Lost Ark Island Guide: Island Classes & Tiers

This Lost Ark guide explains islands and their classes and which islands to visit first in Lost Ark. Features Tier 1 & 2 islands.

Lost Ark encourages you to travel the continents, sail through the sea, and travel to the islands, as each step of your journey awaits an adventure. While exploring the continents is a straightforward affair, the islands in Lost Ark are a completely different story. 

Every Lost Ark Island is unique, inhabited by charming creatures. Each island also has its challenges and events, completing which earn you Island Souls (also referred to as Island Tokens). 

What Are Islands

World Map in Lost Ark Island Guide
World Map – Lost Ark

Lost Ark features almost 100 islands, varying in their size, so it would be monotonous to list each and every single island. Instead, our Island Guide characterizes the islands into types as there are several types of islands, and then we list the best islands to visit with the highest rate of max level rewards.

After you finish the main quest on the first continent, you will unlock a ship and with it, the ability to sail and travel to other islands or continents. However, before taking on the adventure of the seas, we recommend you complete the blue World Quest, available on Tortoyk, which will upgrade your item level to 250, the minimum required item level for many tier-1 islands in Lost Ark. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark leveling guide and learn how to rank up faster. 

Occasionally in the game’s main quest, you will be required to upgrade your item level to a set number before you can proceed to the next part of the quest. While you can choose to complete Dungeons and Guardian Raids, they do not offer a lot of variety, and the process of leveling up will soon get boring for you.

Also, these challenges are repeated daily, so they are only useful up to a certain point. This is where the islands come in. Lost Ark Islands will reward you with Pirate Coins and all manner of shards, which will fast-track your leveling journey.

Island Classes

Zoomed in World Map - Lost Ark
World Map, Zoomed in

Open your World Map and zoom in to a specific section of the map. While zoomed in, hover over any island to bring a pop-up that details the required item level, number of Mokoko Seeds available for collection, combat type, and whether you have collected the Island Token or not. Also, you will see that some islands will have a specified ‘Admission Time’. Based on the aforementioned details, islands in Lost Ark can be categorized as follow:

Static PvE IslandsThe most abundant type of island. You can visit them whenever you feel the need to. 
Time-Limited IslandsThese islands are only visitable at set times. Time-Limited Islands have high-level rewards, so their Admission Times are randomized. Also, they do not have a fixed spawn location, rather spawning multiple times during the day within a set boundary and can only be visited once. 
PvP IslandsPvP islands are mostly Static, but some of the high reward ones are also Time-Limited. Nevertheless, these islands will always have PvP combats. You can easily identify them on the map from their ‘crossed swords’ icon. 
Adventure IslandsAdventure Islands features special co-op events and has randomized Admission Time. They do have a fixed location, but they can only be visited once a day.

All timed islands can also be recognized on the World Map by a ‘whirlpool’. Ten minutes prior to the unlocking of the island, a whirlpool will be displayed on the World Map, after which you can visit these islands for 3 minutes. While you’re at it, consider reading the Lost Ark classes tier list.

Island Tiers

Out of the four types of islands in Lost Ark, Static Islands can be further categorized according to their rewards. Lost Ark’s massive fanbase has cataloged a lot of these islands and detailed the rewards they yield. Static Islands that feature small events/challenges are extremely helpful to the lower-level players, and they’ve been dubbed “Tier 1 Islands”.

Similarly, islands featuring massive events, encompassing multiple sails back and forth, have been dubbed “Tier 2 Islands”. Keeping in view the convection used by the fanbase, we will categorize the islands in our Island Guide into tiers, also mentioning the type of the island for clarity.

Island Activities

Every island in Lost Ark is unique, but they generally have the following activities:

  • Quests: Most of the islands will have an obvious quest, marked by an exclamation point. Some islands may also have additional quests, only available via exploring.
  • NPCs and Merchants: Every island has its mix of merchants and NPCs. Merchants allow for trading skills opportunities while NPCs come with their own rewards and Rapport building in Lost Ark.
  • Mokoko Seeds: On the World Map, the pop-up screen details the number of Mokoko Seeds available for collection. Usually, each island has 2 to 6 Mokoko Seeds to collect.
  • Island Token: You will be rewarded an Island Token when you ‘complete’ an island. The criteria for ‘completing’ an island may range from increasing Rapport with a local NPC, winning a PvP challenge, or completing the quest(s) on an island.

Tier 1 Islands

Tier 1 islands in Lost Ark make up the majority of the islands. These islands generally have an abundance of raw materials for honing and trading opportunities to level up but do not necessarily have high-level items as rewards.

For our Island Guide, we list the best 5 Tier 1 islands that one should visit early on to get a head start in their item level. Once done with these, the rest of the Tier 1 islands can be visited in one’s own leisure time.

1. Glacier Island

Mathias quest on Peyto Island for Glacier Island Start-Lost Ark Island Guide
Mathias on Peyto Island

To visit Glacier Island, first, visit Peyto Island and talk to Mathias. Doing so will unlock a purple ‘Iceberg Inquiry’ quest.

Glacier Island penguins-Lost Ark Island Guide
Glacier Island – Lost Ark

Once you have started the quest, you can travel to Glacier Island and complete your quest. The quest is fairly straightforward, but it will take you over the entire island.

Completing the quest will reward you with the following:

Harmony Leap Stones40
Harmony Shards20,000
Destruction Stone Fragments590
Guardian Stone Fragments2,200

2. Panda Island

Panda Island location-Lost Ark Island Guide
Panda Island on World Map

You may have guessed that Pandas inhabit the Panda Island, but what may come as a shock to you is that you actually get to play as a panda, albeit for the duration of the quest. Speaking of quests, there are two quests upon this island; a yellow quest which involves you tracking down and collecting 3 Mysterious Tablets scattered on Panda Island, and a purple quest in which you deal with the pandas.

Yellow Quest, Panda Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Fragrance and Faith’ quest

The yellow quest, named ‘Fragrance and Fish,’ will be visible as soon as you disembark your ship and arrive on Panda Island. You will have to collect 3 Mysterious Tablets, looking for them in every nook and cranny of the island as they are hidden.

Yellow Quest-Tablet 1-Panda Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Location of the first tablet.

For the first tablet, travel to the map location and then proceed South-West until you are beneath the trees. Once there, you will get a notification to interact with the Mysterious Tablet, and from there, flow the onscreen instructions.

Yellow Quest-Tablet 2-Panda Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Location of the second tablet.

To collect the second tablet, position yourself at the map location and then keep moving West. There is a small opening in the trees, which leads to a second character to interact with and collect the second tablet.

Yellow Quest-Tablet 3-Panda Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Location of the third tablet.

For the final third tablet, move to the right side of the island, as indicated in the picture above. Once you arrive at an elevated platform, drop down and proceed North. Go through the path within the trees, and you will have the third tablet. At this point, you can mark the quest as complete and receive the following rewards:

Weapons Crystals220
Armor Crystals600
Harmony Shards12,000
Purple Quest-Panda Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Panda’s Delight’ quest

For the purple ‘Panda’s Delight’ quest, you’ll get to play as a panda, collecting bamboo. This short, fun quest will earn you the following:

Weapons Crystals160
Armor Crystals500
Harmony Leap Stones28

3. Shadow Island

On the World Map screen, search for ‘Shadow Island’ in the search bar, which will automatically mark a waypoint to the island.

Purple Quest-Shadow Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘To the Shadespire’ quest

Shadow Island has a purple ‘To the Shadespire’ quest, which revolves around you fighting numerous waves of enemies. Do note that the waves of enemies to fight depends upon your level, which is why we put it at number 3 in our Tier 1 Lost Ark Island Guide. Also, wondering about where to hunt in Lost Ark? Read our top 5 Lost Ark Best Hunting Spots guide and learn how to hunt faster.

After successfully defending the tower against the waves of enemies, you will be rewarded as follows:

Harmony Shards8,000
Harmony Leap Stones28
Weapon Crystals640
Armor Crystals1,310

4. Starlight island

Purple Quest-Starlight Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘A Lighthouse for the Soul’

The purple ‘A Lighthouse for the Soul’ long quest on Starlight Island is broken into two parts. The first part is contained on the island and will only reward you with 10 Harmony Leap Stones. The second part of the quest will have you traveling back and forth to various locations, so make sure that you use your Bifrost Ability to finish this quest quickly.

Starlight Island-Bifrost Ability-Lost Ark Island Guide
Bifrost Ability

The final rewards for completing this quest are detailed below:

Harmony Leap Stones180
Harmony Shards19,500

5. Serenity Island

Purple Quest-Serenity Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Who’s there?’ quest

Serenity Island also has a purple, long quest named ‘Who’s there?’. This quest is broken into three parts: the first part of the quest is contained on the island, and its reward details will be at the end of the section.

Tortoyk Dungeon-Serenity Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon

The second part requires you to travel to the Tortoyk’s Heart dungeon and clear the mobs there. You do not have to complete this dungeon, just clear the waves of mobs that attack you, and then you can travel to Morai Ruins dungeon.

Morai Dungeon-Serenity Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Morai Ruins Dungeon

Follow the on-screen instructions and defeat the boss. Then, travel back to Serenity Island, and the quest will be marked as complete. The rewards are explained hereinafter.

Serenity Island
Weapons Crystals400
Armor Crystals1,600
Morai Ruins dungeon
Weapons Crystals600
Armor Crystals2,700

6. Harmony Island

Harmony Island is an adventure island, meaning that it has randomized admission time, and you can only visit it once. One way to keep track of adventure islands is by using the Procyon’s Compass. Procyon’s Compass will list all adventure islands to be unlocked, the estimated time till entrance, and will also help you get to the adventure island.

Harmony Island-Adventure Island
Harmony Island as viewed in Procyon’s Compass.

Once the count down completes, you will only have three minutes to spend on Harmony Island. Since this is an Adventure Island, you’ll need to complete the yellow quest, ‘Heavenly Harmony’.

yellow quest-heavenly harmony-Harmony Island
 ‘Heavenly Harmony’ quest.

When done with this quest, you’ll be able to participate in co-op quests, available via your map. Make sure to complete at least one objective of the co-op quest to be rewarded with a chest, which will drop 1 of two rewards randomly, so you can repeat Harmony Island twice to get all the rewards listed below.

Heavenly Harmony questVitality Increase Potion
Co-op questsEither Harmony Island Token or the Song of Heavenly Harmony.

7. Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island is a Static Island, and it has a co-op quest every 2 hours. Before you start Lullaby Island, you will need to travel to Peyto to buy Song of Resonance for 16,800 Pirate Coins. Once done, travel to Lullaby Island.

Lullaby Island-Location-Lost Ark
Lullaby Island on World Map.

The first quest you’ll get here will task you with finding three hidden singing fairies. You can choose to either find them yourself by listening to a “La la la la…” song, or you can refer to the picture below for their location.

Fairy 1-Lullaby Island-Lost Ark I
Fairy 1 Location.
Fairy 2-Lullaby Island-Lost Ark
Location of Fairy 2
Fairy 3-Lullaby Island-Lost Ark
Fairy 3

In addition to finding the fairies, you’ll also need to choose the correct dialog options for them to reward you.

  • First Fairy: Dialogue Options 1, 1 ,and 2.
  • Second Fairy: Dialogue Options 2, 2, 1 and 1.
  • Third Fairy: Dialogue Options 1, 1, 2, 2, 1 and 1.

Once done with the fairies, go to the right part of the island and set up your Bifrost to this location for the time being. Check on the map for the co-op quest time and return at the appropriate time for the quest, where all players will need to sing the Song of Resonance.

Fairy Co-op Quest-Lullaby Island-Lost Ark
Co-op Quest, Lullaby Island

Repeat this quest three times, and you’ll receive the Lullaby Island Token and the following rewards.

Secret MapAdventure: Pirate’s Peg Leg
Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch10
High Seas Coin Chest12 chests, each having 100 coins
Legendary Card Packs6
Crafting RecipeRethramis-Style Large Fountain

This concludes our section on Tier 1 Island Guide. The islands mentioned above serve as a good starting point when you start exploring the massive world of Lost Ark. Following these seven islands, we were able to take a 297 item level character to 461 item level. After completing these islands, you will be leveled up enough to venture into the more dangerous parts of the Lost Ark and take on other islands.

Tier 2 Islands

As you’ve seen above, Tier 1 islands reward you with a huge number of shards and raw materials to trade for higher-level items. But near the 700 item level, the costs of upgrading items will rise exponentially, at which point, it’d be more logical for you to find high-level items and equip them, rather than having to farm islands for 30 minutes only to be able to upgrade a single item.

Are you still lacking upgrade materials? Read about the Best Mining Spots in Lost Ark and learn how to farm faster.

This is where Tier 2 Islands come in. These islands often entail a multi-part quest, making you travel to multiple areas, and thus, are time-consuming. Tier 2 islands can be identified on the World Map by their higher recommended item level (Tier 1 islands will have either 260 or 350 item level, while Tier 2 islands will require you to be 470+ item level to visit).

Since Tier 2 islands reward you with high-level gear and honing materials to upgrade your gearing score, their rewards scale with respect to your current item level.

For this reason, we won’t list the rewards for Tier 2 Lost Ark Islands, as it will be different for varying item levels. Rather, we present to you the best eight Tier 2 Islands to visit to get you started on your gearing-up journey.

1. Aiwana Island

Purple Quest-Aiwana Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘The Perfect Getaway’ quest in the Business District of Stern City

To set upon Aiwana Island’s quest, you first need to travel to the business district in Stern City. There, you will find a purple quest named ‘The Perfect Getaway ’. Undertaking this quest will have you traveling to Peyto Island, from whence you can then set your sail towards Aiwana Island.

World Map-Aiwana Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Aiwana Island on World Map

Once you arrive at Aiwana Island, you’ll see a quest right ahead of you. Complete this task, but don’t get on your ship just yet, as there is a hidden quest here. Return to the area where you undertook the first quest, walk Westwards, and you’ll find a small crowd circling a wooden box. Interacting with this box will give you another quest to complete.

Aiwana Island-Hidden Quest-Lost Ark Island Guide
Hidden box to interact with

Once done here, the island will be marked as complete, and you’ll receive your Island Token, along with your high-level items.

2. Liebeheim Island


Liebeheim Island’s quest is fairly straightforward, requiring you to follow the onscreen instructions yet having you explore every inch of the island. Once on the island, meet up with Lena, and she will start giving you small tasks to complete, which eventually build up into quests.

The last part of the quest will have you traveling to Shushire, where the quest will be completed, and you’ll be given your tier 2 rewards and the Liebeheim Island Token.

Lena-Liebeheim Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Lena on Liebeheim Island

3. Fomona Island

Purple Quest-Fomona Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘The Lyre of Love’ quest

The third island in our Tier 2 Island Guide is Fomona Island. Travel to the island, and you’ll be faced with a relatively short purple quest: ‘The Lyre of Love’. The unique thing about this quest is that you can revisit this island with a character of different gender and redo the quest to get high-level items for multiple characters. Completing this quest will also earn you the Fomona Island Token.

4. Revelry Row

Revelry Row-Yellow Quest-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Paradise on Earth’ quest

Revelry Row is a nightclub island in Lost Ark. The initial yellow quest, ‘Paradise on Earth’, has you completing a lot of quests to gain entrance into the club. This quest will reward you with an Uncommon Engraving Recipe. Once you gain entrance into the club, there are many NPCs to interact with, who give you smaller quests, but they do not have a high-level reward.

Still, if you want to collect the Revelry Row Island Token, you should complete all these quests.

5. Distorted Island

Hidden Path-Distorted Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Hidden Passage on Distorted Island

Distorted Island is comprised of a single mansion with a lot of flora around it. Once to arrive on the island, walk Southwards and then East. There is a hidden path here that allows you access to the rest of the island.

Quest 1-Distorted Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Diving the Distortion’ quest.

The mansion is inhabited by one Mephito, a Dimension Walker. He’ll give you numerous quests, requiring you to explore the entire mansion. As you continue completing these quests, you’ll be rewarded.

Quest-2-Distorted Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
‘Secrets of the Cube’ quest

At one point, Mephito will give you a second quest, but to complete it, you’ll require a ticket, obtainable by completing Chaos Dungeons. At this point, you can use either bank the quest and make do with the rewards you have, or if you have the ticket, you can complete the second quest and earn the Distorted Island Token.

6. Twilight Island

World Map-Twilight Island-Lost Ark Island Guide
Twilight Island on World Map

Twilight Island is a Tier 2 Lost Ark Island. This island offers quite easy quests in the beginning until a point where you need to do a Solo Dungeon. The dungeon is a bit tricky, but once you get the gist of it, you can complete the dungeon in ~fifteen minutes and collect your rewards and the Twilight Island Token.

7. Hypnos’s Eye

World Map-Hypnos's eye-Lost Ark Island Guide
Hypnos’s Eye on World Map

Hypnos’s Eye is a PvP island. This island’s quest will have you building up your Rapport with Blue-Eyed Calvasus, which will also yield the Hypnos’s Island token.

Blue-Eyed Calvasus-Hypnos's eye-Lost Ark Island Guide
Blue-Eyed Calvasus – Lost Ark

Without spoiling much of the quest, there is a point in the quest where you may get stuck, as you won’t have any way of furthering the quest. At this moment, go into Calvasus’s Abode with interact with the camera to continue with the chest.

Quest hidden-Hypnos's eye-Lost Ark Island Guide
Camera to interact with in Calvasus’s Abode

8. Gravis Island

Gravis is a vacation island, and as such, the quests on here are pretty laidback, requiring you to rest, and then the game rewards you highly for doing so.


9. Shangra Island

Shangra Island is a Time-Limited Island, so both the entrance times and the location of Shangra Island are randomized. Currently, there are three spawn locations for Shangra Island.

As mentioned before, 10 minutes before the unlocking of Shangra Island, a whirlpool will appear at one of the three spawn locations. While you wait for the whirlpool to disappear, we recommend that you try to group up with other Lost Ark players, as you all will benefit from it.

The quests on Shangra Island cannot be completed in the measly three minutes you’re allowed upon the Island.

quest-shangra pure energy-Shangra Island-Lost Ark
‘Shangra’s Pure Energy’ quest

As soon as you get onto the island, complete the ‘Shangra’s Pure Energy’ quest to get the Song of Spring. You’ll need this in the later stages. If you have a group, it’ll be easy for you to complete this island, which requires you to finish every side quest on the island and collect 5,600 Firm Peaches.

Your group can set days for quest completion and Peach collection. The completion of quests will reward you each with Engraving Pouches, Engraving Recipes, and a small number of Firm Peaches. You can also follow the paths pictured below to maximize your Peach collection.

peach farm path-Shangra Island-Lost Ark
Optimized paths to farm Firm Peaches with a group.

You can also play the Song of Spring to certain plants to collect Shangra Flower Dew, which can then be traded for Firm Peaches. Once you are in possession of 5,600 Firm Peaches, you can exchange them for A Thousand-Year-Old Tree Bud.

thousand year old tree bud-Shangra Island-Lost Ark
A Thousand-Year-Old Tree Bud, exchangeable for 5,600 Firm Peaches.

You plant the Tree bud into a large tree, which will grant you the Shangra Island Token, 10 Uncommon Engraving Recipes, 4 Tournament Entrance Certificates, 20 Life Leapstone, and 4 Epic Rapport Chests.

Again, the quests on this island are self-contained, and you only need to travel from point A to point B to complete these quests. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Artillerist Build Class guide.


And this brings us to the end of this lengthy Lost Ark Island Guide. Do note that this is not the complete list of islands in Lost Ark. Rather, these are our picks for the best Tier 1 and Tier 2 islands to visit first, and then you can explore the rest of the islands with your best crew in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark, a South-Korean MMORPG, has exploded onto the scene, becoming the second most played game on Steam within 24 hours of its global launch.

The game features a 2.5D, top view game camera, but what it lacks in graphical fidelity, it makes up in its intuitive, craft-based mechanics. Lost Ark features a vast map comprised of 7 varied continents, separated by sea and numerous islands in-between.

What are your thoughts on this guide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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