Lost Ark Deathblade Build: PvP & PvE Guide

Deathblade is a great class for sword enthusiasts. Strengthen your Deathblade Build and dominate in both PvP and PvE!

Deathblade is one of the many classes available in Lost Ark. It is one of those classes that requires you to get up close and deal high DPS damage, quite similar to the Striker. Therefore, it’s a great class for players that love fast-paced combat and like moving around the arena quite a lot. Without further ado, let’s look at how you can maximize your experience by looking at the Best Lost Ark Deathblade Build.

Key Takeaways
  • Class: Deathblade, part of Assassins in Lost Ark, excels in close-range combat using dual blades and a long sword for high damage.
  • Drawback: Low HP, requiring constant movement to dodge attacks.
  • Builds Difference: PvP and PvE builds vary; PvP doesn’t require leveling for skill points.
  • Skills: At level 60, Deathblade has 20 skills, but not all are viable for investment in PvE.
  • Engravings: The two main engravings for Deathblade are Surge and Remaining Energy

Deathblade Builds

TypeBase ClassWeaponsGenderSpecies
MeleeAssassin Dual BladesFemaleDelain

Deathblade is part of the assassins in Lost Ark, and they use dual blades alongside a long sword. These two weapons allow the Deathblade to deal a lot of damage up close. Meaning it is the polar opposite of ranged classes like the Gunlancer.

But due to their relatively lower health, players using Deathblade are expected to move around quite often to avoid getting hit. This also works in their favor as Deathblade is capable of racking up quite the combos when played right. With that said, let’s look at the skills that will benefit you the most in your Deathblade builds.

Deathblade PvP Build Skills

Lost Ark Deathblade Build
Deathblade Skill Gameplay

Bear in mind that PvP builds and PvE builds tend to differ from each other. In PvP, you don’t have to worry about leveling up to first get skill points and then to invest them into skills.

You can directly get any skill that you want. But with that said, you should still pick the best skills that suit Deathblade and not ones at random. Here’s a good set of skills that you can consider using for your Deathblade Build in PvP.

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Spincutter Swift Fingers
Dark Axel Swift Fingers Tenacity High Axel
Surprise Attack Wide-Angle Attack Excellent Mobility Trailing Sword Burst
Upper Slash Study Armor Large Twister Tenacity
Head Hunt Quick Prep Quick Hunt Enhanced Stun
Turning Slash Excellent Mobility Tenacity Triple Run
Moonlight Sonic Fist of Darkness Sustain Enhancement Shade Sonic
Blitz Rush Vital Point Hit All-round Shadow Rush
  1. Spincutter – Boost mobility with Swift Fingers for a +15% attack speed increase. Use this skill to navigate quickly, covering up to 10 meters with dual usage.
  2. Dark Axel – A maneuvering skill that jumps forward 6 meters, ideal for closing gaps. Enhance with Swift Fingers and Tenacity for speed and Push Immunity, with the option of High Axel for extended range at the cost of the final attack.
  3. Surprise Attack – Dash and slash for mobility and damage. Augment with Wide-Angle Attack, Excellent Mobility, and Trailing Sword Burst for increased AoE, distance, and a damaging sword burst effect.
  4. Upper Slash – An offensive skill creating a damaging tornado. Strengthen with Sturdy Armor, Large Twister for an added attack and bigger twister, and Tenacity for Push Immunity.
  5. Head Hunt – Delivers a stun with Quick Prep for reduced cooldown, Quick Hunt for faster execution, and Enhanced Stun for prolonged disable.
  6. Turning Slash – Closes distance with dual spins, improved with Excellent Mobility, Tenacity, and Triple Run for a triple spin attack with increased damage.
  7. Moonlight Sonic – Main damage skill pulling enemies closer. Boost with Fist of Darkness for extra damage, Sustain Enhancement for charge-up benefits, and Shade Sonic for speed and damage.
  8. Blitz Rush – Knocks back enemies with options for increased Crit Rate (Vital Point Hit), reduced charge time (All-round), and an afterimage attack (Shadow Rush) for strategic positioning.

But if you are looking to go fully mid to far range combat, consider: Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build

Awakening Skill

For your Awakening skill, you can use Flash Blink. It lets you dash 12 meters forward, slashing through any enemies in the way. Any enemy in the path gets 334k damage dealt with them and gets launched into the air, dealing extra damage. That is a lot of damage dealt. But if you are looking for a class that regularly dishes out great damage, check out: Lost Ark Berserker Build.

Deadblade PvE Build Skills

Lost Ark Deathblade Build
Deathblade PvE Gameplay

By the time you reach level 60, you will have a total of 20 skills for your Lost Ark Deadblade Build. But of course, not all of those are worth investing in. As you can only invest into so much in PvE, here are the skills that you should consider.

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Spincutter Open Weakness Quick Prep Triple Spin
Dark Axel Quick Pace Corkscrew High Axel
Soul Absorber Wide-Angle Attack Ice Cold Hands Halve
Earth Cleaver Push Weak Point Detection Leap Attack
Moonlight Sonic Burning Hands Quick Prep Shade Sonic
Maelstorm Orb Control Dark Order Overwhelm
Blitz Rush Vital Point Hit All-round Shadow Rush
Void Strike Orb Control Fist of Darkness Dark Explosion
  1. Spincutter: Enhances mobility and damage. Use Open Weakness to boost party damage, Quick Prep for faster cooldowns, and Triple Spin for additional attacks.
  2. Dark Axel: Great for moving and attacking, with Quick Pace for speed, Corkscrew for extra damage and range, and High Axel for improved mobility without the final attack.
  3. Soul Absorber: Offers powerful close-range damage. Wide-Angle Attack expands range, Ice Cold Hands adds a freezing effect, and Halve follows up with extra damage.
  4. Earth Cleaver: A strong up-close attack. Push adds a forward dash and damage, Weak Point Detection increases damage to tough enemies, and Leap Attack enhances critical hits.
  5. Moonlight Sonic: Deals with multiple enemies by pulling them closer. Burning Hands adds fire damage, Quick Prep reduces cooldown, and Shade Sonic increases speed and damage.
  6. Maelstorm: A defensive skill creating a protective tornado. Orb Control boosts orb gain, Dark Order increases speed and attack rate, and Overwhelm enhances damage to weaker enemies.
  7. Blitz Rush: A mid-range attack skill. Vital Point Hit improves critical rate, All-round reduces charge time, and Shadow Rush allows an afterimage to attack, keeping you stationary.
  8. Void Strike: Delivers high damage and control. Orb Control increases orb meter gain, Fist of Darkness adds dark damage, and Dark Explosion creates an additional damaging effect.

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Deathblade Build Engravings and Stats

Deathblade Build Engravings
Engravings for the Deathblade Class

You have 2 options to pick from when choosing class engravings for the Deathblade Build. Those two Engravings are Surge and Remaining Energy.

  1. Surge:
    • Allows activation of Deathblade Surge even without all orbs filled.
    • Enhances Surge attack power by using normal skills during Deathblade Arts mode.
    • Enhancement stacks every 0.4 seconds, totaling 20 stacks.
  2. Remaining Energy:
    • Orbs do not start depleting until 2 seconds after Deathblade Arts activation.
    • Activating Deathblade Surge grants a buff to attack power and speed for a duration.

If you need guidance on what your stats should look like, here’s a general outline.

Crit 1000
Specialization 1400
Domination 0
Swiftness 0
Endurance 0
Expertise 0

The 0 simply means that those skills are not too significant, and you can invest in them according to your own preference. These stats will help increase the damage of Deathblade Surge and also increases the Deathblade Orb energy gained. You will also have higher crit rates and lower cooldowns for your skills while in Deathblade art mode.

With that, you now know everything there is to know about the Lost Ark Deathblade Build. If you are looking for more builds, consider reading: Lost Ark Scrapper Build

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