase it further to 44.0%. With that, if players want to increase it even further. Then taking it to rank 4 and 5 will grant the player a buff in their crit rate of 52% and 60%. 

Wind Swift 

Wrapping things up, let’s assess our final tier 3 tripod that players should not skip out on. The tripod in question is Windswift which will allow the player to launch themselves up into the air, and then while spinning and gliding back down, they will be able to hurl attacks at enemies in front of them. 

Rank ones through five will offer the players a buff in their total damage output in this order: a 40% enhancement in damage output at rank 1, while players will experience a 47% increase at rank 2. With that, ranks 3, 4, and 5 will offer a buff of 54%, 62.4%, and 70.8%, respectively. 

Level 32 

Lost Ark Strikewave
Strikewave Skill

The fifth skill players should look into when they have finally progressed enough to reach level 32 is Strike Wave. At level 32, players will have properly grasped the aspect of the gameplay and how the combat mechanics operate in Berserker Leveling Build

Strike wave essentially grants the player the ability to use every last bit of energy that has been originally conserved in your body and transfer it to your wielded weapon, which is typically a greatsword. After it has been transferred, the player can cause the greatsword to release the concentrated energy and charge forward with their weapon. 

After the player has been using the skill for a while, they can also charge it for 0.8 seconds, which will start by unleashing a damage output of 850. After it is fully charged, the damage output unleashed will be 2124, enough to render any sort of enemies useless and take opponents out. 

The stagger rating for Strike Wave is considered to be on the higher end, allowing players to abuse the skill to their advantage and obliterate enemies. With that, players need to be at least level 32 to cast it, and there is an MP requirement of 127, alongside also having a long cooldown of 36 seconds. Scrappers are typically extremely underrated; therefore, we recommend checking out our Lost Ark Scrapper Build

Quick Prep 

When mentioning the recommended tripods, we simply can’t miss out on mentioning the tier one tripod known as Quick Prep which has been recommended a few times before. Essentially, the easiest way to explain its operation is that it will reduce the overall skill cooldown so that the player can cast it faster. 

Rank one will offer the player a 7-second cooldown, while rank 2 will decrease it further to an 8.5 second. Rank 3 will grant the player an 8.0-second skill cooldown reduction, while ranks 4 and 5 will offer a 9.5-second and 10.0 seconds cooldown reduction, allowing players to go all out against their foes. 


Moving right along with our guide, the next tripod in our list will be the tier two tripod known as Cerberus, which will allow the player to cast it while they are in the middle of a tough battle. While they are maining as a Berserker, they will be able to take over any enemies with the tripod in their arsenal. 

Essentially how it works is that when the player casts it, it will divide the Spirit Sword into three different pointed weapons that will slash and pierce through the toughest opponents and render them useless on the battlefield. 

Blaze Wave 

Ending the Strike Wave, players can take advantage of Blaze Wave, a tier-three tripod that can be used by the player as long as they aim to gain victory. Upon activating Blaze Wave, players will experience that their element has been changed to Fire, after which it will cause flames to explode out of the ground and attack enemies. 

Rank one will offer the player a 60% damage output, while rank2 will boost it up to 68.4%, and rank 3 will increase it to 76.8%. With that, ranks 4 and 5 will increase it further to an 85.8% enhancement and 94.8%.

These rankings are high enough that the Berseker can allow the player to be a beast in battle and take every enemy out one by one. If you want to experiment with other classes on an alternate account, then make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Wardancer Build

Level 40 

Lost Ark Sword Storm
Sword Storm Skill

With the level 40 skill, players will want to take as much advantage as they can of this skill since it essentially overpowers the Berserker even more than they already are. Since it is considered a mid-game to end-game skill, it is pretty vital for your Berserker Leveling Build battle. 

Essentially, the way Sword Storm operates is that when players first activate it, they will be able to launch themselves into the air and go airborne, all the while being able to spin on their axis counterclockwise and unleash attack after attack on their enemies. After that, players can strike back into the ground, unleashing 1479 damage and murdering enemies in their wake. 

The skill itself has a high stagger rating, meaning that players can launch even deadlier attacks against their foes and render them useless in the middle of combat. With a 30-second cooldown and a 114 MP requirement, players should consider investing in Sword Storm. If nothing else works out, then being a Sorceress can also work, and for that, you might want to read the Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Key Point Attack 

Starting with the first tripod, it is a tier-one tripod that players should look into if they want to use Sword Storm to its full advantage. Essentially, the main aim of KeyPoint Attack is placed to enhance the player’s crit rate so that they can efficiently unleash more critical hits against their enemies. 

Rank one will offer players the ability to have their crit rate by 15%, while rank 2 will buff it up to 21%, and rank 3 increases it even further to 27%. With that, ranks 4 and 5 will increase it even further to 33% and 40%. 


Moving on with the tier two tripod for this skill, we are looking at the Weakness tripod, which can basically be used by the players who want to obliterate enemies that would typically be immune to Push apart from the usage of this tripod. When it is cast, players will be able to have their damage increase against opponents that are immune to Push. 

Rank one offers the players a 40% damage increase, while rank 2 will buff it up to 47.2%. If players decide to upgrade Weakness to rank 3, they will experience that their damage is increased to a further 54.8%, while rank 4 and rank 5 will increase it to a further 62.4% and 70.0%. 

Flame Storm 

Wrapping things up with the last and final tripod, we have Flame Storm on our list, which essentially allows players to have their element converted to Fire, after which they can launch attacks at enemies which will naturally burn them. And for a total of 6 seconds, it will continue to deal a total damage every second. 

For PvE combat, the damage output per second will be 148, and if the player’s HP is below 50%, then the damage output will be increased by 100%. At rank 2, it will be boosted to 105% if the player’s HP is below 50%, and the damage output per second will be 177. 

With that, we are done with everything you should know about Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build. Let us know what you think! Make sure not to skip out on our Lost Ark Deadeye Build, as it is an impeccable class! 

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