Lost Ark BEST Glaivier Build: PvE & PvP Class

Lance Master AKA Glaivier is a strong class in the Lost Ark & our Build guide entails how to become OP for PvP & PvE with this class.

Lost Ark has many classes and various playstyles. Typically, you have to either focus on close melee combat, such as the Berserker, or stick to long-range, like with the Sharpshooter. But the Glaivier Build is one in which you work with Martial Arts as well as ranged damage. It is worth noting that Glaivier is also known as the Lance Master. So, the Glaivier build is also the Lost Ark Lance Master Guide. With that being said, let’s dive into the complexities of the Glaivier Build in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The Glaivier class in Lost Ark is a combination of close melee combat and ranged attacks using a spear.
  • In PvP, the Glaivier can switch stances to utilize both blue and red skills and should focus on mobility and damage.
  • Skills recommended for the Glaivier’s PvP build include Wheel of Blades, Flash Kick, Vault, Half Moon Slash, and many more.
  • In PvE, the Glaivier should focus on single-target damage and crowd control and should prioritize skills such as Raging Dragon Slash, Shackling Blue Dragon, Wheel of Blades, and many more.
  • Players can enhance these skills with tripods to increase their damage and effectiveness. 
  • For engravings, the Glaivier should prioritize attack power and critical hit rate, and for stats, focus on attack power, critical hit rate, and critical damage.
  • The Glaivier’s awakening skill is the Dragon’s Rage, which allows the player to transform into a dragon and deal powerful attacks to enemies.
  • The Glaivier, also known as the Lance Master, has the ability to change stances to use different skills and can use Flurry Skills to inflict bursts of damage.
  • The Glaivier build also requires players to consider which engravings and stats to prioritize to improve their character further.

Lost Ark Glaivier PvP Build

Lost Ark Glaivier Build
Focus Stance – Glaivier

In PvP, it is important to know that you can get any skill that you want without worrying too much about the skill points. But that does not mean that you need to get every single skill out there to make use of them. Another thing to know about the Lost Ark Lance Master Build (Glaivier) is that both the blue and red skills are important due to the identity and role of the Glaivier. While you’re at it, consider reading Lost Ark Best Solo Classes and best crew guides.

She is capable of changing her stance to utilize both skills separately. With that out of the way, here are the best skills for your Lost Ark Glaivier PvP build. It is worth noting that Glaivier is not actually the strongest PvP class out there.

If you are looking for a strong class and its build, consider the Lost Ark Paladin Build. And if you’re looking to find out which other classes are good for PvP or PvE, consider reading our Lost Ark classes Tier List.

Skills Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Wheel of Blades Tenacity Consecutive Spin
Flash Kick Excellent Mobility Stun
Vault Excellent Mobility Strong Upper Kick Scoop
Half Moon Slash Stretch Final Decision Blade of Tornado
Chain Slash Swoop
Cutting Wind Quick Prep Quickness
Raging Dragon Slash Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Spear Drive Excellent Mobility
Spiraling Spear Firepower Control
Four-Headed Dragon Swift Fingers
Thrust of Destruction Swift Fingers
Starfall Pounce Wide-angle Attack
Dragonscale Defense Steady Belief Mind Destruction
Red Dragon’s Horn Reaction Speed Spear of Destruction

Wheel of Blades

Wheel of Blades will act as one of your main damage-dealing skills. It allows you to spin sideways and inflict damage thrice upon enemies. And then the move finishes off with a powerful blow.

If there happen to be any airborne enemies that get caught in the attack, they get sent higher into the air and then get slammed back into the ground with the final blow. Definitely a devastating attack to have for the Lost Ark Lance Master Build.

To strengthen the Wheel of Blades further, consider getting Slam, which will slam down the enemies, even if they are not airborne. You can get Tenacity to be granted Push Immunity. Lastly, get the Consecutive Spin to be able to use the move twice in a row. It will increase damage by 100%.

Flash Kick

Flash Kick will act as one of your mobility and damaging skills. It is great to close the distance between enemies and also to open up any engagements. Flash Kick has the Glaivier use her spear to fling herself up to 7 meters forward and land a strong kick upon descent.

You can get Excellent Mobility to increase the moved distance by +2 meters. You can increase the effectiveness of your final kick by using Stun. It will stun enemies for 3 seconds. However, it will also increase the cooldown of the skill by +4 seconds.


Despite its name, Vault can actually be one of your damage-inflicting skills. Vault allows you to stick your spear in the ground and do a somersault while inflicting damage to enemies and knocking them into the air. It’s good for attacking enemies but also being able to reposition yourself.

You can get Excellent Mobility to increase the distance moved by +3 Meters, making it a more movement-based skill. Then you can get Strong Upper Kick to increase the distance that increases knock the enemies up.

It also increases the knockdown time. For your final Tripod, you can get Scoop. It will let you tear at the floor while going for an upward strike to increase the AoE radius of the attack by +20% and increase damage by +50%. Due to these tripods, you can use Vault as a great combo starter.

Half Moon Slash

Half Moon Slash is yet another great skill for dealing damage to enemies. It allows the Glaivier to drag her spear across the ground as she moves forward. Anyone caught in the path gets hit twice. The attack is then followed up with a diagonal upward slash, dealing double damage. It also throws enemies into the air, ready for another attack.

You can make the attack more devastating by getting Stretch. It will increase the AoE radius by +20%. More importantly, Stretch will create wind pressure with the final upward attack, launching enemies even higher. For the second Tripod, you can get the Final Decision.

It will use up 20% of the Dual Meter but increase the damage by +60%. But you do have to make sure that the Dual Meter is at least 20%. Lastly, you can get Blade of Tornado to create a whirlwind with an upward strike.

It will inflict damage 50% of the base damage. Because we are using Stretch as well, the Whirlwind will grow stronger, making it a great combination for the Glaivier Build.

Chain Slash

Chain Slash is a great skill against airborne enemies. It lets you strike upward with your spear and launch enemies further into the air. Then the attack is followed up with a slash with the spear while moving 3 meters forward.

And then, the move is followed up with 2 more slashes in the opposite direction, launching enemies into the air once again. That’s quite a common theme with Glaivier, throwing enemies into the air, so they don’t have a chance to react.

You can get Swoop to skip the initial upward strike. Instead, you will immediately move 6 meters forward and perform 1 slash attack only. But you also get Paralysis Immunity, and the damage that is inflicted remains the same as the total Chain Slash. But now, because it is just one attack, you are more likely to land that one hit and deal all the damage rather than splitting the damage in multiple attacks.

Cutting Wind

It is a great skill for dealing with multiple enemies at once. Cutting Wind, in a true Martial Artist style, lets you move 8 meters forward past your enemies. After inflicting triple damage, you return to your original position.

You can get Quick Prep to reduce cooldown time by 4 seconds. And for the second Tripod, you can get Quickness. It will reduce the AoE radius by 20% but will add an additional frontal attack at the end of the move before you return to your original position.

Raging Dragon Slash

Glaivier’s spear is one of the best weapons in Lost Ark., So imagine a skill that can make that even stronger. Raging Dragon Spear enlarges the spear and makes Glaivier spin 360 to knock back any enemies in the way. It is one of your greatest damage skills and works best against multiple enemies. On the subject of best weapons, consider reading our Lost Ark weapons tier list.

You can get Quick Prep to reduce the cooldown by 5 seconds. Adding Quick Slash will make it, so you swing your spear diagonally instead of 360. It does reduce your AoE radius by 20% but decreases your attack time by -0.6s and increases damage by 20%.

Although you won’t be able to target multiple enemies, you’ll be able to dominate the enemies right in front of you.

Lastly, you can get Awaken to create a dragon along the trajectory of the swing, causing triple attack damage. It will increase your damage by +50% and crit rate by +25%. With all these tripods, you will make Raging Dragon Slash a truly powerful skill.

Spear Drive

Spear Drive shows the strong Martial Artist style of the Glaivier Build playstyle. It allows you to jump up and thrust your spear 5 meters forward, inflicting damage to any nearby enemies.

And then Glaivier performs a rotating kick. If you use the skill again, you will land at the target location and swing your spear, dealing even more damage.

You can get Excellent Mobility to add +2 meters and Wide Strike to increase AoE radius by +20%.

Spiraling Spear

Getting into some of the red skills, Spiralling Spear lowers your stance and thrusts your spear forward to inflict direct damage.

You can get Firepower Control to increase your Dual Meter by +30% per hit.

Four-Headed Dragon

Four-Headed Dragon is great for rapid attacks. It allows you to thrust your spear 8 times forward and finish off with a final thrust attack.

You can increase the speed of the attack by getting Swift Fingers for a +15% increase.

Thrust of Destruction

Glaivier is capable of close and long-range attacks. The thrust of Destruction proves that by being a great ranged attack. It allows you to gather energy onto your spear, inflicting damage to anyone nearby. Once done charging up, you can thrust forward and release a beam of energy to deliver a significant amount of damage.

You can equip Swift Fingers to increase the attack speed by +20%.

If you are looking for another long-ranged build, consider the Lost Ark Gunslinger Build.

Starfall Pounce

Starfall Pounce is great for hitting enemies that might be too far for your close attacks. You can jump within an 8-meter radius and create a shockwave as you land, launching enemies into the air. It is great to open up any encounters or save your allies if they’re in sticky situations.

You can further maximize Starfall Pounce by increasing the AoE radius by 20% using Wide-angle Attack Tripod.

Dragonscale Defense

Dragonscale Defense is a great skill for defense, as suggested by the name. It allows you to block with your spear and negate damage up to 110% of your max health. What’s even better is that if you block an attack within 1.1 seconds, you can thrust your spear forward for a very powerful counterattack.

Steady Belief will let you increase the counterattack window by +0.1 seconds. You can make the counterattack even stronger by getting Mind Destruction. It will stun enemies for 3 seconds.

Red Dragon’s Horn

Red Dragon’s Horn is yet another great ranged attack. It allows you to gather energy and thrust your spear within a 12-meter radius. If you hit the perfect zone, you can go as high as 16 meters and double the damage output.

Reaction Speed will let you decrease the time taken to charge up the spear by +30%. Spear of Destruction will decrease the attack width by -50% but will make sure you always hit Crit Damage. Lastly, Aiming Distance will increase Crit Damage by 100%. The two tripods work well together and make it an amazing skill for the Lost Ark Lance Master Build (Glaivier).

Awakening Skill

For your Awakening, you can equip the Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor. It will let you create an explosion that will deal damage 6 times. You begin the move by leaping 4 meters backward, focusing energy onto your spear, and then throwing it at the target area. The impact of the spear will cause damage. But then the explosion will occur and deal a lot of damage and stagger.

Lost Ark Glaivier PvE Build

Lost Ark Glaivier Build
Glaivier PvE Gameplay

PvE Builds are usually tricky because there are only so many skill points that can be spent. So, you always must be quite critical with which skills to choose in your PvE builds. Here are some of the best skills that you can use for your Lost Ark Lance Master Build. It is worth noting that Glaivier is not the strongest PvE class out there.

If you are looking for a strong PvE build, you might prefer the Lost Ark Gunlancer Build.

Skills Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Raging Dragon Slash Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Shackling Blue Dragon Quick Prep Blitz Critical Spear
Wheel of Blades Excellent Mobility Firepower Control
Half Moon Slash Flurry Expertise Final Decision
Vault Excellent Mobility
Cutting Wind Quick Prep
Starfall Pounce Weak Point Detection Concussion Powerful Finish
Thrust of Destruction Weak Point Detection Speartip Thrust Air-Ripping Thrust
Red Dragon’s Horn Reaction Speed Spear of Destruction Weak Point Detection

Raging Dragon Slash

Raging Dragon Slash is a must-have for any high DPS Glaivier Builds. It lets you spin your spear in 360-degree and stagger any nearby enemies.

To maximize the use of Raging Dragon Slash, you should get all three tripods. The recommended Tripods are Quick Prep, Quick Slash, and Awaken. It will let you decrease the cooldown period and also increase the attack speed. Awaken will make it so that you have a higher chance of crit damage.

If you want an alternate approach, you can also go for Additional Slash, allowing you to land multiple attacks on enemies.

Shackling Blue Dragon

Shackling Blue Dragon lets you spin your spear and strike down wherever you stand. That will send out a shockwave, staggering enemies. But what makes the skill unique is the fact that you can reduce the Crit Resistance of your enemies by 8%.

You can get Quick Prep to decrease the cooldown by 2 seconds. Blitz will let you immediately strike the ground rather than doing the spinning animation at the start, making the attack land faster. The caveat is that the AoE radius will decrease by 20%. The third Tripod is perhaps the most important.

You can get Critical Spear which will make it so that the Crit Resistance debuff increase by 10%, which means that whenever enemies get hit now, they will have a total of 18% debuff.

Wheel of Blades

Wheel of Blades is a great frontal attack, allowing you to spin sideways and deliver a final effective blow. You can stagger enemies quite easily with it, and it works great for throwing enemies into the air.

You can equip Excellent Mobility to be able to move around +2 meters with the attack. And for the second Tripod, you can get Firepower Control. It will allow you to increase the Dual meter by +50% whenever you land a hit with the skill.

Half Moon Slash

Half Moon Slash is a great skill to stagger and damage your enemies. It also works great in closing the distance between you and your enemy as you drag your spear across the ground while you run towards them.

You can get Flurry Expertise to increase damage against a single target. But if you damage an entire crowd, you will get +15% damage. Final Decision will let you consume 20% of your Dual Meter to increase +60% damage of the skill.


Vault is mainly a mobility skill that lets you somersault with the help of your spear. If you get the Excellent Mobility Tripod, you will be able to move an additional 3 meters.

Cutting Wind

Cutting Wind lets you attack enemies in an 8-meter radius and then return to your original position. It is great for attacking enemies at a distance and then retreating to ensure none of their attacks hit you. You can get the Quick Prep tripod to decrease the cooldown.

The skills mentioned were Flurry Skills (blue skills). These are the skills that you will be able to use in one of the stances. If you change your stance, you will equip the Focus Skills, which we will discuss now.

These skills will only matter if you are using the Pinnacle Engraving as the Control Engraving limits you to the Flurry skills only. More about the engravings is discussed in the Class Engravings section.

Starfall Pounce

Starfall Pounce lets you jump high and land with a shockwave-like landing. It is great for inflicting burst damage and closing the gap between enemies in a damaging manner. It is a great skill to have for the Glaivier Build playstyle and should be upgraded all the way.

You can get Weak Point Detection, Concussion, and Powerful Finish. It will let you deal damage to even Push-Immune foes, inflict stagger and increase the Crit Rate by 100%.

Thrust of Destruction

The Thrust of Destruction is a great Focus skill. It lets you gather energy at the tip of your spear and thrust forward to send out multiple damages.

You can get Weak Point Detection to increase damage to Push-Immune enemies. Speartip Thrust will let you increase the crit rate by 50%. Lastly, with Air-Ripping Thrust, you can increase damage and crit rate by 50% if you charge up the spear.

Red Dragon’s Horn

Red Dragon’s Horn is another Focus skill. It lets you charge up, just like Thrust of Destruction. And then, you can thrust your spear at an enemy within a 12-meter radius. If you hit the perfect zone, you can go as high as 16 meters.

For your Lance Master Build (Glaivier), you can get Reaction Speed to increase charging speed by 30%. Spear of Destruction will let you always hit crit damage. Lastly, Weak Point Detection will increase damage to Named or higher foes by 60%.

Engravings and Stats For Glaivier Build

The Lance Master, AKA Glaivier, has two class engravings. We have recommended some of the best engravings that can affect the playstyle that you adopt with your Glaivier build, so it is important to know about the engravings in great depth before choosing one. If you’re looking for a build in which both the class engravings complement each other, you should check out the Lost Ark Deadeye Build.


Lost Ark Glaivier Engraving
Glaivier – Pinnacle Engraving

To put it simply, there are two classes of Engravings for Glaivier. Pinnacle and Control. Pinnacle lets you switch between the Flurry and Focus stance. The difference between these two stances is the skills that you can use. The blue color identifies the Flurry Skills, whereas the Focus Skills are the red.

On the other hand, the second class skill for the Lost Ark Lance Master Build is Control. Control restricts you to using only the Flurry Skills (Blue).

Because you won’t be needing your Dual Meter for switching stances, you can use the Final Decision Tripod on your skills for extra damage. (Final Decision consumes Dual Meter to increase damage output as high as 140%).


Your Stats will vary depending on the engraving that you have chosen. If you are going for the Pinnacle engraving, these stats might suit you:

Crit 0
Specialization 1400
Domination 0
Swiftness 1000
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

The 0 indicates stats that are not as important, and you can invest in them as you wish. But your main priority is Specialization, followed by Swiftness. It will let you fill up your Dual Meter faster. Additionally, you will have higher movement and attack speed and a reduced cooldown of your skills.

If you are choosing Control as your class Engraving, then consider these stats:

Crit 1000
Specialization 0
Domination 0
Swiftness 1400
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

These stats will help you decrease the cooldown of your Flurry skills as well as increase your chances of getting crit hits.

With that, you now know everything about Lost Ark’s Glaivier Build or the Lost Ark Lance Master Build, whichever name you prefer. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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