Lost Ark Best Servers: Ping, Population & More

Due to high demand, there's a need for Best Server in Lost Ark & we have listed the Best Lost Ark Servers in Every Region to get you started.

Every server in Lost Ark can be ‘the Best Lost Ark Server.’ What makes them best totally depends on you. If the server fulfills your requirements, then it will be best for you, regardless of what we say.

Key Takeaways
  • The best Lost Ark servers match your preferences and offer lag-free gameplay.
  • Select a server with a lower ping value, closer to your location, to avoid lag.
  • Check the server status for population and choose “Good” status to avoid overcrowding.
  • Servers have different languages, so pick the one you’re most comfortable with.
  • In Central Europe, Sirius Server is recommended. In West Europe, choose Moonkeep Server.
  • Vern is the most popular server in South America.
  • North America has two renowned servers: Mari Server in the West and Azena Server in the East.


You can check ping in-game for Lost Ark Best Server.
To check the ping, set the ‘Show Network Latency’ to ‘Always Show’.

To choose the best Lost Ark server, consider the following factors:

  1. Ping or Network Latency: Lower ping is better. Choose a server that is geographically closer to your location. Avoid servers on the opposite side of the globe to minimize resource usage and lag.
  2. In-Game Settings: Ensure your in-game settings are optimized for performance. Check out the Lost Ark Best Settings for High FPS and Performance.
  3. In-game: Go to settings, Gameplay tab, then Controls and Display tab. Find ‘Show Network Latency’ and set it to ‘Always Show.’ Your ping will appear on the bottom left of your screen.
  4. If your ping is single-digit, there will be minimal lag. Double-digit ping may have occasional lag, while triple-digit ping can result in significant lag.
  5. External Tools: Use external tools like Cloudping.info to check server ping or Network Latency.

Keep in mind that some classes, like Deathblade, perform relatively well even with high ping.

Lost Ark Best Servers

That being said, we have a list of Lost Ark servers that are considered the best server in their respective region. While you’re at it, check out our Lost Ark Tier List to pick the best PvP and PvE Classes.

Europe Central

Europe Central Region for best server in Lost Ark.
A total of 19 servers are available in Europe Central Region.

For Central Europe, there are several different language-based servers, so it was hard choosing one. People in Central Europe seem to prefer the Sirius server.

It is an English server that has gained quite some popularity in Lost Ark. If you want a specific language server, then this might not be the one for you.

Europe West

Europe West region with its best server in Lost Ark.
Moonkeep Server is the best server out of the 8 servers in Europe West Region.

When it comes to Europe West, there are a total of 8 servers to choose from. So the competition here is a little tough with the best Lost Ark server for this region. We asked around and discovered that players of this region suggest the Moonkeep server.

The server is English, and it has a pretty cool name. Playing in it would definitely be a remarkable experience.

South America

best server in South America Region.
Surprisingly enough, none of the South American region servers have English communities as a majority.

The Vern server has gained popularity in the South American region of Lost Ark. Players in this server are a mixture of South American languages. So you’ll be able to find different language communities, whether it’s English, Spanish, or some other language.

North America West

7 server in lost ark North America West Region
North America West has 7 servers for you to choose from.

In the North America West region, Mari is one of the servers that are always busy. Whatever time you try to get in it, you’ll find it almost full. This is proof of its popularity. So we recommend checking this server if you’re looking for the Lost Ark Best Server in the North America West region in Lost Ark.

North America East

Best Server in North America East is the una.
North America East Region has several servers to choose from.

Azena server in North America East is a PVP hub. Due to this, the server has gained popularity among the players that want to try it. Other than that, the Una server is famous in that region too. So it depends upon you, however, you want to play it. 

List of all Lost Ark Servers With Communities

In Lost Ark, as the game has been released in several regions, the game has gained popularity. Most of the servers have English communities as it is the global language.

Even then, several different communities are quite dominant in some servers. So here is a list of all the Lost Ark Servers with their communities. with the help of this list, you can choose the best server according to your needs. Also, read our Best Card Sets in Lost Ark guide.

Europe Central

  • Neria: Italian and Polish Server
  • Kadan: PvP hub, English Server
  • Trixion: French Server
  • Calvasus: English Server
  • Thirain: English Server
  • Zinnervale: English/ Scandinavian Server
  • Asta: German Server
  • Wei: Spanish Server with small Portuguese communities
  • Slen: English Server
  • Sceptrum: English Server
  • Procyon: English Server
  • Beatrice: English Server
  • Inanna: English Server
  • Thaemine: English Server
  • Sirius: English Server
  • Antares: English Server
  • Brelshaza: English Server
  • Nineveh: English Server
  • Mokoko: English Server

Europe West

  • Rethramis: English Server
  • Tortoyk: English Server
  • Moonkeep: English Server
  • Stonehearth: English Server
  • Shadespire: English Server
  • Tragon: English Server
  • Petrania: English Server
  • Punika: English Server

South America

  • Kazeros: Brazilian Server
  • Agaton: Spanish Server
  • Gienah: South American mix
  • Arctrus: South American mix
  • Yorn: South American mix
  • Feiton: South American mix
  • Vern: South American mix
  • Kurzan: South American mix
  • Prideholme: South American mix

North America West

  • Mari: English Server
  • Valtan: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Enviska: English Server
  • Akkan: English Server
  • Bergstorm: English Server
  • Shandi: English Server
  • Rohendel: English Server

North America East

  • Azena: PvP hub, English Server
  • Una: English Server
  • Regulus: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Avesta: English Server
  • Galatur: English Server
  • Karta: English Server
  • Ladon: English Server
  • Kharmine: English Server
  • Elzowin: English Server with small Spanish communities
  • Sasha: English Server
  • Adrinne: English Server
  • Aldebaran: English Server
  • Zosma: English Server
  • Vykas: English Server
  • Danuba: English Server

Why Choosing The Right Server Is Important In Lost Ark 

 The reason many players take out the time to choose the best server for them in Lost Ark it’s because once you select one, you cannot change it again. So it is important that the server you are choosing no matter if it’s 4 Australia or NA, choose the best one as it will be your permanent server in Lost Ark. 


With that, we conclude our guide on Lost Ark’s Best Server for each region. Now it’s up to you, which server you choose to play on. As a player, you must consider the ping of the server as it will affect your gameplay.

So once you choose a server for your character, that server will be its permanent home. Once you’ve selected the best server for your region, check out our Lost Ark Best Mining Spots, and Best Places to Level Up Foraging guides to get started.

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