Lost Ark Berserker BEST Build: PvP & PvE

Our guide covers all the different Lost Ark Berserker Builds along with a step-by-step guide on how you can implement the builds.

The Berserker is one of the easiest classes to master in Lost Ark. It falls under the Warrior Class; all the Berserker characters wield a Greatsword. This sword allows them to deal a crazy amount of damage to all the enemies in an AOE. This is a beginner-friendly class as all the spells in the class are easy to use.

Key Takeaways
  • The Berserker class falls under the category of the Warrior Class and is one of the easiest classes to master in Lost Ark. 
  • All the Berserker characters wield a Greatsword. This sword allows them to deal a crazy amount of damage to all the enemies in an AOE.
  • The Lost Ark Berserker is a melee hero that deals an amazing burst of damage for a sustained period. 
  • This class is very friendly to use because the spells are quite easy to cast.
  • There are many benefits of using the Berserker class. Some of them are tankiness and high HP, high DPS range, and fine mobility
  • While playing the Berserker Class, you need to be mindful of your cooldowns before you engage the enemy. Your mobility is also limited you can use your armor to your advantage to face the enemies head-on.
  • Berserkers have a lot of back-attack skills. So, if you want to use Tempest Slash, Whirlwind, Hell Blade, Red Dust, and Final Strike, you need to position yourself correctly.

Here is a quick glance at the Berserker Class build in Lost Ark:

BuildSpells/SkillsStats priorityBase ClassWeapons
Berserker’s Technique Lost Ark Berserker Build
Finish Strike, Shoulder Charge, Tempest Slash, Hell Blade, Chain Sword, Strike Wave, Red Dust, Sword Storm, WhirlwindCrit and SwiftnessWarrior (Male)Greatswords

Benefits Of Using The Berserker Build In Lost Ark

Berserker Gameplay – Lost Ark

There are a plethora of benefits that make Berserker one of the most effective classes in the game in terms of raw damage output. These benefits include;

  • It is easy to play a class that is perfect for beginners because of its simple spells and abilities.
  • The Berserker Class offers up a high DPS which means that you can cut through all enemies in no time.
  • All characters in the Berserker Class are tanky, which means that not only do they dish out high DPS, they can also absorb incoming damage.
  • Berserker Characters all have beyond average mobility which makes them easy to control and manage when you are being attacked.

The Berserker class has a lot of amazing spells that can inflict heavy damage on enemies and apply a staggering effect on them as well. This class is also ideal because all characters are extremely durable and can take a lot of punishment. Additionally, Lost Ark Berserker Armor, like Paralysis Immunity, can help you channel your spells without being interrupted. All these benefits help the Berserker Class stand out as one of the most effective Classes in Lost Ark.

Berserker Class Explained

The Lost Ark Berserker is a melee hero that deals an amazing burst of damage for a sustained period. These characters are not as versatile as other Classes that are available in the game. The reason for this lack of versatility is that they don’t have a crazy amount of spells and cannot grant buffs to allies. However, the Berserkers are a preferred class over classes like Paladin Builds, and Gunlancer builds because of their above-average mobility.

The Berserkers also have amazing durability, which helps them absorb damage and is a major part of the Lost Ark Berserker PvP Build. However, a lot of players shy away from the Berserker class because they have long ability cooldowns and slow animations. To compensate for this, they have high DPS spells that deal a crazy amount of damage. They also have additional characteristics like Back Attacks which deal more damage. So, it is an amazing Class to play if you are a new player who is looking to master some basic in-game concepts.

Berserker Burst Mode

All classes in Lost Ark have some unique abilities or characteristics that help them stand out. They can either inflict a very high DPS, or they have some buffs that will help their party out as well. For Berserkers, this unique ability is known as the Burst Mode.

Berserker Burst Mode – Lost Ark

This mode is a lot similar to Deathblade Arts for the Deathblade class as it grants you some crazy self-buffs. These buffs include things like improved attack and movement speed and an enhanced Crit rate. These buffs help give Berserkers a better damage burst. To activate the Burst Mode, you just have to attack the enemies a specific number of times.

While you have the Burst Mode active, you also have access to abilities like Bloody Rush. This is a special back attack that grants you Push Immunity and allows you to destroy your enemies. When you are attacking in Burst Mode, you will also knock your enemies back and stun them for a small period. To activate the Burst Mode, you are required to fill up your Fury Meter. Once the Burst Mode ends, the Fury Meter will reset, and you will have to fill it up again before you can use it.

Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Guide

Whenever you are creating a Berserker Leveling Build, it is important to keep certain things in mind. For instance, as your character reaches Level 60, you will have access to a total of 18 skills. Out of these 18, some will be your average skills, while others will be the special Awakening spells. Also, when you get to Level 60, you will have Skill Points at your disposal that you can assign to these spells to buff them. These buffs will include improved stats and unlocked Tripods. These tripods, when unlocked, offer amazing buffs that make them a must-have for all players.

Berserker Leveling Guide

There are different ways in which you can approach a Berserker Leveling Build. However, the best build will see you unlock 8 to 10 spells and then focus on their Tripods. Below is the perfect way of unlocking and selecting different spells in your Berserker Build;

Berserker Skills and Tripods

Skill Point Distribution

 These include spells that you can access and upgrade at the early stage of the game. It is important to understand what these spells do and how you can use their Tripods to perform different Berserker Skills. These spells include;

  1. Finish Strike

This is one of the best Berserker spells in terms of raw damage. When activated, the spell allows you to perform a gigantic Greatsword attack that deals a great amount of damage. The best thing about the Finish Strike is that if done properly, the spell will kill almost all enemies in a single hit. It is important to remember that the spell has a long cooldown period, so you have to be extremely careful about how you use it.

spell 1
Using Finishing Strike
Tripods for Finish Strike

When it comes to Finish Strike, you can make use of Tripods like Bleed Effect, which adds a Damage over Time buff to it. You can also go for the Tenacity Tripod as it grants you Push Immunity that blocks incoming damage. There are other Tripods like Weak Point Detection and Lights Out that are worth investing in. Weak Point Detection allows you to damage more damage to stronger enemies in the game, while Lights Out allows you to perform different combos with Finish Strike. These Tripods, when used in tandem, make Finish Strike an essential part of the Berserker PvE Build 2022.

  1. Shoulder Charge

Shoulder Charge is an excellent spell that allows you to close the gap between you and the enemy. It also deals damage upon impact, so you run either to face the enemies head-on or as a means of retreat. The spell, when activated, allows you to charge a total of 7 meters, and you deal 151 damage upon impact.

Tripods for Shoulder Charge

The Shoulder Charge spell allows you to choose between different Tripods. For instance, you can go for Excellent Mobility, which improves the charge distance by 4 meters. There is also Down Strike that adds a knocking down buff to the spell and deals extra damage when you come in contact with the enemies. Finally, you can select Fury Explosion, which turns your spell into a fire type. This causes the spell to deal explosive damage as you get close to the enemies. 

  1. Tempest Slash

Tempest Slash is a quick attack that can also be used as an initiation tool. When activated, the spell Slashes the enemies and sends them flying into the air. To get the most out of your Tempest Slash spell, you need to get closer to the enemies before you use it.

Tripods for Tempest Slash

You can add several Tripods to the Tempest Slash spell to improve the spell’s damage and overall quality. For instance, choosing the Storm Slash Tripod will add an AOE to the Tempest Slash. This will help you in targeting more enemies and dealing more cumulative damage. You can also select the Weak Point Detection Tripod that makes the spell amazingly powerful against enemies that are Push-Immune. These Tripods, when combined, make Tempest slash an amazing addition to the Berserker PvP Build.

  1. Hell Blade

Hell Blade is another powerful spell that can be used to inflict a lot of damage in a short period. As soon as you activate the spell, your character will thrust the Greatsword into the ground to deal Damage over Time. As the spell comes to an end, it will also deal additional explosive damage that will push enemies away. This is an amazing AOE spell and can be used to take care of a large mob of enemies.

Tripods for Hell Blade

You can incorporate some amazing Tripods into Hell Blade to increase its overall effectiveness. Training Result is a Tripod that significantly increases the AOE radius of the spell and makes it even better for taking care of swarms of enemies. You can also get the Leap Tripod which can help you get closer to enemies by leaping to their location before attacking. Finally, you have Absorption that pulls the enemies towards you and drags them into your AOE. All these Tripods can be used to initiate some amazing combos making it a perfect fit for Berserker PvE Build 2023.

  1. Chain Sword

Unlike other Berserker spells, Chain Sword can be used as a counterspell. When you activate Chain Sword, it helps you counter the incoming enemy attacks and deal twice the damage. However, you need to be mindful of your positioning before you use Chain Sword. Make sure that you are standing right in front of the enemies, as you cannot change your direction once the channeling starts.                 

Tripods for Chain Sword

Chain Sword also offers some amazing Tripods that can significantly improve the spell’s effectiveness. You can get Vital Point Hit to help boost your Crit rate per hit. You can also go for Quick Step to reduce the spell’s cooldown rate by almost half. However, it is important to note that Quick Step will also reduce the damage inflicted by the spell. So, you need to be ready to use other spells right after using Chain Sword.

  1. Strike Wave

The Strike Wave can be unlocked at Level 32. When activated, Strike Wave allows you to deal an astronomical amount of damage. This damage is then multiplied if the Greatsword is overcharged. This is a raw damage spell that was specifically designed to deal with mobs of enemies. It is also perfect for boss fights as you can chip away a considerable amount of HP with a single cast.

spell 2
Strike Wave Spell
Tripods with Strike Wave

There are different Tripods that you can go for with Strike Wave that will improve the spell immensely. The Wave Tripod enhances the outgoing damage by 10% per charge level. Limit Break helps you reduce the channeling time of the spell while improving the damage numbers. Blaze Wave creates a ripple effect by changing the spell type to Fire and dealing damage over time. These Tripods make it one of the most effective Berserker Skills.

  1. Red Dust

You can access Red Dust as soon as your character reaches Level 36. The Red Dust spell provides you with an improved Crit rate and damage output.

Tripods for Red Dust

You can use Vital Hit Point Tripod with Red Dust as it enhances your Crit rate by 20% at Level 1 and by 33% at Level 5. You can also use Quick Prep to significantly reduce the spell’s cooldown, which gives you the ability to use it regularly. Red Wave is another amazing Tripod that astronomically improves the spell’s damage and range, making it a perfect part of the Berserker PvE Build. 

  1. Sword Storm

The final normal ability can be accessed at combat Level 40. When activated, Sword Storm allows you to jump and smash the Greatsword into the ground. This animation will deal massive AOE damage to all the enemies in the area.

Tripods For Sword Storm

There are a plethora of Tripods that are available and can be selected for Sword Strom. Weak Point Detection is an efficient Tripod as it allows you to deal damage to enemies that are Push-Immune. Vital Point Strike is another fantastic Tripod as it significantly improves your Crit damage. The Flame Storm Tripod changes the spell type to fire and causes burn damage to enemies once they have been hit by the spell. This burning effect then deals 150 DPS for 6 seconds continuously. These Tripods transform the Sword Storm to make it one of the best Berserker Skills.

All the above-mentioned spells are amazing for the Berserker Technique style of play, where you mainly focus on single target damage. However, if you are looking to go for the classic Barbarian Build, you need spells that deal wide AOE damage. If you are looking to implement this build, you can go for Whirlwind in place of Chain Sword. 

  1. Whirlwind
spell 3
Leveling Up Whirlwind

The Whirlwind spell was specifically created to deal with a mob of enemies. When activated, the spell lets your character spin in a circle. This will deal constant damage to all the enemies in the area and is perfect against grouped enemies. You can also control this tornado-like spell by simply using the left mouse click.

Tripods for Whirlwind
Lost Ark Berserker Build
Using Whirlwind

There are multiple Tripods you can choose to enhance the effectiveness of Whirlwind. For example, the Sustain Enhancement Tripod increases the duration of the spell by 5 seconds at Level 1. Cracked Blade can be used to improve the Whirlwind range and damage spread. Finally, Vacuum Slash will not only increase the AOE of the spell but will also improve the total number of attacks and the damage done. These Tripods easily make Whirlwind the best spell for Lost Ark PvE Build 2022.

Berserker Stats And Engravings

Lost Ark gives you the ability to unlock different rare Engravings. These Engravings allow you to enhance your character and get access to special Builds and Effects. Once you have obtained these Engravings, you can activate them either by equipping Ability Stones and Accessories or by reading Recipe Books.

The Best Berserker Builds

You can select two different Berserker Builds based on the Engravings you unlock in the game. These two Berserker Builds are Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem. Both these Builds give you access to different abilities as you level up your characters.

Berserker’s Technique Lost Ark Berserker Build

Lost Ark Berserker Build
Berserker’s Technique – Lost Ark Berserker Build

The Berserker’s Technique Build significantly improves your Crit across all the spells that you equip. It also removes the Exhaustion Debuff that applies to your Fury Meter once it is fully depleted. This means that you can quickly recharge your Fury Meter as soon as it ends by attacking the enemies. To maximize Crit Damage being dealt, you need to upgrade the Berserker’s Technique Engraving to Level 3.

Berserker’s Technique Leveling Guide

There are multiple ways in which you can level up your skills in the Berserker’s Build. However, the best Skill Point distribution for the Build is as follows;

Lost Ark Berserker Build
Berserker’s Technique Leveling Guide

In the Berserker’s Technique Build, you need to prioritize spells like Hell Blade, Strike Wave, Red Dust, Tempest Slash Finish Strike, and Wind Blade. You need to upgrade these spells to level 10 as they ensure that you deal the craziest amount of damage with the highest Crit rate possible.

Additionally, you also need to upgrade Shoulder Charge and Chain Sword to Level 4 to get access to their Tripods.

Berserker’s Technique Stat Guide

In terms of the Lost Ark Berserker Stats for the Berserker’s Technique, you will have to prioritize Specialization and Crit. This stat distribution will not only improve your Crit rate significantly, but it will also enhance the amount of Fury energy gained. The Specialization stat will also increase the duration of Burst Mode, which will allow you to output burst damage for a longer period.

Mayhem Berserker Build

Lost Ark Berserker Build
Mayhem Lost Ark Berserker Build

Mayhem is a riskier but powerful counterpart of the Berserker’s Technique Lost Ark Berserker Build. In this Build, your Burst Mode is constantly active, and it grants you improved damage and movement speed. It also buffs your attack speed while reducing the incoming damage significantly. However, there is a catch for receiving all these buffs. In the Mayhem build, your Max HP will be significantly reduced. It will now be at 25% of your Normal HP.

It is also important to note that you can return to your normal state with your full HP. In doing so, you will not be able to use any of the perks that are provided by the Mayhem Build.t

The Mayhem Build also unlocks a new ability called Dark Rush. This ability is similar to Bloody Rush, but it can only be activated while you are in Burst Mode. You can also switch out Tempest Slash’s Focus Tripod for Quick Prep. This quick swap will help you gain more Fury Energy.

Mayhem Berserker Build Leveling Guide

Similar to the Berserker’s Technique Build, you can utilize your Skill Points on different spells based on your needs. However, the best Mayhem Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Build is as follows;

Lost Ark Berserker Build
Mayhem Lost Ark Berserker Build Leveling Guide


In this Build, you will focus on maxing out Sword Storm, Finishing Strike, Red Dust, Strike Wave, and Hell Blade because of their usefulness. Furthermore, you also need to upgrade Shoulder Charge, Tempest Slash, and Chain Sword to Level 4 so you can get access to their Tripods.

Mayhem Berserker Build Stat Guide

While talking about Lost Ark Berserker Stats, you need to emphasize Crit and Swiftness. The Crit stat will enhance your character’s overall damage, and it will give all your spells an improved Crit rate. Swiftness will lower the cooldown period of all your spells. It will also grant you improved movement and attack speed that will let to dodge enemy attacks more effectively.

Important Factors About The Berserker Class

The Lost Ark Berserker Class can be classified as a bruiser class as it provides you a satisfying experience of beating up your enemies. These characteristics make Lost Ark Berserker PvP Build an amazing choice as you can inflict a crazy amount of damage. However, while playing the Berserker Class, you need to be mindful of your cooldowns before you engage the enemy. Your mobility is also limited by you can use your armor to your advantage to face the enemies head-on.

It is also important to keep in mind that Berserkers have a lot of back attack skills. So, if you want to use Tempest Slash, Whirlwind, Hell Blade, Red Dust, and Final Strike, you need to position yourself correctly. This Class also offers you amazing Crit buffs, so you can deal a lot of damage by executing some combos.

Finally, you can also use Tripods to pull enemies together and burst them at once by the improved AOE offered by the Mayhem build.

Other Tips

Character Classes are the lifeblood of any good MMOARPG. These unique classes make the players want to replay the game. Every class offers something completely different. It can be unique abilities, spells, characters, skins, or items. All of these things help draw in more players and help keep the game alive.

This variety of choices also helps players to stay active in the game. Players can either stick to one class and master all its characters and abilities, or they can switch between different classes.

There are no restrictions in terms of which characters you can and cannot play when you boot up the game for the first. Every single class and character is available from Level 1, so you can go with whatever you feel like playing.

Our Lost Ark classes tier list entails which classes are easier to play and which ones have a challenging learning curve. But with a little practice and grinding, you can master even the most difficult class in the game. This grind factor is what makes people fall in love with MMOARPGs.

Before you jump into Berserker build, if you prefer a ranged playstyle then consider reading our Lost Ark Sorceress Build and Best Lost Ark Deadeye Build guides. However, if you fancy the melee or up close and personal hand-to-hand combat style, then you must read our Lost Ark Striker Build, and Lost Ark Scrapper Build guides and master the CQC playstyle.

This concludes our guide about the best Lost Ark Berserker Builds. If you found this guide helpful, you can also view our guide on the Lost Ark Gunslinger Builds. Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below!

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