Lost Ark Vertus Pet: How To Get, Benefits & More

Our detailed guide will show you how to get the Vertus Pet in Lost Ark as well as the benefits of obtaining this pet.

In other RPG games that offer pets, you will see that most of them only act as visual accessories. But when it comes to Lost Ark, the pets are actually useful. While they definitely look cute with your character, they can also save you a lot of time by automatically looting for you on every server. So you don’t have to waste your valuable time collecting loot. You can get pets in Lost Ark in various ways.

Key Highlights

  • Pets in Lost Ark save time by looting for you on all servers.
  • You can have multiple pets; choose those that complement your build.
  • Vertus is a small and cute pet with four color variations.
  • Obtain pets through quests, in-game shops, or founder packs.
  • A Premium version and season pass are required to acquire a Vertus pet.
  • Complete tasks and quests by the 14th of July to open the chest, requiring at least level 30.
  • Open the pet menu with Alt+P, equip Vertus to summon and start looting.
  • Vertus offers buffs and additional inventory space.
  • Activate Crystalline Aura after summoning Vertus for benefits like doubled storage and enhanced offense and defense.

This includes early game quests, Lost Ark’s cash shop, in-game events, and the Founder packs that contain exclusive pets in the game

What is Vertus Pet?

Lost Ark: How to get the Vertus Pet
Vertus Pet in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are no limitations on the number of pets you can own, and you’ll encounter various pets throughout the game, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your character’s build. Pets play a crucial role in enhancing your experience in Lost Ark.

One of the most sought-after pets in the game is the Vertus Pet. This pet draws inspiration from the formidable Raid Boss, Vertus, belonging to tier one. In the game, Vertus appears as a massive quadrupedal dragon, providing players with a significant challenge.

Lost Ark introduced a smaller, cuter version of Vertus as a pet, and these adorable baby dragons accompany you in your adventures, aiding you in combat. What makes the Vertus pets particularly appealing is that they come in four different colors: purple, yellow, light blue, and dark blue.

Each color variant has a distinct name:

  • Light blue: Vertoto
  • Yellow: Vertori
  • Dark blue: Vertorand
  • Purple: Vertora

Despite their different colors, all of these Vertus Pets possess the same abilities and skills. You can tame and raise these pets to assist you on your journey.

Vertus Pet pros and cons
Different colored Vertus Pets

How To Get Vertus Pet

why you should get Vertus Pet
Vertus Pet Selection Chest

Most of the pets in Lost Ark are obtained from the early game quests or they can be bought from the cash shops.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Premium Version of Lost Ark: You will need to buy the premium version of Lost Ark, which includes the season pass.
  2. Complete Pass Tasks and Quests: After acquiring the season pass, complete all the tasks and quests required before the specified deadline, which is July 14th.
  3. Reach Level 30: To unlock the Vertus Pet Selection Chest, you must reach at least level 30 in the game.
  4. Select Your Vertus Pet: Once you’ve unlocked the chest, you can choose from one of the four different colored Vertus Pets offered.
  5. Complete Daily Challenges: The season pass contains daily challenges that reward you with XP. These challenges help you level up in the game, and you’ll need to reach level 30 to access the Vertus Pet Selection Chest.

Make sure to check the specific requirements and deadlines for obtaining the Vertus Pet through the season pass, as they may vary depending on the version and region of the game.

How To Equip Vertus Pet

Lost Ark: How to get the Vertus Pet
Pet Menu

Equipping your Vertus Pet in Lost Ark is straightforward:

  1. Access the Pet Menu: Press Alt + P to open the Pet Menu. This menu displays all the pets you currently own.
  2. Select Vertus Pet: From the Pet Menu, choose the Vertus Pet that you want to summon. By selecting it, you can have the Vertus Pet accompany you during your adventures. It will assist you in looting items and provide beneficial buffs.
  3. Variety of Pets: If you decide that you prefer a different pet over the Vertus Pet, don’t worry. Lost Ark offers a variety of pets that you can choose from. You can purchase other pets from the in-game cash shop using Royal Crystals.
  4. Obtaining Royal Crystals: To access the premium level of the pass, you’ll need 1500 Royal Crystals. These can be acquired through various means, including purchasing a 2200 Crystal Bundle from the shop for $19.99.

Please note that acquiring the Vertus Pet in Lost Ark may involve spending a significant amount of money, depending on your choice of in-game purchases.

Why You Should Get Vertus Pet

Vertus Pet can help you in many ways during the quests of Lost Ark. Acquiring the Vertus Pet offers several advantages:

  1. Automatic Item Pickup: The Vertus Pet collects loot automatically, saving you time.
  2. Combat Buffs: It provides valuable combat buffs, but you need an active Crystalline Aura.
  3. Extra Storage: With Crystalline Aura, you gain extra inventory space.
  4. Rerolling Pet Effects: You can change your pet’s combat effects for free until satisfied.
  5. Versatile Effects: Rerolls offer various bonuses, like expertise, critical hits, and more.
  6. Crystalline Aura Benefits: Activate Crystalline Aura for increased buffs, doubled storage, and convenient access to mail, auctions, and repairs from anywhere in the game world.

Vertus Pet Effect Bonuses

Since the Vertus Pet can have two combat effects, offensive and defensive, you will get a wide range of skills that you can get while rerolling. Following are both the offensive and defensive skills for your Vertus Pet.


  • Expertise: +2-10%
  • Crit: +2-10%    
  • Swiftness: +2-10%    
  • Endurance: +2-10%    
  • Specialization: +2-20%
  • Domination: +2-10%    


  • Phy. Damage Reduction: +1-5%
  • Mag. Defense: +2-10%
  • Mag Damage Reduction: +1-5%
  • Max HP: +1-5%
  • Phy. Defense: +2-10%

This concludes our guide on how to get the Vertus Pet in Lost Ark as well as its benefits of. Before you go, we recommend checking out our guide on Lost Ark Rapport.

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