Lost Ark Rapport: Best NPCs, Gifts & Rewards

Our detailed guide for Rapport in Lost Ark will help you build Rapport with NPCs and help you focus on the best ones.

Lost Ark includes a lot of unique quests. one such quest called Rapport requires you to interact with NPCs, who will then give you rewards. We have curated a thorough Rapport guide for Lost Ark including the best Rapports you can find in the game.

What is Rapport In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Rapport Guide
Rapport in Lost Ark 

Rapport by definition means to form close and strong relationships with people around you. In the Rapport quest in Lost Ark, you have to do the same. Only the people concerned here would be certain NPCs. Rapport is important because by only interacting with some of the NPCs, you can complete the main story. It is also important to level up in Lost Ark.

Key Highlights

  • In Lost Ark, Rapport quests involve cultivating relationships with specific NPCs.
  • These quests have five stages: Normal, Amicable, Friendly, Trusted, and Affection.
  • Players progress through these stages by giving gifts to NPCs and performing preferred songs and emotes.
  • Certain NPCs, such as Nia, Sapiano, Hariya, Albion, Berver, and Yom, offer Gold rewards.
  • NPCs like Sasha, Beatrice, Blue-Eyed Calvasus, and Nineveh provide Heart Rewards.

Rapport will help you in mining epic items too.

Rapport Scale

Next in our Rapport guide for Lost Ark is the Rapport Scale. Like most reputation systems, Rapport in the game has a scale, and when you start building Rapport with an NPC, you will see five different stages of Rapport when you interact with the NPCs. These represent how far you’ve come in your relationship with the NPC. The higher the tier, the stronger the Rapport. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Deathblade Build. 

  1. Normal Stage: This stage contains two levels and represents the beginning of the Rapport relationship with the NPC.
  2. Amicable Stage: The Amicable Stage has three levels for you to complete. At this stage, you will start receiving Epic rewards from the NPC.
  3. Friendly Stage: The Friendly Stage consists of three levels. Here, you will gain Epic gold coins as rewards, and you might also unlock the character’s backstory.
  4. Trusted Stage: The Trusted Stage has three levels as well. You will receive Epic and Uncommon items in this stage, along with gold rewards.
  5. Affection Stage: The Affection Stage is the highest stage of the Rapport system and includes only one level to complete. By reaching this stage, you will receive many Epic items. Currently, the Affection stage is available only for Ealyn and Sasha.

Why is Rapport Important?

Rapport is very important for your in-game progression. The items you will receive by completing Rapport Quest can prove to be very useful in the later stages of Lost Ark. These items will also help you in other quests you and challenges you will take on in the game.

How to Build Rapport 

Lost Ark Rapport Guide
Emotes for Rapport

Building Rapport with NPCs requires a lot of effort and will consume time and money. You will have to give them gifts frequently to increase their Rapport. The higher the Rapport level is, the higher is the number of awards you will get. Our Rapport guide dives into detail to help you build Rapport with NPCs.

Performing songs and emotes will significantly increase Rapport. You will need high virtue points too. If you have a Crystalline Aura active, then you will be able to see the kind 0f gifts, songs, or emotes a certain NPC likes. So you won’t have to rely on guesswork to be able to increase their Rapport.

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Gifts to Build Rapport

In the traditional setting of Arkesia, building positive Rapport with NPCs is essential. You can enhance your Rapport with NPCs by using gifts, which can be obtained through various means and provide an extra boost in Rapport points.

Here are some sources for acquiring Rapport gifts:

  1. Purchase Rapport gifts from Rapport gift vendors in major cities by trading Providence stones.
  2. Wandering merchants may also have Rapport gifts available for purchase.
  3. Check out Mari’s Secret Shop for a selection of Rapport gifts.
  4. Some Rapport gifts can be obtained as rewards for logging in to Lost Ark.
  5. Completing Island Quests can also grant you Rapport gifts as rewards.
  6. Occasionally, you may find Rapport gifts as drops during the Adventurer’s Tome quest. These gifts typically belong to the Legendary and Artifact rarity categories.

Rapport Gift Points

Lost Ark Rapport Guide
Rapport Gift Tiers

The rapport gifts have different types depending upon the XP they come with. Following are the Rapport gift tiers. While you’re at it, consider reading our  Lost Ark Tier Classes list.

  • Epic tier, which can give you 300 to 450 XP points. This depends on the type of NPC you’re using.
  • For the Legendary type Rapport gifts, you will get around 2000 XP points.
  • In the artifact tier, the rapport gifts will give you the most XP. The XP earned from artifacts is around 10,000.s.

Best NPCs For Rapport In Lost Ark

You can find many Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark. To select the NPC you want to give gifts to and build your Rapport with, go to the Rapport menu. While choosing Rapports, you should consider the gifts they come along with. This will help you focus on the NPCs with items you prefer.

Below we have compiled a list of the best NPCs in our Rapport guide according to the rewards they offer.

Gold Rewards

If you’re looking to farm some gold in an easy way, then these NPCs will help you a lot. The initial reward stages of Rapport with these NPCs will give you a lot of gold. The best thing about farming gold through Rapport is that you won’t have to invest a lot of time.

Below are some of the NPCs from tier 3 that offer a lot of Gold as a reward.

  • Nia (Amicable stage): Offers 1400 gold as a reward.
  • Hariya (Friendly stage): Provides 1100 gold as a reward.
  • Sapiano the Fox (Friendly stage): Gives 1000 gold in the Rapport Quest.
  • Albion (Friendly stage): Rewards you with 800 gold.
  • Berver (Friendly stage): Also gives 800 gold as a reward.
  • Yom the Squirrel (Friendly stage): Offers 800 gold as a reward.

Giant’s Heart Rewards

Giant’s Heart
Giant’s Heart Rewards

Giant’s Hearts play a significant role in obtaining Skill Points Potions as rewards. Here are the details on how to obtain Giant’s Hearts and the associated rewards:

  1. Beatrice: To acquire the 2nd Giant’s Heart from Beatrice, you need to reach the friendly stage of Rapport with her. This requires 140 Wisdom, 140 Charisma, 140 Courage, and 140 Kindness.
  2. Sasha: Sasha is a valuable NPC for Rapport progression. Reach the trusted stage with Sasha to receive the 3rd Giant’s Heart. To do this, you’ll need 310 Wisdom, 310 Charisma, 310 Courage, and 310 Kindness. The high virtue stats are worthwhile as you’ll receive artifact rewards.
  3. Blue-Eyed Calvasus: Upon reaching the trusted stage with Blue-Eyed Calvasus, you’ll be rewarded with the 9th Giant’s Heart. You’ll need 180 Charisma and 210 Courage to unlock this level.
  4. Nineveh: Achieve the trusted stage of Rapport with Nineveh to receive the 14th Giant’s Heart as a reward. To meet the requirements, you’ll need 310 Wisdom, 310 Charisma, 310 Kindness, and 310 Courage.

To level up your Rapport with these NPCs more efficiently, you can use songs and emotes. Here are some tips:


    • Song of Temptation: Speeds up Rapport progress and can be obtained by completing half of the Adventurer’s Tome in Yudia.
    • Heavenly Harmony: This song can be acquired by attending the Harmony Island event and has a chance to drop from Sound Chests.


You can use some emotes to help you level up faster with NPCs.

  • Stretch Emote: Obtained in West Luterra upon reaching 70% completion of Adventurer’s Tome.
  • Cute Emote: Available in Cradle of the Sea Fermata, purchase from Yuri for 1000 Silver.
  • Affection Emote: Earned by completing a quest on Totopia Island.
  • Taunt Emote: Acquired on Freedom Isle, available for purchase from Blackfang for 3360 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Shy Emote: Unlocked by completing the Adventure Quest on Liebeheim Island.
  • Laugh Emote: Found in the northwest of the Flowering Orchard in East Luterra, available for purchase from the Demon Merchant Naphta for 6000 Silver Coins.

Virtue Stats Potions

Virtue Stats

Virtue Stat Potions are essential for enhancing your character’s stats. You can obtain these potions as rewards from various Rapport NPCs by reaching specific Rapport levels. Here are the details on which NPCs provide which Virtue Stat Potions and the requirements to unlock them:

  • Charisma Potion:
    • Beatrice: Requires 180 Wisdom, 180 Charisma, 180 Courage, and 180 Kindness at the trusted level.
    • Nia: Requires 330 Wisdom and 330 Kindness at the trusted level.
    • Yuul: Available at the trusted stage with no specific virtue stats needed.
  • Wisdom Potion:
    • Cals: Requires 180 Charisma and 180 Kindness at the trusted stage.
    • Kaysarr: Requires 100 Wisdom and 100 Charisma at the friendly stage.
    • Gideon: Requires only 30 Courage at the trusted stage.
  • Courage Potion:
    • Ealyn: Requires 300 Wisdom and 300 Kindness at the trusted stage.
    • Jederico: Requires 150 Wisdom and 150 Charisma at the friendly stage.
    • Liru: Requires 260 Courage at the trusted stage.
  • Kindness Potion:
    • Thirain: Requires 180 Wisdom, 180 Charisma, 180 Courage, and 180 Kindness at the trusted stage.
    • Nagi: Requires 260 Wisdom at the trusted stage.
    • Nabi: Available at the trusted stage with no specific virtue stats needed.

Adventurer’s Tome Quest

Adventurer's Tome Quest
Adventurer’s Tome Quest

This quest holds extreme importance in the main campaign of Lost Ark. To complete it, you require certain items from NPCs. You can get these items by completing Rapport levels with them. Below are the important NPCs you should focus on if you’re looking to complete Adventurer’s Tome mission. 


Found in Rethramis, on completing the trusted stage of Rapport with Siera you will get the Special Potato.


You can find Thunder in Yudia. They will give you the Ritual Food Ingredient on completing the trusted stage of Rapport with them.


Orelda is found in Rohendel. She will give you the Secret Cake Recipe on completing the trusted stage with them.


Nigeria from Yorn will give the Full Mine Car Ham Set on completing the trusted stage with her. You will also need 220 Charisma and 220 Kindness to unlock the Rapport stage with Neria.

This concludes our detailed Rapport guide and best NPCs for Rapport in Lost Ark. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what NPC you might want to invest your time and resources on based on the rewards they will give.

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