Lost Ark Treasure Maps: Locations & Rewards

Lost Ark offers a ton of adventures and fun challenges for its players. These quests play an important role in the journey of the Lost Ark as The Land of Arkesia is massive, and it is very easy to get lost here. Moreover, even the skilled players find themselves stuck in places, not knowing what to do next. For instance, traveling the land through ships requires a hint at certain times when you can’t find loot-like weapons and epic items that you can farm. This is where the Treasure Maps come into play. While you’re at it, consider reading the Lost Ark weapons tier list.

Our detailed guide contains all the information on the Treasure Maps to help you find all the rewards, loot, and dungeons in Lost Ark. Also, check out our Lost Ark Classes Tier list and the best mining spots to learn about farming the valuable resources in the game. 

What Are Treasure Maps In Lost Ark?

Treasure Maps will help you navigate through the Land of Arkesia. They lead to places with valuable loot and high-tier rewards. They even help you find epic dungeons. Also, if you plan on exploring other areas than the one in the main campaign, Treasure Maps will help you a lot. Just like engravings in Lost Ark, they are scattered through the map.

Lost Ark Treasure Maps
Treasure Map in Lost Ark

The Land Of Arkesia hides many amazing and valuable rewards. Through Treasure Maps, you can also find terrifying monsters. Taking down these enemies can reward you with a lot of XP. You will also find rare and valuable loot that will help you level up in Lost Ark. The rewards also include weapons that will make your build even stronger.

All this, topped up with the beautiful scenery and views, makes exploring Arkesia very fun. But if you want to explore it in a tangible way that will reward you, consider using Treasure Maps. 

Why Are Treasure Maps Important?

These Treasure Maps, also known as Secret Maps, are an important part of the Lost Ark. There are many Treasure Maps, and each of these is unique and has a series of specific steps to follow. If you manage to find a map, it will instruct you to find a hidden location somewhere in the Land of Arkesia. These Treasure Maps lead to special hidden dungeons.

These dungeons have bosses and enemies inside. When you unlock these dungeons, you will have to look for the best hunting spots in Lost Ark to get valuable resources and take down enemies as well. Doing so, you will get special rewards. These rewards will help your XP gain a lot. So if you’re looking to farm on some experience, exploring the areas on Treasure maps is a good option.

How To Get The Treasure Maps

Finding the Treasure Maps is not that difficult. You can collect the Treasure Maps after you have progressed to the area of the Rethramis Border in Lost Ark. Beyond this point, the players would start receiving blue-colored scrolls that drop randomly upon defeating an enemy. Before reading further, consider reading our Lost Ark Scrapper Build as well.

These blue scrolls are the Treasure Maps, and you will find plenty of them in Lost Ark. They will help you find the hidden dungeons of enemies located in the land of Arkesia. These maps also lead to places of high-tier rewards and loot featuring gears and even weapons. Also, take a look at our best solo class guide.

How To Use The Treasure Maps

After the player has received a Treasure Map, open the map by interacting with it. Identify the region on the map. The location where the Treasure Map leads is mostly situated on the top left corner of the map. Match it with your in-game location to derive a route. The items you find through treasure maps can help you in trading as well. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark best trading skills guide.

To make the navigation through the region easy, use the Treasure Map’s visual characteristics as well as the maps of the areas you have identified so far. Also, keep in check the areas you’ve explored. This will help you get to the dungeon easily. The location of the hidden dungeon will be marked on the map as a general outline of the area. There will be an X marked on it. This means that the dungeon is located here. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Sharpshooter build as well.

Make sure you use your wits and your experience as well to locate every dungeon. Because without the basic idea of Arkesia, our guide can only take you so far. In order to access the hidden dungeon, make sure you have the treasure map of its location in your inventory.

When you are able to pin down a certain location on an area on the map, don’t forget to check your overall position on the map. Keep exploring the area marked on the treasure map until you get hit with a pop-up notification. This notification will read “Enter Secret Dungeon”. Interact with the pop-up message to enter the hidden dungeon. Also, why not go through our Lost Ark Wardancer build as well.

To enter the Secret Dungeon, enter the blue portal right after you receive the message. Repeat the process for every treasure map to track down all the hidden dungeons. Fight the enemies in the dungeon to get epic rewards. You will also have to fight a boss-type enemy that has chances to drop a rare type of loot.

Rewards From Treasure Maps In Lost Ark

Treasure Maps can help you farm some legendary type items. These items will drop from defeated enemies. They will also help you gain a lot of XP points which is a crucial part of the main campaign in Lost Ark. Because some of the missions will require a lot of XP, these side quests can help you farm a lot quicker. In addition to this, you can also find songs in the dungeons that will help you build Rapport in Lost Ark.

The loot you will receive will be miscellaneous. But every once in a while, you might find an item of high rarity. The enemies will drop some tradable materials that you can use to upgrade your gear in the game. They will drop shards that belong to the same tier as the Treasure Map.

You will also get the Star’s Breath and the Moon’s Breath, which are extremely important items in the game. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Deathblade build as well.

All Treasure Map locations in Lost Ark

Since the land of Arkesia is huge and has many areas to explore, finding the Treasure Maps can seem quite a difficult task, especially when there are so many of them around. While it is not necessary to find each and every one of the secret dungeons, doing so will help you level up faster in the game.

Below we have compiled all the known Treasure Maps in the game. From Arthetine to Anich, you can find every Treasure Map down below.

The Artemis Treasure Maps

Artemis is a peaceful country that a group of nations created. These nations, united by faith, believed in harmony. To prepare for the Devil’s invasion after the cruel chain wars came to an end, a warrior priesthood will be formed. Unlike the other countries, Artemis avoids conflict and holds a neutral stance. 

This peaceful country hides many treasure maps in many of its locations. Below are all the treasure maps for Artemis. Use the area map of Artemis as a guide and look for the area that features a similar land formation as the one in the Treasure Map.


Following are all the Treasure Maps found in the Borderland.



Angemoss Foothill is another area of Artemis packed with Treasure Maps. Reference to the maps down below to locate the secret dungeons here.

Log Hill

You will find many Treasure Maps here. These maps will lead you to secret dungeons filled with epic loot and rewards. See the maps below to find out all the dungeons located in Log Hill of Artemis.

The Eudia Treasure Maps

The Land of Eudia belongs to Nomads. They are the descendants of the Kingdom of Kabatian, which is now in ruins. This vast region holds many Treasure Maps and is made of salt deserts everywhere. While this makes it the center of the salt trade, locating the Treasure Maps here can be quite difficult.

Below is the list of all the Treasure Maps found in the region of Eudia. Consider using the general area map as well to help you locate the maps.

Ozhorn Hills

The area of Eudia where you can find the Treasure Maps is Ozhorn Hill. Below are the treasure maps found in Eudia.


The West Lutheran Treasure Maps 

The West Lutheran was founded by the great King Lutheran. He was born in a rough environment that polished his skills. The inhabitants of this region take pride in honor and chivalry. Only the heroes with true Lutheran spirit strive here. You will find only one Treasure Map in each of the locations in West Lutheran. While not much, the secret dungeons here can help you farm legendary items. 

Below are all the Treasure Maps available for West Lutheran. Use the map of this area to navigate your way through the areas here.

Lake bar 

This is the first region of West Lutheran. The Treasure Map for this area is down below.

Medrinic Monastery 

This is an important area as you will also find the song of resonance here great for building Rapport. It has only one Treasure Map.

Billbryn Hills

The secret dungeon of Billbrynhills has many enemies that can give you a tough time. Following is the Treasure Map for this area.

Jagoras Mountain

Another area of West Lutheran that has a secret dungeon is Jagoras Mountain. Following is Treasure Map for this area.


The East Lutheran Treasure Maps

East Lutheran is a rich and fertile land with a beautiful location to explore. You will find this area near the Luoden River. The inhabitants of East Lutheran were high nobles who gained wealth through animal agriculture and farming. The rich and expansive land of East Lutheran hides many secret dungeons.

Below you will find all the Treasure Maps available for East Lutheran. Use the general area map to navigate through the areas of Treasure Maps.

Black Rose Cathedral 

The first area of East Lutheran that has treasure Maps is Black Rose Cathedral. You will find many Treasure Maps here. Below is the general area map as well as all the Treasure Maps of this area.

Crokernis Beach

This is another area of East Lutheran that hides many secret dungeons. One of the dungeons in the bomb material cave is packed with valuable resources and loot. Make sure you complete this dungeon as it is an important one.

Ria Monogamies

This area of East Lutheran has only one secret dungeon. Below is the Treasure Map for it.

The Tortoyk Treasure Maps

Tortoyk is a small and extremely beautiful island. It is surrounded by huge towering rocks that make it even cooler. This small island’s natives are called the Mokoko. They are a small hospitable tribe of dwarves.

According to the oldest legends that surround the island, the island was made by a rocky giant who now sleeps deep within the lands of Tortoyk. This island hides many secret dungeons too. You can find them all down below.

Like all the areas mentioned before, consider using a general area map of Tortoyk. This will help you locate the Treasure Maps easily.

Sea Fragrance Forest

Sea Fragrance Forest is the first area you will get to explore in Tortoyk. Here are the Treasure Maps for this area.

Striding Rock Forest

This area of Tortoyk has two secret dungeons filled with amazing loot. Following are the Treasure Maps for this area.

Silent Giants Forest

Tortoyk is filled with forests. This area of Tortoyk has only one secret dungeon, the map to which is down below.

Sweet Forest

This is the last area of Tortoyk that has a secret dungeon. Following is the Treasure Map for it.

Anich Treasure Maps

Anich is the land of peace and harmony. With beautiful valleys and forests, it is one of the best exploration areas of the Lost Ark. The inhabitants of Anich practice martial arts and protects the honor of Manmin.

Below are the Treasure Maps of Anich. Refer to the general area map while looking for the secret dungeons for convenience.

Forest of Sound

This is the first area you will explore in Anich. Following are the Treasure Maps for this area.

Twilight Haze

Twilight Haze has only one secret dungeon for you to explore. Below is the Treasure Map for this area.

Wisteria Hill

Wisteria hill has two dungeons for you to explore. Following are the Treasure Maps for this area.

The Arthetine Treasure Maps 

Inhabited by the Kenyans, Arthetine is located in a massive barren desert. The inhabitants of Arthetine are very progressive and work for the development of Arthetine. Their skill includes inventing incredible machines and altering and modifying their own bodies using the technology they have.

Below are all the Treasure Maps available for this area. Make sure you use a general area map, too, so you can easily locate all the dungeons.

Rize Waterfall 

This is the first area you will come across in Arthetine. It has only one Treasure map, the location of which is down below.

Red Sand Desert 

Like Rize Waterfall, this area also has only a secret dungeon. The location of the treasure map for this dungeon is:

The North Bern Treasure Maps 

The area is like a home for the Shillin people because they were exiled. These people built towns and buildings. North Bern is famous for its warm, soothing climate and availability of ample resources. After the initial growth spurt occurred, many other people from different races moved here. This made the region very diverse and massive.

Due to the huge area of North Bern, finding the secret dungeons can be quite tough. Check the maps down below to navigate your way through this area easily.

Balankar Mountain Range

This is the first area you will explore in North Berth. Below are the maps you can use to find the hidden dungeons.


Bernil Forest

This area of North Berth has only one secret dungeon that you can access. Following is the Treasure Map for it

Krona Harbor

The dungeon of Krona Harbor is fairly easy to clear. If you’re looking to farm some XP quickly, do consider completing this dungeon. Following is the Treasure Map to get to this dungeon.

Parna Forest

This area has only one secret dungeon that you can explore. Following is the Treasure Map for Parna Forest.

Sushire Treasure Maps 

The final area in our Lost Ark Treasure Maps is the region of Sushire. This region is completely frozen, covered with fresh snow and hardened ice. Here, the villagers survive through fishing and hunting in the harsh weather of Sushire. The weather makes it hard to explore the area as well, especially if you’re looking for a hidden dungeon.

Below are all the Treasure Maps of Sushire to help you navigate the ice-cold land.

Razor Wind Hill

The first area of Sushire is the Razor Wind hill. Below are the Treasure Maps for this area.


Frozen Sea

This area of Sushire has two hidden dungeons deep in the depths of snow. Following are the Treasure Maps to find these. 


Ice Butterfly Cliff

The Ice Butterfly Cliff has only one secret dungeon, and the following is the Treasure Map to find it.


Lake Of Stalled Time

This area has two dungeons. Following is the Treasure map for this area.

This concludes our extensive guide on the epic Treasure Maps of Lost Ark. The regions of Rohendel, Payton, and Yorn don’t have any Treasure Maps. They do have areas with dungeons, though. However, the rest of the areas with Treasure Maps are enough to keep you occupied. 

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