Lost Ark Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid: All Bosses + Tips

Take a look at the detailed guide on the forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon and how to complete it in order to farm for different Tier 2 rewards.

Forge of the Fallen Pride in Lost Ark is one of the Abyssal Dungeons in the main Yorn storyline. It is the final Ark of Arrogance Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. The players can complete the dungeon in order to access the Tier 2 rewards, including different accessories, engravings, ability stones, gear, card packs, and more. While the dungeon is not that hard to complete, it is still important to know the basic mechanisms before entering the dungeon. 

Key Highlights
  • Forge of Fallen Pride is an Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark
  • The dungeon has two main bosses for the players to defeat called Amaus and Kaishur. 
  •  The players should look out for attacks like explosive circles and wyvern attacks from Amaus. 
  •  The wipe attack and counterattack shield used by Kaishur sure can be pretty damaging to players. 
  •  The players can use different items like panaceas, taunting scarecrows, HP potions, and optimal builds to get through the dungeon easily. 

Forge Of Fallen Pride 

The Forge of Fallen Pride is the second Abyssal Dungeon in the Ark of Arrogance dungeon in Lost Ark, accessible to players once they reach Tier 2. It follows the Road of Lament and is generally considered easier to complete than the Abyss Dungeon Phantom Palace.

Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid | Screenshot By eXputer

The dungeon features relatively straightforward mechanics, making it more convenient for players to complete. While it’s often used for gold farming, understanding the basics of the dungeon and the two bosses, Amau and Kaishur, is essential for a successful run. These bosses are part of the main campaign of the game, and mastering their mechanics will help you progress more smoothly.

How To Unlock The Dungeon 

To unlock the Forge of Fallen Pride dungeon, you’ll need to meet several requirements:

  1. Character Level 50: You must reach level 50, which is a standard requirement for accessing most end-game content in Lost Ark.
  2. Complete Yorn Main Story Quest Line: Progress through the main campaign storyline until you complete the quest called “Stop Velcruze.” This is an essential storyline quest required to access the dungeon.
  3. Item Level 840 or Higher: Your character’s gear must have an item level of 840 or higher to enter the dungeon. You may need to focus on increasing your item level through gear upgrades and enhancements.
  4. Complete Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon: Before you can enter the Forge of Fallen Pride, you must complete the first Abyssal Dungeon, “Road of Lament,” which is part of the Ark of Arrogance.

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll be able to access the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon. Completing this dungeon will reward you with Tier 2 rewards, including gear, accessories, engravings, metallurgy books, ability stones, and card packs. Note that if your character already has tier-three items with an item level of 1325 or higher, some of the rewards may not be as valuable, but the card packs are still worth collecting.

Basic Dungeon Mechanics 

Before we move on to the boss fights in detail, it is important to note some mechanics for the dungeon. 

  1. Mob Clearing: The first section involves clearing mobs. It’s relatively straightforward and serves as an introduction to the dungeon.
  2. Amaus: After clearing the mobs, you’ll face Amaus, the first boss. His attacks are not very damaging, and the key mechanic to watch out for is the appearance of a red circle around your character. Move away from it as it will explode. Amaus will also summon Wyverns, which should be dealt with before focusing on the boss.
  3. Elite Elementals: Following the Amaus fight, you’ll encounter two elite elementals. This fight can be lengthy and challenging.
  4. Kaishur: The final boss of the dungeon is Kaishur. While he’s easier to beat than the first boss, there are some mechanics to watch out for. He will summon a clone after a warning prompt appears on your screen. He also sends shockwaves towards players. Defeat the clone first, and if you stand in the place where you killed it, you’ll be immune to the wipe attack. Kaishur also has a counterattack and a Stagger Check Attack. When you see a bright red shield circling him, stop attacking to avoid taking damage.
How to clear Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Consumables | Screenshot By eXputer

All Bosses

Below you will see the bosses of the dungeon in detail. We will also explain their moveset and attacks so you can counter them easily.

Defeating Ugo’s Minions 

To prepare for the battle, consider using items like taunting scarecrows and panaceas in the dungeon. First, you’ll face a group called Ugo’s minions before challenging the main boss, Amaus.

The mechanic is similar to the Road of Lament in the first abyss dungeon, serving as a warm-up. To enter the Forge of Fallen Pride in challenge mode, you’ll need an item level of 960 and a character level of 50. The challenge mode rotates, and your item level adjusts with the Scale of Harmony.

Fighting Amaus The Steel Floor 

Amaus is the easiest boss in the Ark Of Arrogance dungeon and the first major boss in the Forge Of Fallen Pride. To defeat him, focus on dodging his attacks and dealing damage. Pay attention to the wyverns he summons and his explosive auras attack, both of which are manageable.

  1. Explosive Auras (Curse Attack):
    • When Amaus charges this attack, red circles appear around targeted players.
    • Red orbs hover over the targeted player, indicating the charging attack.
    • Once three orbs appear, the circle explodes, damaging nearby players.
    • Cursed players should run to the opposite side of the arena until the explosion.
    • Multiple cursed players should gather on one side to minimize group damage.
  2. Wyvern Summons:
    • Amaus summons wyverns twice during the battle, first at 8% health and then at 4% health.
    • Defeat wyverns promptly to prevent buffs to Amaus, boosting his defense and mobility.
  3. Regular Attacks by Amaus:
    • Sword Stab Combo: Amaus targets a player, stabbing them three times, with the final stab dealing high damage.
    • Spinning Blades: Summons blades that move forward, causing burn and damage to players.
    • Leaping Slam: Amaus leaps and slams down, damaging players in the area.
    • Falling Swords: Releases red waves, causing blades to fall onto enemies.
    • Imprison Chain: Throws a chain at the closest player, binding them; teammates must auto-attack to release.
Amaus | Screenshot By eXputer

Fighting The Demon Guardians 

As soon as the players are done fighting amaus, they will move towards the next level by taking an elevator ride. This elevator ride will give the players a chance to take a breather and prepare for the next battle with the second boss of the dungeon.

The elevator will take the players to an area surrounded by lava. Here the players will have to clear out any mobs in the region to move further. This is also the area where the players will have to fight against some enemies called Ancient Guardian Constructs. The fight is pretty easy and won’t require a lot of time. After fighting the Ancient Guardian Constructs, players will be able to move ahead and fight Kaishur. 

Fighting Kaishur Of The Ancient Furnace 

Kaishur is relatively easy to defeat compared to previous bosses, but don’t underestimate him as his powerful attack can wipe out your team if not countered.

Fighting bosses in Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Kaishur | Screenshot By eXputer

Phantom Wipe Attack:

  • Occurs at 16% and 8% health bars.
  • Kaishur summons clones, one red and one white, while holding a corresponding orb.
  • Players must kill the clone matching the color of his orb to create a safe zone.
  • Avoid shockwaves and coordinate to reach the safe zone promptly.


  • Kaishur summons a red shield; refrain from attacking to avoid a damaging counter.
  • Attacking during the shield’s presence can be fatal, especially for low HP players.
  • Wait for the shield to disappear before resuming attacks.
Defeating the boss
Defeating the boss | Screenshot By eXputer

Stagger Check 

  • Stagger Check: Occurs randomly, potentially dealing high damage.
  • Remain vigilant and prepared to react swiftly.

Other Attacks:

  • Summon Lightning: Dodge lightning strikes aimed at players.
  • Energy Waves Attacks: Avoid energy waves from Kaishur’s sword or clones to minimize damage.
  • Jump Attack: Be cautious when Kaishur jumps backward, as he may summon a clone to release energy waves.
  • Stinger Attack: Dodge Kaishur’s charging forward attack and watch for released swords.
  • Sword Attack: Be prepared to evade swords sent toward players.
  • Clone Attack: Quickly dodge the linear strikes from summoned clones.
Completing Forge Of Fallen Pride Raid in Lost Ark
Clearing the Dungeon | Screenshot By eXputer

Best Builds And Consumables For The Battle 

As we mentioned before, you won’t require a lot of consumables to get you through the dungeon. However, if you still want to be prepared, you can consider the following options. 

  • Grenades like the whirlwind grenades are very helpful, especially against the second boss of the dungeon. 
  • Players can make use of HP potions as well, as they are needed against the second boss and its wipe attack. 
  • Panaceas can counter the burn status effect and protect the players. 
  • Players can make use of any builds; however, the Artillerist should be careful, especially when Kaishur is using his shield attack, as the artillerist attacks are delayed. 
  • Taunting scarecrows are great for both Bosses to create a distraction when fighting with the wyverns and phantoms. 

Wrapping It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the Forge Of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. Don’t forget to check out our guide on protection runes that you can use in the dungeon as well as the market online to get all the necessary equipment for the battles.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed guides on treasure maps and mounts as well. We have also formulated a detailed guide on all skins in Lost Ark so that you can fight in style. Before leaving our beach, make sure to check out our guides on emotes and the best gold farming methods in the game. 


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