Lost Ark Lush Reed Island: Location, PvP Quest & Rewards

Lush Reed Island is one of the Lost Ark's end-game adventure islands. There are a lot of activities to complete & our guide will assist you.

After spending a reasonable amount of time and experience, I found that Lush Reed Island is one of the most interesting and exciting Lost Ark adventure islands that you can visit. It has several unique quests, rewards, and items you can pursue and obtain. However, there are a few prerequisites before you can go to Lush Reed Island.

Key Takeaways
  • Lush Reed is one of the late-game islands in Lost Ark, with tons of collectibles, quests, and island tokens.
  • Players need to be at least level 50, and their item level must be 250 in order to visit Lush Reed Island.
  • Lush Reed Island is located just north of Pleccia in Lost Ark
  • Players should always check their Procyon’s compass to make sure the Lush Reed Island is accessible and that the time limit hasn’t expired. 
  • The main goal of Lush Reed Island’s quest is to attain 1000 points, to which all players contribute.

What is Lust Reed Island?

Location PvP Quest on Lush Reed Rewards
Located in the North of
Pleccia in Lost Ark
Collect 1000 points to end the match.
Single kill: 10 points
Assist: 5 points
First Place Rewards:
20000 Silver.
Reed Island Treasure Chest
Second Place Rewards:
15000 Silver.
Reed Island Treasure Chest.
Third Place Rewards:
10000 Silver.
Reed Island Treasure Chest.

The Lush Reed Island in Lost Ark is actually one of the game’s end-game adventure islands. You can visit it and try your luck at obtaining the island’s collectible token for your collection. For which island to visit first, depending on your level, check out our Lost Ark Island Guide.

Reaching the lush reed island in Lost Ark and attaining all its rewards can be a bit confusing for some players, and that is why we are here. We will teach you how to get to the island, how to garner all the rewards it has to offer, and how to overcome its challenges.

Location of Lush Reed Island 

The Lush Reed Island Lost Ark on Map
Lush Reed Island on Map

Before going to Lush Reed Island, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements. The character that you are using needs to be level 50, and your item level must be 250

Lush Reed Island is located just north of Pleccia in Lost Ark. You can pinpoint its location easily by taking a look at the image above. You can reach the island by ship, and because it is an adventure island, you can only travel there at certain times.

All the adventure islands follow the schedule of Procyon’s compass, and they are only available for a brief period of time during the week. You can at any time check the list of islands that are available by clicking on the compass that is situated below the map.

Furthermore, you should always check your Procyon’s compass to make sure the Lush Reed Island is accessible and that the time limit hasn’t expired. 

Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lush Reed Island

Five Mokoko Seeds of Lush Reed Island
Lush Reed Island Mokoko Seeds on Map

From my search, there are five Mokoko Seeds you can collect during your adventures on Lust Reed Island, and pretty much all of them are fairly simple to get.

Out of the five, two are located on the far East side of the map behind a gate. To open this gate, you will need to use the song Forest’s Minuet. The remaining three are spread across the Eastern edges of the map. Take a look at the picture above for easier navigation. 

PvP Quest on Lush Reed Island & Rewards

The main quest of Lush Reed Island is a PvP(Player versus Player) competition. It is a free-for-all match that starts three minutes after the first player arrives on the island. The main goal of the quest is to attain 1000 points, to which all players contribute. 

The match/quest ends when the 1000 points are attained. A kill gets you 10 points, and an assist will net you 5 points. After the match ends, the top three players with the most kills/points will earn the following:

First Place Rewards

  • 20000 Silver.
  • Reed Island Treasure Chest.

Second Place Rewards

  • 15000 Silver. 
  • Reed Island Treasure Chest.

Third Place Rewards

  • 10000 Silver.
  • Reed Island Treasure Chest.

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to perform competently, there’s no need to worry because all participants will receive the participation reward, which is 2000 silver and, of course, treasure chests. 

Lush Reed Island Token & How To Get

All the chests have a chance to drop the Lush Reed Island token. Sadly, the chance for the token to drop is completely random. What it means is that you can be the best player in the match and have the highest kill count; still, it won’t guarantee the token drop. 

You might have to grind the island and open chests to receive the token. It all depends on your luck. You might end up getting the first try, or it will take some patience.

My Experience

As seen, Lush Reed Island has several unique challenges, quests, and a plethora of items to obtain. The rewards you get are well worth the effort, and I found the journey itself exciting and fun. I personally got Third Place in the island’s main quest and all I did was contemplate that I couldn’t perform better to get those high-tier rewards.


And that is pretty much all you need to know about Lost Ark’s Lush Reed Adventure Island. Lost Ark has had a mostly positive reception from MMO fans. We would love to hear your thoughts about the game. Let me know in the comment section below!

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