BEST Lost Ark Gunner Class [Top 4]

Confused about whether to choose the Gunslinger, Deadeye, Artillerist, or Sharpshooter Gunner Class in Lost Ark? Worry not, we've got you covered!

Gunner classes are great at dealing precise damage, may it be from close range or a long distance. These characters use technologically advanced weapons to dominate the world of Arkesia. We’ve already mentioned that the Gunner class has four advanced sub-classes: the Gunslinger, Deadeye, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter.

Key Highlights:

  • Gunners in Lost Ark are a firepower class that excels in close to long-range damage. At level 10, players can choose between four advanced gunner classes: Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter.
  • Each class has its own set of skills and unique moves, as well as two engravings that modify the character’s playstyle.
  • The Gunslinger class can use three different weapons: dual pistols, a shotgun, or a sniper rifle, and has high mobility.
  • The Artillerist class uses explosive weapons and can control damage output and range.
  • The Deadeye class has a variety of weapons to choose from and deals double damage with shotguns in close range compared to gunslinger.
  • The Sharpshooter class uses mechanical bows as their primary weapon and excels in mobility and single-target damage.
  • You can choose the class that best fits your playstyle.

To give players ample options, Lost Ark has introduced a class system. Each class adopts a different playstyle and can be built to your liking so that you can face off enemies in the online world of Arkesia. For further clarification, you can check out our Lost Ark Classes Tier List.

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From the five classes that Lost Ark provides; Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin, today, we will only be focusing on the Gunner Class in Lost Ark. On that note, if you’re a solo player looking to take on the immense battlegrounds of Lost Ark then consider reading about the Best Solo Classes

Gunners are the firepower class in Lost Ark., from wielding bows to carrying explosive weapons, and these guys will offer accurate close to long-range damage. They are by far the most straightforward aggressors in the game. If you’ve chosen the gunner class, this article is surely for you!

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If you chose the Gunner class for your playthrough, you would get to choose between four Advanced Gunner Classes (Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, Sharpshooter) once you reach level 10. 

In all honesty, there is no best gunner class in Lost Ark. Each advanced gunner class has its benefits, and thus the decision falls to you!

What Are The Advanced Gunner Classes In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark gunner classes
Advanced Gunner Classes in Lost Ark

To find out the best gunner class in Lost Ark, we will go through each of these four sub-classes in-depth. Once we’re done with that, it will be extremely easy for you to pick the one that fits your playstyle the most!

All Advanced Gunner Classes

Each Advanced gunner class has its own set of skills along with its unique moves. Other than that, each Gunner class has a choice of Engravings, too; this can be considered as the base of your chosen character once you reach level 10. 

Engravings are crucial in fine-tuning your character’s build in Lost Ark. Every class has two Engravings that fundamentally modify the character’s playstyle. You can also use other general engravings if it fits your build more.

Without further ado, here’s a list of all the gunner classes in Lost Ark:

  1. Gunslinger: Great for all kinds of ranged action
  2. ArtilleristExpect explosions with these guys. Huge Explosions!
  3. Deadeye: They have a vast range of arsenal to choose weapons from
  4. Sharpshooter: They use mechanical bows as their primary weapon

Let’s now dive deeper into these gunner subclasses in Lost Ark!

Gunslinger Gunner Class

Lost Ark Gunslinger
Gunslinger Class in Lost Ark

The first gunner subclass we’ll look at is called the ‘Gunslinger’. The Gunslinger is by far one of the most popular gunner classes in Lost Ark. You can make use of three different weapons with Gunslinger equipped; Dual Pistols, a Shotgun, or a Sniper Rifle

With these in your locker, the gunslinger will be able to manage enemies at all ranges. Shotgun for close, pinpoint range. Dual pistols are for close to mid-range, whereas the sniper rifle is for long-range marksman shots. 

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Apart from good weapons, the gunslinger also offers one of the best mobility amongst the gunner classes in Lost Ark. We will now look at the two engraving choices you get with Gunslinger as your gunner class. 


The decision you make while choosing the engraving for your Gunslinger class will prove to be the key aspect of your Lost Ark journey. Depending on your playstyle, you will choose the one which suits you best. 

The 2 engravings that you can get for your Gunslinger class in Lost Ark are:

Time To Hunt

Time Hunt Engraving for your gunslinger class will massively increase your critical rate on each level. However, this only applies to pistols and the sniper rifle. On top of that, you won’t be able to use the shotgun at all.

Despite having no access to the shotgun, Time To Hunt is still a viable engraving since you have fewer weapons to cycle through. The character will have more mobility and will induce more critical damage. 

Once you reach level 3 of Time To Hunt engraving, your gunslinger will have her crit rate increased to 30%.


Your second option while picking an engraving is the ‘Peacemaker‘. The Peacemaker offers a different buff on each weapon. Additionally, it will not take away your access to the shotgun, which makes it the more popular engraving between the two.

With this engraving equipped, you will receive an increase in attack speed while in the handgun stance. With the Shotgun in hand, you will get an increased crit rate. Lastly, in the sniper rifle stance, you will deal additional damage for 9 seconds to any enemy whose HP is lower than 50%.

The buffs allow the player to rely on multiple buffs with each weapon making the playthrough much more versatile. In our opinion, the Peacemaker engraving is more fun to use. When you reach level 3 of the Peacemaker engraving, the attack speed will increase by 15% on handguns, 25% rise in crit rate with shotguns, and 30% additional damage for 9 seconds to enemies with 50% or lower HP.


There are many skills that you can choose from in order to give the gunslinger class buffs. These skills are concentrated in each of her stances; handguns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. 

So make sure you utilize and upgrade the ones which you think are the best for your playstyle. 

Here are the Best Skills for Gunslinger Gunner Class in Lost Ark:

  1. Spiral Tracker: Launches a spinning handgun towards the enemy location (within 10 meters) and causes 233 damage over 15 hits.
  2. Quick Step: The skill allows the Gunslinger to slide forward for up to 6 meters and fire the handgun to cause 155 damage.
  3. Equilibrium: Fire your handguns over a large area to inflict 965 damage.
  4. Perfect Shot: Fire a high-speed bullet with your sniper rifle to inflict 274 damage. Hit the perfect spot to inflict 1099 damage and knock back enemies.
  5. Spiral Flame: Allows you to fire a deadly flame bullet, launching foes into the air for 682 Fire damage. It also sets the ground on fire, inflicting 56 damage every 0.8s for 2.4s.
  6. Shotgun Rapid Fire: You can shoot 3 consecutive shots with the shotgun causing 274, 274, and 365 damage.
  7. Sharpshooter: Fire shotguns from each hands 7 times to cause 1493 damage to the enemies.
  8. Meteor Stream: The Gunslinger will shoot bullets into the air and control them to crash into their desired location. It will cause 445 damage and launch enemies into the air.

Awakening Skills

Eye of Twilight Gunslinger
Awakening Skills of Gunslinger

These skills are unique for each class and are way more powerful than normal skills. As we’re on the topic of Gunslinger, let’s check out the Awakening Skills you can adopt during your gameplay. 

There are two Awakening Skills that you can choose from in the game. Both of these skills offer a unique ability to your character, which enhances their performance one way or another on the battlefield. With that said, let’s check out the Awakening Skills for the Gunslinger Class.

Eye Of Twilight

The Eye Of Twilight Awakening Skill for the Gunslinger gunner class in Lost Ark is truly devastating. Read ahead to find out why!

The Gunslinger turns around and sets a dueling target on the nearest enemy within range. She then gives them the affliction of Eye of Twilight, which affects their Move Speed by -80%, Attack Speed by -40%, both for 3.5 seconds.

Following a 2-second countdown, the character quickly draws and shoots their pistol, dealing 11672 Damage and dealing Weak Point Level 2 and Stagger (Mid-high) to enemies who have the Eye of Twilight debuff on them. Without it, enemies suffer 4260 damage. After shooting, the Eye of Twilight debuff is removed.

High-Caliber HE Bullet

The second Awakening Skill for the Gunslinger class is known as the High-Caliber HE Bullet. The Awakening Skill deals explosive damage to more than 1 enemy.

With this skill in use, the Gunslinger will target an enemy while she quickly moves back. Upon firing at the enemy, the bullet will cause 11672 damage, as well as an explosion. The explosion will damage other enemies within a specified area.

So if you’re looking for some explosive action, then the High-Caliber HE Bullet Awakening Skill is worth checking out with your Gunslinger Class. It will surely light up the battlefield!

Artillerist Gunner Class

lost ark artillerist
Artillerist Class in Lost Ark

Do you like explosions? If yes, then the Artillerist Gunner class in Lost Ark is meant for you! The Artillerist gunner subclass is all about booms and massive explosions, and they have no rules on the battlefield. They may not be agile like the Gunslinger, but they carry around big mechanical launchers and heavy armor.

Artillerists wield Huge Guns, which can either be used as a Launcher or a Flamethrower. However, due to the heavy weapon and armor, their movement is much slower as compared to the other gunner classes in Lost Ark. 

These guys are great at inflicting damage in close to mid-range. They can target more than one enemy at a time and can finish up a battle in the most badass style! Although, if you rely on a long-range gunner, then the Artillerist won’t fit your description.

Read on to find out more details about the Artillerist gunner class in Lost Ark.


It’s time to review the two class engravings you will get once you pick Artillerist as your gunner. Yet again the choice you make is dependable on your style of gameplay. 

So, here are the two engravings you can choose from for your Artillerist gunner class. 


The first engraving under review is called the ‘Barrage’. The Barrage engraving works hand in hand with the Artillerist Barrage. It offers great cumulative stat building for your character, especially when many enemies are in a battle.

Once equipped the Barrage engraving will reset the cooldown for all Barrage-related skills whenever you kill an opponent. Therefore, you can safely assume that you can carry out lots of explosions without having to worry about the cool down.

Once you reach level 3 of the Barrage engraving, the bombardment skill damage will increase by 2% per kill (can go max till 25 kills). 

Firepower Enhancement

The second engraving you can get for your Artillerist class is the ‘Firepower Enhancement’. This engraving is utilized more than the Barrage engraving by Lost Ark players. The Firepower Enhancement increases the crit rate, and it also buffs up the defense. 

Firepower Enhancement is great for clearing out dungeons, and it helps in taking less damage while increasing the crit rates, which works wonderfully in PvE situations. The sheer strength of the engraving will surprise you.

At level 3 of Firepower Enhancement, the crit rate will increase by 25%, 30%, or 35%, depending on the Firepower gauge level. Along with that, the Artillerist will also see its incoming damage reduced by 30%.


The Artillerist gunner class in Lost Ark has a lot of skills to choose from. And you guessed it right! They’re all related to even more explosion and destruction. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s review them.

Here are some of the Best Skills in Lost Ark for Artillerist Gunner Class:

  1. Flamethrower: Move freely as you fire your flamethrower in front of you. The fire lasted for 4 seconds and dealt 1584 fire damage.
  2. Air Raid: Gives you the ability to shoot numerous large-caliber bullets into the air. They land on random enemies and launch them into the air, dealing up to 681.6 Damage.
  3. Barrage Howitzer: Bombard the target area and deal 1558 Damage to enemies and send them flying. It also decreases enemies’ defense by 12% for 12 seconds.
  4. Barrage Energy Cannon: Fire a deadly penetrating energy cannon to knock enemies back and deal up to 5818 damage to them.
  5. Napalm Shot: The enemy is stunned by the large AoE attack’s launch, which also ignites the battlefield and deals DoT
  6. Energy Field: Summons a shield that, for 4 seconds, takes damage equivalent to 31% of your maximum health. This shield is necessary for the Barricade Engraving.
  7. Homing Barrage: Set up a homing device within 8 meters of the target. After 4 seconds, a missile flies by, explodes, and sends enemies into the air while dealing 1673 Damage.
  8. Gravity Explosion: Create a gravitational field that pulls enemies and deals up to 221 Damage, then set off an explosion that deals 1082 Damage to enemies who are knocked away.

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Awakening skills
Awakening Skills of Artillerist

As for the Awakening Skills, which are far superior to the normal skills in Lost Ark, we have two abilities for the Artillerist. The first one is known as the ‘Missile Barrage‘, and the second is called the ‘Heavy Turret‘.

Both of the Awakening Skills create some groundbreaking power on the battlefield. These skills will surely shake your enemies. 

So, here are the two Awakening Skills of Artillerist Gunner classes in Lost Ark.

Missile Barrage

First up on our list, we have the ‘Missile Barrage‘. This Awakening Skill belongs to the Artillerist gunner subclass in Lost Ark. The name makes it quite clear how devastating the skill will be. 

Getting into more detail, the Missile Barrage launches 20 rockets up into the air. These rockets will land at your desired location, and upon explosion, they will deal 45,000 damage to all the enemies within the radius of the explosion! 

Yes, you read that right! 45,000 damage!

Heavy Turret

Next up, we have the Heavy Turret. The Heavy Turret is another great option to opt for as it fully utilizes the build of the Artillerist class. With this Awakening Skill, your Artillerist will use a heavy turret for a specified amount of time.

If you’re looking to cause pure chaos on the battlefield, then Heavy Turret skill is meant for you. It will last for 20 seconds, during which you will wreak havoc with a laser and even a guided missile. By the end of these 20 seconds, we guarantee that half of the battlefield will be cleared up!

Deadeye Gunner Class 

Lost Ark deadeye gunner
Deadeye Class in Lost Ark

Without following any order, Deadeye is yet another best gunner class in Lost Ark. Deadeye is very similar to the Gunslinger class. Some people call him the male counterpart of Gunslinger. This is due to the fact Deadeye also uses three weapons, which include Dual Pistols, a Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle. 

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Deadeye has a high level of mobility and is one of the best close-range gunner classes in the game. That’s exactly where the difference lies between Deadeye and Gunslinger. The Deadeye class deals twice as much damage with shotguns at close range. In contrast, the damage dealt by the Deadeye decreases with the enemy’s distance.

So, if you want some close-range shortie action, then the Deadeye is worth playing with. For further clarification, we will go through his Engravings, Skills, and Awakening Skills. 


Now that you have chosen Deadeye as your gunner, let’s go through the two class engravings you will get to choose from. Once more, the decision you make will depend entirely on how you want to play Lost Ark.

So, for your Deadeye gunner class, here are the two engravings you can select from.


The first engraving for the Deadeye Gunner class is the ‘Pistoleer‘. As the name suggests, this engraving focuses totally on the handgun stance. This is not the strongest point of Deadeye; however, the engraving can still prove quite useful if utilized the right way. 

With Pistoleer, the damage to enemies will increase during battles. However, it only works with the handgun stance. So you won’t be able to use the shotgun as efficiently with this stat buff. 

When the engraving reaches level 3, the overall damage to foes will increase by a massive 40%. 

Enhanced Weapon

The Enhanced Weapon is our personal favorite when it comes to Deadeye engravings. Unlike the Pistoleer, the Enhanced Weapon is more versatile and fun. And it won’t restrict you to any particular stance, so you can smoothly run your usual playstyle.

With the Enhanced Weapon engraving, the Deadeye’s crit rate will increase every time you switch the weapon stance. This means that you will continue getting an extra crit rate regardless of the weapon in use. Therefore, the Enhanced Weapon engraving proves to be the superior choice when it comes to the Deadeye gunner class in Lost Ark.

Upon reaching level 3 of Enhanced Weapon engraving, you will get an extra 30% crit rate whenever you change your weapon for 9 seconds. 


Moving on to the skills section of the Deadeye, it’s quite obvious that most of the strongest skills are linked to the shotgun stance. Despite that, we will still list down all of the top skills for Deadeye in Lost Ark. Some of these skills are similar to the ones we saw under the Gunslinger section.

Here are some of our Favorite skills for Deadeye Gunner Class:

  1. Spiral Flame: Shoot a powerful flame bullet that also launches enemies into the air. Inflicts 1463 fire damage and also sets the battlefield on fire.
  2. Hour of Judgement: The ability to shoot three bullets in a cone-shaped area. A total of 1100 Damage is dealt, each bullet inflicting 367 Damage. Each bullet splinter deals 91 damage when it scatters behind the target it hits.
  3. Triple Explosion: You can fire an explosive bullet to a specific target’s location. This ability can be repeated three times, with each bullet causing 662 damage.
  4. Aimed Shot: Deadeye can shoot four high-caliber bullets while moving around the enemy’s location. The first three bullets will inflict 321 damage and make the foes’ speed drop by 80%. The last bullet causes 541 damage and knocks the enemy back.
  5. Last Request: You can fire an explosive bullet and cause 1673 damage. It also launches enemies into the air.
  6. Sign of Apocalypse: Increases damage of shotguns at close-range
  7. Meteor Stream: Fire multiple bullets in the air and then control where they land. The chosen area receives 1053 damage and launches enemies into the air.
  8. Shotgun Rapid Fire: Enables you to fire your shotgun three times, dealing 346, 346, and 462 Damage while forcing enemies a long way back with the final shot. Nearby enemies suffer x2 damage.

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Awakening skills deadeye
Awakening Skills of Deadeye

The Awakening Skills are one of the game’s most powerful skills. So it’s essential to go through the possibilities of each gunner. Therefore, we will now look upon the Awakening Skills of the Deadeye gunner class, which will clear out many things for you. 

It may even make a choice between Deadeye or Gunslinger a lot easier. Here are the two Awakening Skills for Deadeye’s class without further ado.

Bursting Flare

The first Awakening Skill for Deadeye is the ‘Bursting Flare’. The Bursting Flare skill works on the sniper rifle stance, which is a good thing since, on the base level, Deadeye is not that good at long range. So what does this skill offer in the game?

Upon using the mentioned Awakening Skill, Deadeye will summon a large-caliber sniper rifle. He will shoot three times, and the first two shots will inflict 111 damage. That’s not all! Along the bullet’s trajectory, the nearby enemies will also receive 111 damage. The last bullet will inflict 666 damage. 

The Bursting Flare can be a nice addition to your Deadeye build. Thanks to the Bursting Flare Awakening Skill, you will be able to rely on the sniping skills of the Deadeye gunner class. 

Clay Bombardment

The other Awakening Skill for the Deadeye is quite different from the first one. As the name suggests, the Clay Bombardment deals with explosives rather than bullets. Therefore, this skill will offer more versatility with Deadeye in your playthrough. 

The Clay Bombardment skill sees Deadeye use many claymores and throw them around the battlefield. These claymores are blown up the moment you burst-fire using your pistols. You will inflict 111 damage on all the nearby enemies, and along with that, the claymores will cause 111 explosive damage.

Clay Bombardment Awakening Skill is great for clearing out dungeons infested with enemies. Apart from that, it gives the player many aggressive attack options.

Sharpshooter Gunner Class

Lost Ark Sharpshooter gunner
Sharpshooter Class in Lost Ark

Last but not least, we are left with Sharpshooter as the final best gunner class in Lost Ark. Till now, we’ve familiarized you with the mechanics of Gunslinger, Deadeye, and Artillerist. Each of these gunner sub-classes dealt with common straightforward weapons. 

That’s where the Sharpshooter steps in. He’s filled with stealth and wields a cool mechanical bow with special arrows that inflict different effects on the player or the enemy. These guys are the most agile and can also assist you in the long run.

The Sharpshooter can also summon a Hawk as a pet ally in battles. You can use the Hawk to distract enemies or make it self-destruct to deal a good amount of damage. 

Since they carry around a mechanical bow, they are excellent at picking their shots and exploiting the weakness of every enemy they face. If you rely more on classical weapons and stealth, this gunner class is a no-brainer!


If you’re planning to choose the Sharpshooter as your advanced gunner class in Lost Ark, you must learn about their initial engravings. These engravings revolve around the summoning of the Hawk. Therefore, depending on your style of play, you can choose any of the two following engravings for Sharpshooters.

Let’s now get to know the engravings for the Sharpshooter gunner class:

Loyal Companion

The first engraving for the Sharpshooter class is known as the ‘Loyal Companion‘. The engraving gives the Sharpshooter’s Hawk multiple key buffs, which can easily change the tide of the battle. However, this engraving can only fit a certain playstyle. 

Players who utilize a good strategized approach will make use of this engraving the best! With Loyal Companion, the Sharpshooter will call the Silverhawk Mark 2, which will have its speed increased. The AoE radius, basic attack damage, and Hawk’s time limit will also increase!

When the Loyal Companion engraving reaches level 3, the Hawk’s speed will increase by 2%, and the AoE radius will enhance by 60%. Whereas the basic attack damage will see a 150% rise, the Hawk also stays on the battlefield for a 100% longer period. 

That’s not all, and the Hawk will inflict 12% more damage to enemies!

Death Strike

The second engraving, called ‘Death Strike,‘ is more compact than the Loyal Companion engraving. Although, both engravings are linked with the Hawk in one way or another. The Death Strike will increase the damage inflicted on enemies during battles.

The engraving comes into action when the Last Rush is activated. After the activation of the ability, the Hawk’s meter will get recovered by 50% in an instant. Additionally, each enemy you hit will receive 40% extra damage for the next 8 seconds, which is ample time to take the upper hand in the battle and deal massive amounts of damage to the enemies. 

In comparison, the Death Strike engraving doesn’t offer as much as the Loyal Companion does. However, both of these engravings are a viable choice and can suit specific types of Sharpshooter builds.


Next up, we have the extensive list of skills that Lost Ark offers for the Sharpshooter. The list in the game may seem a bit overwhelming, but to make things easier for you, we have listed down the ones we deem best. 

We have to admit that the Sharpshooter Gunner class has some of the best skill animations in the game!

Here are the Best Skills for the Sharpshooter Gunner Class in Lost Ark:

  1. Arrow Shower: Shoot numerous arrows into the air, creating an arrow shower to land at the target area and deal 188 Damage over 2 seconds.
  2. Arrow Wave: Send a tornado arrow hurtling at the target area and deal 171 damage to opponents. The same enemy may receive up to four hits from the tornado arrow.
  3. Blade Storm: Sharpshooter throws a storm of blades quickly, causing 137 Damage six times. Then, throws more blades, dealing 122 Damage three more times.
  4. Charged Shot: Charge your shot to inflict more damage (this skill has three stages). Before being fully charged, the shot will deal 462 damage. At charged stage 1, the shot will inflict 616 damage, and when it’s overcharged, the shot will cause 1540 damage. Enemies will be knocked back on Charged stage 1 or above.
  5. Electric Nova: An Electrically charged arrow that deals 366 damage to directly hit enemies, 163 damage to enemies close to the targetted enemy, and 121 damage to those a bit further away than the targetted enemy. Enemies that get electrically shocked will receive 74 damage/second for 3 seconds.
  6. Smokescreen Arrow: Inflict 238 damage with your arrow and create a smokescreen for 6 seconds which debuffs the movement speed of enemies within the range. 
  7. Stalker: Quickly leap towards your enemies by covering 8 meters in front of you. This will deal 342 damage and knock them down.
  8. Shadow Arrow: Fire your arrows quickly to deal 252 damage and unleash the Shadow’s Curse to blind your opponent and reduce their movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds.

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Sharpshooter skills
Awakening Skills of Sharpshooter

As for the Awakening Skills, we will yet again mention that Sharpshooter has one of the best-animated skills in the game. And that is true about its Awakening Skills as well! Even the names of these superior skills are cool. 

Let’s wrap up this extensive best gunner class in Lost Ark review with a little more detail. So here are the two Awakening Skills that come alongside the Sharpshooter class.

Fenrir’s Messenger

Yes, you read that right; you get to see Fenrir’s Messenger in the game! The first Awakening Skill allows the Sharpshooter to summon Fenrir’s Messenger in the game to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Alongside the Hawk, this ability allows further assistance on the battlefield, which is always a plus point in Lost Ark.

Under the effect of the Awakening Skill, the Sharpshooter will summon a ferocious Fenrir’s Messenger on the battlefield that will inflict 111 damage on each hit for the time it’s in the battle. It doesn’t end here; once you release your assigned skill hotkey, another Fenrir’s Messenger will get summoned but smaller in size but will deal the same amount of damage. 

Even though the damage numbers may seem less but once you try it during battle, you will understand how good the skill is. It offers frequent damage to the enemies and even makes them overwhelmed on the battlefield.

Golden Eye

The second and final, Awakening Skill of the Sharpshooter, is called the ‘Golden Eye’. Even though Fenrir’s Messanger is an amazing Awakening Skill, the Golden Eye is slightly ahead of it for us. The skill offers devastating damage to the foes on the battlefield.

Your Sharpshooter will summon four golden hawks at once, creating a whirlwind by flying in a circle. The whirlwind will continue to become stronger and will inflict up to 1221 damage to all the enemies caught within it. The Awakening Skill also launches the enemies into the air, making the Sharpshooter undetectable for 7 seconds. 

In our eyes, the Golden Eye creates more chaos in Lost Ark and is great for dungeon battles or a fight with many enemies. It damages the opponents and is also great for stealthy players.

What Is Lost Ark’s Best Gunner Class?

Lost Ark best gunner class
Best Gunner Class in Lost Ark

Phew! That were some in-depth details of all the gunner classes in Lost Ark. However, and the question remains as to who is the best gunner class in the game. We discussed all the sub-classes because each character brings something unique to the battlefield, and it all comes down to the preference of the player in question. 

Some people like to play with an “All Guns Blazing” approach; for them, the Artillerist is the best gunner class. Whereas, some people like playing highly accurate and stealthy gameplay, and they may fare better with a Sharpshooter build. Then some people love versatility in games, which is why Deadeye and Gunslinger might suit their needs most.

Therefore, there’s no outright answer to our question of who the best gunner class is in Lost Ark. Although, and we will tell you our take on it. For us, the Sharpshooter is the best gunner class in Lost Ark, followed closely by the Gunslinger class. The Sharpshooter offers a lot of buffs and debuffs through his skills and abilities; apart from that, the assisting Hawk is a great help in battles. 

There you have it! Our take on Lost Ark’s best gunner classes. We hope you learned some valuable stuff in this article, and we wish you the best of luck with your Lost Ark playthrough!

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