BEST Lost Ark Gunner Class [Top 4]

Confused about whether to choose the Gunslinger, Deadeye, Artillerist, or Sharpshooter Gunner Class in Lost Ark? Worry not, we've got you covered!

Gunner classes are great at dealing precise damage, may it be from close range or a long distance. These characters use technologically advanced weapons to dominate the world of Arkesia. We’ve already mentioned that the Gunner class has four advanced sub-classes: the Gunslinger, Deadeye, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter.

Key Takeaways

At level 10, players choose from four advanced gunner classes: Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter.

  • Each class has unique skills, moves, and two engravings for customized playstyles.
  • Gunslinger can wield dual pistols, a shotgun, or a sniper rifle, with high mobility.
  • Artillerist focuses on explosive weapons, controlling damage and range.
  • Deadeye offers various weapon choices and deals double damage with shotguns up close.
  • Sharpshooter uses mechanical bows, excelling in mobility and single-target damage.

All Advanced Gunner Classes

Here’s a quick overview of all the Advanced Gunner classes in Lost Ark:

ClassesWeaponsSkillsShotgun SkillsAwakening Skills
Gunslinger GunsAT02 Grenade, Meteor Stream, Plasma Bullet, Quick StepHour of Judgement, Shotgun Rapid fire, Dual BuckshotEye of Twilight, High- Caliber HE Bullet
Artillerist LaunchersFirepower Meter, Barrage Meter, Enhanced Shell, Gatling GunN/AMissile Barrage, Heavy Turret
DeadeyeGunsAT02 Grenade, Meteor Stream, Spiral Tracker, Death FireSign of Apocalypse, Shotgun Dominator, Last Request Clay Bombardment, Bursting Flare
Sharpshooter BowsRapid Shot, Aromatic Arrow, Arrow Wave, Salvo, Hawk ShotN/AFenrir's Messenger, Golden Eye

Without further ado, here’s a list of all the gunner classes in Lost Ark:

  1. Gunslinger: Great for all kinds of ranged action
  2. ArtilleristExpect explosions with these guys. Huge Explosions!
  3. Deadeye: They have a vast range of arsenal to choose weapons from
  4. Sharpshooter: They use mechanical bows as their primary weapon

Gunslinger Gunner Class

Best Gunner Class For Role Diversity.
Lost Ark Gunslinger
Gunslinger Class in Lost Ark
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility, mobility, and firepower this class provides allows for dynamic gameplay.

The first gunner subclass we’ll look at is called the ‘Gunslinger’. The Gunslinger is by far one of the most popular gunner classes in Lost Ark. You can make use of three different weapons with Gunslinger equipped; Dual Pistols, a Shotgun, or a Sniper Rifle

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With these in your locker, the gunslinger will be able to manage enemies at all ranges. Shotgun for close, pinpoint range. Dual pistols are for close to mid-range, whereas the sniper rifle is for long-range marksman shots. 

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Apart from good weapons, the gunslinger also offers one of the best mobility amongst the gunner classes in Lost Ark. We will now look at the two engraving choices you get with Gunslinger as your gunner class. 

1. Time To Hunt

  • Effect: Significantly boosts crit rate for pistols and sniper rifles but disables shotgun usage.
  • Playstyle: Focuses on mobility and critical hits, simplifying weapon rotation for streamlined combat. At level 3, crit rate increases by 30%.

2. Peacemaker

  • Effect: Enhances attack speed for handguns, crit rate for shotguns, and damage against enemies below 50% HP in sniper rifle stance, without restricting any weapon.
  • Playstyle: Offers a versatile approach, improving damage output across different stances. Level 3 benefits include 15% attack speed, 25% shotgun crit rate, and 30% increased damage in sniper stance.


There are many skills that you can choose from in order to give the gunslinger class buffs. These skills are concentrated in each of her stances: handguns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. 

So make sure you utilize and upgrade the ones that you think are the best for your playstyle. 

Here are the Best Skills for the Gunslinger Gunner Class in Lost Ark:

  • Handguns
    • Spiral Tracker: Deals damage over time within close range.
    • Quick-Step: Combines mobility with damage, perfect for repositioning.
    • Equilibrium: Offers wide-area damage, ideal for crowd control.
  • Shotguns
    • Shotgun Rapid Fire: Delivers rapid, consecutive shots for high burst damage.
    • Sharpshooter: A high-damage skill that’s great against groups.
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Perfect Shot: Delivers high single-target damage, with bonus damage on precise hits.
    • Meteor Stream: Controls crowds by targeting and damaging multiple enemies from afar.
  • Spiral Flame: A versatile skill that damages and controls enemies with fire.

Awakening Skills

Eye of Twilight Gunslinger
Awakening Skills of Gunslinger

These skills are unique for each class and are way more powerful than normal skills. As we’re on the topic of Gunslinger, let’s check out the Awakening Skills you can adopt during your gameplay. 

There are two Awakening Skills that you can choose from in the game. Both of these skills offer a unique ability to your character, which enhances their performance one way or another on the battlefield. With that said, let’s check out the Awakening Skills for the Gunslinger Class.

Eye Of Twilight

The Gunslinger’s Eye of Twilight Awakening Skill in Lost Ark is exceptionally powerful. Here’s why:

  • Dueling Target: Targets the nearest enemy for a duel.
  • Debuff: Slows the enemy’s move speed by 80% and attack speed by 40% for 3.5 seconds.
  • Damage: After 2 seconds, deals 11,672 damage to the debuffed enemy, applying Weak Point Level 2 and mid-high Stagger. Enemies without the debuff take 4,260 damage.
  • Debuff Removal: Removes the Eye of Twilight debuff post-attack.

High-Caliber HE Bullet

  • Action: Targets an enemy, steps back, and fires a bullet.
  • Damage: Causes 11,672 damage and triggers an explosion, affecting multiple enemies.

This skill is excellent for dealing explosive damage to groups, making it a versatile choice for battlefield control.

  • Versatile weaponry.
  • High mobility and powerful skills.
  • Potent awakening skills and engraving options.
  • Vulnerability to crowd control.

Artillerist Gunner Class

Best Gunner Class For Frontline Heavy Hitters.
lost ark artillerist
Artillerist Class in Lost Ark
  • Why I Chose This: The sheer explosive power this class provides on top of the area control capabilities.

The Artillerist Gunner class in Lost Ark is perfect for those who love explosions and have no rules on the battlefield. While they lack the agility of Gunslingers, they make up for it with massive firepower and heavy armor.

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Artillerists wield Huge Guns, which can serve as either a Launcher or a Flamethrower. However, their movement is notably slower due to the weight of their weapons and armor compared to other gunner classes in Lost Ark. These warriors excel at close to mid-range combat, capable of targeting multiple enemies simultaneously and finishing battles in a badass style. 


It’s time to review the two class engravings you will get once you pick Artillerist as your gunner. Yet again, the choice you make is dependent on your style of gameplay. 

So, here are the two engravings you can choose from for your Artillerist gunner class. 


  • Key Feature: Resets cooldowns of Barrage-related skills upon defeating an enemy.
  • Advantage: Enables continuous skill usage, especially useful in encounters with numerous enemies.
  • Level 3 Effect: Increases bombardment skill damage by 2% per kill, up to a maximum of 25 kills.

Firepower Enhancement

  • Key Feature: Boosts crit rate and reduces incoming damage, tailored for durability and offensive power.
  • Level 3 Effect: Crit rate increases by 25%, 30%, or 35%, based on the Firepower gauge level, while reducing incoming damage by 30%.


The Artillerist gunner class in Lost Ark has a lot of skills to choose from. And you guessed it right! They’re all related to even more explosion and destruction. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s review them.

In my opinion, here are some of the Best Skills in Lost Ark for Artillerist Gunner Class:

  • Flamethrower: Extensive fire damage over 4 seconds, great for crowd control.
  • Air Raid: Launches enemies into the air with high-damage bullets, random area coverage.
  • Barrage Howitzer: High-damage area bombardment, debuffs enemy defense.
  • Barrage Energy Cannon: High-impact shot with knockback, ideal for piercing enemy lines.
  • Napalm Shot: AoE stun and damage over time, sets up follow-up attacks.
  • Energy Field: Creates protective shield, absorbs significant damage, crucial for frontline.
  • Homing Barrage: Targets and damages enemies from afar with precision.
  • Gravity Explosion: Draws enemies in before explosive damage, great for crowd control and combos.

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Awakening skills
Awakening Skills of Artillerist

As for the Awakening Skills, which are far superior to the normal skills in Lost Ark, we have two abilities for the Artillerist. The first one is known as the ‘Missile Barrage‘, and the second is called the ‘Heavy Turret‘.

Both of the Awakening Skills create some groundbreaking power on the battlefield. These skills will surely shake your enemies. 

  1. Missile Barrage: Launches 20 rockets, each exploding at a designated location to inflict 45,000 damage on nearby foes. Ideal for targeting multiple enemies at once.
  2. Heavy Turret: Employs a heavy turret for 20 seconds, unleashing destruction with a laser and guided missile. This skill is perfect for clearing large groups of enemies, causing widespread chaos on the battlefield.
  • Massive firepower and area control.
  • Strong survivability.
  • Devastating awakening skills.
  • Slow mobility.
  • Limited range.

Deadeye Gunner Class

Best Gunner Class For Close Range Engagements.
Lost Ark deadeye gunner
Deadeye Class in Lost Ark
  • Why I Chose This: The superiority this class provides in close-range combat is second to none.

Without following any order, Deadeye is yet another best gunner classes in Lost Ark. Deadeye is very similar to the Gunslinger class. Some people call him the male counterpart of Gunslinger. This is due to the fact Deadeye also uses three weapons, which include Dual Pistols, a Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle. 

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Deadeye has a high level of mobility and is one of the best close-range gunner classes in the game. That’s exactly where the difference lies between Deadeye and Gunslinger. The Deadeye class deals twice as much damage with shotguns at close range. In contrast, the damage dealt by the Deadeye decreases with the enemy’s distance.

So, if you want some close-range shortie action, then the Deadeye is worth playing with. For further clarification, I will go through his Engravings, Skills, and Awakening Skills. 


Now that you have chosen Deadeye as your gunner, let’s go through the two class engravings you will get to choose from. Once more, the decision you make will depend entirely on how you want to play Lost Ark.

So, for your Deadeye gunner class, here are the two engravings you can select from.


  • Focus: Enhances handgun stance, boosting damage dealt with handguns.
  • Limitation: Optimizes handgun use at the expense of shotgun effectiveness.
  • Level 3 Bonus: Increases handgun damage to enemies by 40%, significantly boosting single-weapon focus.

Enhanced Weapon

  • Versatility: Encourages stance switching by boosting crit rate after changing weapons, supporting a dynamic playstyle.
  • Level 3 Bonus: Provides a 30% crit rate boost for 9 seconds upon weapon swap, enhancing overall damage output across all weapon stances.


Moving on to the skills section of the Deadeye, it’s quite obvious that most of the strongest skills are linked to the shotgun stance. Despite that, I will still list down all of the top skills for Deadeye in Lost Ark. Some of these skills are similar to the ones I saw under the Gunslinger section.

Here are some of my favorite skills for Deadeye Gunner Class:

  • Spiral Flame: Launches enemies, sets ground on fire for damage and control.
  • Hour of Judgement: Cone-shaped damage with splinter effects, effective against groups.
  • Triple Explosion: Targeted explosive damage, enhanced area denial with repeat use.
  • Aimed Shot: Slows movement, high-damage shot for mobility and impact balance.
  • Last Request: High-damage explosive shot, clears spaces or secures kills.
  • Sign of Apocalypse: Amplifies shotgun effectiveness in close combat.
  • Meteor Stream: Controls enemy movement, secures areas with strategic damage.
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire: Burst of shotgun fire, pushback effect for crowd control.

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Awakening skills deadeye
Awakening Skills of Deadeye

The Awakening Skills are one of the game’s most powerful skills. So it’s essential to go through the possibilities of each gunner. Therefore, we will now look upon the Awakening Skills of the Deadeye gunner class, which will clear out many things for you. 

It may even make a choice between Deadeye or Gunslinger a lot easier. Here are the two Awakening Skills for Deadeye’s class without further ado.

Bursting Flare

  • Mechanics: Deadeye uses a high-caliber sniper rifle for a three-shot salvo.
  • Damage: Initial shots deal 111 damage each to target and nearby foes, with final shot dealing 666 damage.
  • Tactical Use: High damage to single target, supplemental damage to surrounding enemies, great for crowd control.

Clay Bombardment

  • Mechanics: Deadeye places claymores strategically, detonating during burst-fire pistol attacks.
  • Damage: Each claymore and explosion deals 111 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Strategic Advantage: Ideal for area control and crowd management in dungeons or against multiple foes.
  • High close-range damage.
  • Versatile and high mobility.
  • Enhanced critical hits.
  • Limited long range capability.

Sharpshooter Gunner Class

Best Gunner Class For Precise Long Range Targeting.
Lost Ark Sharpshooter gunner
Sharpshooter Class in Lost Ark
  • Why I Chose This: The precise targeting and tactical gameplay this class provides on top of the long-range combat capability.

The Sharpshooter specializes in stealth and wields a unique mechanical bow with arrows that have various effects on enemies. They are highly agile and can provide long-term assistance.

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Sharpshooters can summon a Hawk pet for battle, using it to distract enemies or cause significant damage through self-destruction. With their mechanical bow, they excel at precise targeting and exploiting enemy weaknesses. If you favor traditional weapons and stealth, the Sharpshooter gunner class is an excellent choice.


If you’re planning to choose the Sharpshooter as your advanced gunner class in Lost Ark, you must learn about their initial engravings. These engravings revolve around the summoning of the Hawk. Therefore, depending on your style of play, you can choose any of the two following engravings for Sharpshooters.

Let’s now get to know the engravings for the Sharpshooter gunner class:

  • Loyal Companion:
    • Boosts Hawk’s speed, AoE, attack damage, and duration.
    • Level 3 benefits: 2% speed increase, 60% larger AoE, 150% more attack damage, double battlefield time, plus 12% more damage to enemies.
    • Ideal for strategic gameplay.
  • Death Strike:
    • Increases damage during battles.
    • Activates with Last Rush, recovers 50% of Hawk’s meter instantly.
    • Grants 40% extra damage against enemies for 8 seconds.
    • Enables significant damage output.


Next up, I have the extensive list of skills that Lost Ark offers for the Sharpshooter. The list in the game may seem a bit overwhelming, but to make things easier for you, I have listed down the ones I deem best. 

Furthermore, from my experience, it’s worth admitting that the Sharpshooter Gunner class has some of the best skill animations in the game!

Here are the Best Skills for the Sharpshooter Gunner Class in Lost Ark:

  • Arrow Shower
  • Arrow Wave
  • Blade Storm
  • Charged Shot
  • Electric Nova
  • Smokescreen Arrow
  • Stalker
  • Shadow Arrow

Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Sharpshooter skills
Awakening Skills of Sharpshooter

As for the Awakening Skills, I will yet again mention that Sharpshooter has one of the best animated skills in the game. And that is true about its Awakening Skills as well! Even the names of these superior skills are cool. 

Let’s wrap up this extensive best gunner class in Lost Ark review with a little more detail. So here are the two Awakening Skills that come alongside the Sharpshooter class.

Fenrir’s Messenger

  • Summons an ally, Fenrir’s Messenger, assisting with 111 damage per hit.
  • A secondary, smaller Fenrir’s Messenger appears upon using the skill hotkey, maintaining the assault with rapid, effective attacks.

This skill shines through its frequency of attacks, overwhelming enemies despite the initial appearance of modest damage numbers.

Golden Eye

  • Summons four golden hawks, creating a whirlwind that deals up to 1221 damage and launches enemies airborne.
  • Renders the Sharpshooter invisible for 7 seconds, allowing for strategic repositioning or escape.

Golden Eye is particularly powerful in chaotic combat situations, such as dungeons or when surrounded by multiple adversaries, catering to both aggressive tactics and those favoring stealth.

  • Versatile gameplay.
  • Has a hawk companion allowing for strategic gameplay.
  • Impactful awakening skills.
  • Requires more time investment and practice to master.

My Thoughts On Gunner Class

Lost Ark best gunner class
Best Gunner Class in Lost Ark

I discussed all the sub-classes because each character brings something unique to the battlefield, and it all comes down to the preference of the player in question. 

Some people like to play with an “All Guns Blazing” approach; for them, the Artillerist is the best gunner class. Some people like playing highly accurate and stealthy gameplay, and they may fare better with a Sharpshooter build. Then, some people love versatility in games, which is why Deadeye and Gunslinger might suit their needs most.

Therefore, there’s no outright answer to our question of who the best gunner class is in Lost Ark. However, I will tell you my take on it. For us, the Sharpshooter is the best gunner class in Lost Ark, followed closely by the Gunslinger class. The Sharpshooter offers a lot of buffs and debuffs through his skills and abilities; apart from that, the assisting Hawk is a great help in battles. 

There you have it! My take on Lost Ark’s best gunner classes. I hope you learned some valuable stuff in this article, and I wish you the best of luck with your Lost Ark playthrough!

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