6 Best Lost Ark Gold Farming Methods

Our Lost Ark Gold Farming guide lists the top 6 methods to farm gold in the game & buy anything you want including, gear, skins, mounts & more.

Importance of Gold In Lost Ark

Gold is one of the two economies in Lost Ark, with silver being the second one in the game. Obtaining both currency types will allow you to purchase a wide variety of unique items. Also, you can always exchange Gold to purchase Silver currency from the Gold merchants located in the open world of the game. 

Key Highlights

  • Gold is the primary currency in Lost Ark. Silver is the secondary currency. You can convert gold into silver as well.
  • You can purchase gold with real money too but it is not advisable. 
  • At the beginning of the Lost Ark journey, you will be rarely spending gold. But as you cross the mid-content of the game and get nearer to the ending, you will be spending gold on almost everything.
  • There are various ways to farm gold in Lost Ark.
  • The first way is to sell all the unwanted items in the auction store.
  • You can sell gems as well to get gold.
  • Complete Una’s daily and weekly tasks to get tokens and points. You can then trade them off with gold. this is one of the best methods to farm gold in long run.
  • Adventure Island activities are also a good source to accumulate gold.
  • Build Rapport with NPCs. The higher the Rapport build, the more quests and challenges you get from an NPC, and the more profitable it will be.
  • Again, if you do not want to get into all this hassle, you can purchase gold with real money.

Gold in Lost Ark is shared between each one of the characters that you are running within the game and obtaining gold via completing activities.

From buying things such as skins, gear pieces, and much more from the auction house to obtaining necessary crystals or carrying out a Knowledge transfer, all of these activities will require you to spend Gold in Lost Ark.

Spending gold in the early game will not be a problem as you will be doing it on rare occasions. However, come the end game and this is a completely different scenario as you will be required to spend gold every now and then. This is why if you are way above the mid-game or currently entered the end-game content, you should use Gold wisely.

Alternatively, farming gold is the next best thing you should do if you want to keep your pockets filled with Gold and never run out from purchasing precious items from vendors or at the Auction House. Before reading further, why not go through our Lost Ark Vertus Pet guide.

Why You Should Farm Gold In Lost Ark

You can always buy Gold with real-world money if you do not want to go through the process of doing all the steps we have listed below.

However, spending real-world money may not be the best idea here, and that is why you should always farm Gold in Lost Ark to the point where you generate decent passive income through it. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Song of Resonance guide

Best Gold Farming Ways in Lost Ark

Gold is not a rare commodity in Lost Ark, and there are plenty of ways to obtain Gold in Lost Ark. However, none of these methods are easy and time-saving, and for the most part, you will need to invest time in playing the game to make Gold faster.

However, some methods in Lost Ark that we have listed below will give you Gold two to three times faster than your regular standard ways. 

Selling Unnecessary Items At Auction House For Gold

Lost Ark Gold Farming
auction house lost ark

First thing is first if you have reached mid or end game, then you will have plenty of unnecessary items in your inventory that you can sell for Gold. You can sell these unwanted items at the Auction house in Lost Ark, which unlocks when you reach level 30 in the game.

If you go to the Auction House for the sake of selling items and obtaining gold out of it for the first time, you will be surprised to see the number of unnecessary items you have in inventory.

You can sell raw materials, trading cards, underpowered gear, trading cards, skins, and engraving books. 

If you have run out of items to sell further at the auction house and keep farming free gold in Lost Ark, then you can always get more items and re-visit the Auction House in Lost Ark. 

Sell Gems For Gold

The second best way that we recommend for farming Gold in the game is to sell gems that you have in your inventory. Now, acquiring Gems is not a difficult process in the first place, as you can get these easily by defeating the bosses in Boss Rush mode.

Every time you complete the Boss Rush mode, you get tons of Gems that can later be sold at the market to get an enormous amount of Gold.

The best part of getting Gold through Gems is that, unlike Auction House, you will no longer need to wait for the items to be purchased by someone. 

Instead, you can instantly sell the Gems to get Gold and keep the Gold farming currency going in Lost Ark. So, defeat the Boss Rush Mode, get gems and sell for Gold – easy farm route tip you got there now, we believe.

Trading Una’s Tokens At Gold Shops

Una's Weekly and daily tokens
Una‘s Tokens

Now that we are done with the fastest ways to get gold in Lost Ark, it is time we discuss the best but the longest method of getting gold in the game. The method here is to play Una’s daily and weekly tasks, get Una’s tokens and points, and then come to the Gold shop to trade Una’s Tokens for various types of Gold in the Lost Ark. 

Usually, you will get three weekly and three daily tasks to complete. While you get the daily tasks rewards instantly after completing them, the weekly takes time and resets after seven days as well. So, completing each of the daily tasks will reward you with two points; however, finishing the weekly assignment will give you a total of 12 points. 

After acquiring all the points from Una’s Tasks per week, you can trade them to obtain Una’s Tokens. Once you have enough tokens, visit the nearby Gold Shop and trade Una’s Tokens for various types of Gold offerings. 

For starters, you can trade Una’s Tokens for Hefty Gold Sack, Small Safe, and Large Gold Chest. Of course, the larger the trade-off of Una’s Tokens, the more gold you get from the transaction at Gold Shop in Lost Ark.

Usually, the Heft Gold Sack will cost 80 Una’s Tokens, a Small Safe will need 200 Una’s Tokens, and the Large Gold Chest will require you to trade 500 Una’s Tokens to obtain tons of gold bars in the game.

If you ask us, then farming gold by completing Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark is by far our go-to method in the game. Even though this one takes a considerable amount of time, it does not bore you to death as you will be required to complete Una’s Tasks, which are basically a series of challenges in the game.

Lost Ark Gold Farming
tokens for gold Lost Ark gold farmin

Playing Adventure Island Activities For Gold 

If you have been playing Lost Ark a lot, then you will have an idea about Adventure Island. This mode occurs once every weekday, and you can play it each day of the weekend.

Completing the Adventure Island activity can reward you with up to 800 Gold, and you can visit one of the three Adventure Islands. 

The best part of farming the gold in Lost Ark via playing Adventure Island is that you can pretty much switch all of your characters and complete this mod every weekday. Do this, and you will generate an excellent source of Gold income in Lost Ark without putting in tons of hours. 

Collecting All 38 Masterpieces For Gold 

collecting masterpieces
masterpiece lost ark

Obtaining Masterpieces for gold is another best strategy to farm Gold in Lost Ark. However, this is not easy to execute as acquiring all 38 masterpieces is a very long process.

However, if you have been playing the game for tons of hours, then you should get the complete collection. If not, then you are potentially missing out on 29000 worth of Gold that you can otherwise get as a reward from getting all 38 masterpieces in Lost Ark. 

You get 3000 Gold just by selling 20 Masterpieces and if you bump up the resources, say sell 30 Masterpieces, then you will get a total of 5000 Gold. This does not stop here; if you sell 34 Masterpieces, you will get 8000 Gold, and selling all 38 Masterpieces will reward you with 13000 Gold in Lost Ark.

Increasing Rapport with NPCs

rapport Lost Ark Gold Farming
rapport lost ark

Building Rapport in Lost Ark with over 60 NPCs can turn out profitable for you as you can get Gold rewards from some of these. Also, the higher your Rapport with a particular NPCs, the more missions, assignments, and rewards you can expect from them. Here are some of the NPCs that will reward you for being nice to them and having increased Rapport as well. 

Avele: This NPC will reward you with 1400 Gold after having reached a decent level of Rapport, and she can be located in Vern Castle in Lost Ark.

Ealyn: Similar to Avele, Ealyn will give you 1000 Gold, and she too is located in Vern Castle.

Mercenary Zeria: While this NPC does not give you a huge amount of Gold, you should take the 200 Gold that she offers after reaching the max Rapport level. She can be found in Stern’s Origin. 

Neria: You can potentially get 600 Gold from Neria after having built a good Rapport level with the NPC in Lost Ark. To find her, you will need to go to the Wave Beach Harbor of the East Luterra

Sasha: NPCs like Sasha can make you rich as she rewards you with 3500 Gold once you have built enough Rapport with her. Similar to Mercenary Zeria, Sash is also located in Stern’s Origin.

Thirain, the King of Luterra: For a king, Thirain surely is not the generous NPC here as he rewards you with only 500 Gold after increasing a decent level of rapport. You will need to go to Luterra Castle to find this NPC in Lost Ark. On the subject of level, why not go through our Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

This shows how much important building Rapport in Lost Ark is and the rewards you can potentially get after increasing your relationship with 60+ NPCs in the game.

So, go the extra mile, complete their missions or tasks and increase your overall trust level with the NPCs. Also, you can read our Lost Ark Rapport guide and learn about the best NPCs, gifts & rewards you can get in the game.

Final Words

Lost Ark is a massive video game where you can engage in tons of activities in the game’s world called Arkesia. A player can try new mounts, purchase some of the best skins, increase the charisma of the character to charm NPCs, obtain the best card sets or just sail the sea with your best crew in the game.

Whatever you do, you will need Gold for the most part in Lost Ark for buying gear, skins, and much more. That is why we have curated the Lost Ark gold farming guide and listed some of the best methods to get gold in the game faster. 

This wraps up our Lost ark gold farming guide. Which is your favorite or go-to method to get Gold in the end game? Did you find our methods useful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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