Lost Ark Snowpang Island: Token & Mokoko Seeds

Traveling around and exploring different Islands is something you’ll be doing a lot in Lost Ark. So make sure you have the best ships and crew with you while not only exploring the ravishing seas of Arkesia but also for naval battles. Today in our guide we’ll showcase all you need to know about the Island Token Location, quests, and location of Mokoko Seeds on Snowpang Island.

What is Snowpang Island 

Snowpang Island combines both the cruelty of winter with the harshness of a battleground.

Shushire's South Region
Location of the region where Snowpang Island is located
Location of Snow pang
The location of snow pang island in the region south of Shushire

Snowpang Island is located south of Shushire. Unlike other islands like Cradle of the Fermata, Snowpang is an adventure island, which means it isn’t available to visit all the time. Luckily, there is an option in the game to check when the island is available for visiting. Before reading further, why not go through our guide on Lost Ark Engravings.

To check when the Island is available for a visit, check its availability through the Procyon’s Compass, which is located below the mini-map. Also, make sure you are at combat level 50 and with items equipped of level 250 which are required for entering the island. Basically, this is an end-game area, so make sure you are well-prepared for it.

Snowpang Island Token Location

Island token is a collectible that players can use to earn various rewards. Island Tokens are located on 91 different islands in Lost Ark, and Snowpang Island is one of them.

The island token in Snowpang island cannot be obtained by normal means like killing a boss or completing a quest. To get the Island Token of Snowpang Island in Lost Ark, you need to participate in a snowball PVP contest.

Snowball game
Players partaking in the Snowball PVP fight for obtaining Island Token

Tips for Snowball PVP Contest

Here are some tips for the Snowball PVP Contest:

  1. Upon arriving at Snowpang Island, wait for a cooperative request or complete a quest to initiate the contest.
  2. Accept the cooperative request and undergo a tutorial on how the snowball fight works.
  3. Once the tutorial is complete, the actual event begins. Players are divided into teams and must eliminate members of the opposing team by hitting them with snowballs.
  4. Press G to pick up snowballs and throw them at enemies three times to turn them into snowmen. The fourth hit eliminates them.
  5. Utilize buffed snowball attacks for increased movement and attack speed, as well as the ability to instantly turn enemies into snowmen with a large snowball.
  6. During the contest, there will be blizzards requiring players to stand in safe circles to avoid damage.

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Snowball Fight's Blizzard
Blizzard during the snowball fight


After the contest, players are rewarded with various coins and collectibles, including the Snowpang Island Token. Since it’s a random drop, participating in multiple snowball fights increases the chance of obtaining it.

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All Quests in Snowpang Island

Just like other islands in Arkesia, Snowpang Island also features a wide variety of quests like quest chains and PVP quests. So without further ado, let’s take a look at all the quests you can do on Snowpang Island and the ways to complete them.

Little Nuni’s Wish

Description of Little Nuni's Wish
Basic details about Little Nuni’s Wish

Little Nuni’s Wish is the first in the series of Roster Quest Chain in Snowpang Island. Interact with Nuni in Snowpang Island to Initiate this quest.

Interacting with Nuni
Player’s first encounter with Nuni

Initiated by interacting with Nuni, the objective is to stop her from crying by turning her into a Snowfolk. This involves participating in a snowball fight to obtain the Merry Snowflake, then putting it on Nuni to transform her.

Completing the quest rewards 15,000 Silver Coins.

A Sudden Growth Spurt

Description of A Sudden Growth Spur
Basic details about A Sudden Growth Spurt

This quest follows Little Nuni’s Wish and involves making Nuni grow by adding more snow. Again, you participate in a snowball fight to obtain the Merry Snowflake, then deliver it to Nuni to make her grow.

Completion rewards another 15,000 Silver Coins.

A Sudden Snowfolk

Description of A Sudden Snowfolk
Basic details about A Sudden Snowfolk

Starting with Mary at the Snowfolk Shelter, the objective is to turn Nuni into a Snowfolk. After participating in another snowball fight to obtain the Merry Snowflake, you’ll find out that Nuni can’t become a Snowfolk. This leads to a journey to Icewing Heights to discover the secret of becoming a Snowfolk. Completion rewards an “Offense Battle Item Random Chest”.

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Help, Ice Elemental!

Description of Help, Ice Elemental!
Basic details about Help, Ice Elemental!-

Continuing the quest chain in Icewing Heights, you interact with Ice Elemental Enry to find out how Mary became a Snowfolk and the way to turn Nuni into one. This involves using Pepero’s sheet music and playing the Song of Valor emotes to inspire Valor.

Completion rewards 500 Gold Coins.

The Snowflake’s Power

Description of The Snowflake's Power
Basic details about The Snowflake’s Power

This is the final quest in the Snowpang Island Quest Chain. Interact with Ice Elemental Enry again to return to Snowpang Island and finally turn Nuni into a Snowfolk. After participating in one last snowball competition to obtain a Merry Snowflake, you compact it with the Ice Snowflake to create a Snow Flower, which is then placed on Nuni.

Completing the quest rewards Kindness, Red Snowperson Muffler, Blue Snowperson Muffler, and Pink Snowperson Muffler.

Mokoko Seeds Locations in Snowpang Island

Mokoko Seeds are the most abundant collectible in Lost Ark. There are over, 12000 Mokoko seeds available in the Lost Ark. These seeds can be used in the market in exchange for various items like potions, cards, and blueprints of varying rarity, with some epic and legendary items.

There are 2 Mokoko Seeds you can find on Snowpang Island. The location of the seeds is shown in the images below. Make sure to look at the mini-map in the top left corner of the images for their accurate location on the map.

Mokoko Seed 1's Location
Location of Mokoko Seed 1
Mokoko Seed 2's Location
Location of Mokoko Seed 2

This wraps up our guide on the Island Tokens, quests, and location of Mokoko Seeds on Snowpang Island. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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