Lost Ark Leveling Guide [Best Tips To Level Faster]

Getting to level 50 is not easy in Lost Ark. But with our Leveling Guide, you will be able to reach endgame with ease!

Lost Ark has a lot to offer to players. From amazing classes such as the striker or sorceress to great modes like Dungeons and PvP, there’s a lot of content to be explored. But if you’re playing PvE mode and want to create an amazing build, you will need to reach the max level to access everything. Therefore, this Lost Ark Leveling Guide will take you through the process of going from level 1 all the way to level 50. 

Key Takeaways
  • Leveling up in Lost Ark is easy; could take you 12 to 20 hours to reach level 50 from scratch.
  • However, if you are new to the game, it is recommended to go slow and enjoy every bit of it. You can rush later with another character.
  • Main Quests are the easiest way to level up. 
  • Prologues are just a waste of time. It is better to skip them right away.
  • Exposure to “World Quests” after reaching level 36 will help you level up drastically.
  • Once you reach level 50 with a certain character, you will get a Power pass in your email. You can use that power pass for another character to jump to level 50 directly without any grinding.

Lost Ark Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Leveling Guide
Lost Ark Leveling Gameplay

If you want to level as quickly as possible, you need to focus on the main quests. But if you’re playing for the very first time, I would recommend that you enjoy the game and play at a slow pace. You can always restart the game with another character, rush through the content, and level up quickly then.

Skip the Prologue

The very first thing you want to do to level up faster is to skip the prologue. It can take about 20-30 minutes. You might think the prologue would be important, but there is nothing much to gain from it. You will get a pair of cosmetic goggles, but you can always get them later in the game. 

Focus Only On Main Quests

Almost all Leveling Guides will tell you that the main way of getting to level 50 is to just focus on the main quests. And frankly, they’re all correct. There’s no other better way of getting to level 50. The main quests, until you’re level 36, that is, are the ones that are orange.

Learning About Pets

Lost Ark Leveling Guide
Side Quest – Learning About Pets

In Lost Ark, there’s a crucial side quest named “Learning About Pets,” marked by a purple Adventure Quest icon. Purple Adventure Quests typically introduce game mechanics or unlock features. This specific quest, obtainable early in the first town, educates you on the basics of pets.

Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with a pet rabbit. Pets play a significant role by enabling auto-looting, making it more convenient to collect dropped items automatically. With a pet out, you can navigate areas more efficiently and gather useful loot without manual intervention. Don’t overlook this quest, as having a pet can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.


Another thing that you will run into while making your way through the main quests is dungeons. They’re great for getting loot and a lot of experience, so you can do them. But there are a few tips for getting through dungeons and getting the most out of them.

After Level 36

Lost Ark Leveling Guide
Lost Ark – Sailing

Once you reach level 36, you will get opened up to “World Quests,” as indicated by them being blue. These will require you to sail around the map through many regions of the game.


Skip the grinding and reach level 50 effortlessly with Powerpass. On your character screen, select the Powerpass option before logging in—an item that propels any character to level 50. Obtain two Powerpasses for free.

Prioritize main quests, exclude side quests except for the pet quest, keep your pet active, opt for normal mode in dungeons, and persist with world quests until reaching level 50. Ease your journey by adhering to these steps. Additionally, explore general tips for leveling up in my Leveling Guide.

Leveling Guide General Tips

Lost Ark Typical Boss Battles
Lost Ark Boss Gameplay

Although the main strategy for my Leveling Guide is to stick to the main quests simply, there are a few strategies that you can apply to level up faster.

  • Kill mobs efficiently by grouping them with area attacks, which is especially useful for classes like Deadeye or Gunslinger.
  • Opt for less populated servers to avoid kill stealing and ensure quicker respawns for efficient leveling.
  • Play solo in dungeons for increased efficiency, as group play scales enemy health and may prolong completion.
  • Utilize fast travel options to save time and move quickly across the map.
  • Max out at least one key skill for your class, focusing on its strength during leveling.
  • Use combat consumables strategically, including grenades, but save rare health potions for later stages.
  • Break down unused gear to save time on inventory management; sell scrap to NPCs.

With that, you know everything there is to know about leveling up in Lost Ark. It is definitely time-consuming, but if you follow my Lost Ark’s Leveling Guide, you should be able to reach level 50 with ease. 

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