Lost Ark BEST Gunslinger Build: PvP & PvE Class

Our guide covers everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Gunslinger Builds and how you can execute these build yourself.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

Gunslinger is a major part of the Gunner Class. It is one of the most Advanced Classes in the game, so you will have to be extremely careful with your Gunslinger Build in Lost Ark. Although Gunslingers are a part of the Gunner, they have a lot of unique features that help them stand out. For instance, Gunslingers can wield can 3 weapons at once as compared to Shadowhunters.

Key Highlights

  • The Gunslinger is the only class of female gunners in Lost Ark.
  • With Gunslinger, the player can switch between three types of weapons; dual pistols, shotguns, and rifles.
  • The player will have two options for engraving in the gunslinger class; Peacemaker, and Time To Hunt.
  • The Peacemaker engraving grants skills that are more effective in terms of damage when the player is quick enough in switching between the weapons.
  • Increasing the extra damage, the peacemaker is best in the final shot when the HP of your enemy is below 50%.
  • The Time Hunt engraving provides a high mobility rate. The Meteor Stream skill helps in cooling down the handgun quickly.
  • The player will not be able to make use of the shotgun while using the Time Hunt engraving.
  • Some other engravings for the gunslinger class that can be very effective are Grudge, Cursed Doll, Adrenaline, and Keen Blunt Weapon.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Gunslinger Gameplay – Lost Ark

Gunslingers also can seamlessly switch these three weapons as they don’t have a swap cooldown. These three weapons normally include the Dual Pistols, the Sniper Rifle, and the Shotgun. You can switch between these guns for both targeted and burst damage based on the situation.

Benefits of Using the Gunslinger Class

Although the Gunslinger Build is difficult to master as you have to switch between different weapons based on the situation. However, if you can learn how to use the Build, you will be able to take care of enemies and bosses alike with ease.

The Gunslinger Build offers you a variety of benefits that make it one of the best builds in Lost Ark. These benefits include;

  • High DPS as you can focus your damage on specific targets and take them out with ease.
  • There are three different combat modes for three different weapons. This means that you can easily switch between different combat styles based on the situation.
  • With three different combat styles, you have a lot of versatility in how you want to play the character.
  • The Gunslinger Class allows you to use the Stick and Move strategy. This gives you additional mobility as you can target enemies and move around however you want.

Lost Ark Deadeye Vs Gunslinger

Gunslinger and Deadeye are two different Characters that belong to the Gunner class. However, there are a lot of things that differentiate them from each other. For instance, the Gunslinger Class has been specifically designed to take care of enemies from a certain distance. They have weapons like Sniper Rifles that provide them with amazing range and precision.

In contrast to this, the Deadeye class deals crazy amounts of damage by using close-up weapons like Shotguns. They use these high DPS weapons to perform combos at a close distance. Because of this close range, Deadeyes also have to constantly move as they would be easy targets if they stayed at a single position.

So, in summation, Gunslingers are the perfect choice when you want to kill enemies from a distance, whereas Deadeyes are more apt for dealing close-range damage. If you want to dominate the PvP and PvE segment of the game while playing as a Deadeye class, then consider reading our Lost Ark Deadeye Build guide. 

Lost Ark Gunslinger Class Explained

In our Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide, we will first take a look at how this class works. Gunslingers are a high DPS hybrid class. They are considered a hybrid class because they can deal a considerable amount of damage up close and from a distance. You have nice mobility, and that allows you to move around and reposition during a fight. Unlike Deadeyes, you have control over where and how you want to initiate against the enemies.

Another important thing about the Gunslingers is that all of the Lost Ark Gunslinger Builds are extremely vulnerable to incoming damage. So, you are required to stay in positions where you will be less prone to getting targeted.

Lost Ark Gunslinger PvP Builds also work extremely as you can deal critical damage as well as grant buffs to your allies. You are also able to switch between your combat skills on the fly depending upon how the enemies or other players are approaching the fight.

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Gunslinger Class Abilities

The Gunslinger Class comes packed with three combat skills that you can switch between depending on the situation. Dual Pistol is the first and the default Gunslinger ability. The Dual Pistol can be buffed with its tripods as they grant you improved attack speed and enhance mobility. In addition to this, the dual pistols also have a debuff effect that reduces the enemies’ Crit resistance.

The second Gunslinger Ability is the Shotgun. The Shotgun is perfect for dealing explosive damage at a close distance. It can be perfect in boss fights where you need a large burst of damage in a short timeframe. Shotgun has a slower fire rate than Dual Pistols, but it makes up for that fact by dealing almost double the damage.

The third and final ability is the Sniper Rifle. Sniper Rifle is a perfect tool if you are looking to stay at a distance while targeting enemies. It is the ideal tool for that initial engagement against a large swarm of enemies as you cannot get overwhelmed. However, the Sniper Rifle has an extremely slow fire rate and does not deal AOE damage.

So, Dual Pistols and Shotguns are the ideal choices if you are already being swarmed, while the Sniper Rifle can be used for initiation. These three skills make Lost Ark Gunslinger PvE Builds extremely efficient for going through the game at a brisk pace.

Gunslinger Class Leveling Guide

There are multiple directions that you can take when you are leveling up your Gunslinger. However, by the time your character reaches level 60, you should have a minimum of 23 skills unlocked.

lvl 60
Gunslinger Skills Available at Max Level

As you reach level 60, you will also receive a lot of skill points that you need to invest wisely. You need to put these skill points into the Dual Pistol, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle to get access to their Tripods as well.

Once unlocked, the tripods provide you with different buffs that can help you out during combat. These buffs can range from spell cooldown reduction to improved critical damage. These Tripods can have a massive impact on the outcome of different battles.

Best Dual Pistol Skills and Tripods

Whenever you are leveling up your Gunslinger Build in Lost Ark, you need to unlock 11-12 skills. In addition to these skills, you also need to emphasize unlocking their respective Tripods to unlock amazing buffs. Almost all Lost Ark Gunslinger Skills have amazing Tripods that are explained below;

Quick Step


This particular Tripod can be unlocked at level 10. When active, it is an amazing mobility skill that helps you close the distance between you and the enemy. Whenever you use this skill, your character will slide forward towards the enemy and will shoot them at a point-blank range. While using this skill, you need to be careful where you are pointing when you activate the skill. Once the attack animation begins, you will no longer be able to change the spell’s direction.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Quick Step 

This directional awareness is important because if you miss the spell, your character will be vulnerable for a few seconds until the animation ends.

Tripods for Quick Step

Once you have upgraded this skill to a certain level, you will be able to apply Tripods on it as well. The Quick Step Tripods can provide you with amazing buffs like Rapid Fire, Vital Point Shot, and Life absorption. When applied, these tripods will help you improve your movement speed as well as the damage your character will deal. Unlocking these Tripods will allow you to perform a large variety of Lost Ark Gunslinger Combos.

  1. Spiral Tracker

spell 2
Spiral Tracker

The Spiral Tracker skill also unlocks at level 10. When unlocked, it allows your Gunslinger to hurl a spinning handgun which will shoot multiple enemies in a specified area to deal damage. This is an amazing clearance spell as it helps you deal with a large mob of enemies with AOE damage. This makes it an extremely powerful Lost Ark Gunslinger Skill.

Tripods for Spiral Tracker

After upgrading the Spiral Tracker skill, you will be able to add Tripods to enhance the spell’s performance considerably. Tripods like Quick Pace, Weakness Exposure, and Whirlpool can be added to improve the damage and usability of the spell. Applying these Tripods will not only stun and pull the enemies towards your spells, but it also applies a debuff on the targets. This debuff will significantly reduce their Crit Resistance, and the stun will help your spinning handgun deal more damage.


  1. Equilibrium

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build


Equilibrium can be unlocked as soon as your Gunslinger reaches level 12. This spell will cause your handguns to rapidly in multiple directions with a high DPS as soon as it is activated. This spell can be used as a perfect clearance skill when you are surrounded by a large mob of enemies. The spell allows you to clear the area and progress in the game easily.

Tripods for Equilibrium

The Equilibrium also comes with amazing Tripods that make the spell even more effective. You can apply Tripods like Weakness Exposure, Vital Point Shot, and Enemy Raid. All these Tripods combined will allow you to deal bonus damage in a 360-degree area while giving you bonus movement speed and an improved Crit rate.

  1. Somersault Shot

spell 4
Somersault Shot

You can unlock the Somersault Shot Ability at level 10. This is an extremely efficient spell that not only protects you from enemy fire but also gets from point A to point B quickly. When used, Somersault Shot will allow you to jump over your enemies and evade their attacks. In addition to evading the enemy attacks, this spell also deals damage to the enemies during the jump. This is one of the most powerful Lost Ark Gunslinger Skills, even without the use of Tripods.

Tripods for Somersault Shot

The Somersault Shot Tripods provide you with benefits like Burn Effect, Ignore Collision, and Super Armor. With these buffs, you will be able to deal lasting damage to bosses while gaining damage immunity for yourself.

  1. Dexterous Shot

spell 5
Dexterous Shot


This combat skill is unlocked when your Gunslinger gets to Level 22. The Dexterous Shot spell allows you to shoot in multiple directions as your character moves forward. The enemies also get temporarily stunned as soon as they are hit with the spell. The Tripods for Dexterous Shot also give it some amazing buffs, which make it a really strong spell.

Tripods for Dexterous Shot

If you unlock Tripods for Dexterous Shot, you will get skills like Master of Evasion, Agile Shot, and Weakness Exposure. These abilities help reduce enemy Crit resistance, improved dodge rate, and the ability to use it as a Lost Ark Gunslinger Combo spell.

  1. Bullet Rain

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Bullet Rain

The Bullet Rain is accessible once your character reaches Level 36. When activated, it fires a barrage of bullets at enemies in front of you. However, if you are not pointing toward them, the spell will not do any damage. So, before you can the spell, you need to be mindful of the direction you are pointing at.

Tripods Available for Bullet Rain

As you get some skill points and level up the Bullet Rain spell, you will unlock Tripods like Flame Shot, Vital Point Shot, and Rapid Fire. Vital Point Shot and Flame Shot are extremely effective as they improve your Crit damage and Crit rate. The Rapid Fire Tripod increases your spell’s duration from 3 seconds to 4 and improves the damage dealt. The damage potential of this spell makes it ideal for a Lost Ark Gunslinger PvP Build.

  1. Meteor Storm

spell 7
Meteor Storm

The Meteor Storm is available for upgrades after you reach Level 10. When this spell is activated, your Gunslinger summons a large barrage of bullets. These bullets are fired in the air and deal explosive damage to all enemies in the area upon impact. This is essentially a ground clear spell that helps you maul a mob of enemies in a short period. Meteor Storm can be a perfect spell to start the fight as the bullets take a few minutes to reach the ground.

An important thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot move during the cast animation of this spell. If you move or press another button as the spell is being cast, it will outright cancel the spell.

Tripods Available for Meteor Storm

After you have leveled up the Meteor Storm spell, you will be able to use its Tripods. These Tripods include Wide Explosion, Weak Point Detection, and Bombardment. Using these Tripods will not only improve the spell’s damage but will also significantly improve the radius of the spell as well.

  1. Peacekeeper

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

This is the last Pistol skill available in the Gunslinger Class. This particular skill unlocks when your character reaches Level 26. This is an amazing Lost Ark Gunslinger Combo spell as the spell itself is a mixture of different abilities, including dashing forward and kicking enemies. It also inflicts a crazy amount of burst damage and has a rapid rate of fire that can help kill enemies quickly. However, you need to be extremely careful about your positioning while you use this spell, so it takes a lot of practice to master.

Tripods for Peacemaker

The Peacemaker spell has some amazing Tripods that you can choose from based on your gameplay and style. Tripods like Cykin CQC, Excellent Mobility, and Purification Ceremony are amazing as they give you an improved damage buff and a high Crit rate.

The Pistol spells are the most versatile in the Gunslinger Class. Some of them are used in the Peacemaker Lost Ark Gunslinger Build, while others are used in the Time to Hunt Build. All of these spells offer unique boosts and stat upgrades, and that is why they are used by both classes.

Best Shotgun Skills and Tripods

The Shotgun spells mentioned below are a crucial fixture of the Peacemaker Lost Ark Gunslinger Build. All Shotgun spells offer a high burst of damage and are perfect for dispatching enemies quickly and effectively. These skills include;

  1. Shotgun Rapid Fire

spell 1 (shotgun)
Shotgun Rapid Fire

The Shotgun Rapid Fire can be unlocked at Level 14. When activated, the spell causes your Gunslinger to shoot the Shotgun 3 times in a cone-shaped AOE. This spell is perfect for taking care of enemies that are grouped. You can use this single spell to wipe out everyone in a specified direction.

Tripods for Shotgun Rapid Fire

 There are a large variety of Tripods that are available for the Shotgun Rapid Fire spell. These include Extended Shot, In a Tight Spot, and Quick Prep. Among these Tripods, In a Tight Spot is easily the best one as it removes the restriction on back attacks. This means that you can position your character at any location as the increased damage and Crit rate will ensure the enemies will get hit.

Other Tripods like Quick Step reduce the spell cooldown, while Extended Shot adds a passive attack after the combo is finished. This attack knocks down the target and deals a massive amount of damage. All these Tripods make Shotgun Rapid Fire an extremely powerful part of the Lost Ark Gunslinger PvE Build. 

  1. Last Request

spell 2 (shotgun)
The Last Request

You can unlock the Last Request spell after reaching Level 20. The spell, when activated, will fire one massive bullet that will deal a considerable amount of damage to the target.

Tripods for the Last Request

After you have added a few skill points to the Last Request, you will get access to Tripods like Volley and Execution. Execution, when unlocked, allows your character to dash forward towards the enemy while Volley increases your number of attacks. These Tripods, when combined, make Last Request an amazing initiation spell that is perfect for Lost Ark Gunslinger PvP Build.

  1. Sharpshooter

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

Sharpshooter is the final Shotgun spell that becomes available at Level 40. When activated, the spell allows you to shoot with Two Shotguns in each hand a total of 7 times. These attacks combined to deal a crazy amount of damage which makes it the most powerful Shotgun spell.

Tripods for Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter spell comes with Tripods like In a Tight Spot, Special Bullet, and Frost Haven. The Special Bullet allows you to deal damage to push-immune enemies, whereas Frost Haven slows down the enemies that have been hit by the spell. It also freezes the enemies for a small period and deals double damage when they get free.

Best Sniper Rifle Spells and Tripods

Sniper Rifle spells are an essential part of every single Gunslinger Build Lost Ark. These spells deal long-ranged damage and are ideal for killing enemies from afar. The Sniper Rifle spells work in tandem with the glass cannon Gunslinger Build, as you don’t have to worry about your low HP. These spells include;

  1. Spiral Flame

spell 1 (rifle)
Spiral Flame

Spiral Flame can be unlocked at Level 10 and fires a massive bullet toward the enemies when activated. This bullet causes the enemies to fly in the air and deals burst damage as soon as they hit the ground.

Tripods for Spiral Flame

The Spiral Flame spell comes packed with Tripods like Ice Shot, Rear Blast, and Kill Confirmation. With Ice Shot, you can convert your spells’ damage type from fire to water. This change will provide movement reduction on enemies upon impact. Rear Blast, on the other hand, simply improves the damage dealt by Spiral Flame. Finally, Kill Confirmation enhances your Crit rate by a whopping 50% against weakened enemies.

  1. Perfect Shot

spell 2 (rifle)
Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot spell becomes accessible at Level 20. It is a perfect initiator spell that fires a single hire-caliber bullet that becomes lethal when it reaches the Perfect Zone. This spell is easy to control as you can change the direction at any time before it reaches the Sniper Rifle’s Perfect Zone.

Tripods with Perfect Shot

The Perfect Shot spell includes Tripods like Enhanced Shot and Bleed Effect. These Tripods, when paired together, allow you to improve your Crit rate and damage while inflicting a bleed effect on the remaining enemies.

  1. Target Down

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Target Down

This is the last spell in our Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide. You can unlock and use this spell after hitting Level 50. When you activate the spell, you will enter a Snipe Mode that allows you to target multiple enemies at a time and deal damage.

Tripods for Target Down

With the Target Down spell, you can prioritize Tripods like Heaven Calls, Explosive Steel Bullet, and Quick Aim. These Tripods, when used as a combo, reduce the enemy’s movement speed and apply a bleed effect on them. It also provides a buff to your Crit rate and can be perfect for boss fights and Challenge Monsters.

Gunslinger Build Engravings and Stats In Lost Ark

Once you reach a certain point in the game, you can unlock special Engravings. These Engravings can help you upgrade the Gunslinger Class by unlocking special stats and abilities. You can also unlock new abilities by using Ability Stones and other Accessories. You can also receive these Engravings and Accessories as a reward by hunting down monsters and completing challenges.

Two Gunslinger Builds In Lost Ark

Based on the spells you choose and the Engravings you unlock and equip, you can choose between two different builds. Both these builds focus on different aspects of a Gunslinger and are perfect for certain situations. These Builds include Peacemaker and Time to Hunt. Both these Builds are stark contrasts of one another but are fun to play and master.

Time to Hunt Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

time to hunt
Time to Hunt Gunslinger Build – Lost Ark

This is the first available Build that you can choose for your Gunslinger. Time to hunt allows you to max out the Crit rate of your Sniper Rifle and Dual Pistol; however, it completely disables your Shotgun. This affects your Gunslinger’s versatility but makes the Build easy to manage and play. With only two weapons available, you don’t have to worry about constantly switching back and forth between three completely different skills.

Time to Hunt Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide

When you opt for the Time to Hunt Build, you don’t have to worry about leveling your Shotgun Spells. You can focus all your skill points on the Pistol and Sniper Rifle abilities and upgrade them. The best Leveling spread that you can go for with the Time to Hunt Build is as follow;

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Time to Hunt Leveling Guide

You can initially max out Target Down and Perfect Shot because of their effectiveness in dealing with enemies from afar. It is also important to upgrade spells like Spiral Tracker and Peacekeeper to Level 4, so they can get access to their Tripods.

You are not required to upgrade and place all the 8 Pistol skills with the Sniper Rifle skills. Furthermore, you need to focus on upgrading your Crit and Specialization stats while you are gearing up. Focusing on these stats will help you get more out of your Pistol, and Rifle spells and the damage will dispatch the enemies quickly.

stats 1
Stats Leveling in Time to Hunt

Peacemaker Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

build 2
Peacemaker Gunslinger Build – Lost Ark

The Peacemaker Build is more popular among players because of its versatility. This Build allows you to focus on the abilities of all your weapons. It improves the attack speed of your Pistol, the Crit rate of your Shotgun, and the damage of your Sniper Rifle. You can get a lot out of your Peacemaker Build when it is at Level 1. However, as you upgrade the Peacemaker Build, you will be able to use more spells concurrently.

Peacemaker Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide

If you decide to go for the Peacemaker Build, you need to be careful about how you utilize your skill points. You have a lot of abilities to choose from when you are upgrading this Build. The perfect Leveling spread for Peacemaker will look something like this;

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build
Peacemaker Leveling Guide


You will initially max out spells like Target Down, Sharpshooter, Equilibrium, and Focused Shot because of their power and effectiveness in any situation. At the same time, you need to upgrade spells like Quick Step, Spiral Tracker, Dexterous Shot, Somersault Shot, and Peacemaker to level 4. Getting these spells to Level 4 will unlock their Tripods and will over the spells’ overall usefulness in a given situation.

In the Gunslinger Build, you will also focus on Crit and Specialization stats as they will help you the most out of your skills. The Crit stat will give you the necessary burst damage that is essential for taking care of enemies quickly. The Specialization stat improves a weapons’ usefulness and effectiveness in any situation.

stats peacemaker
Leveling Stats in Peacemaker

Gunslinger Class Playstyle In Lost Ark

The Gunslinger Build in Lost Ark itself is highly rewarding as you get the best value for your using your challenging abilities efficiently. Each of the weapons adds something unique in combat and can buff your Crit rate and the max damage dealt. All of this makes the Lost Ark Gunslinger PvP Build extremely complex as your character has low HP. However, if you prioritize the right spells and Tripods, you will more than make up for the low HP with explosive damage.

There are also some amazing Lost Ark Gunslinger Combos that you can execute in these PvP and PvE situations. Using spells like Somersault Shot, Quick Step, Equilibrium, Dexterous Shot, and Bullet Rain will deal enough damage to take out even the most difficult enemies. These combos will give you a significant boost in damage that will make up for the low HP of your character.

This concludes our guide on the Lost Ark Gunslinger Build. Let us know more of your thoughts about this step-by-step guide in the comments below!

Final Words

Lost Ark is a game that has quickly captured the attention of all the MMOARPG fans in the gaming community. The game revolutionized the way to play and build your characters. In the game itself, you have a lot of classes to choose from. Once you have selected a class, you will then be able to dive into the sub-classes and special abilities available in each Class. You have unlimited choices, and thus you can try out different builds and ultimately pick the one that suits you best. Every class has its benefits ranging from damage burst to robustness and mobility. 

Games like Lost Ark give you the ability to try unique classes and build them however you want. Not all classes are easy to handle, as some of them have a difficult learning curve. That is why we curated the Lost Ark classes tier list so as to help players figure out the playstyle they feel comfortable with.

There are no restrictions in terms of which characters you can and cannot choose. So, you can explore all the unique in-game features that make the game great. This variety also significantly improves the shelf life of the game. Players will always come back to the game to try out new builds and spell combinations that will extend your games’ life. On the subject of builds, consider reading our Lost Ark Wardancer Build and Lost Ark Sorceress Build guides and see two unique playstyles in the game. 

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