Lost Ark Una’s Tasks: Daily, Weekly Tasks & Tokens

With numerous Una's Tasks in Lost Ark, players should know which tasks to focus on and which Una's tasks reserve their time.

Una’s Tasks are one of many quest systems in Lost Ark, players can complete quests to earn various rewards such as Combat XP, Silver, Gold, Pirate Coins, Roaster XP, and more. These tasks are daily and weekly quests that players can complete to earn various rewards.

Key Takeaways
  • Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark offer significant rewards like XP, Gold, Silver, Pirate Coins, and more.
  • Access Una’s Tasks by pressing ALT+J or selecting “Adventure” and then “Una’s Task” tab.
  • Tasks are categorized as Daily, Weekly, Reputation Status, and Guild Request.
  • Daily tasks reset daily with a maximum of 3 tasks, while weekly tasks reset weekly.
  • Reputation Status quests increase NPC reputation, and Guild Request involves guild quests.
  • Completing tasks earns points, and Una’s Tokens can be obtained in exchange for points.
  • A total of 180 Una’s Tokens can be earned weekly by completing all tasks.
  • Redeem tokens with a merchant for rewards like gold sacks or chests.
  • It’s recommended not to skip any Una’s tasks to maximize rewards and points

Una’s Tasks are unlocked once you reach level 50 and can be accessed after either pressing ALT+J or selecting the “Adventure” at the bottom right of your screen and then selecting the “Una’s Task” tab. They are divided into four categories

  • Daily 
  • Weekly
  • Reputation Status
  • Guild Requests

Daily Tasks

Lost Ark Una's Task and best Una's Task
Daily Una’s Task

The Daily tasks reset every single day. You can only complete 3 tasks in a day. Daily Tasks can occur at any location and they also tell you the area you need to visit to complete that task. You can have multiple Daily Tasks active at a time. Some tasks can happen in the same location and some can occur in different locations. It’s really up to you to decide which tasks you want to complete.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly Tasks Lost Ark, best Una's task
Weekly Una’s Task

Completing weekly tasks also rewards you with useful materials and they give points that reward Una’s Token. Completing weekly tasks gives you more points compared to daily tasks. You shouldn’t miss any weekly tasks either if you are looking for some extra gold or other materials.

Reputation Status

Reputation Una's Task

Depending on which task you complete, it will increase your reputation with certain NPCs. Increasing your reputation with NPCs can give you certain awards and it is a good enough reason to do daily or weekly quests that you dislike if those quests increase your reputation with NPCs. 

Increasing your reputation with some NPCs can even reward you Pirate Coins which are extremely useful so it is always recommended to go out of your way and increase your reputation with NPCs whenever possible.

Guild Requests

Guild Quests
Guild Quests

Under the Guild Request tab, you will be able to see Guild Quests that are available to you. If you don’t see any guild quest then you are not part of any guild yet. You can easily fix that by joining a guild.

In order to join a guild, you need to go to Prideholme City. You see a button that says “Community”. Then click on “Guilds”. You will see a list of guilds that you can either join or request to join. Once you have joined a guild then you will be able to complete guild quests.

What Are Una’s Tokens

Lost Ark Una's Tasks and best Una's Tasks
Points for Una’s Tokens

Like we said previously, for every task you complete whether it’s daily tasks or weekly tasks. You will receive points. Once you have received a certain amount of points then you will be awarded Una’s Tokens. The number of points required to earn Una’s Token is 

  • 25 points award 27 Una’s Token
  • 35 points award in another 27 Una’s Token
  • 45 points award 36 Una’s Token
  • 55 points award in another 36 Una’s Token
  • 70 points award 54 Una’s Token

In total, you can get 180 Una’s Tokens in a week if you complete every task in a week, you can skip one or two daily tasks but we wouldn’t recommend skipping a weekly task because then you won’t be able to get 70 points in a week.

Redeeming Una’s Tokens

Lost Ark Una's token trade
Una’s Token trade

Once you have claimed Una’s Token then it’s time to spend them. If you forgot to claim Una’s Token tokens and the weekly reset occurred then no need to worry because you will receive your unclaimed Una’s Token in the mail.

Now, in order to use Una’s Token, you first need to look for a merchant in any major hub town. Now you can trade your Una’s Token for either a Hefty gold sack, a Small Safe, or a Large Gold Chest.

Hefty Gold Sack

If you purchase the Hefty Gold Sack for 80 Una’s Token then the most common drop is 200 gold, the rare drops are the thick gold bar and the thin gold bar. The thick gold bar is worth 1000 gold so if you get this drop then you are in luck. The thin gold bar is only worth 100 gold so, this is basically a loser award.

Small Safe

If you purchase the small safe for 200 Una’s Token then the most common drop is around 700 gold. The rare drops are the same as the Hefty Gold Sack. You either get a Thick Gold bar which is worth 1000 gold or a Thin Gold Bar which is worth 100 gold.

Large Gold Chest

The Large Gold Chest is the most expensive item you can purchase with Una’s Token. The Large Gold Chest cost 500 Una’s Token. It would take around 3 weeks to get many Una’s Tokens. If you purchase the large Gold Chest then the common drop a very huge amount of gold.

The other drops are the same as the small safe and hefty gold sack but the Large Gold Chest also has a fourth reward. There’s a rare chance for you to get the Giant Gold Bar which is worth a whopping 10,000 gold.

For what it’s worth, we would recommend saving Una’s Token to get the Large Gold Chest and ignoring the Small Safe and Hefty Gold Sack.

Best Una’s Task

There isn’t a single Una’s Task that we can consider universally the Best Una’s Quest in Lost Ark. In order to discover which tasks are best for you, you first need to evaluate what materials you need in Lost Ark. Let’s say you are trying to find Giant Hearts. Then the best Una’s Task for you will be the one that rewards Giant Hearts and Pirate Coins so you can use those Pirate Coins to purchase Giant Hearts from Vendors.

Lost Ark Best Una's Quest, Giant Hearts
Giant Hearts

The Best Una’s Task to obtain Giant Hearts are

  • Taking on Tooki
  • Super Secret Materials for a super-secret project
  • Ruffians in the ground

And the best quests we would consider to obtain the pirate coins are

  • Pest Control (you will also obtain the Certificate of Pirates)
  • Sailor Horror Stories (you will also obtain the Eibern’s Wound Ship)
  • Ride like the Wind (you will also obtain the Eurus Ship)
  • Playing by the Pirate Rules (you will also obtain the Tragon Ship)
  • She drifts, Sea Gifts (you will also obtain the Ashtray construction blueprint)

That wraps up our guide for Una’s Task and Best Una’s Quest in Lost Ark. Lost Ark is available now on PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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