Lost Ark Raid Match: Types, Boss Fights & Mechanics

The Raid Matches provide various types of challenging boss fights in the game so let's discuss everything about this activity.

What are Raid Matches

Lost Ark Raid Matches
The Raid matches are essentially your endgame tasks which involve beating a tough boss fight at the end of them in Lost Ark.

Raid matches feature different types of bosses, as we’ll discuss later in this guide. They typically involve 4-player parties, but some harder difficulty raids can expand to 16-player parties.

While most raid battles directly pit you against bosses, others assess your combat skills and teamwork through complex mechanics and puzzles. Being aware of these mechanics is crucial to victory.

For optimal DPS (damage per second) in raid encounters, it’s essential to bring powerful classes. Players can choose to fill roles as a resilient tank or a high-damage dealer to maximize their effectiveness during these challenging encounters.

Key Highlights

Raid matches in Lost Ark are the endgame activities that offer the richest rewards in the game and consist of tough boss fights.

  • Three types of raids: Guardian Raids, Abyssal Raids, Abyss Raids.
  • Players can participate in raid matches with groups of up to 16 people or go solo using the best solo classes.
  • To unlock Guardian Raids, complete the North Vern Adventure Tome and obtain the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate.
  • Other raid matches unlock through the game’s main progression and story, requiring a character level of at least 50.

How to Unlock & Access Raid Matches

To unlock and access raid matches in Lost Ark, follow these steps:

  1. Main Progression & Story: Most raid matches in Lost Ark are gradually unlocked as you progress through the main story and complete various quests. Keep playing the game, and you will naturally come across these raid opportunities.
  2. Character Level Requirement: To participate in raid matches, you typically need to reach at least Character Level 50. Level up your character by following the main story quests and other activities. Refer to our Lost Ark leveling guide if you want to maximize your leveling efficiency.
  3. Guardian Raids: Guardian Raids are a specific type of raid match that you can participate in daily. To unlock Guardian Raids, you need to have completed the North Vern Adventure Tome. You will also need to access the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quests. Here are the steps:
    • Locate and speak with Seifeltz.
    • Sign the document required to join the Guardian Raids.
    • Submit the signed document back to Seifeltz.
    • This waiver will grant you access to participate in Guardian Raids.
  4. Participating in Guardian Raids: Once you have completed the qualification quest, you can access Guardian Raids by interacting with the Guardian Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark. From there, you can join different raid boss fights.

Keep in mind that while these steps are specific to Guardian Raids, other raid matches may have their own unlock requirements and prerequisites.

The Relation of Raid Matches with Guilds

The guild raid match functions as a special event where all guild players can take part in challenging the powerful Sylmael Devourer. The faster you can defeat it, and the higher your guild will go in overall Guild Rankings.

You can join guilds using the [Alt-U] hotkey or navigate to the guild menus by pressing the escape key. There also are various guilds you can discover by checking the official Reddit and Discord communities of Lost Ark.

Before we continue, why not check out our guides on the Best places to Level up Foraging as well as how to Unlock Skins for your Classes in Lost Ark to make them look stylish as possible.

Types of Raid Matches & Bosses 

Helgaia Guardian bosses
Helgaia is one of the Guardian-type bosses of raid matches in Lost Ark

Lost Ark features a variety of bosses in its Raid matches, each with unique mechanics and challenges. One notable boss is Helgaia, a Guardian-type boss.

These Raid matches differ in mechanics, duration, time limits, reward pools, and dungeon structures.

There are three main types of Raid matches:

  1. Guardian Raids
  2. Abyssal Raids
  3. Abyss Raids

Guardian Raids, as previously discussed, offer specific mechanics and bosses. It’s essential to be well-prepared by referring to our Classes Tier List and Weapons Tier List.

It’s worth noting that Raid matches have five difficulty levels, each with its bosses, rewards, and strategies. These matches often consist of sections involving mob clearing and complex puzzles. Positive communication and synergy with teammates are crucial for success in these challenging encounters.

Guardian Raids

Lost ark guardian raids
The Guardian raids are one of the earliest raid matches you can overcome and complete in Lost Ark.

Guardian Raids are among the earliest available raid matches.

To access Guardian raids, use the Guardian Bulletin board and meet the specified requirements. These raids serve as early endgame activities and can be attempted daily for valuable rewards, with up to 2x rewards possible.

In Guardian raids, players face a single Guardian boss in an arena. The main objective is to defeat the boss and claim the “Guardian’s soul.” Certain overpowered builds, such as the Shadowhunter and Deathblade, can solo these raids.

There’s a Rest Meter in Guardian raids. If you don’t collect a Guardian soul by the end of the day, you’ll accumulate rest points to fill the meter. Once it reaches 100 rest points, you’ll earn a Guardian soul. This feature helps players who miss a few days of raiding.

Completing Guardian raids rewards you with upgrade materials, stones, and gems to enhance your characters beyond their current potential.

Following are the Difficulty types, and various Boss fights of the Guardian Raid matches in Lost Ark:

Raid Level 1
Ur’nil Lumerus
Icy Legoros Vertus
Raid Level 2
Chromanium Nacrasena
Flame fox Yoho Tytalos
Raid Level 3
Dark Legoros Helgaia
Calventus Achates
Raid Level 4
Frost Helgaia Lava Chromanium
Levanos Alberhastic
Raid Level 5
Armored Nacrasena Igrexion
Night Fox Yoho Velganos

Abyssal Raids

Lost Ark abyssal dungeon
The abyssal dungeon is where players get introduced to dungeons that are on a massive scale in Lost Ark.

Abyssal Raids are where players encounter massive-scale dungeons.

These raids are the true endgame challenges, a step up from Guardian raids, and offer valuable rewards, including epic accessories.

Abyssal Raids involve multiple stages, featuring mini-bosses and coordinated enemy encounters. The Final Boss demands precise mechanics execution, failure results in a team wipe and a restart.

Mechanics range from positioning correctly and dodging boss AOE attacks to destroying specific objects and learning attack patterns. Players have only four lives for the entire raid.

After each run, you can spend gold to obtain Scar of The Abyss chests. It’s advisable to purchase them, as these dungeons can be completed only once per week.

Forming a party with the right people from various communities or using the matchmaking option can make these raids more manageable. The recommended Gear Level for these raid matches falls between 340-380.

But most importantly, the five different difficulty tiers are as follows:

Ancient Elveria
Demon Beast Canyon Necromancer’s Origin
Phantom Palace
Hall of the Twisted Warlord Hildebrandt Palace
Ark of Arrogance
Road of Lament Forge of Fallen Pride
Gate of Paradise
Sea of Indolence Tranquil Karkosa
Alaric’s Sanctuary
Oreha’s Well
Aira’s Oculus Oreha Preveza

Abyss Raids

Argos Abyss raid
The Abyss raids are the ultimate challenge of the game, which rewards the best legendary loot of Lost Ark.

Abyss Raids represent Lost Ark’s ultimate challenge, offering the game’s best legendary loot.

These raids are the game’s toughest content, featuring formidable bosses like Argos, Kaiser, and Mystic. Abyss Raids require a party of 8 players, divided into teams with colored auras that mark teammates and differentiate objectives during encounters. The aura colors correspond to the mechanics faced in each Abyss raid battle.

Abyss Raids follow the same mechanics as Abyssal Dungeons, but they culminate in battles against Godly Monsters, each with three phases. Gear Levels for these phases range from 1370 to 1400. Teamwork is crucial, and players can earn valuable rewards, including legendary gear sets and ability stones.

Completing these runs allows you to obtain a Box of Captured Souls by trading in Blue Crystals, which are rewarded for successfully clearing each phase of the Abyss raid. These boxes can yield additional Gear Sets, making them highly valuable in the long run.

Other Lost Ark Tips

Before attempting these raid match boss fights in Lost Ark, you must be properly prepared for them. You need to Level up Your Virtues, maximize your Trading Skills as well as Hunt down the Engravings in Lost Ark. These are just a few of the many things you will need in this game alongside the Stone of Chaos and Mounts.

The raids matches arenas are scattered across the worlds of Lost Ark. There are Multiple Islands to be discovered in Lost Ark where a few of these arenas’ locations can be found. Most islands are dispersed around the world. The important ones comprise the Lush Reeds Island as well as the Asura Island along with their Treasure Maps in Lost Ark.

This concludes our in-depth guide entailing the Raid Matches and their unique Types in Lost Ark. If you have any further related questions to the guide, let us know in the comments below!

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